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Science & Engineering Research Board

ECRA Projects Sanctioned in the Year 2017-18

Discipline Title PI Details Total Cost
Development of new methodologies for Dr. Jaideep Saha,
the synthesis of diverse seven membered Centre of Biomedical
1 cyclic systems via ring opening annulation Research, Lucknow, Uttar 3652000
cascade using donor acceptor Pradesh, 226014
Synthesis and characterization of Dr. Jignasa Vimal Gohel,
Chemical semiconductor/oxide materials for cost Sardar Vallabhbhai National
2 1632000
Sciences effective perovskite solar cell Modules Institute of Technology, Surat,
New Metal Organic Networks as Dr. Rik Rani Koner,
Chemical promising electro active species for energy Indian Institute of Technology
3 3051000
Sciences storage applications from materials Mandi, Mandi, Himachal
development to prototype fabrication Pradesh, 175005
Self assembled amino acid based Dr. Nishima Wangoo,
Chemical constructs as potential antimicrobial traps Panjab University,
4 2310000
Sciences Chandigarh, Chandigarh,
Phytochemical investigation of manilkara Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav,
Chemical hexandra (Roxb.) and litsea glutinosa Mohanlal Sukhadia
5 2560000
Sciences (Lour) in search of potent bio active lead University, Udaipur,
Fabrication of full cell li-ion batteries Dr. Gnanamuthu Rm,
using Advanced layered Ni-Zn-Mn S R M University
6 cathode and tin alloy based anode with Kattankulathur, 3187000
coin cell and pouch cell configurations Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Understanding The Novel Reactivity And Dr. Venkata Ramana Doddi,
Chemical Better Utilization Of Bicyclic Amidines: Central University of Jammu,
7 3762000
Sciences Multiple Roles Of Bicyclic Amidines In A Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir,
Single Transformation
Spectrofluorimetric studies on Dr. N Shaemningwar,
Chemical representative nitrogen-heterocyclic drugs National Institute of
8 3309000
Sciences and their interaction with DNA- Technology Silchar, Silchar,
Nucleotides Assam
Functionalized Meso/Microporous Dr. Ashoka Siddaramanna,
Chemical Nanostructured Metal Oxides Sensor For Dayananda Sagar University,
9 2645200
Sciences Screening Dispersed Heavy Metal Ions: Bangalore, Karnataka, 560078
One-Shot Disposable Sensor Strips
Non-Metallic Heterojunction Dr. Venkataravikumar
Photocatalyst Immobilized Darbha, Amrita Vishwa
10 Microcapillaries As Optofluidic Reactors Vidyapeetham University 2934200
For The Effective Continuous Flow Solar Coimbatore, Coimbatore,
Water Disinfection Tamil Nadu
Fabrication Of Reusable Biocatalytic Dr. Debabrata Patra, Institute
Chemical Microcapsules Using Microfluidic Device of Nano Science and
11 4518000
Sciences Technology, Mohali, Punjab,
Chemical Development Of Sustainable Catalyst Dr. Sandipan Halder,
12 4532000
Sciences System For The Installation Of CO₂ As A Visvesvaraya National
C-1 Feed Stock: Synthesis Of Value Institute of Technology,
Added Compounds Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Crystal Engineering Of The Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Dar,
Chemical Pharmaceuticals: An Approach To University of Kashmir,
13 3102000
Sciences Address The Solubility Limitation Of Srinagar, Jammu and
Drugs Kashmir, 190006
Design of Mechanically Dual Responsive Dr. Soumyajit Ghosh, S R M
Chemical Molecular Crystals: A Crystal Engineering University Kattankulathur,
14 3657000
Sciences Approach Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Synthesis of Heterocycles towards the Dr. Shovan Mondal,
Chemical Benevolence of Society Syamsundar College,
15 3212000
Sciences Burdwan, West Bengal,
Fundamental Studies Of Na+ Ion Storage Dr. Raghu Subash
16 Mechanisms In Amorphous Carbon (Hard Chandrabose, Vels University, 2802000
& Soft) Materials Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Investigation Of Composite Materials For Dr. Prakash M, S R M
Chemical Gas Storage And Separation: A Multiscale University Kattankulathur,
17 2937000
Sciences Modeling Approach (COMA-GASS) Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Search For New Transition Metal Based Dr. Jai Prakash, Indian
Chemical Zintl Phases With Complex Crystal Institute of Technology
18 5296800
Sciences Structures For Thermoelectric Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Applications Telangana , 502205
Protein Disaggregation Mechanisms Dr. Mithun Radhakrishna,
Chemical Through Surface Patterning Indian Institute of Technology
19 2970000
Sciences Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar,
Gujarat, 382424
New Single Source Precursors For Dr. Ramesh Kashinath Metre,
20 Potential Nanostructured Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 Indian Institute of Technology 3212000
System Based Thermoelectric Materials Jodhpur, Jodhpur, Rajasthan,
“Functionalized Poly Diacetlylenes As Dr. Subramanian
Multi Modal Sensors” Sungaravadivel, Ssm Institute
21 of Engineering and 3084000
Technology, Dindigul, Tamil
Development Of Novel Hydroxyl Dr. Anil Rao, Siddaganga
Chemical Functionalized Imidazolium Polymer Institute of Technology,
22 3368000
Sciences Electrolyte Membranes For Alkaline Fuel Tumkur, Karnataka,
Cell Applications
Synthesis, Characterization And Dr. Shiva Shankar Kaki,
Chemical Evaluation Of Structured Lipids For Indian Institute of Chemical
23 2820000
Sciences Potential Bioactive Applications Technology, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 500607
Delineation Of The Physico-Chemical Dr. Arpan Manna, Adamas
Chemical Basis Of The Progress Of C-C Bond University, Kolkata, West
24 2854000
Sciences Forming Organic Reactions In Aqueous Bengal, 700126
And Natural Supersaturated Media.
Development Of Theoretical Models To Dr. Manoj Kumar Pandey,
25 Describe ¹⁴N-¹H Decoupling In Solid- Indian Institute of Technology 3850000
State NMR Ropar, Ropar, Punjab, 140001
Catalytic Asymmetric Dr. Sureshkumar Devarajulu,
Fluorination/Trifluoromethylation By C–H Indian Institute of Science
26 Activation Education and Research 3792000
Kolkata, Nadia, West Bengal,
Design And Development Of Poly(Vinyl Dr. Jaydevsinh Makhubha
Alcohol-Co-Styrene Sulfonic Acid) Based Gohil, Central Institute of
27 Functional Membranes For Fuel Cells Plastics Engineering & 2200000
Application. Technology, Bhubaneshwar,
Design And Synthesis Of Selective Dr. Reshma Rani, Amity
Inhibitors Of Human Lactate University Noida, Noida,
28 Dehydrogenase 5 (HLDH5): Targeting Uttar Pradesh, 3599000
The Tumor Glycolysis For Cancer
Approach Towards Tailoring The Dr. Ajit Singh, North East
Chemical Interfacial Structure And Property Of Institute of Science &
29 2808000
Sciences Lignin For Flexible Bio-Polymer Film Technology, Jorhat, Assam,
Synthesis And Development Of Dr. Ankur Pandey, Panjab
30 Peptidomimetic Scaffolds Targeting The University, Chandigarh, 3410000
Substance P₁₇ Binding Sites. Chandigarh, 160014
In Search Of High Energy Density Dr. Premkumar Senguttuvan,
Cathodes For Sodium Ion Batteries Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for
31 Advanced Scientific 4682000
Research, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560064
Rapid Access To Synthetically Useful Dr. Sabyasachi Bhunia,
Chemical Complex Carbo- And Heterocycles Central University of
32 3894000
Sciences Through Cascade Reactions And Jharkhand, Ranchi,
Continuous Flow Microreactor Processes. Jharkhand,
Nitrovinyl Compounds And Their Dr. Syed Shafi, Jamia
33 Bioisosters As Cysteine Protease Hamdard, New Delhi, Delhi, 2200000
Inhibitors For Leishmanial Chemotherapy
Multi-Shelled Metal Oxides As Dr. Jayeeta Chattopadhyay,
34 Electrocatalysts Amity University Jharkhand, 2999000
Ranchi, Jharkhand, 834001
Design, Synthesis And Biological Dr. Venkatesh Miriyala,
Evaluation Of Novel Isoquinoline Amide Vignan Institute of
35 And Sulphonamide Analogues As Technology and Science, 2787000
Autotaxin Inhibitors Hyderabad, Telangana ,
Magnetically Separable Organic-Inorganic Dr. Sarish S, N S S College,
Chemical Hybrid Nanoparticles Supported Group 2 Pathanamthitta, Kerala,
36 3762000
Sciences Metal Catalysts For Hydroamination
High-Strength Self-Healing Block Dr. Rajat Kumar Das, Indian
Chemical Copolymers Through Mussel-Inspired Institute of Technology
37 3630000
Sciences Metal-Ligand Coordination Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West
Bengal, 721302
Efficient Carbon Dioxide Reduction With Dr. Abhishek Banerjee,
Chemical Biomimetically-Functionalized Visvesvaraya National
38 4986000
Sciences Polyoxometalates Institute of Technology,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Investigation Of Anion-Π Interactions In Dr. Rashid Ali, Jamia Millia
Chemical Beautifully Simple, Yet Much Effective Islamia, New Delhi, Delhi,
39 4063000
Sciences Meso-Substituted Two And/Or Four Walls 110025
Functionalized Calix[4]Pyrroles (C4Ps)
Integrated Photobioelectrochemical Dr. Snehangshu Patra, Indian
40 Systems For Efficient CO2 Sequestering Institute of 3047000
Engineering Science and
Technology (Iiest), Howrah,
West Bengal,
Deep Desulfurization of liquid fuels Dr. LaxmiGayatri
through microbe assisted metal modified Sorokhaibam, Visvesvaraya
Chemical adsorbents National Institute of
41 3410000
Sciences Technology, South ambazari
road, nagpur, Maharashtra,
Development of efficient methodologies Dr. Raju Singha,
for the synthesis of highly substituted PANSKURA BANAMALI
42 pyridazines COLLEGE, Panskura rs, dist- 2939000
purba medinipur, Midnapore,
West Bengal, 721152
Rapid Assessment Of Soil Arsenic, Dr. Somsubhra Chakraborty,
Earth & Cadmium And Lead Pollution In Peri- Indian Institute of Technology
43 Atmospheric Urban Agricultural Fields Via Portable X- Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West 1689000
Sciences Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry And Bengal, 721302
Machine Learning
Comparison Of Phase Velocities Of Dr. Sumit Kumar
Earth & Rayleigh Waves, Love Waves And Vishwakarma, Birla Institute
44 Atmospheric Torsional Waves In Various Anisotropic of Technology and Science 1366800
Sciences Geo-Media Pilani-Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 500078
Investigations On Foraminiferal Dr. Sijinkumar AV, Central
Earth & Abundance In The Late Quaternary University of Kerala,
45 Atmospheric Sediments Of The Bay Of Bengal And Kasargod, Kerala, 671123 3595000
Sciences The Andaman Sea For Paleo Monsoon
Seasonal Dynamics Of Microzooplankton Dr. Jasmine Purushothaman,
Earth &
And Their Trophic Role In The Pelagic Zoological Survey of India,
46 Atmospheric 3927800
Food Web Of The Northern Coastal Kolkata, West Bengal,
Waters Of Bay Of Bengal
A Seismic Transect Across Northeastern Dr. Mohit Agrawal, Indian
Earth &
India Beneath The Shillong Plateau Institute of Technology
47 Atmospheric 4305000
(Indian School of Mines),
Dhanbad, Jharkhand,
Exploring soil microbial community and Dr. Sudeshna Bhattacharjya,
Earth &
mechanisms in soil carbon sequestration Indian Institute of Soil
48 Atmospheric 4398200
under long term land uses in semiarid-sub Science Bhopal, Bhopal,
humid Central India Madhya Pradesh, 462038
Identification of hydrogeochemical Dr. Karunanidhi Duraisamy,
controls on occurrence of high Fluorides Sri Shakthi Institute of
Earth &
in bed rock aquifers of Shanmuganadhi Engineering and Technology,
49 Atmospheric 2627200
Sub – basin, Amaravathi River, Tamil Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,
Nadu – a special stress on remediation by 641062
Managed Aquifer Recharge
Holocene centennial to millennial scale Dr. Sumanlata Rawat, Wadia
Earth &
changes in Indian summer monsoon: a Institute of Himalayan
50 Atmospheric 4046200
multi proxy record from high altitude Geology, Dehradun,
regions of Uttarakhand Himalaya UTTARAKHAND, 248001
Stability and transport properties of Dr. Gopala Krishna Darbha,
Earth & nanopesticides in the soil environment: Indian Institute of Science
51 Atmospheric Understanding the safety of applying Education and Research 4846000
Sciences nanotechnology to the agricultural sector Kolkata, Nadia, West Bengal,
Geochemistry of boron and its availability Dr. Ruma Das, Indian
Earth &
in soils of Indo-Gangetic plains under Agricultural Research
52 Atmospheric 3439800
predominant cropping systems Institute, New Delhi, Delhi,
Process identification of pre-monsoon Dr. Bhishma Tyagi, National
Earth & season convective activity genesis and Institute of Technology
53 Atmospheric response of thermodynamics under a Rourkela, Rourkela, Orissa, 2362200
Sciences climate change scenario over Eastern and 769008
Northeastern India
Geo-Thermochronological Investigation Dr. Paramjeet Singh, Wadia
