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SECURITY FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD Security Financial Services Ltd Office addres: Ty Liwyd, Llanfaelog, ty croes, Anglesey LL63 5TY Phone: 01407181268 www.security-financial.co.uk REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE This certificate is the original Specimen and valid document from the treasury and security departement of Security Financial Services Ltd (SFS). The deposit information contained therein are thorough, correct and binding on the parties. alteration made on this specimen after it has been legally issed and accepted renders this document invalid. This is to certify that: Mr. Andrew Cheung ard business associates has Deposited the sum of £1.9. (One Million Nine Hundred Thousand British Pounds) with this Bank. BENEFICIARY’S NAME:, NATIONALITY INDONEISA. Deposited with this Bank: ONE MILLION NINE HUNDRED. THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS £19 REFERENCE CODE: SEFSL DEPOSIT NUMBER: GTB058 1380660001 ACCOUNTNUMBER: —_AC/767/BTC1005065439Q DEPOSIT CODE: BNISSC/TG/XXXBN2018 DEPOSIT TYPE BANKER’S ACCEPTANCE, is DATE OF DEPOSIT 30TH JULY, 2018 LONGTERM XXXZ000759AXXX XXXO0100012781988XX = es 000127050001XX. DIRECTOR OF REMITTANCE BNISSC/FGT/XXX/2018 878C-004532/VOL.5 In case of death of the beneficiary ofthis depositor inability to appear in person, the Next of Kin or any appointed representative with a power of Aorney/Sworn Affidavit takes delivery of money. B Seseseseseoeses oes esesesesesea] SEFSL. Bl fsesese se se se Sse se Sse sesese ei