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SEI Institute

SEI Scholarship Exam

For Advance Science(Bridge
St. Xavior based

Date : 05 - 03- 2075 Full Marks :

Time : 2 Hour Series :1

There are 100 multiple-choice questions, each having four

choices of which only one is correct.

Darken the most appropriate one.

Use of mobiles and calculators are strictly
–––––––– 1 ––––––––

(A) Choose the correct answer.
1. He congratulated me for what I --------.
a. have done b. did c. have been doing d. had done
2. I am busy, ---- ?
a. am I not b. are not I c. amn’t I d. aren’t I
3. Ask her what -------.
a. is her name b. name is her c. the name of her is d. her name is
4. It is I who --- to be blamed.
a. is b. am c. are d. the talk
5. Let’s have --------.
a. talk b. talked c. a talk d. the talk
6. ----- the bad weather, they came to my house.
a. Despite b. In spite c. Because of d. As
7. We eat ---- we may live.
a. So b. sot that c. such that d. such
8. If you heat water, it ---- into steam.
a. turns b. will turn c. would change d. might turn
9. There was --- understanding ---- the two
a. a, between b. the, among c. an, between d. an among
10. He said, ‘ He must go at once’. Its indirect speech is -----.
a. He said that he had to go at once.
b. He told that he must have gone at once.
c. He said that he must have gone at once.
d. He said that he has to go at once.
11. God helps the ones who --- themselves.
a. helped b. help c. helps d. are helping
12. We haven’t gone there ---- last year.
a. for b. from c. in d. since
13. This is the book ---- I want.
a. that b. which c. what d. nothing
14. Look ! there is ---- hair in my soup.
a. a b. some c. the d. no article
15. No one has tea here, ------- ?
a. do they b. don’t they c. have they d. does he/she ?
(B) It will be a mistake to think that he was given only ‘bouquets’, he also
received many brickbats’. The Christian missionaries took alarm at his
popularity. They used to raise funds by preaching that India was a land of
heathens waiting to be saved by Christianity. The American press now began
to say that it was a shame that anybody should try to teach India religion,
rather the world should sit her feet to learn it. Vivekananda also said that

–––––––– 2 ––––––––
India did not need religion but material support. The missionaries found that
the subscriptions they had so long been receiving from the people were
steadily declining. They blamed it on Swamiji. They now started denigration
his in all manner of ways. They even began to spread scandals against his
personal character. Strangely enough, even some of his own countrymen
joined them in this for reasons of their own. But Truth alone prevails,. As
Swamiji always preached. He said not try to defend himself, but others stood
up for him and vehemently protested. Finally all such mean attempts filed
and his reputation only rose higher and higher.
16. The passage teaches us.
a. Not to believe in religions other than our own
b. Not to get involved in scandals
c. No to visit foreign lands
d. Not to deviate from the path of truth
17. Vivekananda was criticized by missionaries in America because.
a. He was a bad student of Western theology
b. He opposed the tenets of Christianity
c. Americans had become very fond of him
d. He did not allow them to raise funds in India.
18. Swami Vivekananda told the American people that India.
a. Did not approve of the Catholic Church
b. Would teach religion to those who sit at her feet.
c. Required religious and material help
d. Was self sufficient in religion though poor
19. Vivekananda’s rapport with the American people.
a. Helped India get substantial aid
b. Made his friends desert his
c. Annoyed the American Government
d. Caused a drop in church’s collections
20. Vivekananda did not defend himself because.
a. He believed in the ultimate triumph of truth
b. He was in a foreign land
c. Some of his countrymen were opposing him
d. He has brought many friends along to fight for him.

