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TExES Competencies PPR

Competency 001: The teacher understands human development processes

and applies this knowledge to plan instruction and ongoing assessment
that motivate students and are responsive to their developmental
characteristics and needs.

The teacher needs to understand the development process of the children in

order to properly accommodate the lesson plans for the students. When the
teacher is able to accommodate these two things, the students will better be able
to learn.

Competency 002: The teacher understands student diversity and knows

how to plan learning experiences and design assessments that are
responsive to differences among students and that promote all students’

As the teacher, it is their job to understand that each child is different. No two
children are the same, and each one has their own story. The teacher needs to
plan lessons that encourage all students to express their diversity.

Competency 003: The teacher understands procedures for designing

effective and coherent instruction and assessment based on appropriate
learning goals and objectives.

The teacher needs to be able to design lessons that will help the children reach
towards appropriate goals. These lessons the to be effective, engaging, and
accommodating to each child’s learning style.

Competency 004: The teacher understands learning processes and factors

that impact student learning and demonstrates this knowledge by planning
effective, engaging instruction and appropriate assessments.

Teachers must keep in mind that there are many different learning styles. The
lessons they prepare should be engaging for each student and their learning
style. It is important to understand that planning lessons to engage the whole
class will help improve the whole class. Therefore, it is important not to limit
yourself to one learning style.

Competency 005: The teacher knows how to establish a classroom climate

that fosters learning, equity and excellence and uses this knowledge to
create a physical and emotional environment that is safe and productive.

When children enter a classroom, it is so important that they feel safe and free to
be themselves. The teaching should develop lessons plans that encourage the
children to speak out and engage with you and with the other students. Students
often learn best from other students, so it is important that they feel safe doing

Competency 006: The teacher understands strategies for creating an

organized and productive learning environment and for managing student

By creating rules and guidelines in the classroom, the students will be able to
understand what is expected from them. It is so important that children have
consistency, so the teacher should be organized in what the rules are and how
each day will go.

Competency 007: The teacher understands and applies principles and

strategies for communicating effectively in varied teaching and learning

The teacher should help students to understand the importance of

communicating with the teacher and also with other students. The teacher should
emphasize the importance of communicating inside and outside the classroom,
and also teach them effective strategies for doing so.

Competency 008: The teacher provides appropriate instruction that actively

engages students in the learning process.

When giving instructions, the teacher must make sure that each student is
actively engaged in what you are trying to teach or show them. Some learn by
doing and some learn by seeing. There are different learning styles, and it is
important to keep that in mind when giving instructions.

Competency 009: The teacher incorporates the effective use of technology

to plan, organize, deliver and evaluate instruction for all students.

Being able to properly use the internet for lessons is a very important part of
effective teaching. The internet is something that so many children are so familiar
with, and this will catch many students attention and also accommodate to their
learning style.

Competency 010: The teacher monitors student performance and

achievement; provides students with timely, high quality feedback; and
responds flexibly to promote learning for all students.

As a teacher, it is so important to properly communicate with your children. This

is especially important when it is referring to their achievements. The teacher
should closely monitor the students progress, and be sure to praise them when
they have made progress, or encourage them in areas where they may be

Competency 011: The teacher understands the importance of family

involvement in children’s education and knows how to interact and
communicate effectively with families.

As the teacher actively monitor the children’s progress, they should constantly
be communicating the results to the families of the students. The teacher should
communicate not only the progress, but also the struggles that the children may

Competency 012: The teacher enhances professional knowledge and skills

by effectively interacting with other members of the educational community
and participating in various types of professional activities.

Teachers never stop learning, and they should never want to. As a teaching it is
important to actively look for ways to improve your teaching or you classroom.
You may get these ideas from other staff members, or outside of the school
training of some sort. Teachers should never thing that they know all there is to

Competency 013: The teacher understands and adheres to legal and ethical
requirements for educators and is knowledgeable of the structure of
education in Texas.

As a teacher it is important to know the laws, rules, and regulations about your
job. You should also understand the structure of the education system.
Understanding this, will help you to better do your job.