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Dear Students

INTEL Institute wishes each one of you the very best, to begin with, for
getting through the SEE exams commendably!

Now is the best time for all of you to plan to keep ahead . . . Expecting to
secure high marks in your SEE, surely you would be dreaming of a bright
future. Definitely, you would be wondering what all to do so as to benefit
yourselves in this fairly long gap, how to get admitted to the college of
your choice, and where to prepare for the invariably tough ENTRANCE
TESTS held by esteemed colleges.

Remember that the institute you join to prepare yourself for tackling these
key entrance examinations leading to qualitative education for Grades
XI & XII is a very important selection. Consequently, maximize your
probability of competitive success by being with us at INTEL, a student-
centred institution – literally a household name in Nepal – with a proven
history of academic excellence & top accomplishment. Indeed, INTEL’s
success rate is phenomenal!

INTEL completely understands the core needs of post-SEE students and

provides perfect academic inputs accordingly. What's more, it provides
a superb environment where teachers and staff members are extremely
positive factors in enabling academic progress and in furthering the
demands of higher education. You will find that this Institute is the
best place to develop your educational and psychological potential in a
remarkably short period which is just not possible elsewhere. This would
prove to be an ideal utilization of the post-SEE interlude.

To elaborate, the INTEL Bridge Course has four different packages – ASC,
AMC, EPC, and A-Levels. These fully cater to the needs of students. The
You will find that Bridge Course is taught by a dedicated, hardworking, and experienced
faculty. Our faculty of professional experts follows the most result-effective
this Institute is the teaching methodology. Our students learn to succeed in examinations
best place to develop through a concrete & engaging process that almost always delivers
tangible results. We continuously update our course content with vigilance
your educational and and care and have an open-minded, creative yet focused approach.
psychological potential We promise you – with all our great, joyful experience of 23 years of
absolute mastery in this challenging field of college entrance exam
in a very short period. preparation – that the INTEL Bridge Course 2018 will be Your Best Pathway
to Higher Education! We furthermore assure you that our Bridge Course,
as of always, remains supremely effective hence most popular. Our Bridge
Course fully empowers post-SEE students to compete successfully in the
highly competitive entrance examinations conducted by the prestigious
schools or acclaimed colleges of Kathmandu and other places.

Notably, this most popular, enriching & affordable Course is also most
valuable for college-bound students in the long run as it simultaneously
builds a solid foundation in science and management alongside other
important subjects. Our ex-students forever remember INTEL for what
all it invariably gives, and particularly for the huge scope its educational
packages offer for their education and careers in Nepal or globally

We, therefore, extend a most hearty welcome to all students awaiting SEE
results to join the INTEL Bridge Course 2018 so as to be successful in their
immediate academic goals!

Best wishes!

Kanchan Sharma
Academic Advisor
INTEL Bridge Course
Intel Bridge Course 2O18 1
about INTEL INTEL Bridge Course
INTEL Institute is the premier institute in Nepal for Bridge The Bridge Course is essential for competitive
Courses. students who wish to get admitted to their
target colleges.
Established in 1995, INTEL is a certified Institute – ISO 9001:
2000. It has notable educational aims and meets all the required The Course prepares them fully for entrance
academic and management standards. exams. Alongside it builds an academic
foundation for their collegiate learning and
The INTEL Bridge Course (post-SEE) has helped more than performance.
44000 students over 23 years to prepare for college admission
and further education. Our Bridge Course is a coveted program for
post-SEE students aiming for success in tough
Our Bridge Course faculty exactly knows the real needs of entrance tests.
students. The inimitable expertise and unbeatable methodology
of our team has greatly assisted our students to achieve their
educational goals.

INTEL is therefore hugely popular for its exclusive and effective

Bridge Courses.

The Intellescope Crew 2017

Seminar Post-SEE Students

2 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

INTEL Institute offers 4 special, skillfully developed packages of
Choose its Bridge Course 2018. These different packages cater to both the
specific goals and general needs of post-SEE students.
Your Bridge Our pragmatic course packages are assured pathways for such
Course students sitting for entrance tests as they aim to join higher
secondary schools or colleges of repute for +2 or A Levels in Science,
Package! Management, and Humanities streams.