21. The dimensional formula of specific heat capacity is.
a. [M–1L3T2K–1] b. [M–1L2T2K–1]
0 2 2 –1
c. [M L T K ] d. [M0L2T–2K–1]
22. Beam balance is an example of
a. 1st class lever b. 2nd class lever c. 3rd class lever d. none
23. The value of the angle of dip at the magnetic pole of the earth is
a. 45 b. 90 c. 0 d. none

–––––––– 3 ––––––––
24. Which of the following is not a vector ?
a. Velocity b. electric current c. displacement d. momentum
25.The expression for magnification is given by
a. v/u b. (v-f)/f c. f/(u-f) d. all
26.Two forces of 4N & 3N act on a body in opposite direction. The resultant
force on the body is
a. 7N b. 1 N c. 10 N 5N
27.The gravitational potential energy of a body, of mass 20 kg, at a height of
10 m is
a. 2500 J b. 2000 J c. 2200 J d. 2100 J
28.A body covers certain distance in straight line with 120 m/s speed and
returns back along same path to same pt with 40 m/s. What will be
average speed
a. 10 m/s b. 20 m/s c. 30 m/s d. 60 m/s
29.The process of measuring very low temperature is called
a. Pyrometry b. thermometry c. cryogenics d. Hygrometry
30.Amount of heat required to raise temperature of 2Kg of water through
4C is:
a. 33,600 Joule b. 16,800 Joule c. 4200 Joule d. 8400 Joule
31.When some heat is supplied to a body, its temperature increases by 15C,
the value of this increase in temperature will be equal to
a. 26.4F b. 36F c. 40F d. 27F
32.The normal temperature of human body is:
a. 310.15 K b. 98.6 F c. 37 k d. 357 F
33.The light year is a unit of:
a. Time b. distance c. wave d. galaxy
34.Kilo watt hour is a unit of:
a. Work b. power c. heat capacity d. current
35.When a glass slab of thickness 3 cm is placed on a piece of paper, the
letters printed on paper are seemed to be raised by 1.2 cm, the refractive
index of the glass will be:
a. 1.67 b. 2.5 c. 1.45 d. 1.4
36.A body starting from rest covers the distance between two points A and B
30 m apart in 10 seconds. What is its velocity at point B ?
a. 10 m/s b. 4 m/s c. 5 m/s d. 3 m/s
37.The unit of pressure is same as that of
a. Momentum b. torque c. stress d. angular momentum
38.The resistivity of a conductor depends upon
a. Length b. area c. nature of material d.volume
39.When light passes through a prism, the most deviated color is
a. Violet b. red c. blue d. yellow

–––––––– 4 ––––––––
40.The linear magnification of plane mirror is
a. 1 b.  1 c.  1 d. none

41.Which of the following gas is filled in electric bulb ?
a. H2 b. O2 c. Ne d. N2
42.Which of the following is known as heavy water ?
a. Hard wate b. H2O c. D2O d. D3O
43.The molecular formula of phosphine gas is:
a. CaOCl2 b. COCl2 c. PH3 d. N2O
44.Which of the following compound will be found when H3PO4 is
completely neutralized with sodium hydroxide
a. NaHPO2 b. Na3PO4 Na2HPO4 d. Na4PO4
45.When carbon dioxide is passed through lime water for a long time, the
major product is:
a. CaCO3 b. Ca(HCO3) c. Ca(OH)2 d. CaO
46.Which of the following compound is also known as Marsh gas ?
a. C2H6 b. CO2 c. C6H6 d. CH4
47.Which of the following compound is ketone ?

a. CH3-C-H b. CH3-C-C2H5 c. C2H5OH d. C2H5-O-C2H5

48.Isotopes have :
a. Same number of neutrons b. same number of protons
c. Same mass number d. All of above.
49.Formula of magnesium nitride is represented as:
a. Mg(NO3)2 b. Mg(NO2)3 c. MgN d. Mg3N2
50.Which of the following is the lightest metal ?
a. H2 b. Na c. Li d. He
51.An element having 17 protons in the nucleus will have:
a. 1 valence electron b. 2 valence electrons
c. 5 valence electrons d. 7 valence electrons.
52.Electronic configuration of an element having atomic number 13 will be
represented as:
a. [Ne], 3s1 b. [Ne], 3s23p1 c. [Ne], 3s13p2 d. [Ne], 4s24p1
53.Which of the following group in the modern periodic table is known as
halogen family ?
a. IA b. IIA c. VA d. VIIA
54.Which of the following reactions represent double displacement
reaction ?
a. 2Na + Cl2 = 2NaCl b. CaCl2 + 2AgNO3 = 2AgCl + Ca(NO3)2
c. CaCO3 = CaO + CO2 d. Mg + 2HCl = MgCl2 + H2
–––––––– 5 ––––––––

