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UsN] | |- B. E. Degree (Autonomous) Fourth Semester End Examination (SEE), May 2019 ALGORITHM DESIGN TECHNIQUE (Model Question Paper - 1) Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 100 r Tasteuctions to students ‘Answer FIVE FULL questions. Answer ANY ONE from Question No.l and 2 Answer ANY ONE from Question No.3 and 4 Answer ANY ONE from Question No.5 and 6 Answer ANY ONE from Question No.7 and 8 Answer ANY ONE from Question No.9 and 10, _ _|4, | ® | Define asymptotic notation? Explain the various notations used in : analyzing algorithms. Give two examples for each, Se Design a recursive algorithm for solving tower of Hanoi problem. Show b) | the time complexity of tower of Hanoi algorithm is exponential in nature. Give the trace for n=3. AAR RS 10 Marks 10 Marks ‘OR Define an algorithm. Explain various characteristic of an algorithm. ‘10 Marks a 2 |» | Explain general plan for analyzing non recursive algorithm. pp | Design and analyze seston sor algorithm wih an example 10 Marks a Design an algorithm for QUICKSORT technique using divide and ‘conquer method. Show its average complexity is O(nlogn). Give the trace with n=8. Solve the following problem of job sequencing with the deadlines ified n=4 specific (P1,P2,P3,P4) = (100,10,15,27)