Earth & Of Lesser Himalayan Crystallines Of Institute of Himalayan
54 Atmospheric Garhwal Region, NW-Himalaya: Geology, Dehradun, 3891200
Sciences Implication To Extrusion And Duplexing UTTARAKHAND, 248001
Structure And Seismic Anisotropy Pattern Dr. Narendra Kumar, Wadia
Earth &
Around The Kumaon-Garhwal Region-A Institute of Himalayan
55 Atmospheric 1962200
Seismological Study Geology, Dehradun,
Phyto-Health An Investigation Of Dr. Tamoghna Acharyya,
Earth & Phytoplankton Functional Type, Xavier University, Puri,
56 Atmospheric Photoacclimation And Grazing Dynamics Orissa, 752050 3281000
Sciences In The Chilika Lagoon: A Pigment
Chemotaxonomy Approach
Numerical Investigations On Wave Dr. Anirban Guha, Indian
Earth &
Activities In The Stratosphere Institute of Technology
57 Atmospheric 1995000
Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar
Pradesh, 208016
Mobility, Bioaccessibility And Source Dr. Tanushree Bhattacharya,
Earth & Apportionment Study Of Toxic Heavy Birla Institute of Technology
58 Atmospheric Metals In Indoor And Outdoor Dust Mesra, Ranchi, Ranchi, 4190700
Sciences Environment: An Isotope Fingerprinting Jharkhand, 835215
Delineation Of Shallow Subsurface Dr. Dibakar Ghosal, Indian
Earth & Morphotectonics Below The Central Institute of Technology
59 Atmospheric Seismic Gap - Himalaya Using An Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar 5319000
Sciences Integration Of Passive And Controlled Pradesh, 208016
Source Seismology
Black Carbon Aerosols Over Jamshedpur: Dr. Balram Ambade, National
Earth &
Source, Radiative Forcing And Climate Institute of Technology
60 Atmospheric 3680000
Impact Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur,
Jharkhand, 831014
Earth & Enigma Of Positive And Negative Carbon Dr. Arptia Samanta, Asutosh
61 Atmospheric Isotope Excursions In Late Permian To College, Kolkata, West 1430000
Sciences Early Triassic Interval Bengal, 700026
Site Characterization For Seismic Hazard Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh,
Earth &
Analysis Using Microtremor Institute of Seismological
62 Atmospheric 2797880
Measurements In Saurashtra Region Of Research, Gandhinagar,
Western India Gujarat,
Three Dimensional Attenuation Dr. Praveen Kumar, Wadia
Earth &
Tomography From Strong Ground Motion institute of Himalayan
63 Atmospheric 1962200
Data For Garhwal Region, India Geology, Dehradun,
Uttarakhand, 248001
Development of an energy efficient Dr. Hari Prabhat Gupta,
Engineering wireless sensor network for precision Indian Institute of Technology
64 3447130
Sciences agriculture (Bhu), Varanasi, Uttar
Pradesh, 221005
QCA Logic Circuit Design in Application Dr. Kunal Das, Narula
Engineering to Health Care Device Design and Institute of Technology
65 1446540
Sciences Simulation Kolkata, Kolkata, West
Bengal, 700109
Scale up of a stirred tank bioreactor Dr. Akshay Prakash, Indian
Engineering through modeling and simulations Institute of Technology
66 2349180
Sciences Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West
Bengal, 721302
Expermental mathematical and kinetic Dr. Satya Eswari J, National
Engineering modeling of microbial fuel cell probes Institute of Technology
67 3942400
Sciences from the waste water Raipur, Raipur, Chhattisgarh,
Design and analsis of reactor for catalytic Dr. Remya Neelancheery,
Engineering co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic a Indian Institute of Technology
68 3059710
Sciences treatment techniques for mixed soldi waste Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneshwar,
Orissa, 751013
Severity quantification of defects in rolling Dr. Piyush Shakya, Indian
Engineering element bearings Institute of Technology
69 3728180
Sciences Madras, Chennai, Tamil
Nadu, 600036
Design And Development Of Fingerprint Dr. Amol Deodas Rahulkar,
Engineering And Face Recognition Systems For Infants National Institute of
70 1634270
Sciences And Toddlers (IATs) Technology Goa, North Goa,
Formability study of inconel 625 alloy at Dr. Nitin Rameshrao
elevated tempertures for aerospace Kotkunde, Birla Institute of
71 applications Technology and Science 3143250
Pilani-Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 500078
Development of coordination control Dr. Chintamani Vyjayanthi,
Engineering schemes for hybrid AC/DC micro grid for National Institute of
72 4230600
Sciences a stable and rliable system operation Technology Goa, North Goa,
Response of hemispherical sandwich shell Dr. Gaurav Tiwari,
Engineering structures subjected to projectile impact Visvesvaraya National
73 2197030
Sciences Institute of Technology,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Non Thermal Plasma Catalytic Reactor for Dr. Sivachandiran
simultaneous removal of NO and VOCs Loganathan, S R M
74 (PCR-NOxVOC) University Kattankulathur, 3766510
Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Cyber physical systems for M-Health Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Indian
75 Institute of Technology Patna, 2215310
Patna, Bihar,
Understanding The Mechanism Of Film Dr. Karnail Baldev Singh,
Engineering Formation In Bio-Polymers Based Edible Shiv Nadar University,
76 4216080
Sciences Films And Coatings For Food Packaging Gautambudh Nagar, Uttar
Applications Pradesh,
Nonlinear optics in the mid infrared Dr. Varun Raghunathan,
Engineering wavelength range using chip scale Indian Institute of
77 4221920
Sciences germanium photonic devices Science,Banglore, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560012
Bio-energy production from high strength Dr. Farrukh Basheer, Aligarh
78 industrial wastewater Muslim University, Aligarh, 1430000
(slaughterhousewasterwater) with Uttar Pradesh, 202002
anaeobic SBR combining with aerobic
SBR for safe dischare of treated water
Development Of Microwave Assisted Dr. Rajim Ali Mondal,
Lead-Free High Performance Piezoelectric Sukumar Sengupta
79 Materials Mahavidalaya, Paschim 3095070
Medinipore, West Bengal,
IT4All – Information Technology for All Dr. Pradipata Biswas, Indian
80 Institute of Science,Banglore, 1442020
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560012
Wavelet entropy based multiscale Dr. Maheswaran
performance analysis: An approach to Rathinasamy, M V G R
81 assess and improve hydrological models College of Engineering, 1701310
Vizianagaram, Andhra
Pradesh, 535005
Non Thermal Plasma Cleaing Enrichment Dr. Lakshminarayana Rao,
Engineering and reforming of gaseous hyderocarbons Indian Institute of
82 3453270
Sciences Science,Banglore, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560012
Potential Application of ionic liquids in Dr. Dhanalakshmi Jayaraman,
83 CO2 caputre process for sustainable S S N College of Engineering, 2652100
energy and enviroment Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu,
A harmonic elimination scheme with Dr. Sheron Figarado, National
reduced switching losses for a 3-phase Institute of Technology
84 open end winding induction machine using Karnataka, Surthakal, 2821500
only convention two level inveters in the Karnataka, 575025
entire modulation range
Development of a new non destructive Dr. Chandrasekhar Angani,
Engineering testing method for the detection of hidden Gitam University,
85 2943600
Sciences corrosion and crakes in stainless steel Vishakhapattanam, Andhra
sturctures Pradesh, 530045
A Secure And Scalable Inter-Cloud Dr. Fernandes Ahmed
Engineering Authorisation Framework For Resource Barbhuiya, Indian Institute of
86 1866810
Sciences Sharing In Cloud Environment. Technology Guwahati,
Guwahati, Assam, 781039
MonitNoise An IoT based level Dr. Trilochan Panigrahi,
Engineering assessement system in urban cities of India National Institute of
87 2178950
Sciences Technology Goa, North Goa,
Automated sample preparation real life Dr. Sudip Roy, Indian
Engineering bipprotocol implementation and synthetic Institute of Technology
88 3182220
Sciences biology using microfluidic lab on a chips Roorkee, Roorkee,
(LoCs) UTTARAKHAND, 247667
Static Stability analysis of carbon Dr. Tanish Dey, Indian
Engineering nanotube reinforced laminated composite Institute of Technology
89 2985400
Sciences plate subjected to Axial Compressive (Indian School of Mines),
loading Dhanbad, Jharkhand,
Design And Development Of Compliant Dr. Bharanidaran
90 Microgripper For Performing Minimally Ramalingam, Vit University, 2216500
Invasive Biopsies Vellore, Tamil Nadu, 632014
Investigations On Chalcogenide Dr. Sunny Sharma, Indian
Engineering Photodetectors Institute of Information
91 5247660
Sciences Technology Allahabad,
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh,
Engineering Development of modular type high speed Dr. Vivek Bajpai, Indian
92 3516100
Sciences ultra precision machining center Institute of Technology
(Indian School of Mines),
Dhanbad, Jharkhand,
Mechanistic correlation between Dr. Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi, S
homeostatic pressure and metastatic R M University
93 competence in cancer cells Kattankulathur, 4872800
Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Fault Diagnosis Mechanical Machine Dr. Sukhjeet Singh, Guru
94 using stator current monitoring technique Nanak Dev University, 2683370
Amritsar, Punjab, 143005
Experimental And Numerical Dr. Yasser Rafat, Aligarh
Investigation Of Indigenous Sustainable Muslim University, Aligarh,
Solutions For Building Acoustics And Uttar Pradesh, 202002
95 Quantitative Characterization Of The 2448850
Effect Of Various Acoustic Parameters On
The Overall Perception Of Room Acoustic
Experiment and analaysis of energy saving Dr. Nimai Pada Mandal,
Engineering variable displacement hydrostatics National Institute of
96 2424680
Sciences actuation (VDEHA) system Technology Patna, Patna,
Bihar, 800005
Bridging network science and HPC Dr. Dip Sankar Banerjee,
Engineering Accelerating big data centric network Indian Institute of Information
97 2795130
Sciences analytics using HPC Technologies Technology Guwahati,
Guwahati, Assam, 781001
Development of a road information Dr. Aneetha Vilventhan, S R
Engineering modeling (RIM) based coordination M University Kattankulathur,
98 1681940
Sciences method for utility relocation Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Simultaneous Electrolytic In-Situ Dr. Pv Nidheesh, National
Engineering Generation Of Hydrolyzable Metal Environmental Engineering
99 3494880
Sciences Cations And Hydrogen Peroxide For The Research Institute, Nagpur,
Removal Of Arsenic From Water Medium Maharashtra, 440020
New Generation Nanoelectronic Devices Dr. Adityasankar Medury,
design modeling and farbication Indian Institute of Science
100 Education and Research 3933600
Bhopal, Bhopal, Madhya
Pradesh, 462023
Intelligent fault distance estimation Dr. Aleena Swetapadma,
scheme for high voltage AC and high Kalinga Institute of Industrial
Engineering voltage DC transmission lines an Technology, Bhubaneshwar,
101 1653740
Sciences comparative study of various artificial Orissa,
intelligent techiques to explore a suitable
Design And Development Of Gallium Dr. Arindam Biswas, Asansol
102 Nitride Based Terahertz Solid-State Engineering College, Asansol, 1566660
Sources West Bengal, 713305
Design and Development of Efficient Dr. Somnath Dey, Indian
Engineering Cancelable Template Generation Methods Institute of Technology
103 2059860
Sciences for Fingerprint and Iris Biometrics Indore, Indore, Madhya
Pradesh, 452011
Higher overall stiffness of triangular Dr. Gaurav Singh, Birla
Engineering shaped ductile/brittle lattice composite Institute of Technology and
104 4463010
Sciences structure compared to square and Science Pilani-Goa,
hexagonal shaped structure Zuarinagar, Goa, 403726
Engineering Human Position tracking and detection Dr. Arulananth TS, M L R
105 1641920
Sciences using geometric active contours mapping Institute of Technology,
algorithm and connected component Hyderabad, Telangana ,
operators (CCO) 500043
Optimization models and algorithms for Dr. M Tanveer, Indian
Engineering non parallel support vector mechines Institute of Technology
106 2403500
Sciences Indore, Indore, Madhya
Pradesh, 452011
Engineering photosynthetic nanopigments Dr. Jayeeta Bhaumik, Centre
Engineering for efficient valorization of lignocellulosic of Innovtive and Applied Bio
107 4435950
Sciences biomass Processing, Mohali, Punjab,
Anlaysis of cardiovascular disorders using Dr. Shivnarayan Patidar,
Engineering Heart sound signals National Institute of
108 2492600
Sciences Technology Goa, North Goa,
Development of image retrieval methods Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey, Indian
for biomedical and health informatics Institute of Information
109 Technology Chittoor, 1852330
Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh,