55.When potassium chlorate is heated:

a. Oxygen gas is produced b. Chlorine gas is produced
c. Nitrogen gas is produced d. Potassium is formed
56.The laughing gas is:
a. N2O b. NO c. NO2 d. None of them
57.Which of following compound is produced by Haber’s process ?
a. HNO3 b. H2SO4c. HCl d. NH3
58.The colour of methyl orange in neutral medium is:
a. Pink b. Red c. Yellow d. Orange
59.Haematite is an ore of:
a. Copper b. Aluminum c. Calcium d. Iron
60.Which of the following is used as alcoholic drink ?
a. Isopropyl alcohol b. Methyl alcohol
c. Ethyl alcohol d. Butyl alcohol

61.The chemical composition of cell membrance is
a. Lipo-protein b. cellulose c. lipids d. proteins
62.Mitosis cell division occurs in ------.
a. Haploid cell b. diploid cell
c. polyp mericana d. all of the avove
63.The process of conversion of ammonia of soils into hitrates and then
nitrites of soil is called -------.
a. Ammonification b. nitrification
c. Denitrification d. nitrogen assimilation
64.Which of the following is blue green algae ?
a. Nostoc b. Spirogyra c. Fucus d. Batrachospermum
65.A semipermeable membrane allows the movement of ----- from higher
water potential to lower water potential.
a. Solution b. solute c. solvent d. none of the above
66.The first embryophytes is -----.
a. Algae b. Bryophyta c. Pteridophyta d. Spematophyta
67.The pollination carried out by wind is called ----.
a. Aerophily b. Anaemophily c. Cnidophily d. Hydrophily
68.The back bone DNA is -----.
a. Nitrogen bases b. sugar c. Phosphate d. Phosphate & sugar
69.Which one of the following is only photosynthetic tissue ?
a. Collenchyma b. Chlorenchyma c. Aerenchyma d. Sclerenchyma
70.The scientific name of Mustard is ----.
a. Brassica rapa b. Agoricus campestris
c. Pisum satiuum d. Brassica campestris

–––––––– 6 ––––––––
71.The virus that causes measles in human is ---.
a. HIV b. Rhinovirus c. TMV d. Paramyxo virus
72.Malaria is the disease caused by:
a) bacteria b) virus c) protozoan d) nematode
73. The most diagnostic feature of insects is:
a) presence of wings b) compound eyes
c) three pairs of legs d) antenna
74. Stinging cells are present in:
a) Sycon b) Hydra c) Liver fluke d) Ascaris
75. The character present in phylum mollusca is having
a. Muscular body b. Water vascular system
c. Gastro vascular cavity d. Water canal system
76. The phylum having bilateral symmetrical body is
a.Amoeba b. Hydra c. Pila d. none of above
77. Choose the matching one
a. Protozoa : sycon b. Porifera : Hydra
c Echinodermata : Starfish d. Mollusca : Prawn
78. Choose the correct sequesnce
a.Protozoa  Porifera  Coelenterate  Platyhelninthes
b.Annelida  Arthropoda  Echinodermate  Mollusca
c.Arthropoda  Annelida  Mollusca  Echinodermata
d.Coelenterate  Annelida  Platyhelninthes  Arthropoda
79. The scientific name of Earthworm is -----.
a. Pheretma posthuma b. Musca domesticus
c. Periplanata amerimericana d. Anopheles sp.
80. Which of the following has no locomotary organ ?
a. Earthworm b. Pila c. Liver fluke d. Starfish

81. The angle between the lines given by ax2 + 2hxy + by2 = 0 is /2 if
a) a – b = 0 b) b – a = 0 c) a + b = 0 d) a = b
82. If (x – 2) is a factor of f(x) = x3 + mx + 4x – 4, then the value of m is:
a) 2 b)–2 c) 3 d) –6
  