Advanced Science Course Advanced Management
The Advanced Science Course (ASC) is one of the best-known, Course
most effective, and very popular courses of INTEL. This Course
has been specially designed for students awaiting Grade 10 The Advanced Management Course (AMC)
(SEE) results who want to join the Science stream at the higher is carefully designed for those students
secondary level. who aim to join the management stream
at higher secondary level as they strive to
The Advanced Science Course at INTEL has been specially become business executives or managers or
developed to meet the needs of these students who face new entrepreneurs in their future careers.
challenges just after their Grade 10 (SEE) exams are over. They
need to keep up with the pace of their studies during this gap. The management field is as challenging as any
Then, they need to bridge the curricular difference between high other. Students who wish to make management
schools and higher secondary schools. Further, they need to get their career must devote themselves to their
admission to reputed colleges. studies from the very beginning. The AMC
serves as the right backdrop for their endeavor.
Moreover, as science is highly challenging, it requires careful and
systematic preparation. A science student intending to become The Course teaches students the basic concepts
a doctor, an engineer, or a scientist has to work really hard to of management as it prepares them for getting
grasp and to master the fundamental concepts of science. admission to renowned colleges. It intensively
focuses on the fundamentals of Accountancy,
This Course comprises two parts: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies,
and English. Further, the AMC imparts an
• A Foundation Course which instills the fundamental and excellent overview of this exciting and growing
applied concepts of science subjects field.
• An Entrance Preparation Course which prepares students Subjects
to compete in the Entrance tests of reputed colleges
• Accountancy • Economics
Subjects • Mathematics • English
Part I Foundation Course • Business Studies • Entrance Prep
• Physics • Chemistry • Mathematics
• Botany • Zoology Duration
Part II Entrance Preparation Course 8 weeks
• Science • Mathematics • English • GK • Classes 6 days per week
Duration Sunday to Friday – 3 hours daily
10 weeks • Weekly Model Test – Every Saturday
• Classes 6 days per week
Sunday to Friday – 3.5 hours daily Shift/Class Timings

• Weekly Model Test – Every Saturday Morning: 6.30 am to 9.30 am

Day: 10.30 am to 1.30 pm
Shift/Class Timings
Afternoon: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Morning: 6.30 am to 10.00 am
Day: 10.30 am to 2.00 pm
Afternoon: 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 3

EPC A-Levels
Entrance Preparation Course
A-Levels Bridge Course
The Entrance Preparation Course (EPC) provides intensive
preparation for those students who wish to take entrance The A-Levels Bridge Course has been specially
tests for admission to reputed colleges such as: designed for suitably motivated Grade 10 (SEE)
students waiting for their results and intending
• St. Xavier’s Campus, Maitighar to do A-Levels of Cambridge.
• Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu
The course package is structured so that
• SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary students attain both the practical skills and
School, Sanothimi theoretical knowledge necessary for doing well
in the entrance tests they need to face and to
The college admission process is competitive and complex. provide the educational inputs vital for them
Each college has a unique entrance test with its own when they actually do their A-Levels.
requirements. Fierce competition for top-ranking colleges
is an inescapable process, as overall educational standards Subjects
keep moving up. Hence, thorough preparation for these
entrance exams is essential. Science
Part I Foundation Course
The Entrance Preparation Course at INTEL suitably builds
up the test-taking skills and required knowledge of aspiring • Physics • Chemistry • Biology
students. The EPC focuses on frequently asked questions
(FAQs) in the admission tests of best-known colleges or • Mathematics • General Paper
higher secondary schools and provides very effective sample
Part II Entrance Preparation Course
questions. Students need to go through a comprehensive
series of practice tests at INTEL as they prepare for the • Science • Mathematics • English • GK
entrance exams.
Management and Humanities
We have observed that after completing our Entrance • Accounting • Economics
Preparation Course, a very large number of INTEL students
have been able to get admission to prestigious colleges and • Business Studies • Mathematics
to do well in their studies there. • General Paper
Subjects Duration
• Science • Mathematics • English • GK 8 weeks
Duration • Classes 6 days per week
8 weeks Sunday to Friday – 3.5 hours daily
• Classes 6 days per week • Weekly Model Test – Every Saturday
Sunday to Friday – 2 hours daily
Shift/Class Timings
• Weekly Model Test – Every Saturday
Morning: 6.30 am to 10.00 am
Shift/Class Timings Day: 10.30 am to 2.00 pm
6.30 am to 8.30 am
8.30 am to 10.30 am

11.00 am to 1.00 pm

2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

4 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

Four ways to get
Scholarships & Prizes
1 Scholarships for Sent-Up Toppers
3 Saturday Model Test Prizes
50% and 25% scholarships are directly We offer CASH PRIZES to the top ten
awarded to school sent-up toppers and meritorious students of each INTEL Saturday
second toppers respectively. This scheme Model Test.
is for only 200 students on first-come-
first-basis. Students must bring their sent-up These PRIZES fully motivate our students to
results duly attested by the Principals of their study even harder during the Bridge Course
schools. and greatly encourage them to strive for
recognition by dedicated hard work and to
toil for excellence by constant practice.

By fostering healthy competition in an

appropriate academic setting, these PRIZES

2 Scholarship Tests strengthen students’ foundational knowledge,

hone their educational skills, build up their
self-confidence, and, eventually, help them
INTEL Institute holds three Scholarship
Tests over a period of three weeks from the to compete most effectively in the actual
commencement of the Bridge Course. The Entrance Exams.
test questions relate to prescribed English,
Science, Mathematics, and GK norms. Sample
questions for this Test can be collected from
the INTEL office.