Explaining the puzzling experimental Dr. Indranil Sahadalal, Indian
observations of polymer dynamics in Institute of Technology
110 solutions: theoretical and computational Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar 5473600
studies over multiple length and time Pradesh, 208016
Development Of Highly Efficient Dr. Kumaran Vediappan, S R
Electrode Materials For Rechargeable Li- M University Kattankulathur,
111 Ion Batteries With In-Situ Monitoring Of Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu, 5475590
Safety Issues By Embedded Flexible 603203
Development low cost Air filter for Dr. Debabrata Sarkar, S R M
Engineering particles smaller than 2.5 protect school University Kattankulathur,
112 3976440
Sciences childern hospital from air pollution Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Physical Layer Security In Cooperative Dr. Suneel Yadav, Indian
Engineering Cognitive Relay Networks Institute of Information
113 4548500
Sciences Technology Allahabad,
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh,
Damage Assisted failure of engineering Dr. Sachin Kumar, Indian
114 structures using cohesive zone approach Institute of Technology 1584770
and XFEM Ropar, Ropar, Punjab, 140001
IoTDiff service differentiation for personal Dr. Sandip Chakraborty,
Engineering IoT Hub Indian Institute of Technology
115 2371600
Sciences Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West
Bengal, 721302
Numerical Simulation Of Thermoelastic Dr. Mohit Pant, National
Engineering Fracture Problems Using Element Free Institute of Technology
116 1638230
Sciences Galerkin Method Hamirpur, Hamirpur,
Himachal Pradesh, 177005
Early detection of cataract: An IoT based Dr. Priyanka Kokil, Indian
approach Institute of Information
117 Technology Design and 1685530
Manufacturing, Kanchipuram,
Tamil Nadu, 600127
Study And Design Of Broad-Band Dr. Gopi Shrikanth Reddy,
Engineering Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) Indian Institute of Technology
118 5197910
Sciences Structures For Various RF And Mandi, Mandi, Himachal
Microwave Applications Pradesh, 175005
Development of an intelligent drone Dr. Bbvl Deepak, National
Engineering system for pesticide spraying applications Institute of Technology
119 1939350
Sciences in precession agriculture Rourkela, Rourkela, Orissa,
An investigation on the perfoamance of Dr. Sudhakar Jyothula,
IEEE 754 double precision Co-processor Vignan's Institute of
120 using asynchronous circuit design Engineering for Woman, 2718100
methodology Vishakhapattanam, Andhra
Pradesh, 530046
Design and development of capillary Dr. Ravi Kumar Kandasamy,
system to improve the structural stability Indian Institute of Technology
121 and thermal performance of the absorber Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi, 3119600
for director stem generation in linear 110016
Numerical Simulation And Compact Dr. Arundevdhar Dwivedi,
Engineering Modeling Of Organic Thin Film Poornima University, Jaipur,
122 4212400
Sciences Transistors (OTFTs) For Future Flexible Rajasthan,
Development Of A Novel Technology For Dr. Praveen Kumar Ghodke,
Engineering Production Of Hydrocarbon Fuels From University of Petroleum and
123 3889600
Sciences Mixed Plastic Waste Energy Studies, Dehradun,
Uttarakhand ,
Ionic liquid mediated microwave assisted Dr. Shafquat Majeed,
Engineering synthesis of rare earth nanomaterials for University of Kashmir,
124 4945600
Sciences bioprobe applications Srinagar, Jammu and
Kashmir, 190006
Environmental begin smart micro-total Dr. Ajay K Singh, Indian
Engineering process machine developments for on Institute of Chemical
125 3115660
Sciences demand safe chemical synthesis Technology, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 500607
Derivation Of Time Moments And Dr. Vinay Pratap Singh,
Engineering Markov Parameters And Their National Institute of
126 1524600
Sciences Applications In Model Reduction Of Technology Raipur, Raipur,
Discrete Interval Systems Chhattisgarh, 492010
Fabrication, Characterization And Dr. Chirtakant, Malaviya
Engineering Performance Optimization Of Junctionless National Institute of
127 3132850
Sciences Silicon Nanowire Transistor For Technology, Jaipur,
Biosensing Applications Rajasthan,
Advanced Urban Public transporation Dr. Manish Shivshankar
Engineering system Chaturvedi, Pandit Deendayal
128 2165730
Sciences Petroleum University,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat,
Design of molybdenum disulphide (MoS) Dr. Sivasankaran Kumaravel,
129 field effect transistor for radio frequency Vit University Chennai, 2682990
Application Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
Effect of surface protrusions on the Dr. Santosh Bhaulal Bopche,
collection efficiency of a solar cavity National Institute of
130 receiver Technology Hamirpur, 916970
Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh,
Generalized Framework For Restoring Dr. Jidesh P, National
Engineering Medical And Satellite Images Corrupted Institute of Technology
131 1743070
Sciences By Data-Correlated Noise Distributions Karnataka, Surthakal,
Karnataka, 575025
Development of FRP Composites with Dr. Beera Satish Ben,
132 crack arrest and self healing to maintain National Institute of 2876640
structural integrity
Technology Warangal,
Warangal, Telangana ,
Semi-Pilot Scale Production Of Lipase By Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar,
Engineering Solid State Fermentation (SSF) For Indian Institute of Technology
133 5077600
Sciences Transesterification Of Biodiesel Analysis. Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 502205
Development of computational model for Dr. Mitul Kumar Ahirwal,
Engineering decision making based on emotion National Institute of
134 1154160
Sciences recognition through eeg signal Technology Raipur, Raipur,
Chhattisgarh, 492010
Commute travel choices in india-gender Dr. Rahul Tm, Amrita Vishwa
Engineering prespective solutions Vidyapeetham University
135 1829020
Sciences Coimbatore, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu,
Biomass Conversion And Utilization Of Dr. Banu Marimuthu,
Engineering Polyhydric Alcohols From Natural National Chemical
136 5343280
Sciences Sources Laboratory, Pune,
Maharashtra, 411008
Arbitrary waveform generator for Dr. Aggala Naga Jyothi,
automotive radar systems Vignans Institute of
137 Information Technology, 4502830
Vishakhapattanam, Andhra
Pradesh, 530049
Gas Production From Heterogeneous Dr. Jyoti Phirani, Indian
138 Methane Hydrate Reservoirs Institute of Technology Delhi, 2047490
New Delhi, Delhi, 110016
Enhanced Hybrid power generating Dr. Sitharthan R, Madanapalle
Engineering system for Rustic & Citified Institute of Technology &
139 2299440
Sciences Electrification Science, Chittoor, Andhra
Design and Fabrication of thin film Dr. Ravi Kumar Peetala,
Engineering sensors for hypersonic flow application Visvesvaraya National
140 3590680
Sciences Institute of Technology,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Two Layer Film flows down an inclined Dr. Arghya Samanta, Indian
141 plane Institute of Technology Delhi, 2019600
New Delhi, Delhi, 110016
Modulation of piezolectric and Dr. Sabyasachi Parida, C V
Engineering electromechanical properties in percolative Raman College of
142 2512750
Sciences polymer ceramic raphene nanocomposite Engineering, Bhubaneshwar,
for low frequency energy harvester Orissa,
An Ecofriendly Technology For The Dr. Ponmani Swaminathan,
Enhancement Of Rheological And Vels Institute of Science
143 Filtration Properties Of Water Based Technology and Advanced 2212100
Drilling Mud Studies, Kanchipuram, Tamil
Nadu, 600117
Novel graphene supported metal anode Dr. Jyoti Goel, National
144 catalysts and PWA based electroyte for Physical Laboratory, New 2304720
direct ethylene glycol fuel cells Delhi, Delhi, 110012
Catalytic and reaction engineering studies Dr. Ashutosh Namdeo, North
145 on bio oil upgradation East Institute of Science & 4034880
Technology, Jorhat, Assam,
Design and development of an efficient Dr. Suresh Mikkili, National
grid intergrated distributed maximum Institute of Technology Goa,
146 power point tracking to photovoltaic North Goa, Goa, 3999600
system for enhancing power quality under
partial shading conditions
Determination of energy and momentum Dr. Sooraj K Prabha, Vidya
accommodation coefficients for a pressure Academy of Science and
147 driven flow in a rarefield medium using Technology (Kerala 2960040
moleular dynamics Technological University),
Thrissur, Kerala, 680501
Analysis of urbanization and its impact on Dr. Swagata Ghosh, Amity
climate alteration and environmental University Noida, Noida,
148 pollution in Faridabad, Haryana, sub- Uttar Pradesh, 2819010
region of NCR, India using remote
sensing, GIS and in-situ measurement
An Automated Assembly Sequence Dr. M V A Raju
Engineering Planning System To Solve Parallel And Bahubalendruni, G M R
149 2184600
Sciences Linear Assemblies Institute of Technology,
Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh,
A Study On Effects Of Sediment Load On Dr. Briti Sundar Sil, National
150 River Bank Erosion In The Barak River Institute of Technology 2244460
System. Silchar, Silchar, Assam,
Computational Identification And Dr. Sitanshu Sekhar Sahu,
Engineering Validation Of Genome Wide Protein- Birla Institute of Technology
151 2162600
Sciences Protein Interaction Network In Rice And Mesra, Ranchi, Ranchi,
Rice Blast Jharkhand, 835215
Case studies in the nonlinear mechanics of Dr. Ramsharan Rangarajan,
Engineering thin elastic plates and ribbons Indian Institute of
152 4065600
Sciences Science,Banglore, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560012
Design of High Efficiency Power Dr. Mahima Arrawatia, Indian
Engineering Amplifier for 5G Applications Institute of Technology
153 4525040
Sciences Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam,
Mathematics Aided Architural Design Dr. Krishnendra Shekhawat,
Engineering Layouts Birla Institute of Technology
154 1544660
Sciences and Science Pilani, Pilani,
Rajasthan, 333031
Precision Medicine using cognitive Dr. Gandikota Ramu, Institute
Engineering computing (PMCC) a tool to predict of Aeronautical Engineering,
155 3717560
Sciences chronic diseases and recommend Hyderabad, Telangana ,
personalized treatement just in time
A novel generic machine learning driven Dr. Biplab Banerjee, Indian
framework with emphasis to deep Institute of Technology
156 learinign for analyzing multi temporal Roorkee, Roorkee, 2075150
satellite remote sensing images for land UTTARAKHAND, 247667
cover monitoring
Analysis design and instillation of 5KW Dr. Kalyana Kiran Kumar,
solar smart water purifier in the ground Aditya Institute of
157 water polluted areas of KAVITI mandal A Technology and Management, 3534240
death zone of srikakulam district andhra Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh,
pradesh 532201
Experimental Investigation on pulsating Dr. D Arumuga Perumal,
Engineering synthetic jet micromixers to determine the National Institute of
158 3267000
Sciences injection dynamics of insulin in hydrogels Technology Karnataka,
for subcutaneous drug delivery Surthakal, Karnataka, 575025
Suitability of higher modeling approach Dr. Deepak Swami, Indian
Engineering for reactive solute transport through Institute of Technology
159 4274600
Sciences heterogeneous porous medium Mandi, Mandi, Himachal
experimental and numerical study Pradesh, 175005
Engineering STRUCTURAL BEHAVIOUR OF LEAN Dr. M Longshithung Patton,
160 1903990
Sciences DUPLEX STAINLESS STEEL National Institute of
TUBULAR BEAMS WITH WEB Technology Meghalaya,
OPENINGS Shillong, Meghalaya,
Human Cognitive state estimation through Dr. Anup Nandy, National
Engineering multi modal gait anlaysis Institute of Technology
161 2037200
Sciences Rourkela, Rourkela, Orissa,
Metal oxide nanomaterials based hybrid Dr. Anjaneyulu Ponnam,
162 devices for memory applications Reva University, Bangalore, 2540380
Karnataka, 560064
Measurement of Brain Deformations Dr. Shailesh Govind Ganpule,
Engineering under impact loading Indian Institute of Technology
163 4442090
Sciences Roorkee, Roorkee,
Improving the load carrying capacity Dr. Marimuthu P, Sastra
164 through direct design asymmetric high University, Thanjavur, Tamil 2679600
contact ratio spur gear drive Nadu, 613401
Development of rare earth free ceramic Dr. Pradip Kumar Roy, Indian
Engineering magnet with high energy and curie Institute of Technology (Bhu),
165 4522100
Sciences temperature for motor applications Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,
Study of near wall flow behavior and Dr. Sushil Kumar Rathore,
