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Nerv age of P -Japan'seen ipino and Japanese digni- stronger inpetus to our

tsies. Btrategic partnership. Ja-

IrcsiE said tbe PhiliD- pan has an important plar€
piles is one with Japaa in in our pantheoo of real
looking forward to the Rei- frieutis. It is, in the words
wa. Era under the new of His Excellency PEsident
ria Macspegrl.A$oyo emperor as time of peace RDdrigo Duter:te, 'a friend
and Ambas€ador of Ja- and prosperity. closer than a brother,'"
pan to the PhiliDpineg 'We share the Japa- Iocsin said.
IIis Excellency Koji nese people's hop€
Ilaleda celebrated on Reiwa Era heraldsthat t}Ie
a tine
Meenwlfle, H.E. Ilane-
da said that the robust
Itr€€day the asceDsion of of harmony for Japan and
diplomatic ties ofthe Phil-
EDlreror Na&hito to tJle or.rr region as we ride il1e
ippines and Japan is at its
ChryBanth€mtE thr,one. v,/ave of rmbridled opportu- golden age.
Alongside Airoyo, form€r nity from gain
and loss," "Across the 30 years of the harmonious frieDdship
Presi<trent, were former First said l,ocsin.
the Heisei Era ofI{is Maj- of the Philippines and Ja-
Gentleman Jose Miguel Locsii added that t}lis
Arroyo and H.E. Haaeda,s ner era shall further
esty Emperor noeritus pan will continue a6 Japan
wife, Iheka Haneda. Akihito,tle relations be- enters its Reiwa Era.
strengthen bilateral rela- tween Japan and the Pbil- The two countries are
The eveDt was also at- tioa6 as Japan is consid-
tended by Foreign A.trairs ered a true ally of the phil-
ippines were immensely already collaborating on
strengthened. We are now new' labor initiatives on
S€crEtsry Teodoru LocsiD. lpprnes. hereenjoyhg{re golden age labor and deepening peo.
Senator Aquilino PiEentsl- "On the bitateral front,
former Prime Minister Ce-
of our strategic partner- ple to people lelations, and
we are confident that the ship," Haneda said. have other cooperation
3ar ata, and-other Fil- Reiwa Era will impart a llre Ambassador added erojeck in lhe elpeline.