Only those students who enroll at INTEL are 4 Final Examination Prizes
eligible to sit for these Scholarship Tests. Bridge Course students who come 1st, 2nd,
Regular Bridge Course students can appear and 3rd in the INTEL Final Examination at the
only in one of these similar Scholarship end of the course will be awarded.
Tests held on three different dates. Students
must clearly indicate their choice of date
of the Scholarship Test at the time of their
Prize Amount
Scholarships are awarded to the top five 1 Rs 7000.00
rankers in each of these three Scholarship

Tests. 2 Rs 5000.00

3 Rs 3000.00
Fee Waivers
1 100% Scholarship

2 80% Scholarship

3 60% Scholarship

4 40% Scholarship

5 25% Scholarship

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 5

Advantages of
Learn from the best teachers. Prepare to be successful through Tests &
Our faculty members are highly qualified, very
experienced, and totally committed established The Institute conducts a very large number of carefully
professionals who have been teaching in the designed and strictly managed snap tests, classroom
top-most colleges and universities of Nepal. tests, and weekly model tests on Saturdays. There is a
They ensure that teaching is motivating, final examination at the end of the Course.
effective, and success-oriented.
The examination questions are based on frequently asked
questions and topics covered in the actual entrance tests.
Benefit from our teaching They are set also keeping in mind the latest trends and
probable questions for upcoming entrance exams. Our
experts work systematically throughout the year to
We insist upon the most result-effective analyze trend and to prepare likely quesitons and the
teaching methodology, which encourages best possible answers.
students to ask questions, clear their doubts,
and discuss key topics with the concerned
teachers. Our course structure includes class Appraise your learning from accurate
instruction, regular home assignments, testing evaluation.
& evaluation, and group discussions.
Thorough evaluation is conducted after each test or
examination and the progress report of the same is sent
Get ample study materials. to the concerned parent or guardian. Students, too,
are suitably counseled. When found necessary, special
The Bridge Course study materials are simple, classes and tutorials are given to eradicate weaknesses
precise, and practical. They are used by and to strengthen performance.
students – average, good, excellent – with
great benefit. These excellent study materials,
freely distributed to our students, are Develop your personality.
continually revised and meticulously updated
by our experts before every session. Our students greatly enjoy the Personality Development
Program coupled with exhaustive Career Counseling as
Our study materials comprise: an additional feature of the Bridge Course. Devised by
educators, psychologists, and associated professionals of
• Study Books: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
acclaim, these lectures and activities prove tremendously
Maths, English and Question Bank
beneficial to our students.
• Software: CDs with more than 3000 FAQs
The Program dwells chiefly on areas closely related to the
for entrance exam preparation
personality development of INTEL students with a view to
enhance their educational proficiency. These areas cover
personal grooming and hygiene, good manners, mobile
etiquette, overcoming laziness, time management, fine
qualities, and goal setting.


6 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

studying at INTEL
Utilize our counseling services.
We provide proper guidance and timely counseling to students
who wish to advance their academic careers in the best Science
and Management colleges. Today, as a consequence of INTEL’s
contribution, a large number of our students are studying at
St. Xavier's Campus, Budhanilkantha School, SOS, and other
far-famed colleges.

We also provide regular counseling services to our students

who appear in the admission tests and interviews conducted
by much acclaimed colleges and higher secondary schools. We
also guide them how to apply for and to obtain scholarships
under different schemes floated by different collegiate

We counsel our students to clarify matters connected with

higher education, targeted admissions, gainful scholarships,
and even career pathways.

Take part in contests and win prizes.

The Institute believes that curricular performance is encouraged
and accelerated by carefully monitored complementary co-
curricular and extracurricular activities. Accordingly, we
organize the following CONTESTS:

• Essay Contests: English and Nepali

• Sport: Table Tennis and Basket Ball

• Game: Chess

Write your own magazine.

INTELLESCOPE, the INTEL Bridge Course Magazine, an
important extra-curricular activity, is another feature which
largely helps in the academic development of students.

Such creative writing, compilation, and publishing promote

the scholastic abilities and the creativity of our young, keen
students. The sort of editorial work necessitated by this semi-
literary venture inculcates critical appreciation, language
proficiency, team spirit, youth leadership, and even managerial

Notably, this magazine informs students about available

academic and career opportunities.

All these advantages will definitely help you to

gain self-confidence and to get admission to
the college of your desire!

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 7

• Full fees for each Bridge Course
Fees Bridge Course Packages
1. Advanced Science Course
Rs. 9,800
Package must be deposited at the
time of enrollment. Fees include
admission, tuition, study materials,
2. Advanced Management Course Rs. 8,500 and tests & examinations.
3. Entrance Preparation Course Rs. 8,000
• Fees once paid are not refundable
4. A-Levels Bridge Course Rs. 10,500 except in the case of INTEL
Scholarship Winners.

Admission To be enrolled in the Bridge Course, a student needs to fill in the Application Form
available at the INTEL office and submit it along with two color photographs.

Admission Information of the Top Colleges

The details below are based on the previous year’s information:

St. Xavier's College Budhanilkantha School SOS

Number of Seats 504 (approx.) Very limited seats 140 (approx.)

Students who have

secured at least 2.8 GPA
of marks in aggregate,
To qualify for the Entrance To qualify for the Entrance
B+ GP in compulsory
Application Test a candidate must have Test a candidate must have
Maths, Science and
Requirements obtained Grades as set by the obtained Grades as set by
English, & Minimum C
college. the college.
in all the other subjects
in the SEE are eligible to
apply for admission.