conjugate heat transfer characteristics of National Institute of
166 turbulent plane offset jet and wall jet flow Technology Patna, Patna, 1393640
over a heated moving flat plate using low Bihar, 800005
Design Of Low Complexity Sharp Cut-Off Dr. Abhijit Chandra, Jadavpur
167 Variable Bandwidth Digital FIR Filter For University, Kolkata, West 2132580
Next Generation Communication System Bengal, 700032
Investigation into the design and Dr. Anjana Bhasi, National
Engineering perforamance analysis of encased stone Institute of Technology
168 3984770
Sciences column supported embankments with Karnataka, Surthakal,
geocells as basal reinforcement Karnataka, 575025
“Moving” towards better optical time- Dr. Siddharth Gurunath
keeping devices: How immovable MEMS Tallur, Indian Institute of
169 can improve the performance of optical Technology Bombay, 5084860
clocks Mumbai, Maharashtra,
Design and Development of Power Dr. Chandrasekaran K,
Engineering Quality Controller for Microgrid National Institute of
170 2472380
Sciences Technology Puducherry,
Karaikal, Puducherry,
Development of high order accurate Dr. Chandrakant
numerical scheme for steady/Unsteady Rameshchandra Sonawane,
171 incompressible flow involving Symbiosis International 1802240
stationary/moving boundaries over University, Pune,
unstructured mesh Maharashtra, 411004
Development of multi scale textured Dr. Ismail Syed, National
Engineering piston ring and study of its impact on the Institute of Technology
172 3260400
Sciences fuel economy of an internal combustion Warangal, Warangal,
engine Telangana ,
Compact multi band antenna with Dr. Krishnamoorthy
Engineering independently controlled resonant Kandasamy, National Institute
173 4422660
Sciences frequency and polarization for mobile of Technology Karnataka,
wireless applications Surthakal, Karnataka, 575025
Effective Cracking of Endothermic Fuels Dr. Vinu Ravikrishnan, Indian
174 Using Different Initiators – Experimental Institute of Technology 4597090
and Mechanistic Study
Madras, Chennai, Tamil
Nadu, 600036
Formal Verification of optimizing Dr. Chandan Karfa, Indian
Engineering transofrmation of programs Institute of Technology
175 1770910
Sciences Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam,
Designing of a highthroughput clone for Dr. Rahul Sharad Bhambure,
Engineering cytoplamic expression of the refolded National Chemical
176 4282140
Sciences reainbizumab (antibody fragment fab) Laboratory, Pune,
Maharashtra, 411008
Concomitant biofuel production and Dr. Shantonu Roy, National
recalming water by integrating acidogenic Institute of Technology
177 biohydrogen and membrane bioreactor Arunachal Pradesh, 4998950
based oleaginous fungal cultivation Papumpare, Arunachal
Design, Development Of A Novel Method Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Vit
Engineering For Estimating Residual Strength Of University, Vellore, Tamil
178 2573560
Sciences Composite Structures Damaged By Impact Nadu, 632014
Development Of Highly Sensitive Photo- Dr. Prabhash Mishra, Jamia
179 Detector Based On Dielectrophoretic Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 4164600
Assembly Of TiS3 Nanoribbons Delhi, 110025
Design and Development of Polymer Dr. Alok Agarwal, Sagar
Engineering Composites for Micro-Electronic Institute of Research and
180 2117500
Sciences Applications Technology, Bhopal, Madhya
Development of self powered MEMS Dr. Banibrata Mukherjee,
Engineering accelerometer using piezolectric energy National Institute of
181 3724600
Sciences harvester Technology Rourkela,
Rourkela, Orissa, 769008
Grid Interfacing of solar power generation Dr. Nagendrappa
design development and investigation on Harischandrappa, National
182 high frequency transformer isolated DC- Institute of Technology 4894780
DC soft swithching resonant power Karnataka, Surthakal,
converters Karnataka, 575025
Behavior Of Corroded And Corrosion Dr. Shruti Sharma, Thapar
Repaired RC Beams Using Advanced Institute of Engineering &
183 Non-Destructive Techniques Of Infrared Technology, Patiala, Punjab, 3287550
Thermography (IRT) And Digital Image
Correlation (DIC)
Design And Investigation Of Thermal Dr. Ashish Kumar Mishra,
Engineering Conducting Two Dimensional Indian Institute of Technology
184 5480840
Sciences Heterostructures (Bhu), Varanasi, Uttar
Pradesh, 221005
Comositionally and microstructurally Dr. Sunil Kumar, Indian
Engineering engineered lead free for piezoelectric Institute of Technology
185 4637600
Sciences applications Indore, Indore, Madhya
Pradesh, 452011
Mapping drought risk in India an Dr. Arpita Mondal, Indian
Engineering integrated multivariate approach Institute of Technology
186 2222990
Sciences Bombay, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400076
Modeling, Simulation And Development Dr. Sneha Kabra, Shaheed
Engineering Of AlGaN/GaN HEMT Based Lactic Acid Rajguru College of Applied
187 2860990
Sciences And Uric Acid Biosensor For Clinical Sciences for Women, New
Research Delhi, Delhi,
Engineering custom-made personalized Dr. Nalinkanth Veerabadran
bone graft using nanotubular clay- Ghone, Sri Venkateswara
188 biopolymer composite and human College of Engineering 4083700
mesenchymal stem cells. Chennai, Kanchipuram, Tamil
Nadu, 602117
Investigation on reduced graphene oxide Dr. Baishali Garai,
189 in the aspects of its possible application Dayananda Sagar University, 3598540
for the development of a radiation sensor Bangalore, Karnataka, 560078
Development of active packaging Dr. Jayeeta Mitra, Indian
solutions using nanoencapsulation Institute of Technology
190 techiques to aid nutrient delivery for Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West 3960000
quality impovement and shelf life Bengal, 721302
extension of stored food
Text mining with lucene and hadoop Dr. E Laxmi Lydia, Vignans
document clustering with updated rules of Institute of Information
191 NMF (Non negative matrix factroization) Technology, 938430
Vishakhapattanam, Andhra
Pradesh, 530049
Secure and Reliable Non-volatile Dr. Sparsh Mittal, Indian
Engineering Memories for Ultra-low Power Institute of Technology
192 4503180
Sciences Applications Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 502205
Dynamic crack kinking from aggregate Dr. Sukanta Chakraborty,
Engineering mortar interface of concrete sub structural Indian Institute of Technology
193 2870450
Sciences system (Indian School of Mines),
Dhanbad, Jharkhand,
Design and development of an on chip Dr. Mahendra Vucha, M L R
Engineering heterogeneous multi platform for secure Institute of Technology,
194 4385700
Sciences mltimedia applications Hyderabad, Telangana ,
Development of adaptive cooperative Dr. Santanu Kumar Pradhan,
Engineering motion control algorithms for multiple National Institute of Science
195 2665530
Sciences autonomous ground vehicles and Technology, Ganjam,
Orissa, 761008
An Efficient Use Of Discarded Dr. Ravi Panwar, Pdpm
Heterogeneous Electronic Waste For Indian Institute of Information
196 Development Of Cost Effective Technology, Design and 4394770
Microwave Absorber Manufacturing, Jabalpur,
Madhya Pradesh,
Development of an efficient biometric Dr. Sasikaladevi N, Sastra
authentication based key agreement University, Thanjavur, Tamil
197 protocol for multi server architecture using Nadu, 613401 1866940
hyper elliptic curve for adhar card
payment system
Development and real time implentation of Dr. Shyam Lal, National
Engineering fully automated cancer detection system Institute of Technology
198 993360
Sciences from H&E stained liver histopathological Karnataka, Surthakal,
images Karnataka, 575025
Tensor Modeling and visulization of three Dr. Jaya Sreevalsan Nair,
dimensional geospatial datasets International Institute of
199 Information Technology 1483900
Bangalore, Bangalore,
Process modeling and microstructural Dr. Amber Shrivastava,
Engineering evolution during friction stir welding of Indian Institute of Technology
200 3614600
Sciences dissimilar materials Bombay, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400076
Development of intelligent trafic analysis Dr. Appavu Alias
Engineering platform based on the analysis of the Balamurugan, Kln College of
201 2862580
Sciences trajectory big data Information Technology,
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, 630611
Design optimization of multicore fibers for Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, National
202 high capacity optical communications Institute of Technology Patna, 748070
Patna, Bihar, 800005
Development Of Eutrophication Model Dr. Kamal Uddin Ahamad,
203 For Rural Water Bodies Of Assam, India Tezpur University, Tezpur, 2426710
Assam, 784028
Reducting Energy Consumption and Dr. Shirshendu Das, Indian
Engineering operating temperature of last level DRAM Institute of Technology
204 1527350
Sciences cache in multicore system Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam,
Resource Optimisation And Interference Dr. Seemanti Saha, National
205 Management For Green Ultra-Dense 5G Institute of Technology Patna, 2733740
Cognitive Radio Network Patna, Bihar, 800005
Development of ultrasonic assisted Dr. Joy Prakash Misra,
Engineering electrochemical mechanical finishing National Institute of
206 1650000
Sciences (UAECMF) process with modular tooling Technology Kurukshetra,
system for precision finising of gears Kurukshetra, Haryana,
Design of Electronic and photonic device Dr. Rikmantra Basu, National
using Ge1-x-Snx Alloy An emerging Institute of Technology Delhi,
207 group IV semiconductor materials and Delhi, Delhi, 110040 2568480
investigation of physical processes of the
Application of masking techiques and Dr. Maneswar Rahang,
reverse EDM techniques for pattern National Institute of
208 generation by selective area desposition of Technology Meghalaya, 2784490
material using powder metallurgical green Shillong, Meghalaya,
compact tools and sintered tool electrode
Application of topology optimization to Dr. Arshad Javed, Birla
enhance energy efficiency and Institute of Technology and
209 performance of industrial manipulator Science Pilani-Hyderabad, 2943600
Hyderabad, Telangana ,
Development Of Non-Intrusive Driver Dr. Vijayalaxmi Biradar,
Fatigue Detection And Warning System Vignan Institute of
210 To Avoid On Road Accidents Technology and Science, 2668220
Hyderabad, Telangana ,
Development Of A New Strategy To Dr. Amitava Mandal, Indian
Engineering Enhance Cylindrical Wire Electrical Institute of Technology
211 3361600
Sciences Discharge Turning Process (Indian School of Mines),
Dhanbad, Jharkhand,
Development Of Gallium Oxide Based Dr. Ankush Bag, Indian
Engineering Next Generation Power And Sensor Institute of Technology
212 5185400
Sciences Devices Mandi, Mandi, Himachal
Pradesh, 175005
Wide Situational Awwarenss Assessement Dr. Murthy Cherukuri,
Engineering using Phosor measurement units National Institute of Science
213 3691600
Sciences and Technology, Ganjam,
Orissa, 761008
Design and development of an adaptive Dr. Suchetana Chakraborty,
Engineering middleware for smart building monitoring Indian Institute of Information
214 2184600
Sciences Technology Guwahati,
Guwahati, Assam, 781001
Effects Of Big Data Characteristics On Dr. Amarendra Reddy
Engineering Security – Leveraging Existing Security Panyala, M L R Institute of
215 2778600
Sciences Mechanisms And Exploring New Technology, Hyderabad,
Techniques For Protection Telangana , 500043
Hybrid Urban Landscape Analysis For Dr. Deepak Kumar, Amity
216 Green Smart Cities Through Geospatial University Noida, Noida, 1744600
Technology Uttar Pradesh,
Integrated Watershed Management In Dr. Sivasenareddy Araypalli,
Engineering Data Scarce Rainfed Regions Of India Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
217 1873740
Sciences Using Artificial Intelligence, Geo-Spatial University Coimbatore,
And Soft Computing Techniques Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,
Design of Neural Network Based New Dr. S Charles Raja,
Engineering Demand Side Management System for Thiagarajar College of
218 3022380
Sciences Educational Institutions Engineering, Madurai, Tamil
Formability Anlaysis of magnesium AZ31 Dr. Nagarajan D, National
Engineering Alloy sheets during the incremental Institute of Technology
219 1210000
Sciences froming process Rourkela, Rourkela, Orissa,
Multi scale and multi phase generalized Dr. Dharmendra Dilipkumar
reactor modeling and simulation Mandaliya, Vishwakarma
220 framework Government Engineering 891000
College, Ahmedabad,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 382424
Investigation into the influence of 3-D Dr. Deepak Lawrence K,
surface topographic parametera and cross Manipal University, Manipal,
