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Operation Smile is an international medical charity that has provided hundreds of

thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born
with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities. Since 1982, Operation Smile has developed
expertise in mobilizing volunteer medical teams to conduct surgical missions in resource-poor
environments while adhering to the highest standards of care and safety. Operation Smile helps
to fill the gap in providing access to safe, well-timed surgeries by partnering with hospitals,
governments and ministries of health, training local medical personnel, and donating much-
needed supplies and equipment to surgical sites around the world. Founded and based in
Virginia, U.S., Operation Smile has extended its global reach to more than 60 countries through
its network of credentialed surgeons, pediatricians, doctors, nurses, and student volunteers.
Operation smile was founded by Dr William (Bill) P. Magee Jr., a leading plastic and
craniofacial surgeon and his wife, Kathleen S. Magee, B.S.N., M.Ed., M.S.W., a former nurse and
clinical social worker.
They Operation Smile was founded in 1982 but due to a lack of resources, the mission
group could only treat 40 children with a cleft repair surgery. The following year, he and his
wife, Kathy Magee, returned to the Philippines to treat more children -- this time under a new
banner: Operation Smile.
For over 35 years, Operation Smile Philippines, the local chapter of the global volunteer
surgical charity, has cared for over 31,000 children with cleft lip and palate. With over 200
credentialed medical volunteers and an active Board of Directors, Operation Smile Philippines
can now be found in 15 regions of the country serving those without access to comprehensive
cleft care.


We care for the individual child, holistically.
We provide safe, well-timed, and effective treatment that doesn't stop with the first
surgery. We seek to meet both the range and depth of needs for every patient who comes to us
with an unrepaired cleft.
We believe volunteerism creates change.
No person, enterprise, or sector can single-handedly achieve transformational change.
But when people come together with their unique talents and serve, the impossible becomes
Each of our programs are designed to collaboratively interact with the larger ecosystem in the
most effective way possible.
The problems we seek to solve--from the shortage of surgical workforce personnel to
the growing backlog of untreated clefts-- are too big for individual missions to address. Through
the child with a cleft, we aim to drive large-scale change in national surgical delivery.


2017 Medical Missions
September 27 to October 1: Dumaguete
November 7 to November 10: Ilocos Norte
November 18 to November 25: Iloilo
November 18 to November 25: Davao
December 7 to December 9: Manila
February 9 to February 17: Cebu