Tentative Date of
First week of July First week of July Last week of June
Entrance Exam

Maitighar, Kathmandu Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Address for further
Tel: 4221365, 4244636 Tel: 4371637, 4370248 Tel:6630391, 6631578
www.sxc.edu.np www.bnks.edu.np www.sosnepal.org.np

Playing Games - INTEL Sports Week

8 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

Budhanilkantha Entrance Exam 2016 (A Level & +2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Avash Adhikari Durgesh Jha Kundan Mishra Kripashwi Gautam Manish Pokharel Manish G.C. Prashidhika Ghimire
Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha LRI LRI

Sanskar Neupane Saugat Sahu Aavha Gyawali Ritika Shrestha Shiwami K.C. Samyam Dev Rai Sayana Rai
LRI LRI St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's DAV DAV

Nikita Basyal Saurav Shrestha Paras Rawat Sneha Basnet Prativa Bhandari Nikita Khanal Shilpa Thakur
Fluorescent Fluorescent Himal Academy Himal Academy Siddhartha Vanasthali St. Xavier's LA

Pranshu Acharya Sameer Jung Subedi Ankit Wasti Sulav Neupane Kamana K.C Opendra Thapa Raksha Chaudhary
Brihaspati GEMS Rosebud The Excelsior TIMES Gorkha United Public Kadambari Academy

Suman Bhandari Ojaswi Thapa Netra Rawat Anuradha Basyal Niraj Adhikari Mishan Khadka Sunar Binamra Shrestha
Horizon EBS Alpine Public National United KMC Deepshikha HSBS Deukhuri Valley EBS Earthly Paradise HSES

Prashanna K.C Avinash Dhimal Sampanna Bhatta Dilmaya Pun Ajita Duwadi Sunita Dahal Prabin Sharma
LMV Kuleshwor Awas SES Saraswati HSS Children Life EBS Nilkantha HSS Shree Kumari Sec Tulsi Awasiya HSS

Tanila Lamichhane Nirjala Bhattarai

Triyog The Chandbagh

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 9

Budhanilkantha Entrance Exam 2017 (A Level & +2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Krisha Dhakal Ayushma Kafle Suyogya Shakya Bickey Chaudhary Brinda Adhikari Piyoosh Paudel Utsav Pokharel Smriti Acharya
Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha GEMS GEMS GEMS

Ojasbi Badal Shreya Gurung Sonali Thapa Himadri Thapa Bimarsha Kalikote Drishya Shrestha Barsha Chaudhary Chandrika Adhikari
St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's Triyog Occidental Public LA

Biplab Shrestha Binaya Sharma Dristi Devkota Sarad Tiwari Snehi Ranabhat Laxmi Chhantyal Soni Pokharel Akriti Sapkota
Gaidakot Namuna HS Gorkha United Daffodil Public Global Collegiate Shishu Niketan Pragati HSBS St. George Int'l Chamunda HSS

Samip KC Asmita Kumari Raviraj Chaudhary Angmu Lama Suman Oli Khusi Medhavi Sona Shrestha
Greenland Int'l Shree Ba. Ju. Sec. Shree Maisthan Vidyapith Grammar Public Public Gyan Jyoti Eternal Light Public Modern Indian

Dristi Devkota Binaya Sharma

School – Daffodil Public School – Gorkha United
College – Budhanilkantha College – Budhanilkantha

Learn – Practise – Achieve Become Self-Disciplined . . .

Truly, INTEL is a great place for learning, and exploring While I think that I am a most fortunate teenager
the vast ocean of knowledge through application and to get knowledge from INTEL Institute, it was also
practice . . . This well-known institution, popular and an exacting period of my life! The happy moments
effective, helped me choose the best pathway in order here were interspersed among keen studies, constant
to make my life successful. It made me fully aware alertness, and frequent testing. Yet, I’m grateful to the
about challenges faced by students in academics. institute for providing great inputs, and, even more
importantly, for making me really self-disciplined.
With its responsive, brilliant teachers I learned much
for doing well in Grade XI! Importantly, the well- What I learned here is what I’ll never forget in my
organized Institute nurtures self-management in its life! This is because of all the hard, regular work I
students, It also conducts various ECAs at different had to do during the bridge course, the strict rules
intervals making our studies rather interesting. So, in implemented by the great management, and the
my opinion, INTEL is one of the best places to study, Saturday tests with prizes. And, of course, thanks to
gain skills & knowledge, and ace difficult Entrance all the teachers. Thanks INTEL!

10 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

SOS Entrance Exam 2016 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Sijal Niroula Alka Shrestha Asim Timsina Anamol Karki Nabina Neupane Prajwal Khadka Ankit Shrestha

Dikshya Koirala Prabin Regmi Anusha Ojha Isha Bhandari Simon GC Ishika Kafle Sujan Bikram Kunwar

Anuj Sedhai Sudha Panthi Nabin Prakash Pant Dipesh Das Rojan Thapa Nischal Mainali Sameer Jung Subedi
SOS SOS Gyan Niketan Gyan Niketan Gyan Niketan GEMS GEMS

Dikshant Pant Opendra Thapa Rameshwor Chhatkuli Raunak Shrestha Saurav Pandey Manjari Shrestha Regan Bhandari
Gorkha United Gorkha United Dhading Boarding Dhading Boarding Bhaktapur ES Bhaktapur ES Galaxy