221 hatch angle of clinder linear surface on the Karnataka, 576104 4109580
friction and wear of pisoton ring cylinder
linera assembly
Time dependent resilience of Indian Dr. Swagata Basu, Indian
Engineering Bridges under multhihazard scenarios Institute of Technology
222 3307700
Sciences Bombay, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400076
Investigation Of Structure-Property- Dr. Ravisastri Ayyagari
Engineering Performance Relations In Hierarchical 3-D Venkat S, Indian Institute of
223 4549600
Sciences Lattice Structures Technology Gandhinagar,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 382424
Performance Evaluation Of A Cryogenic Dr. Chakradhar Dupadu,
224 Coolant Through A Modified Tool Holder Indian Institute of Technology 1483160
In Machining Of Inconel 625 Super Alloy. Palakkad, Palakkad, Kerala,
Design of main memory architecture for Dr. Manu Awasthi, Indian
Engineering next generation datacenter servers Institute of Technology
225 2624600
Sciences Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar,
Gujarat, 382424
Improving machinability of difficult to Dr. Samuel Raj, Anna
Engineering machine materials through cutting edge University, Chennai, Tamil
226 2074600
Sciences preparation and minimum quantity Nadu, 6000025
A Computational Model For 3D Dr. Suman Kumar Maji,
227 fluorescence microscopy super resolution Indian Institute of Technology 1509560
Patna, Patna, Bihar,
Development of lightweight carbon Dr. Ariful Rahaman Sk, Vit
Engineering nanomaterials hybridized hollow glass University, Vellore, Tamil
228 2182780
Sciences microspheres/Epoxy conducting syntactic Nadu, 632014
Post Earthquake seismic vulnerability Dr. Meera Raghunandan,
Engineering assessment of reinforced concrete building Indian Institute of Technology
229 2399100
Sciences in India Bombay, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400076
Numerical and Experimental anlaysis of Dr. Mohammad Arsalan
Engineering failure of RC beams retrofitted with plates Khan, Aligarh Muslim
230 2475000
Sciences under normal and elevated temperatures University, Aligarh, Uttar
Pradesh, 202002
Development Of A Thermal Model Based Dr. Chandrakant Kumar
Engineering Real-Time Tool Wear Monitoring And Nirala, Indian Institute of
231 4758600
Sciences Compensation System For Micro-EDM Technology Ropar, Ropar,
Processes Punjab, 140001
Design And Development Of Low Power Dr. Balwinder Raj, Dr. B R
Engineering ONOFIC For Smart Safety System Ambedkar National Institute
232 4708120
Sciences of Technology, Jalandhar,
Self Contained Flexible oxide electronics Dr. Pydi Ganga
for smart packaging Bahubalindruni, Indraprashtha
233 Institute of Information 3375900
Technology Delhi, New
Delhi, Delhi,
Indigenous Design and Development of Dr. Manmohan Dass Goel,
Engineering high strin rate characterization machine for Visvesvaraya National
234 4235000
Sciences characterization of soft materials Institute of Technology,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Development of a customized dual mode Dr. Saugata Sinha,
Engineering in vivo Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Visvesvaraya National
235 3795820
Sciences Imaging system for early detection of Institute of Technology,
breast cancer Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Improving the seismic performance of Dr. Mohan Sc, Birla Institute
Engineering dynamically similar buildings uisng of Technology and Science
236 4314540
Sciences damper connected control technique Pilani-Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 500078
Optimal Output Sample based Control of Dr. Satyanarayana Neeli,
Engineering Multiport DC-DC Converters Malaviya National Institute of
237 1535600
Sciences Technology, Jaipur,
Experimental Characterisation Of Dr. Diwakar S Venkatesan,
Dissimilar Mode Coupling In Two-Layer Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for
238 Rayleigh-Bénard-Marangoni Systems Advanced Scientific 5479650
Research, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560064
Efficient reliable data delivery during Dr. Ditipriya Sinha, National
239 forest fire using wireless network Institute of Technology Patna, 997120
Patna, Bihar, 800005
Two Phase Flows And Water Quality In Dr. Rohini Thendiyath,
Engineering Rivers National Institute of
240 3108600
Sciences Technology Patna, Patna,
Bihar, 800005
Effect of Nano-particles in Viscoplastic Dr. Md Ashique Hassan, Birla
Engineering Complex Fluids: A Thermorheological Institute of Technology
241 2805000
Sciences Characterization and Heat Transfer Mesra, Ranchi, Ranchi,
Investigation Jharkhand, 835215
Effect particle size on solidification Dr. A Vanav Kumar, National
Engineering process under uniform magnetic field Institute of Technology
242 980960
Sciences along with thermal solutal convection Arunachal Pradesh,
effects with sinusoidal temperature
distribution over nanoparticle enhanced Papumpare, Arunachal
phase change materials Pradesh,
Ultrasonic assisted fabrication of Al- Dr. Udhayabanu Veeramalai,
Engineering MgAl2O4 insite composites using metal Visvesvaraya National
243 4234460
Sciences oxide reduction Institute of Technology,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Electrospinning Of Lead-Free NBTBT₆ Dr. Aatish Sanjayrao
Based Materials For Sensors And Energy Daryapurkar, Indian Institute
244 Harvesting Applications of Information Technology 3339600
Nagpur, Nagpur, Maharashtra,
Towards Understanding the diffusion of Dr. Srijith Pk, Indian Institute
Engineering misinformation in online social networks of Technology Hyderabad,
245 2349050
Sciences application to vaccination rumour Hyderabad, Telangana ,
detection 502205
Development Of Power Electronic Dr. Mm Rajan Singaravel, Psg
Engineering Interfaces For Hybrid Distributed College of Technology,
246 2700170
Sciences Generator Based On PV-Fed Wind-Driven Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,
Induction Generator 641004
Sustainable smart grid framework for Dr. Mala De, National
247 energy management system incorporating Institute of Technology Patna, 2019600
avaliable renewable resources Patna, Bihar, 800005
Development Of An Active Self-Actuating Dr. Felixorlando Mariajoseph,
Engineering Smart Needle For Image-Guided Indian Institute of Technology
248 3509630
Sciences Percutaneous Cancer Interventions Roorkee, Roorkee,
One of Pot production of biohydrogen and Dr. Arumugam A, Sastra
polyhydroxyalkanoate using calophyllum University, Thanjavur, Tamil
249 inophyllum oil cake under alternative dark Nadu, 613401 2888600
and light fermentation in 100L closed loop
tubular bioreactor
Development of multifunctional fibrous Dr. Javed Nabibaksha Sheikh,
Engineering materials using green methods Indian Institute of Technology
250 3814520
Sciences Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi,
A MEMS-based microfluidic platform for Dr. Hardik Jitendra Pandya,
Engineering sensitive and rapid bacterial antibiotic Indian Institute of
251 4117630
Sciences susceptibility testing Science,Banglore, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560012
Modeling, Fabrication and motion Dr. Prases Kumar Mohanty,
planning for maximum mobility of National Institute of
252 quadrupedal robot Technology Arunachal 2707100
Pradesh, Papumpare,
Arunachal Pradesh,
A Framework For Deep Learning Based Dr. Sowmya Kamath S,
Engineering Analytics For Intelligent Healthcare National Institute of
253 3256550
Sciences Applications Technology Karnataka,
Surthakal, Karnataka, 575025
Development Of Efficient Algorithms For Dr. Venkatanareshbabu
Engineering Predicting The Incidence Of Malaria Kuppili, National Institute of
254 1799600
Sciences Cases In India Using Spiking Neuron Technology Goa, North Goa,
Models Goa,
Si/SiC hybrid semiconductor based solid Dr. Dipankar De, Indian
Engineering stae transfomer for PV Application Institute of Technology
255 3611990
Sciences Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneshwar,
Orissa, 751013
Studies on the perfoamance parameters of Dr. Singaravel
cutting tool inserts to establish the Balasubramaniyan, Vignan
256 influence of surface texturing and its Institute of Technology and 2272600
design parameters with elemental cramic Science, Hyderabad,
coating minimum quantity lubricants Telangana , 500036
On chip development of three dimesional Dr. Arindam Bit, National
clinical graded tissue graft for the Institute of Technology
257 treatment of diseased esophageal segment Raipur, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, 3318100
with integration of asculatrisation and 492010
enhanced neurogenesis
Scope Enrichment Of Verification Dr. Saurabh Bhanuprasad
Technologies Joshi, Indian Institute of
258 Technology Hyderabad, 2250010
Hyderabad, Telangana ,
Development of All Solid State Thin Film Dr. Yellareswararao Kosuri,
Li-Ion Micro Battery using Powder Vignans Institute of
259 Sputtering Information Technology, 3339600
Vishakhapattanam, Andhra
Pradesh, 530049
Cryogenically Conditioned micro and Dr. Parameshwaran
nanoencapsulated phase change materials Rajagopalan, Birla Institute of
260 slurries for cool thermal energy storage Technology and Science 2776340
applications Pilani-Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 500078
Nonlinear interaction of guided waves Dr. Dhanashri Manish
with delamination defects in compsite Joglekar, Indian Institute of
261 waveguides theoretical and experimental Technology Roorkee, 4835580
investigation Roorkee, UTTARAKHAND,
Green and Sustainable machining of “hard Dr. Amrita Maddamsetty,
to machine materials” using Graphene Gayatri Vidya
Engineering based Self Lubricating cutting tools and Parishad College of
262 2556050
Sciences cutting fluids Engineering,
Vishakhapattanam, Andhra
Pradesh, 530048
3D Dep Learneing for Non-rigid Shape Dr. Avinash Sharma,
Acquisition International Institute of
263 Information Technology 3082650
Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana ,
Design and development of a Dr. Burra Rajesh Kumar,
Engineering microcantilever structured sensor for Gitam University,
264 4412910
Sciences deteming the volatile organic compunds Vishakhapattanam, Andhra
Pradesh, 530045
Sensor assisted catch monitroing and level Dr. Lenty Stuwart S,
guidance system for close proximity long University College of
265 line and long net fishing under strong Engineering Nagercoil Anna 2788230
ocean current University, Nagercoil, Tamil
Influence Of Leading Edge Protuberances Dr. Nadaraja Pillai, Sastra
Engineering (LEP) On Aerodynamic Characteristics Of University, Thanjavur, Tamil
266 2314570
Sciences Tapered And Swept Wing At Subsonic Nadu, 613401
Engineering Self-Powered Electronic Nose Based On Dr. Yuvaraj Sivalingam, S R
267 5218840
Sciences Hybrid Nanomaterials For Breath Analysis M University Kattankulathur,
Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Designing out-of-VM Monitoring based Dr. Chirag Navinchandra
Virtual Machine Introspection Framework Modi, National Institute of
268 for Securing Virtual Environment of Technology, Farmagudi, 2402380
Cloud computing ponda , goa, North goa, Goa,
Development of high vibration damping Dr. Arockiakumar Raju,
Engineering composite layers through friction stir National Institute of
269 4404590
Sciences processing Technology Warangal,
Warangal, Telangana ,
Intelligent Camera Systems Dr. Vineet Gandhi,
International Institute of
270 Information Technology 2844600
Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana ,
Design of Superior Pulsewidth Modulation Dr. Soumita Das, National
Engineering Schemes for High-Performance Multilevel Institute of Technology Goa,
271 4004380
Sciences Converter based Grid-Connected North Goa, Goa,
Photovoltaic System
Development of innovate clay based Dr. Vipin Kumar Saini, Doon
Engineering nanoporous materials for methane University, Dehradun,
272 3205700
Sciences enrichement of biogas to bio methane at UTTARAKHAND,
high pressure
Development of a novel Injection Strategy Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim M, Vit
273 for Hydrogen Fuelled Homogeneous University, Vellore, Tamil 2439140
Charge Compression Ignition Engine Nadu, 632014
Precision Agriculture Model To Increase Dr. Dharavath Ramesh, Indian
Engineering Crop Productivity In India Using Big Data Institute of Technology
274 1813900
Sciences (Indian School of Mines),
Dhanbad, Jharkhand,
Evaluation Of Creep Behavior Of Dr. Rajesh Korla, Indian
Engineering AlCoCrFeNiMo0.5 High Strength High Institute of Technology
275 5197040
Sciences Entropy Alloy Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 502205
Fluid Flow and heart transfer analysis of Dr. Jnana Ranjan Senapati,
Engineering various types of IRS device A Kalinga Institute of Industrial
