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Execution Unit
Sichuan International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

September , 2019
Western China International Expo City,
Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Since 2013,Sichuan Agricultural Expo (hereinafter referred to as “SAE”) has been successfully held for
6 consecutive years, which has attracted more than 40 countries (regions) and more than 20 domestic
provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to participate. In the past sessions, it has been accu-
mulated exhibition area over 200,000 square meters; the total number of exhibitors has exceeded 7,000,
with over 150,000 professional visitors, and over 600,000 visitors. It provided a great opportunity for
enterprises in agriculture, agricultural products processing and food processing in their brand image
setup and market expansion.
The Sichuan Agricultural Expo Organizing Committee sincerely invites governmental delegations, enter-
prises, professional visitors, and business people from home and aboard, to participate in the expo with
a goal to expand the market in Sichuan and western China, to promote agricultural projects investment,
and strengthen agricultural trade cooperation.

A large number of professional visitors

with strong procurement demand.

Ijhimjhiut Types of Professional Visitors

Industry Industry Agency and Agricultural Market & Store & Livestock
Associations Media Dealers Agricultural Parks Supermarket Chain Breeding
Sharing industry wisdom through rich and
fruitful supporting activities.
Research Institutions / Government Agricultural Reclama- Hotel Dining &
Universities & Colleges Organizations Restaurants Others
tion Farms

During the 7th Sichuan Agricultural Expo, several of supporting activities will be held to discuss
industry development and share industry wisdom.
Part of Buyers

The 7th Sichuan Agricultural Cooperation and Development Confer- 2019 East Asia Local Govern-
ence&Opening Ceremony of the 7th Sichuan Agricultural Expo ment Agriculture Forum

2019 Mayor (Prefecture Chief) Brand Promotion Global Forum of Leaders for Agricultural
Activities of Agricultural Products Science and Technology

The 9 th International Agricultural Digital Agriculture Development Summit

Insurance Forum
The 3 rd Annual Master Awards of Rural Handicraft
in Sichuan The Great West • Agriculture

Guest Country of Honor series Guest Province of Honor series

Guest City of Honor series Matchmaking

(regardless of order)
Quality Products Promotion Activities
Comprehensive and efficient service to Exhibition
remove exhibitors' worries Scope
Chengdu – a famous exhibition city with highly developed exhibition capacity and convenient facilities. The
Sichuan Agricultural Expo Organizing Committee will provide a full range of services to exhibitors.

Targeted and powerful marketing promotion

to achieve high profile exposure.
Meat Grain Rural Agricultural Invest- Food & Fruits &
products and Oil Tourism ment Projects Beverage Vegetables
More than 40 domestic and foreign media and more than 100 reporters attended the last Sichuan Agricul-
tural Expo. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 30 original reports related to the
Agricultural Expo, and the network reprints nearly amounted to 100,000 (times).
In this year, the Sichuan Agricultural Expo Organizing Committee will integrate mainstream media, emerg-
ing media and professional media resources to carry out full-scale publicity reports before, during and
after the expo to help enterprise achieve high profile exposure.
Agriculture Science & Aquatic Dairy Agricultural Materials Animal Food Processing &
Technology products products & Machinery Husbandry Packaging Machinery

Part of Cooperative Media

Review of the Last

The 6 th Sichuan Agricultural Expo was held from September 20 to 24, 2018 in
Western China International Expo City, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Exhibition Area: 35,000square meters

Exhibitors: 1,263 enterprises

Participating countries (regions): 18

Participating provinces (autonomous

regions, municipalities): 7

Participating cities (prefectures)

from Sichuan: 21

Number of visitors: 150,000


Major and special events: 10

(regardless of order)
Exhibitor Analysis Main Achievements

280 investment promotion projects were signed with a contractual value of RMB
91.867 billion.
5.5% 5.1%
6.3% Livestock 15.4%
22 agricultural product procurement projects were signed with a contractual value of
RMB 1.845 billion.
Fruits and Vegetables 17.6% The exhibition site sales reached nearly RMB 60 million, and the online sales of
15.4% agricultural products reached nearly RMB 5 million.
Food Processing 19.2%

Tea 8.4%

Grain and Oil 14.8%

Booth Price
8.4% 17.6%
Drinks 6.3%

Modern Agricultural Technology 5.5%

Chinese Herbal Medicines 4.6%

Indoor upgraded standard booth

Rural Commercial and Culture Tourism 5.1%
Others 3.1% Additional 15% on charges for
¥7600/9m or $1200/9m
2 2
corner standard booths

Indoor raw space

¥650/m 2 or $105/m 2 (36m 2minimum)

Professional Visitor Analysis

Contact Us
11.8% 17.5%

Industry Associations 11.8% Contact person for exhibitors Contact person for visitors
Industry Media 3.5%

Agency and Dealers 22.5%

Tel.:+86-28-86210563 Tel.:+86-28-86210240

Livestock Breeding 7.8%
Mobile:+86-13568822577 Mobile:+86-18628253991
Research Institutions /
Universities & Colleges 15.6%

Contact person for media cooperation
Agricultural Market &
Agricultural Parks 10.3%

GOU Wenjie
Government Organizations 17.5%
15.6% Tel.:+86-28-84521779
Agricultural Reclamation Farms 5.5%

Others 5.5% Mobile:+86-18181399516