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1.What is a typical day for guidance counseling?

As far as guidance counselling is concern, every day is a day. The office of the guidance
counsellor is open to any day of counseling or as the need arises but of course it will follow a
proper procedure of processing dependent upon the kind of case brought to the office.

2. Try to look into their guidance counseling program.

The school intensifies the implementation of the guidance and counselling program of the
Department of Education. It also initiates school base guidance program. A guidance homeroom
program aims to give awareness to students regarding the concern of the guidance office for
counselling services and updates of the guidance program, they will do it by classroom. The
career guidance program designed for career mentoring, career coaching and career counseling.
They also have an individual or group counselling program for students who need help in
addressing untoward situations.

3. What are the best practices of counselor?

She always gathers students who have problems and constantly follow up them in terms
of their academic performance and behavior. The office is also open for those you just would like
to walk inside and talk. she is very much willing to listen and be a comforter.

4. What are the qualities of guidance counselor?

The guidance counsellor is excellent in communication skills, can communicate in very

relax manner no matter how harsh the situation is. A guidance counsellor is problem solver,
empathic, flexible and selfless.

5. What are the preparations to become a guidance counselor?

To become a school counselor, you will need to go through a rather rigorous amount of schooling
and pass the licensure exam in guidance and counselor. Nevertheless, the best preparation is to
prepare oneself physically, morally, emotionally and spiritually so that you can radiant your inner
positive vibes to your clienteles.
6. A guidance counselor = personal and professional qualities.

They don't lead classrooms, but guidance counselors affect student success as much as
any teacher. Guidance counselors, also known as school counselors, help students survive difficult
classes, peer pressure, depression and other problems that hurt their odds for success. According
to Jennifer Allyson, Counselors need several qualities, including people smarts, math abilities,
observational skills, a good thinking cap and compassion. Advanced education also helps
counselors understand how to keep students on the right path academically and socially.

7. Your personal view of counseling /your reflection.

A person’s school years are often very influential on the rest of his life. It is during these
years that a child will grow into adolescence, then into his teenage years. During this time, a
person will often further develop his personality, make and break friendships, and decide what
he wants to do for the rest of his life.

Thus, any untoward incidence in schoolchildren’s lives should be processed immediately,

it should undergo immediate reinforcement so that crisis will not be worsened. School children
need compassion and empathy to understand problems and work with people in stressful
situations. Counselors should always be looking for ways to help, and know how to intervene in
a crisis with sensitivity.