276 1766600
Sciences Comparative study Technology, Bhubaneshwar,
Design And Development Of An Dr. Makarand Mohankumar
Experimental Test Bench Setup Of Lokhande, Visvesvaraya
277 Electric Vehicle National Institute of 3588620
Technology, Nagpur,
Maharashtra, 440010
Investigation of micro electric discharge Dr. Kanmani Subbu S,
Engineering milling of metal matrix composite National Institute of
278 3575000
Sciences fabricated by ultrasonic probe assisted stri Technology Warangal,
casting Warangal, Telangana ,
Bacteriostatic-Polymer/Antibiotic Dr. Debasish Mishra, Vit
Combination Based Bi-Modal Strategy University, Vellore, Tamil
279 For In Situ Management Of Diabetic Nadu, 632014 3559600
Osteomyelitis: An In Vitro And Animal
Model Based Study
Metabolic Engineering Of Bacillus Dr. Ashish Misra, Indian
280 Subtilis For The Production Of Institute of Technology Delhi, 3119600
Biorenewable Isoprene New Delhi, Delhi, 110016
Multilingual Speech Processing in Dr. Sriram Ganapathy, Indian
281 Humans and Machines Institute of Science,Banglore, 3174600
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560012
Computational and experimental study of Dr. Ashish Purohit, Thapar
flow-induced vibration of a plate with Institute of Engineering &
282 piezoelectric material to improve Technology, Patiala, Punjab, 2419930
performance of wind vibration energy
Smart Dust with intelligent wireless sensor Dr. P Gomathi, N S N College
Engineering network using NEMS for monitoring of of Engineering and
283 3503000
Sciences real world phenomenon Technology, Karur, Tamil
Nadu, 639003
Development Of A Label Free Stokes- Dr. Nirmal Mazumdar,
284 Muller Polarization Microscopy For Manipal University, Manipal, 3992560
Tissue Characterization Karnataka, 576104
Study Of Monocarboxylate Transporters Dr. Kapil Juvale, Svkm's
As Potential Targets To Exploit Hypoxia Nmims, Mumbai,
285 In Cancer: Design, Synthesis And Maharashtra, 4782604
Evaluation Of MCT1 And MCT4
BETWEEN GHRELIN AND Patel College of Pharmacy,
Life DOPAMINE DURING CO-MORBIDITY Shirpur, Maharashtra, 425405
286 3799587
To Study Role Of The Melanocortin-1 Dr. Manjari Kedarnath
Receptor (MC1R) Gene In Shaping Jonnalagadda, Symbiosis
Life Pigmentation Variation Among Tribal School for Liberal Arts
287 4260458
Sciences And Caste Populations Of West (Symbiosis International
Maharashtra University), Pune,
Structure-Function Analysis Of The Dr. Gautam Chatterjee,
Centromeres And Its Associated Ramakrishna Mission
288 Centromeric Protein CENP-A Of The Vivekananda University, 4049734
Human Pathogenic Candida Parapsilosis Howrah, West Bengal,
Sensu Lato Species Complex
Sustainable Hydrogen Production Using Dr. Rajesh Singh, Central
289 Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria As New University of Gujarat, 3152600
Hydrogenase Rich Microorganisms Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 382030
Molecular And Functional Dr. Sant Ram, Post Graduate
Life Characterization Of Spectrum Of Mutation Institute of Medical
290 4414520
Sciences In Tyrosinemia Type1 Patients- Education and Research,
Diagnostic And Genetic Implications Chandigarh, Chandigarh,
Bio-Engineered Three-Dimensional Stem Dr. Akashay Srivastava,
Cell Niche For Intervertebral Disc Repair National Institute of
Life And Regeneration Pharmaceutical Education and
291 3813480
Sciences Research,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 382355
Study The Role Of Macrophage- Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh,
Life Heterogeneity In Nanoparticle Toxicity Indian Institute of Toxicology
292 4250880
Sciences Mitigation Research, Lucknow, Uttar
Life Molecular Dissection Of Mechanism Of Dr. Deepak Singh Bisht,
293 3636144
Sciences Resistance To Sheath Blight In Rice National Research Centre On
Plant Biotechnology, New
Delhi, Delhi, 110012
Cracking The Code Of Nedd8- Dr. Sharada
Life Conjugation Pathway Via Human Antigen Ramasubramanyan, Vision
294 4138344
Sciences R (HuR) Signaling In Ocular Research Foundation,
Angiogenesis Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600006
Identification And Functional Dr. Puja Yadav, Central
Life Characterization Of G4 DNA In University of Haryana,
295 3690060
Sciences Helicobacter Pylori: A Novel Therapeutic Mahendragarh, Haryana,
Target 123001
Advanced Network Analysis of the Dr. Madhura Aditya
structual connectome of human brain Ingalhalikar, Symbiosis
296 Institute of Technology 2588520
(Symbiosis University), Pune,
Physiological and molecular dissection of Dr. Venugopal Babu
greengram (Vigna radiata (L) wilczek) Rajendraprasad, Tamil Nadu
297 Genotypes for drought and high Agricultural University, 4602798
temperature stress tolerance Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,
Dissecting Brain Reward Circuitry and Dr. Vinod Tiwari, National
CNs Comorbidities in chronic neuropathic Institute of Pharmaceutical
298 pain Educaiton and Research, 4909520
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 382355
Role of Genomic Biomarkers in predicting Dr. Preeti K, Jawaharlal
propylactic response to lithium in Institute of Postgraduate
299 paediatric onset bipolar disorder Medical Education & 2270895
Research, Puducherry,
Puducherry, 605006
Unravelling the molecular mechanism (s) Dr. Gulam Hussain Syed,
Life underlying hepatitis C virus Institute of Life Science,
300 5209056
Sciences morphogenesis and secretion Bhubaneshwar, Orissa,
Mechanism and function of modulation of Dr. Nimesh Gupta, National
301 human immune responses by dengue virus Institute of Immunology, New 4766449
non structural protein 1 Delhi, Delhi, 110067
Targeting aurora kinase in colorectal Dr. Rituraj Purohit, Institute
Life cancer rational Drug design and validation of Himalayan Bioresource
302 4765478
Sciences Technology, Palampur,
Himachal Pradesh,
Genome Wide single nucleotide Dr. Rajesh Ramanna Valmiki,
Life polymorphism analysis of Christian Medical College,
303 4102560
Sciences pharmacogenomic varints in drug reistant Vellore, Tamil Nadu,
epilepsy population
Study to improve rproductive performance Dr. Pranay Punj Pankaj,
and to alleviate multigenerational diabetic Nagaland University,
304 embryopathy using combination of C- Zunheboto, Nagaland, 4351044
phycocyanin from spirulina platensis and
docosahexaenoic acid in Zebrafish Model
Biotechnological Valorization Of Dr. Iniya Kumar Muniraj,
Molasses Distillery Spent Wash (MDSW) Kumaraguru Institute of
305 Through Production Of Single Cell Oil Agriculture, Erode, Tamil 2263074
And Simultaneous Removal Of Potential Nadu, 638315
Life Identification Of Novel Targets For Dr. Deepak Sharma, Indian
306 2837560
Sciences Effective Drugs/Vaccines Against Institute of Technology
Infectious Diseases By Employing Roorkee, Roorkee,
Computational Strategies UTTARAKHAND, 247667
Development of haploid inducer line in Dr. Anshul Watts, National
Life Brassica oleracea var botrytis through Research Centre On Plant
307 4020967
Sciences CRISPR cas mediated engineering of Biotechnology, New Delhi,
Centrometric histone H3 gene Delhi, 110012
A Multimodal Imaging Study To Examine Dr. Naren Prahlada Rao,
Life The Role Of Dopamine In Social Decision National Institute of Mental
308 4616469
Sciences Making In Schizophrenia Health and Neuro Sciences,
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560029
Evaluation of efficacy of novel stabilized Dr. Anand A Zanwar, Bharati
Life omega 3 fatty acid and antooxidants Vidyapeeth Deemed
309 4036703
Sciences formulation for the prevention and University, Pune,
treatment of metabolic syndrome Maharashtra,
Design and evaluation of novel structural Dr. Somya Basu, D Y Patil
analogs of nantural products as selective University, Kolhapur,
modulator of PPAR pathway for lung Maharashtra,
310 cancer therapy design synthesis and 4836403
evaluation of novel structural analogs of
natural products as a selective modulator
of PPAR Pathway for lung cancer therpay
Mitigation of radiation induced Dr. Guruvayoorappan C,
Life esophagitis by pyrazole (1,2 Diazole) from Regional Cancer Centre,
311 2689713
Sciences rhizophora apiculata and its potential Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,
applications as an effective radioprotector
Generation of a genetically-stable live Dr. Nadeem Shabir, Sher
vaccine candidate against infectious bursal E Kashmir University of
Life disease virus (IBDV) through mutagen- Agriculutral Sciences &
312 4524114
Sciences driven lethal mutagenesis Technology Kashmir,
Srinagar, Jammu and
Design and development of multiplex Dr. Ritesh Kumar Shukla,
313 assay integrated nanodevice for rapid 'on Ahmedabad University, 4271039
field' identification of body fluids Amreli, Gujarat, 380009
"IsoSeq Analysis And Functional Dr. Neetu Singh, King
Life Annotation Of Molecularly Classified George's Medical University,
314 5049000
Sciences Medulloblastoma On PacBio RSII Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,
Platform "
Functional Interactions Between Dr. Varsha Singh, Kalindi
315 Vasotocin And Corticosteroids In Catfish College (University of Delhi), 2307201
Heteropneustes Fossilis New Delhi, Delhi,
Investigating The Effect Of Glycosylation Dr. Ramya L, Sastra
On The Structure And Dynamics Of University, Thanjavur, Tamil
Life Biomarker Myelin Oligodendrocyte Nadu, 613401
316 2221560
Sciences Glycoprotein – De Novo Design Of
Therapeutic Glycopeptide For Multiple
Development Of Indian Pharmacopoeia Dr. Gaurav Pratap Singh,
Life Reference Standards (IPRS) For Assuring Indian Pharmacopoeia
317 1536483
Sciences The Quality Of Biologics In India Commission, Ghaziabad,
Uttar Pradesh,
DEVELOPMENT OF GASTRO Dr. Dalapathi B Gugulothu,
318 SYSTEMS USING NOVEL NATURAL Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3642809
MUCILAGE FOR IMPROVED Warangal, Telangana ,
Investigating Conformational Dynamics Dr. Parimal Kar, Indian
Of N-Glycans And The Effect Of Institute of Technology
Life Glycosylation On The Structure And Indore, Indore, Madhya
319 4750020
Sciences Dynamics Of Hepatitis C Virus Pradesh, 452011
Glycoproteins Via Molecular Dynamics
Establishment Of Zebrafish – Vibrio Dr. Sanjita Banerjee, National
Anguillarum Host-Pathogen Model To Institute of Science Education
320 Analyse The Influence Of Environmental and Research Bhubaneswar, 2013000
Factors On Vibriosis Bhubaneshwar, Orissa,
Evaluation Of Tomato Associated Dr. Thangavel Kavitha,
Life Rhizobacteria For Biocontrol Of Wilt Alagappa University,
321 1429252
Sciences Pathogen Fusarium Oxysisporum Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu,
Spatial And Functional Diversity Of ACC Dr. Sangeeta Pandey, Amity
322 Deaminase Producing Bacteria In Crops University Noida, Noida, 3387560
Grown Organically Uttar Pradesh,
Isolation And Genotypic Characterization Dr. Surya Sankar, College of
Life Of The Infectious Bronchitis Virus Veterinary and Animal
323 3552210
Sciences Isolates From Kerala, India Science,Kerala, Thrissur,
Kerala, 680651
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Of The Dr. Gopal Ramdas Mahajan,
Life Foliar Nutrients In Crops Central Coastal Agricultural
324 2867616
Sciences Research Institute, North Goa,
Goa, 403402
Lipid-Protein Interplay: Computational Dr. Anand Srivastava, Indian
Approaches To Characterize The Time- Institute of Science,Banglore,
Life Dependent Spatial And Dynamical Bangalore, Karnataka, 560012
325 5078479
Sciences Hetrogenities And Their Fluctuations
During Protein-Mediated Deformation In
Ds-RNA Based Strategy For The Dr. Aarti Bairwa, Central
Life Management Of Potato Cyst Nematode. Potato Research Institute,
326 2434968
Sciences Shimla, Himachal Pradesh,
False Smut Disease Of Rice: Dr. Pramesh Devanna,
Life Understanding Pathogen Diversity, University of Agricultural
327 4773168
Sciences Pathogenomics And Host-Pathogen Sciences Raichur, Raichur,
Transcriptomics During Infection Karnataka,
Tracking The Pharmacological Basis For Dr. Akshaya Murugesan,
328 Ethno-Medicinal Values Of Halophytes Lady Doak College, Madurai, 3421000
Along The Coastal Areas Of Tamilnadu. Tamil Nadu,
Role Of Sigma-1 Receptor In Chronic Dr. Madhu C L, Indian
329 Kidney Disease Veterinary Research Institute, 3387732
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh,
Co-Encapsulated Agro-Phyto-Chemical Dr. Asmita Samadder,
Polymeric Nanoparticles: Dumdum Motijheel College,
Life Characterization, Implication In Fish Kolkata, West Bengal,
330 3356443
Sciences Biosystem And Evaluation Of Their
Mechanistic Efficacy In Bio-Accumulated
Agrochemical Toxicity
Diversity And Influence Of Edaphic, Dr. Ashis Roybarman, Bidhan
Rhizosphere Microbiome And Crop Chandra Krishi
331 Diversification Factors Towards Viswavidyalaya, Nadia, West 2865060