83. If two vectors 3 i + 2 j and 2 i + m j are parallel, find the value of m.
a) 4/3 b) 2/3 c) 3/2 d) 3
84. The domain and range of y = cos–1x are:
a) –1  x  1, –/2  y  /2 b) –1  x  1, 0  y  
c) –  x  , /2  y  /2 d) –  x  , 0  y  
85. Set A and B have 3 and 6 elements each. What can be the minimum number of
elements in A  B?
a) 3 b) 6 c) 9 d) 18

–––––––– 7 ––––––––
86. If a cylinder has 80 cm radius and 96cm height, find the total surface area of the
a) 4.827 m2 b) 8.85 m2 c) 9.33 m2 d) None of the
        
87. Let a  3i  5 j , b  5i  3 j & c  8i  2 j forms a triangle. State kind of
the triangle.
a) isosceles triangle b) right angled triangle
c) isosceles right angled triangle d) None
88. If $5 = ₤4 and Rs. 225 = $3, find the number of Pound sterling (₤) that equals to
Rs. 5625.
a) ₤30 b) ₤45 c) ₤60 d) ₤120
89. The first term of a G.P. whose second term is 2 and sum to infinity is 8 will be:
a) 6 b) 3 c) 4 d) 1
90. The area of triangle formed by the points (5, 2), (–9, –3), (–3, 5) is:
a) 10 b) 29 c) 17/2 d) –9
91. The value of Sin75 is equals to:
2 3 3 1 3 1 2 3
a) b) c) d)
2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
92. If  is an acute angle and Sin = 4/5, find the value of 5Cos + 3Tan.
a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8
93. If n(U)=50, n(A)= 25 and n(B)= 35, the maximum value of n(AUB) is
a) 60 b) 50 c) 10 d) 110
94. If A and B are independent events P(A) = 2/3 and P(B) = 3/5. Then P(A  B) is:
a) 19/15 b) 1/15 c) 13/15 d) 7/13
95. The value of will be:
3 2
a) –1 b) 2/3 c) 3 d) 4
96. The number of terms is the series 2+8+14+20+………..+80 is:
a) 12 b) 14 c) 16 d) 20
97. A parking lot contains 80 vehicles. Each vehicle is either a car or a truck and
each vehicle is either red or green. 35 vehicles are red and 60 vehicles are cars.
If there are 9 green trucks, how many red cars are there?
a) 11 b) 24 c) 28 d) 36
98. The slope of the line parallel to y-axis is:
a) 0 b)  c) 2 d) 1
99. If x2 – 10xy + 12y2 + 5x – 16y – 3 = 0, represents a pair of st. lines, then the
value of λ is:
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) None
100. The value of ‘a’ for which lines represented ax 2 + 5xy + 2y2 = 0 are mutually
perpendicular if
a) 25/8 b) -2 c) 2 d) None

–––––––– 8 ––––––––

1.d 2.d 3.d 4.b 5.c 6.a 7.b 8.a 9.c 10.a
11.b 12.d 13.a 14.b 15.a 16.d 17.d 18.d 19.d 20.a
21.d 22.a 23.b 24.b 25.a 26.b 27.b 28.c 29.c 30.a
31.d 32.b 33.b 34.a 35.b 36.d 37.c 38.a 39.a 40.a
41.d 42.c 43.c 44.a 45.b 46.d 47.b 48.c 49.d 50.c
51.d 52.b 53.d 54.b 55.a 56.a 57.d 58.c 59.d 60.c
61.d 62.b 63.b 64.a 65.a 66.c 67.b 68.a 69.b 70.d
71.d 72.c 73.c 74.b 75.a 76.c 77.c 78.a 79.a 80.c
81.c 82.d 83.a 84.b 85.b 86.b 87.c 88.c 89.c 90.b
91.b 92.c 93.b 94.c 95.b 96.b 97.b 98.b 99.c 100.b

–––––––– 9 ––––––––