Sneha Kafle Samip Katwal RD Anish Shah Rejina Shrestha Subodh Acharya Rohit Gupta Sundram Mahaseth
Scholar's Home Arunima Nightingle Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya New Summit Solidarity Int'l SHSS

Anisha Gautam Vivek Pokharel Arpana Khanal Sofiya Shrestha Harsh Kumar Singh Arpana Khanal Supriya Ghimire Nirmal Lageju
Bern Hardt Pinnacle Scholar's Manasalu Public Gyanodaya EBS Gautam SS New Horizon Institute Deep Boarding Kuleshwor Awas SES

Bibek Pd. Gautam Chhayan Sangya Magar Denish Lohani Saurav Rijal Samjhana Dulal Manish Sharma Timilsina Ahsan Salauddin Sarvesh Pandey
Greenfield HSS Everest HS Academy New Kibou BS Gorkha HSS Kuleshwor Awas SES River Valley ESS Trinity Hi-Tech Academy GHP School

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 11

SOS Entrance Exam 2016 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Jay Prakash Das Pratima Ghising Dhiraj Chaurasia Ram Krishna Kandel Mamata Gurung Arvinda Kumar Thakur Niraj Shrestha Sagar Kandel
Satyam Xavier's EBS Rastranirman SBS NK Singh Memorial Polaris SBS Janata Model HSS Mt. View EBS Shree Sanskrit & General Shree Siddhartha Memorial

Sumit Yadav Nabin Shrestha Manisha Bhatt Saugat Bhattarai Ankit Kayastha Ankit Poudel Dijesh Maskey Dristi Bajracharya
Shree La Sha MA VI Shree Little Buddha Shree Kanchan Vidya Mandir Rastriya Vibhuti Welfare Academy Angel's Heart Nobel LRI

Mili Koirala Nabin Shrestha Niraj Adhikari Prashant Karn Pratibha Bhandari Rahul Kumar Mahato Roshan Kumar Pandit Rozen Pandey
Sathya Sai School Shree Bhawani Deepshikha LA Siddhartha Vanasthali Greenland HSEB Adarsh HSS BKVM

Sampanna Bhatta Saroj Acharya Rajendra Baskota Aryan Mishra Nischal Pokharel Santosh Sah
Saraswati HSS New Horizon BHSS BDSHSS Rosebud New Horizon -

Sofia Shrestha Nabindra Ruwali

School - Gyanodaya EBS School - Children Park
College - SOS College - St. Xavier's (A Levels)

Learn to Achieve My Best Days

After my SLC examination I was rather confused about Truly, the first day I entered INTEL was the best day
choosing the best Bridge Course institute for entrance of my life! At first, on entering the class, I was pretty
preparation so that I could successfully pursue my nervous because my friends were not with me and I
further studies. Luckily, I found INTEL which taught didn’t know how to talk with all the new students and
the best ways of learning & expressing my views! reputed teachers.

INTEL provides the basics of our educational But, I was wrong! Happily so!! The institute gave
requirements and makes us practise in a manner that me just the environment I was looking for: To study
matches exactly with what we are likely to face at seriously and to learn things thoroughly in the practical
college. This is its key strength. Moreover, its teachers sense.
are friendly and caring which helps us learn better.
The friends we made here are the best friends that I’ll
Here we learn much without any discomfort . . . ever have – and, importantly, the finest students of
Actually, this place has a most homely & welcoming Nepal. So, I am very proud to say that I am an INTEL
environment making the two-month period most student and I am really going to miss the fantastic
fruitful for youngsters. time we all had there.

12 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

SOS Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Bikash Syangtan Nitesh Paudel Awantika Panthi Aayushma Wagle Shreejan Gautam Neema Yonjan Anshu Lamichhane Aayusha Gartaula

Sadina KC Anisha Adhikari Himal Acharya Agrata Chapagain Sanskar Acharya Prayas Silwal Aashish Yadav Satkirti Bista

Suman Supratik Biplav Gyawali Anish Pangeni Nikol Guragain Suyash Koirala Diwas Baniya Ashim Sapkota Shrey Upadhyaya
GEMS St. Xavier's, Godavari St. Xavier's, Godavari St. Xavier's, Godavari Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Nightingale

Akash Shah Pallavi Acharya Himadri Bhandari Pragya Shrestha Diwakar Mandal Abhigyan Bhusal Rashmi Gyawali Uma Shankar Singh
Nightingale St. Mary's St. Mary's Monastic HSEBS Monastic HSEBS Nepal Don Bosco Nepal Don Bosco Mt. Everest HS

Sudheer Kr. Das Prashant Bista Umesh Saud Dikshya Poudel Sashakta Kharel Rajin Thapa Anish Neupane Samrat Pradhan
Mt. Everest HS International PHS International PHS Siddhartha Vanasthali Budhanilkantha Galaxy VS Niketan St. Joseph's

Aayush Wagle Chandrika Adhikari Sunil Mahato Gobinda Mainali Om Prakash Sharma Oshan Shrestha Ayushi Mishra Bidur Panthee
Pathshala Nepal LA Times Solidarity Int'l Gyanodaya EBS Nava Jyoti HSS Bhadrakali SBS AIA