Suppressive/Conduciveness Of Ralstonia Bengal, 741252
Solanacearum, Incitant Of Bacterial Wilt
Of Solanaceous Vegetable Crops In West
A High Performance Nanodelivery System Dr. Surajit Karmakar, Institute
Life For Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) of Nano Science and
332 5155056
Sciences Therapy Technology, Mohali, Punjab,
A Whole Genome Based Reduced Dr. Parameswari
Representation Approach For Balasubramaniam, Sugarcane
333 Identification Of Resistance Against Breeding Institute 4524995
Sugarcane Yellow Leaf Virus In Indian Coimbatore, Coimbatore,
Sugarcane Tamil Nadu, 641007
Studies On The Role Of Suppressor Dr. Swapna Geetanjali Arem,
Proteins Of Chilli Leaf Curl Virus In The S R M University
334 Development Of Leaf Curl Disease Kattankulathur, 2810610
Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
ECOFRIENDLY MARINE Annamalainagar, Tamil Nadu,
335 3553963
Nuclear Architecture As An Epigenetic Dr. Ashok Kumar, All India
Life Regulator In Pericentromeric Localized Institute of Medical Sciences,
336 5500000
Sciences Cancer-Testis/Germline Antigen POTE Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi,
Expression In Ovarian Cancer 110029
First Molecular Characterization Of The Dr. Suneel Kateriya,
337 Intraflagellar Transport (IFT) Interactome Jawaharlal Nehru University, 4198480
Of A Flagellated Fungus New Delhi, Delhi, 110067
Characterization Of Genetic Determinants Dr. Tikam Chand Dakal,
Life Of Industrially Beneficial Physiological Manipal University Jaipur,
338 3259520
Sciences Traits Using Quantitative Trait Loci Jaipur, Rajasthan, 303007
To Study The Role Of Hyperglycemia On Dr. Anil Bhanudas Gaikwad,
Life The Progression Of Acute Kidney Injury Birla Institute of Technology
339 4718560
Sciences and Science Pilani, Pilani,
Rajasthan, 333031
Identification Of Salt Responsive Genes Dr. Mahadevaiah Channappa,
And Micro RNA Targets From Salt Sugarcane Breeding Institute
340 Tolerant Erianthus Arundinaceus Clone Coimbatore, Coimbatore, 4052404
IND99-884 Through Transcriptome Tamil Nadu, 641007
Spatial Ablation Of Breast Cancer Cells Dr. Sanjay Tiwari, Uka
341 Using Targetable Graphene-Based Tarsadia University, Surat, 3180138
Nanovectors Gujarat, 394350
Exploring The Role Of Regulatory T Cells Dr. Mitesh Kumar Dwivedi,
342 Through NFATs And FOXP3 In Uka Tarsadia University, 3892020
Pathogenesis Of Vitiligo Surat, Gujarat, 394350
Exploring The Significance Of Genetic Dr. Prachi Shripatrao Yadav,
Life Redundancy Of Wnt Genes: Mutations Indian Agricultural Research
343 3634182
Sciences And Molecular Analysis Institute, New Delhi, Delhi,
Aptamer Targeted Dendronized Polymeric Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tekade,
344 Nanoparticles To Deliver Anti-MiRNA National Institute of 3710520
Pharmaceutical Educaiton and
For Treatment Of Triple Negative Breast Research,
Cancer Gandhinagar(Gujrat),
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 382355
Fine Mapping Of Broad Spectrum New Dr. Shailendra Kumar Jha,
Life Leaf Rust Resistance Gene In Triticum Indian Agricultural Research
345 2874744
Sciences Timopheevii Derivative “Selection G12” Institute, New Delhi, Delhi,
Ending Micronutrient Malnutrition Dr. Tejpal Dhewa, Central
Life Through Value Added Traditional Rural University of Haryana,
346 4212560
Sciences Fermented Dairy Foods Of Haryana And Mahendragarh, Haryana,
Rajasthan 123001
Screening Of Novel Marker Chromosome, Dr. Vellingiri Balachandran,
Gene Expression And Mitochondrial DNA Bharathiar University,
347 Copy Number Variation In Autism Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 3144036
Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Individuals In 641046
Tamil Nadu Population
“Cloning And Expression Of Rna14- Dr. Ravi Pratap Barnwal,
Pcf11-Clp1 Complex For Biophysical Panjab University,
Studies.” The Fundamental Mechanisms Chandigarh, Chandigarh,
By Which 3′-End Processing Signals 160014
(RNA Elements) Are Recognized Are
Common In Most Eukaryotes, Yet Poorly
Life Understood Biophysically. It Is My Goal
348 4568520
Sciences To Gain Biophysical Insight Into Key
Protein-RNA And Protein-Protein
Interactions As Well As Protein
Assemblies That Control The Timing And
Location Of Transcription Termination,
And The Execution Of The Cleavage And
Polyadenylation Reaction.
Evaluation Of Pax3 As A Targeted Dr. Mathivanan Jothi,
Life Therapeutics For Pediatric Solid Tumors National Institute of Mental
349 4136788
Sciences Health and Neuro Sciences,
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560029
Studies On Pollination Dynamics, Pod Dr. Veeresh Kumar, National
Life Yield And Oil Content In Pongamia Research Centre for
350 3000456
Sciences Pinnata. Agroforestry, Jhansi, Uttar
Pradesh, 284003
Single-Molecule Biosensing With Hetero- Dr. Mahendran
Oligomeric Protein Nanopores Kozhinjampara
Radhakrishnan, Rajiv Gandhi
351 Centre for Biotechnology, 3754020
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,
Assessment And Comparison Of Bone Dr. Afaf Zia, Aligarh Muslim
Marker Levels And Bone Density In University, Aligarh, Uttar
352 PCOS Subjects With Or Without Chronic Pradesh, 202002 2379012
Periodontitis Before And After Non
Surgical Periodontal Therapy
Deciphering MiRNA-MRNA Modules Dr. Niraj Agarwal, Gauhati
353 Associated With Darjeeling Tea Quality University, Guwahati, Assam, 4373263
Testing A Flow Cytometry Based Dr. Sreejesh Sreedharanunni,
Life Screening Strategy For The Detection Of Post Graduate Institute of
354 2401520
Sciences Tyrosine Kinase Domain Fusion Genes In Medical Education and
End-Induction Minimal Residual Disease
Positive B-Acute Lymphoblastic Research, Chandigarh,
Leukemia Lacking Recurrent Cytogenetic Chandigarh,
Identification, Characterization And Dr. Mallikarjuna Mg, Indian
Life Validation Of MiRNAs And Target Agricultural Research
355 2799144
Sciences MRNAs For Nitrogen And Phosphorus Institute, New Delhi, Delhi,
Use Efficiency In Maize 110012
Development Of Α-Crystallin Mini Dr. Sudhakar Reddy Vadde,
Life Chaperone Peptides As Therapeutic National Institute of Nutrition,
356 4860872
Sciences Molecules For Diabetic Ocular Diseases Hyderabad, Telangana ,
Development Of A Novel Approach, M- Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh,
TRAP (Multi-Tagged Translating Indian Institute of Technology
Ribosome Affinity Purification), To Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
357 Profile Cell-Cell Interactions In Central Telangana , 502205 3036000
Nervous System Cells By Secreted-
Glycoprotein YKL-40 (CHI3L1: Chitinase
3-Like 1)
Tissue Factor (TF)-Mediated Regulation Dr. Shanmugam
Life Of Adhesion Molecules And Apoptosis Of Velayuthaprabhu, Bharathiar
358 3749020
Sciences Trophoblast In Antiphospholipid University, Coimbatore,
Syndrome (APS) Tamil Nadu, 641046
“Sub-Cellular Targeting Of Invertase Dr. Suresha Giriyapura
Inhibitory Proteins: A Novel Approach To Shivalingamurthy, Sugarcane
359 Enhance Sucrose Yield In Sugarcane” Breeding Institute 3048004
Coimbatore, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu, 641007
Development Of Plant Extract Based Dr. Mamoni Banerjee, Indian
Life Formulations And Its Efficacy Study On Institute of Technology
360 2962960
Sciences Lepidopteran Larvae Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West
Bengal, 721302
Development And Assessment Of Novel Dr. Kavita Singh, Svkm's
Life Formulations Containing Therapeutic Nmims, Mumbai,
361 4121480
Sciences Proteins And SiRNA For Treatment Of Maharashtra,
Diabetic Retinopathy.
Temozolomide Delivery Across Blood- Dr. Deepika Sharma, Institute
Life Brain Barrier Through Nanomagnetic of Nano Science and
362 4693973
Sciences Transducer: A Targeted Therapy For Technology, Mohali, Punjab,
Glioblastoma Multiforme. 160047
Unraveling The Structure-Function Dr. Mary Krishna Ekka,
Life Dynamics Of LncRNA CONCR And Institute of Genomics and
363 3899232
Sciences Helicase DDX11 In Regulating Sister Integrative Biology, Delhi,
Chromatid Cohesion Delhi,
Investigating The Biotechnological Dr. Ram Kulkarni, Symbiosis
Life Potential Of Lactobacillus Β-Glucosidases International University,
364 4144332
Sciences In Releasing Important Phytochemicals Pune, Maharashtra, 411004
During Mango Fruit Processing
Microbiome Mediated Fate And Dr. Anil Kumar Suresh, S R
Life Transformation Of Man-Released Nano- M University Kattankulathur,
365 4673020
Sciences Pollutants Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Engineering DNA Origami-Based Dr. Vinit Kumar, Amity
366 Nanodevice For Bio-Applications And University Noida, Noida, 3829166
Multiplex Analysis Uttar Pradesh,
Genetic Enhancement In Pigeonpea Dr. Satheesh Naik Sj, Indian
367 (Cajanu Cajan L. Millsp.) Through Pre- Institute of Pulses Research, 3668635
Breeding Efforts For Developing Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh,
Phytopthora Stem Blight
Resistant/Tolerant And Photo-Thermal
Insensitive Early Genotypes
A Novel Therapeutic Against Metabolic Dr. Prasenjit Manna, North
368 Syndrome Via Activation Of Coagulation East Institute of Science & 3163968
Unrelated Vitamin K Dependent Proteins Technology, Jorhat, Assam,
Magnetic Nanoparticles And Quantum Dr. Subhash Chandra Yadav,
Dots Coupled Visual Confirmation Of All India Institute of Medical
369 Cervical Cancer Cells From Cytology Sciences, Delhi, New Delhi, 3868480
Sample: A Cost Effective, Quick And Delhi, 110029
Suitable Test For Rural Indian Setup
Development Of Novel Binding Systems Dr. G Vijayabhaskar Reddy,
Life For Restructured Buffalo Meat Products Sri Venkateswara Veterinary
370 2465367
Sciences University, Tirupati, Andhra
Pradesh, 517502
Dissecting The Molecular Mechanism Of Dr. Riddhi Datta, Dr A P
Glutathione-Mediated Regulation Of Iron J Abdul Kalam
371 Homeostasis In Arabidopsis Thaliana Government College,Kolkata, 4983385
Kolkata, West Bengal,
Genetic And Management Interventions Dr. Rafeeque Rahman
To Identify The Key Role Players In Bull Alyethodi, Central Institute
372 Semen Freezability And To Reduce The for Research On Cattle, 3211056
Cryoinjury On Bull Spermatozoa. Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,
Mutation Assisted Breeding For Clove Dr. Madhu Sharma, Punjab
373 Size And Disease Resistance In Garlic Agricultural University, 2979240
(Allium Sativum L.) Ludhiana, Punjab,
PPAR Α AND Γ GENE Dr. Sadishkumar
POLYMORPHISMS AMONG SOUTH Kamalanathan, Jawaharlal
Life INDIAN PATIENTS WITH DIABETIC Institute of Postgraduate
374 3069508
Sciences DYSLIPIDEMIA Medical Education &
Research, Puducherry,
Puducherry, 605006
To Investigate The Role Of Septin Family Dr. Mini Jose Deepak, Indian
Life Of Proteins As Membrane Diffusion Institute of
375 3810400
Sciences Barriers During Neuronal Development Science,Bangalore,
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560012
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis Of Dr. Cuckoo Mahapatra, North
Blastemas Of Regenerating And Orissa University, Baripada,
376 Regeneration-Deficient Limbs Of Indian Orissa, 4769600
Tree Frog Polypedates Maculatus (Gray,
Evaluation Of Secreted Proteases Of Dr. Anupama Ghosh, Bose
377 Ustilago Maydis As Potential Effector Institute, Kolkata, West 2553394
Proteins Bengal,
Elucidating The Role Of FATP Family Of Dr. Manjunatha Thondamal,
Fatty Acid Transporters In C. Elegans Dr. Reddy's Insttitute of Life
378 Aging Sciences, University of 4452829
Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana ,
ASPIRIN TREATMENT ON NEURAL Bharathidasan University,
Life STEM CELLS AND THE Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu,
379 5200052
Characterisation Of Root System Traits In Dr. Krishnapriya Vengavasi,
Life Sugarcane Germplasm Sugarcane Breeding Institute
380 3637872
Sciences Coimbatore, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu, 641007
Control and regulation of ribosomal Dr. Arati Ramesh, National
Life biogenesis by RNAs and RNA-binding Centre for Biological
381 3906144
Sciences proteins Sciences, Bangalore urban
district, Karnataka, 560065
Molecular phylogenetic approach towards Dr. Vinita Gowda, Indian
understanding floral evolution and Institute of Science Education
382 biogeographic patterns in an understory and Research Bhopal, Bhopal, 3253960
perennial herb Hedychium J. Koenig Madhya Pradesh, 462023
Synthesis of disordered perovskite Dr. Murugeswari A, Anna
Physical manganites and effect of a site doping on University Chennai, Chennai,
383 2525600
Sciences its mangnetocaloric effet A complete Tamil Nadu,
systematic study
Active and passive transport inside cells a Dr. Amitabha Nandi, Indian
Physical theoretical study Institute of Technology
384 2415380
