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Faculty Reading Groups, Spring Quarter 2019

Group Members Areas Readings, Websites

1 Kristin Taavola, convener Academic  Chaise, Claire. “The Fate of Classical Music in the 21st Century.”
Art Bouton Applied  Chattah, Juan, Patti Crossman, Kay Hoke, Betty Anne Yonker, and Keith Ward. “An Evolving Curriculum for
Lawrence Golan Ensemble the 21st Century: Innovation, Transformation, Adaptation.”
Mitch Ohriner Academic  Coles, Drew X. “Reimagining Career Clarity in Music Professions, Defining Success in Boundaryless Music
Jeremy Reynolds Applied Performance Careers.”
 Mantie, Roger, Sarah Gulish, Greg McCandless, Ted Solis, and David Williams. “Creating Music Curricula of
the Future: Preparing Undergraduate Music Students to Engage.”
 Midgette, Anne. “American Orchestras: Revamping the Model, or Embracing the Obvious?”
 DU Impact 2025: A Summary
 Website: Peabody Conservatory: Breakthrough Curriculum
2 Antonia Banducci, convener Academic  Robin, William. “What Controversial Changes at Harvard Mean for Music in the University.”
Michael Schulze Technology  Stepniak, Michael. “Beyond Beauty, Brilliance, and Expression: On Reimagining Jazz and Classical Music
Linda Wang Applied Performance Training &Reconnecting with the General Public.”
Matt Plenk Applied  Talbott, Christy. “The Changing Face of Music as Career.”
David VanderHamm Academic
 Thurman, Kira and Kristen Turner. “Six Easy Ways to Immediately Address Racial and Gender Diversity in
Donna Wickham Applied/
Your Music History Classroom.”
 DU Impact 2025: A Summary
 Website: University of Miami Frost School of Music: The Frost Method
3 Joseph Martin, convener Ensemble  Goodstein, Rick, Eric J. Lapin, and Ron C. McCurdy. “The Future of Arts Performance in Higher Education.”
Sara Bardill Applied  Moore, Robin. “Toward a Model of Reform,” from College Music Curricula for a New Century.
Al Hood Applied  Pike, Pamela D. “The Ninth Semester: Preparing Undergraduates to Function as Professional Musicians in the
Matt Zalkind Applied 21st Century.”
Stephen Campbell Academic
 DU Impact 2025: A Summary
 Website: Clemson: Production Studies in Performing Arts
 Website: University of South Carolina: Entrepreneurship
4 Stephanie Cheng, convener Applied  Covach, John. “Rock Me, Maestro.”
Scott Bean Applied  Drapkin, Michael. “Recommended Course Additions to the Higher Education Music Curriculum.”
Roger Holland Ensemble/  Fleury, James. “A Mental Makeover for Classical Music.”
 Slaughter, Jennifer and D. Gregory Springer. “What They Didn’t Teach Me in My Undergraduate Degree: An
Rachel Lim Academic
Exploratory Study of Graduate Student Opinions of Career Development Opportunities.”
Petra Frazier Academic
Woody Colahan Academic  Smith, Kevin. “The Future of the Arts in Higher Education: Finding a Path Forward (Thoughts of Music
Department Chair).”

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 DU Impact 2025: A Summary
 Website: Berklee College of Music: Pathways, Parts 1 and 2
 Website: University of Southern California: Arts Leadership
5 Lynn Baker, convener Applied  Sarath, Ed, David Myers, and Patricia Shehan Campbell. Transforming Music Study from Its Foundations: A Manifesto
Martin Kuuskmann Applied for Progressive Change (excerpts)
Sarah Morelli Academic  CBDNA, "A Position Paper by the CBDNA Music Education Committee” (in response to the Taskforce
Catherine Sailer Ensemble Report).
Conrad Kehn Academic/  Myers, David. “Wider Ramifications of the Manifesto.”
 DU Impact 2025: A Summary
 Website: Lawrence Conservatory of Music: 21st Century Musicianship
6 Jack Sheinbaum, convener Academic  Cutler, David. “Re-Imagining Arts Higher Education.”
Steven Mayer Applied  Deresiewiczdec, William. “The Death of the Artist – and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur.”
Jonathan Leathwood Applied/  Jolley, David. “Myths of the Gig Economy, Corrected.”
 Moore, Andrea. “Neoliberalism and the Musical Entrepreneur.”
Catherine Kasch Applied
Steve Wiest Applied/  DU Impact 2025: A Summary
Ensemble  Website: Longy School of Music: Catalyst Curriculum for Graduate Students

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