Pragya Pandey Biyas Aryal Binu Chaudhary Samrat Luitel Salon Basnet Sabina Dahal Bibek Shah Bishruti Guragain
Siddhartha Vidhyapeeth Scholar's Home Caribbean School Xavier Int'l Gorkha United Ktm Vidhya Mandir Aster Academy Kavya School

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 13

SOS Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Aditya Khadka Pradeep Kr. Upadhyay Sujan Bhattarai Biplav Acharya Diwas Baral Sunil Mahato Saugat Poudel Sijal Rijal
Deepshika HSBS Buddha Jyoti Ananda Niketan Gaurishankar EBS Newton's Edu Swastik Pathshala Satyawati SS Awareness Int'l

Arun Koirala Kishan Sahani Bidyapati Mishra Prabhat Sharma Shriti Jha Saurabh Koju Ashish Yadav Monika Shrestha
Pushpalal Memorial Mit Eng BS Janaki SS Prabhat EBS Bhaktapur Eng SS Lord Budha ES Pashupati Ma. Vi. Sunshine National

Smriti Karki Chetri Shubham Karn Biplab Shrestha Sarthak Bhattarai Tarun Chaudhary Shivesh Sharma Anup Thapa Manish Gupta
Shrijanshil Academy Mascot Academy Gaidakot Namuna OPS Bardiya Academy Bal Deeksha SS Merry Brood Eng SS Laligurans Academy

Swarup Khadka Saurav Adhikari Prabesh KC Nitesh Yadav Bishal Kr. Sah Jasmine Mahat Sanjeev Lamichhane Shraddha Bhattarai
Valley View ES Bir Bhakti SS Namuna Machhindra Whiz-Kids Int'l Bal Ekta SEBS Nobel Village EBS Everest HSEBS Montessori SS

Aakash Shah Sudeep Subedi Rajesh Kandel Sachin Shahi Manush Giri Sabita Raut Rajan Pandey Sujan Rijal
Peacezone EBS Little Flower's ES Sun-Rise ES GBS Heritage ESS Shree Bhim SS Shree Shakti SS Shree Shanti Namuna

Abhishek Yadav Binita Laudari Akash Suyal Bivek Kumar Sah Pradip Baral Nishan Thapaliya Tirtha Bdr Khadka Abhishek Shah
Shree Ganga Shree Satyawati Shree Siddhartha Public SASS Gorkha United Sunrise HSES Moonlight HSS Sathya Sai

14 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

Students' VIEWS!

Pratistha Bastola Aaradhya Acharya

School – Triog HSS School – Paragon Public
College – St Xavier’s College – St Xavier’s (A Levels)

A Wonderful Institute Become Self-Disciplined . . .

INTEL is a fantastic institute! It is not only simply the While I think that I am a most fortunate teenager
finest establishment for a bridge course but also a to get knowledge from INTEL Institute, it was also
beautiful place where post-SEE students take their an exacting period of my life! The happy moments
first steps to a bright educational future. Within a few here were interspersed among keen studies, constant
weeks, this organization gave me much knowledge and alertness, and frequent testing. Yet, I’m grateful to the
made me courageous enough to take on challenges. institute for providing great inputs, and, even more
importantly, for making me really self-disciplined.
During these exclusive courses, they organize superb
extracurricular & co-curricular activities such as essay What I learned here is what I’ll never forget in my
writing competitions & sports contests. I’d recommend life! This is because of all the hard, regular work I
all students – especially those coming to Kathmandu had to do during the bridge course, the strict rules
for higher education – to join INTEL because this is implemented by the great management, and the
the best place for anyone wanting to gain entry into Saturday tests with prizes. And, of course, thanks to
top colleges. all the teachers. Thanks INTEL!

Chetana Subedi Bidyapati Mishra

School – St Mary’s School – Janaki SS
College – St Xavier’s College – SOS

Most Reliable An Exceptional Experience

After the completion of their SEE, most students face When I passed my SEE examination, my elder sister
all sorts of doubts. They don’t quite know what is strongly advised me to join the Bridge Course at
appropriate, or what is inappropriate, for themselves this institute. Still, I visited many institutes with my
in the many study choices available. Nowadays, companions searching for the best options. We found
though there is the provision of myriad bridge courses INTEL to be far, far better than all the others!
almost everywhere, students could be trapped into
wrong selection thereby damaging their future. Honestly, in the beginning, shy and silent that I used
to be, it took me some time to adjust. But due to the
Frankly, for me, INTEL institute is the most reliable way they handle things, I soon became an extrovert
place for the post-SEE bridge course, an essential of sorts and started to enjoy the grand company of
input for ALL students. The teachers who teach here Nepal’s best post-SEE students. The polite environment
are highly qualified, and the books which are provided here encourages every student to be well-mannered.
by this cherished institution are very beneficial. The Summing up, INTEL is unique.
time between SEE and college life is like a bridge
that must be crossed wisely. Everyone ought to do
so here!
Intel Bridge Course 2O18 15
St. Xavier's Entrance Exam 2016 (A Level) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Smriti Basnyat Rosleen Tandukar Bibhor Bista Ruby Shah Manish GC Kabir J Adhikari Bilakshan Simkhada Shaishav Acharya
DAV DAV DAV LRI LRI Swarnim Swarnim Brihaspati