Sciences Bombay, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400076
Modeling and simulation of moored ship Dr. Prashant Kumar, National
Physical motion in paradip port under the resonance Institute of Technology Delhi,
385 1802240
Sciences conditions for multidirectional random Delhi, Delhi, 110040
Investigation of graphene modified metal Dr. Senthuran Karthick
Physical oxide thin films for solar selective Kumar, Sethu Institute of
386 2734600
Sciences absorbers Technology, Virudunagar,
Tamil Nadu,
Magnetolelectric copling in alternate multi Dr. Virendra Kumar Verma,
Physical nano layers of ferroelectric and Madanapalle Institute of
387 3449600
Sciences ferromagnetic materials on planner and Technology & Science,
stepped interface terminations Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh,
Molecular Structure And Vibrational Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Singh,
Dynamics Of Ionic Liquids And Their Institute of Infrastructure
388 Binary Mixtures With Solvents Technology Research and 4753320
Management, Ahmedabad,
Studies On TCO/TiO₂ And Dr. Jagadeesh Babu Bellam,
Physical TiO₂/CH₃NH₃SnI₃ Interfaces Deposited Madanapalle Institute of
389 3559310
Sciences By Sputtering And Spin Coating For Technology & Science,
Perovskite Type Solar Cell Application Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh,
A Class Of Nonlocal Doubly Singular Dr. Amit Kumar Barnwal,
Boundary Value Problems With Riemann Madan Mohan Malviya
390 Stieltjes Integral Type Boundary University of Technology, 1874450
Conditions Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh,
Heterostructural Growth And Dr. Balaji M, University of
Physical Characterization Of III-Nitrides On Madras, Chennai, Tamil
391 4968480
Sciences Graphene Template For Electronic And Nadu, 600005
Optoelectronic Applications
Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing With Dr. Shiroman Prakash, Dayal
392 Holographic Error Correcting Codes Bagh Educational Institute, 1917300
Agra, Uttar Pradesh, 282002
Distance Based Topological Indices Dr. Sundararajan R,
Physical Problems In Cheminformatics And Its Hindustan Institute of
393 1469050
Sciences Applications Technology and Science,
Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu,
Sequential Estimation Of Survey Dr. Bhargab Chattopadhyay,
Physical Parameters With Pre-Specified Accuracy Indian Institute of Information
394 528825
Sciences Technology Vadodara,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 382028
Some Methods For Classification And Dr. Subhajit Dutta, Indian
Physical Clustering Of Functional Data Institute of Technology
395 1698400
Sciences Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar
Pradesh, 208016
Mathematical Simulations Of Dr. Vasu Buddakkagari,
Nanoparticles As Drug Carrier On Blood Motilal Nehru National
396 Flow Through A Stenotic Artery Institute of Technology 2280520
Allahabad, Allahabad, Uttar
PERIODIC POINTS OF Institute of Technology and
397 AUTOMORPHISMS ON A SOLENOID Science Pilani-Hyderabad, 1998480
Hyderabad, Telangana ,
Cartilage Mechanics: Multiscale Dr. Sarthok Sircar,
Physical Modeling, Analysis And Scientific Indraprashtha Institute of
398 2191230
Sciences Computing Information Technology
Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi,
Development Of A Novel, Efficient And Dr. Gunasekaran Venugopal,
Low-Cost Process For Water Treatment Central University of
399 Using Graphene-Oxide Nanoparticles Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur, Tamil 3794510
With Real-Time Zero Discharge Effluent Nadu,
Study On Local Cohomology By Using Dr. Jyoti Singh, Visvesvaraya
Physical Theory Of D-Modules National Institute of
400 604120
Sciences Technology, Nagpur,
Maharashtra, 440010
Quantum Mechanics Of Bicomplex Dr. Abhijit Banerjee,
Physical Hamiltonian Systems. Krishnath College,
401 1825560
Sciences Murshidabad, West Bengal,
Theoretical Investigation Of Magnetism Dr. Sasmita Mohakud, Indian
At Different Length Scales Institute of Science Education
402 and Research Tirupati, 3812600
Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh,
Graphene Nanoribbons For Electronic Dr. Suresh Kumar, Panjab
403 And Electrochemical Sensing University, Chandigarh, 3612889
Applications. Chandigarh, 160014
Mathematical Modeling Of Tumor Dr. Subhash Khajanchi,
404 Immune Competitive Systems: Model Bankura University, Bankura, 2259060
Analysis And Validation West Bengal, 722155
Multi-Scale Modelling In Human Carotid Dr. Sarita Singh, Doon
405 Artery University, Dehradun, 3404816
Theoretical Studies Of Quantum Phase Dr. Tapan Mishra, Indian
Physical Transitions Of Dipolar Bosons In Institute of Technology
406 3205915
Sciences Frustrated And Flatband Lattices. Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam,
Braided Quantum Groups And Dr. Sutanu Roy, National
Noncommutative Geometry Institute of Science Education
407 and Research Bhubaneswar, 1480600
Bhubaneshwar, Orissa,
Some Problems In Spectral Graph Theory Dr. Rajesh Kannan M, Indian
Physical And Matrix Theory. Institute of Technology
408 1587244
Sciences Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West
Bengal, 721302
Development Of Charge-Transfer Dr. Bikas Chandra Das,
Nanohybrids Of 2D Transition Metal Indian Institute of Science
409 Dichalcogenides To Fabricate Flexible Education and Research 2310000
Thin Film Devices Thiruvananthapuram,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,
Application Of Kneading Theory In Dr. Veerapazham Murugan,
Physical Iterative Root Problems National Institute of
410 418010
Sciences Technology Karnataka,
Surthakal, Karnataka, 575025
Substrate Mediated Phase Transition In Dr. Debabrata Deb, Thapar
411 Two-Dimensional Liquid Crystal Systems Institute of Engineering & 2645060
Technology, Patiala, Punjab,
Iwasawa Theory Over $P$-Adic Lie Dr. Somnath Jha, Indian
Physical Extensions Institute of Technology
412 1784520
Sciences Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar
Pradesh, 208016
Holography For Asymptotically Flat Dr. Arjun Baghchi, Indian
Physical Spacetimes Institute of Technology
413 1710390
Sciences Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar
Pradesh, 208016
Investigation Of Fusion-Fission Reaction Dr. Devendra Pal Singh,
Physical Dynamics In Heavy Ion Interactions. University of Petroleum and
414 1689600
Sciences Energy Studies, Dehradun,
Elliptic And Siegel Cusp Forms: Fourier Dr. Karam Deo Shankhadhar,
Coefficients And L-Functions Indian Institute of Science
415 Education and Research 1689600
Bhopal, Bhopal, Madhya
Pradesh, 462023
Collective Dynamics Of Microscale Dr. Raghunath Chelakkot,
Physical Swimmers And Crawlers Indian Institute of Technology
416 2956078
Sciences Bombay, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400076
Novel Memristors Based On Lead Free Dr. Koppole Chandra Sekhar,
Physical Ferroelectric-Semiconductor Central University of
417 4619600
Sciences Heterostructures Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur, Tamil
Mathematical Modeling Of Ecological Dr. Sharada Nandan Raw,
Physical Systems: An Application To The National Institute of
418 2028565
Sciences Biological Science Technology Raipur, Raipur,
Chhattisgarh, 492010
Preparation Of High Energy Electrode Dr. Sivanantham
Physical Materials From Ordered Double Murugaboopathy, Prist
419 2172400
Sciences Hydrophilic Block Copolyelectrolyte University, Thanjavur, Tamil
Nanostructures Nadu,
Hybrid 2D MoS2 Nanosheets For Dr. Manika Khanuja, Jamia
420 Phototcatalytic Water Purifications Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 3098308
Delhi, 110025
Closure Approach Using Higher Central Dr. Anupam Priyadarshi,
Physical Moments In Mathematical Ecology: Banaras Hindu University,
421 2387220
Sciences Influence Of Fluctuating Environment In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,
Ecosystems 221005
Unveiling Mergers Of Galaxy Clusters Dr. Abhirun Datta, Indian
Physical With Radio Halos/Relics: Using High Institute of Technology
422 3553533
Sciences Fidelity Radio And X-Ray Observations Indore, Indore, Madhya
Pradesh, 452011
Theoretical Investigations Of High Energy Dr. Subhra Sen Gupta, Shiv
Optical Conductivity And Anomalous Nadar University,
423 Spectral Weight Transfer In Cuprates And Gautambudh Nagar, Uttar 2078560
Other Strongly Correlated Electron Pradesh,
Electronic Structure Evolution Across Dr. Swapnil Patil, Indian
Physical Quantum Critical Points In Li(Ti1- Institute of Technology (Bhu),
424 5500000
Sciences XVx)2O4 And (Li1-XZnx)V2O4 Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,
Fabrication Of Performance Enhanced Dr. K Mohan Kant,
Physical Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Based On Strained Visvesvaraya National
425 3740000
Sciences Gd Doped CeO₂ Electrolyte. Institute of Technology,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010
Lead Free Inorganic Halide Perovskite Dr. Ajay Kumar Kushwaha,
Physical Nanostructures For Solution-Processable Indian Institute of Technology
426 3135000
Sciences Photovoltaic Cell Indore, Indore, Madhya
Pradesh, 452011
Fabrication And Characterization Of Dr. Rupak Banerjee, Indian
Physical Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Nanocomposite Institute of Technology
427 3713600
Sciences Thin Films For Photovoltaic Application Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar,
Gujarat, 382424
External Stimulus Tunable Random Dr. Junaid Masud Laskar, S R
Physical Lasing Based On Magnetic Soft Matter M University Kattankulathur,
428 4840790
Sciences Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Design And Development Of Foldable, Dr. Balram Tripathi, S S Jain
Physical Lightweight, Low Cost CNT/Sulfur Subodh Pg (Autonomous)
429 2789600
Sciences Nanocomposite Electrodes For High College, Jaipur, Rajasthan,
Energy Storage Li-S Battery 302004
Anomalous Heat Transport In Open Dr. Anupam Kundu,
Physical Classical Interacting Many-Particle International Centre for
430 2118600
Sciences Systems Theoretical Sciences,
Bangalore, Karnataka,
Elasticity Of Telomeric DNA And The Dr. Ashok Garai, Lnm
Physical Effect Of Human TRF1 Protein Binding Institute of Information
431 2665203
Sciences Technology, Jaipur,
Low Cost, Novel All-Solid-State Thin Dr. Kamala Bharathi
Film Lithium Ion Micro-Batteries For Karuppanam, S R M
432 Energy Application University Kattankulathur, 3889600
Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu,
Investigation Of Forming Free Resistive Dr. Ayan Roy Chaudhuri,
Physical Switching In Functional Oxide Thin Films Indian Institute of Technology
433 2638459
Sciences And Heterostructures Compatible To Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West
Silicon Technology Bengal, 721302
Physical Robust Adaptive Mesh Methods For Dr. Sunil Kumar, Indian
434 2095279
Sciences Singularly Perturbed Problems In Institute of Technology (Bhu),
Ordinary And Partial Differential Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,
Equations 221005
On The Investigation Of Relation Between Dr. Abhishek Singh, Amity
Physical Classical Integral Transforms And University Noida, Noida,
435 1359600
Sciences Wavelet Transforms On The Distribution Uttar Pradesh,
Modelling & Simulation Of Three- Dr. Raj Nandkeolyar, Thapar
Physical Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Institute of Engineering &
436 1747036
Sciences Nanofluid Flows Over A Stretching Technology, Patiala, Punjab,
Solar Energy Harvesting Using Exotic Dr. Himani Sharma, Doon
Physical Metal Nanoparticle-Periodically University, Dehradun,
437 4718515
Sciences Segmented TiO₂ Hybrids For UTTARAKHAND,
Photocatalytic Applications
Smart Magnetic Media For Spin Wave Dr. Arabinda Haldar, Indian
Physical Based Devices Institute of Technology
438 5045217
Sciences Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
Telangana , 502205
Optofluidic Platform For Controlled Dr. Subramanyan Namboodiri
Droplet Manipulation Varanakkottu, National
439 Institute of Technology 4676402
Calicut, Calicut, Kerala,
Laser Cooling And Trapping Of Rubidium Dr. Kanhaiya Pandey, Indian
Physical Atom, And Superflash Of Light Using The Institute of Technology
440 3406611
Sciences Narrow 5S1/2 →6P3/2 Transition At 420 Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam,
Nm 781039
Collection Of Self-Propelled Particles In Dr. Shradha Mishra, Indian
Physical Inhomogeneous Environment: Numerical Institute of Technology (Bhu),
441 2459600
Sciences And Analytical Studies Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,
Effect Of Time Delay In Spatio-Temporal Dr. Ravi Pratap Gupta,
Physical Models And Their Applications In Banaras Hindu University,
442 1776281
Sciences Biology Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,