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The Meaning Of Colour

Advertisements use colour to project a certain idea and/or

message about the company of product. What do individual
colours mean to you?
Light red represents joy,
sexuality, passion, sensitivity,
and love. ͒
Dark red is associated with
Red is the colour of fire vigor, willpower, rage, anger,
and blood, so it is leadership, courage, longing,
associated with energy, malice, and wrath.͒͒Reddish-
war, danger, strength, brown is associated with
power, determination as harvest and fall.
well as passion, desire, and
Dark orange can mean
deceit and distrust.͒Red-
Orange combines the energy of red orange corresponds to
and the happiness of yellow. It is desire, sexual passion,
associated with joy, sunshine, and the pleasure, domination,
tropics. Orange represents aggression, and thirst for
enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, action.͒Gold evokes the
creativity, determination, attraction, feeling of prestige. The
success, encouragement, and meaning of gold is
stimulation. illumination, wisdom,
and wealth. Gold often
To the human eye, orange is a very symbolizes high quality.
hot color, so it gives the sensation of
White is associated with In advertising, white is
light, goodness, associated with coolness
innocence, purity, and and cleanliness because
virginity. It is considered it's the color of snow.
to be the color of
perfection. White is used to suggest
As opposed to black, simplicity in high-tech
white usually has a products.
positive connotation.
White can represent a
successful beginning.
Brighter pinks are youthful,
fun and exciting.

Vibrant pinks have the same

Pink signifies romance, high energy as red. They are
love, and friendship. It sensual and passionate
denotes feminine qualities without being too aggressive.
and passiveness.
Soft pinks are associated with
Pink is the colour of romance and the blush of a
happiness and is young woman's cheeks. It's
sometimes seen as not surprising that when giving
lighthearted. or receiving flowers pink
blossoms are a favorite.
Black is associated with Black denotes strength
power, elegance, and authority; it is
formality, death, evil, and considered to be a very
mystery. formal, elegant, and
prestigious color (black
Black is a mysterious tie, black Mercedes). In
colour associated with heraldry, black is the
fear and the unknown eg colour of grief.
black holes). It usually has
a negative connotation
(blacklist, black humor,
'black death').
Dark green is associated
with money, ambition,
greed, and jealousy.
Yellow-green can indicate
Green is the colour of sickness, cowardice, discord,
nature. It symbolizes and jealousy.͒
growth, harmony, Aqua is associated with
freshness, and fertility. emotional healing and
Green has strong emotional Olive green is the traditional
correspondence with color of peace.
safety, and with the ability
to go and move forward.
Purple is associated with
royalty. It symbolizes power,
Light purple evokes romantic
nobility, luxury, and
and nostalgic feelings.͒
ambition. It conveys wealth
Dark purple evokes gloom,
and extravagance.
sadness and feelings of
Purple is associated with frustration.
wisdom, dignity,
independence, creativity,
mystery, and magic.
Purple is a very rare color in
Bright, pure yellow is an
Yellow is the colour of attention getter, which is the
sunshine. It's associated reason taxicabs are painted this
with joy, happiness, colour.
intellect, and energy.
Dull yellow represents caution,
Yellow arouses
decay, sickness, and jealousy. ͒
cheerfulness, stimulates
Light yellow is associated with
mental activity, and
intellect, freshness, and joy.
generates muscle
Yellow is often
associated with food.
Light blue is associated with
health, healing, tranquility,
Blue is the overwhelming understanding, and softness.͒
favorite colour. Blue is seen Dark blue represents knowledge,
as trustworthy, dependable power, integrity, and seriousness.
and committed. Blue is the
Electric or brilliant blues become
least "gender specific"
dynamic and dramatic, an
colour, having equal appeal
engaging colour that expresses
to both men and women.͒
The colour blue is:͒*
Calming and sedate͒* Some shades or the overuse of
Cooling͒* Aids intuition blue may come across as cold or
Brightness: Refers to the amount of white in a colour. The more
white a colour has, the brighter it is.

Saturation: Refers to the amount of a colour used. When a

colour is at full saturation, it is extremely vibrant. When a colour
is "desaturated," a large amount of colour has been removed.
Persuasive Strategies

The persuasive strategies used by advertisers who want you

to buy their product can be divided into three categories:

• Pathos is an appeal to an emotion

• Logos is an appeal to logic or reason

• Ethos is an appeal to credibility or character


An advertisement using pathos will attempt to evoke an

emotional response in the consumer.

Sometimes, it is a positive emotion such as happiness: an

image of people enjoying themselves while drinking Coke.

Other times, advertisers will use negative emotions such as

pain: a person having back problems after buying the
‘wrong’ mattress.

Pathos can also include emotions such as fear and guilt.

Images of a starving child persuade you to send money.

An advertisement using logos will give you the evidence

and statistics you need to fully understand what the
product does.

The logos of an advertisement will be the "straight facts"

about the product. Fore example Cadbury’s claim that
their is a glass and a half of milk in every block.

An advertisement using ethos will try to convince the

viewer that the company is reliable, honest, and
credible; therefore, you should buy its product.

Ethos often involves statistics from reliable experts. For

example, nine out of ten dentists agree that Colgate is
better than any other brand of toothpaste.

Often, a celebrity endorses a product to lend it more

credibility. For example Dawn Frazer uses Revitive
Circulation Booster.

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