Ajaliya Gurung Prajwal Ghale Anjana Sainju Pritika Shrestha Sabita Gyawali Sneha Shrestha Rajkishan Kushwaha Sagun Lal Amatya
Brihaspati Meridian Maitri School Maitri School Pathshala Pathshala Kadambari Academy St. Xavier's

Bibhusha Ojha Gaurav K Tamang Swastika Banskota Nischal Tamang Sneha Kafle Oskar Krishna Shrestha Aayush Shrestha Sudip Kumar Mandal
St. Mary's GEMS Puspasadan Guangyang, Singapore Scholar's Home Alok Vidyashram Paradise School Tarun MAVI

Anuj Singh Thapa Nabindra Ruwali Sugam Jaiswal Sugam Neupane Smriti Shrestha Bishwanath Bastola Shreya KC
National United School Children Park HSBS Bharat Baba SBS Jyoti Kunja EHSS Nava Prabhat HSS People's Friendship Academy Meridian Intl

St. Xavier's Entrance Exam 2017 (A Level) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Rajnish Baral Nikhil Khanal Aaradhya Acharya Nischal Karki Karina Karki Suyash Luitel Jenisha Magar Thalama Malla
Pathshala Nepal Pathshala Nepal Paragon Paragon BKVM BKVM Siddhartha Vanasthali Bhanubhakta

Saksham Dangal Devesh Pradhan Abipanna Gurung Amit Kr. Chaurasiya Manish Rijal Bijeta Shrestha Charu Shakya Bipin Gurung
GEMS Shuvatara Malpi Int'l Prabhat School Tulsi SS Nepal Police St. Xaviers, Godavari St. Joseph's

Nischal Shakya Kumar Ishorjung Shrestha Supriya Pudasainy Abhishek Shekhar Aangdorjee Lama Gurung Ranish Bartaula
BernHardt Ujjwal Shishu Niketan REHDON Small Heaven Nagarjun Valley Edify Int'l
16 Intel Bridge Course 2O18
St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2016 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Sangay Lhambu Sherpa Hrishav Mishra Kushal Basnet Sujal Singh Lama Priyanka Maharjan Bidhan Gurung Rubin Manandhar Shivangi Malla
St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's

Khushi Pokharel Avantika Thapa Urusha Aryal Abhinava Thapa Nikita Khanal Smriti Basnet Neetika Sapkota Saurav Godar Thapa
St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's LRI LRI LRI

Prasanna Nepal Rojina Poudel Abiral Regmi Mimamsha Dhungel Pradeep Raj Nepal Piyush Pant Niraj Lamsal Seema Shahi

Dristi Bajracharya Yukta Sharma Raisha Karmacharya Jennifer Adhikari Ritambhara Paudel Shitanshu Dhakal Bibhusha Ojha Ritika Tuladhar
LRI St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's GEMS

Mohit Neupane Prastuti Adhikari Dipson Panta Sameer Jung Subedi Sambeg Shrestha Shrijeet Raj Mishra Mahesh Chandra Verma Sachin Thakur
GEMS GEMS GEMS GEMS Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale

Pratik Paudyal Nimesh Chaulagain Himal Neupane Bishant Baniya Bibhuti Thapaliya Dipshika Neupane Birat Poudel Sarjan K.C
Occidental Occidental Occidental Occidental VS Niketan VS Niketan VS Niketan VS Niketan

Sabita Subedi Nishant Jung Thapa David Basnet Subhanga Dhungel Ayush Adhikari Pranshu Acharya Devashish Regmi Abhishek Raj Shrestha
Bhanubhakta Bhanubhakta Bhanubhakta Brihaspati Brihaspati Brihaspati DAV DAV
Intel Bridge Course 2O18 17
St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2016 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Bibhor Bista Dijesh Maskey Anupam Dhungana Anurag Kafle Srijal Kunwar Anuj Sedhai Sudha Panthi Riwash Tuladhar
DAV Nobel Nobel Nobel SOS SOS SOS St. Xavier's (Deonia)

Alish Singh Karki Pratibha Rajbanshi Utsab G.C Samvid Parajuli Pratibha Bhandari Sanket Wagle Abishek Pandit Biswas Pandit
St. Xavier's (Deonia) St. Xavier's (Deonia) Siddhartha Vanasthali Siddhartha Vanasthali Siddhartha Vanasthali Universe BS Universe Universe

Prathana Thapa Ashutosh Kharel Subash Mainali Bipul Thapa Nischal Mandal Sabal Pandey Suraj Ranabhat Pawan Thapa
Bagmati BS Bagmati BS Bhaktapur EBS Bhaktapur EBS Budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Fluorescent Fluorescent

Ankit Khatiwada Rohit Malla Md. Nawaj Ansari Prashant Karn Sameep Sapkota Smriti Sharma Pranisha Neupane Saugat Dotel
KMC KMC LA LA Nepal Police Nepal Police Sainik Awasiya Sainik Awasiya

Piyush Nepal Suven Pandey Mili Koirala Phurba Ghising Shankes Karki Sandip Tiwari Sameer Adhikari Sanim Khatri
Sathya Sai Siksha Sadan Sathya Sai Siksha Sadan Sathya Sai School Sathya Sai School St. Xavier's (Godavari) St. Xavier's (Godavari) The Excelsior The Excelsior

Sundar Budhathoki Prabesh KC Alina Joshi Atul Kumar Karn Baikuntha Bhandari Rahul Ranabhat Siddhartha Raj Aryal Luniva Chitrakar
Tulsi BHSS Tulsi BHSS West Zone EMHS West Zone EMHS Shree Satyawati HSS Shree Satyawati HSS Galaxy Swarnim

Sauraj Karki Leeza Pandey Shishir Neupane Jiya Acharya Saroj Acharya Anup Luitel Roshan Khanal Samyog Dhungel
Shuvatara Kumudini Meridian Gyankunj HSS New Horizon EBHSS Arunima Pioneer's Pathshala
18 Intel Bridge Course 2O18
St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2016 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Aashutosh Khatiwada Pukar Khanal Aashutosh Dhungana Sharin Babu Shrestha Anup Bagale Deepak Sutihar Utkrishti Malla Prarambhika Khadka
Chelsea Pushpasadam Prolifi Small Heaven Nepal Adarsha Takshashila The Elite's Co-Ed Venus Public

Raj Kumar BM Dipak Sapkota Shishir Aryal Bijay Sah Bishrant Pant Sudip Chhetri Shristi Poudel Bidur Acharya
Siddhartha Academy Kathmandu Vidya Cambridge Vishwa Niketan Ikedia Int'l GBS Fishtail Academy Morning Glory

Sanskar Amgain Roshani Tripathi Bishal Aryal Prakriti Bhattarai Ujjwal Neupane Mani Pratap Singh Diwash Karki Manish Oli
Jana Jagriti HSS Trungram Int'l Rampur EBHSS Swati Sadan HSBS CEA High School Vidya Sanskar HSS Bhanubhakta Bright Future

Sandesh Shrestha Kushal Sharma Koirala Prasis Singh Danuwar Daniel Raut Mikesh Paudel Praus Maharjan Sarthak Dahal Suman Adhikari
Everest ES Marvellous EBS St. Joseph's Gyan Niketan Centennial MIS Kathmandu Int'l Himalayan Academy

Laxman Chhetri Nitesh Raj Neupane Prashant Adhikari Abhishek Yadav Jeevan Mahat Dilasha Pandit Sushan Gautam Gautam Shah
Nagarjun Valley Kathmandu National Suvakamana Academy Durga SS LMV Chandikaswori School Greenland Int'l Brightland HSS

Pratima Shiwakoti Ujjwal Pandit Roshan Kumar Pandit Nischal Bhandari Ashma Yonghang Ashish Ojha Gaurav Rijal Samriddhi Ghimire
Vidya Bardan ES Diana SS Adarsh HSS Vidya Byayam EHS Tower Temple Jaya Bageshwory Pashupati BSS Sunrise SBS

Kasu Malla Saphal Chapagain Saugat Gautam Aayush Lamichhane Rahul Kumar Mahato Ananda Thakur Sandesh Dahal Rishav Kumar Jha
New Kibou BS Deupur Namuna Simara Public Valley Public Kathmandu Vidya Mandir West Point HS Bright Future SS New English
Intel Bridge Course 2O18 19
St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2016 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Jyoti Chand Sabin Maharjan Saurav Rijal Ankit Paudel Puspita Pariyar Sriyans Rauniyar Shaswat Ghimire Pramila Yadav
Siddhartha Shishu Sadan Swayambhu English BS Gorkha HSS Angel's Heart The Spangle BHS Martyr's Memorial Vishwa Jyoti HSS Harvard Int'l

Sugam Shrestha Niruta Pradhan Yaman Maharjan Sakshyam Gautam Sagar Timalsina Pawan Thapa Saroj Thapa Roshan Upreti
Bhu Pu Sainik HSBS Rajan Memorial Int'l Motherland SS Sagarmatha HSBS Padma Chakra School Chakreshwor EBS Bal Bidhya Bikash Janajagriti HSS

Aashish Bhandari Mahesh Khadka Nishchal BC Manjil Sitoula Aavas Bhandari Abiskar Timsina Drishti Budha Shrestha Abish Bhusal
New Florence Int'l Everest Academy Devdaha Buddha Public Balmiki Education Adarsha Vidya Ashram Daffodil School Matribhumi School Paramount BHSS

Dipak Kattel Prabesh Poudel Sandip Paudel Aayush Niraula Rahul Kumar Mahato Saugat Bhattarai Ankit Kayastha Bikram Bhandari
Jyoti Academy Roshani EBSS Udayasi HSS Sunrise HSEBS Greenland HSEB Rastriya Vibhuti Welfare Academy Janajyoti Vidyamandir

Rajay Bajracharya Adarsha Mahat Utsav Shrestha Anusha Pandey Rozen Pandey Aashma Yadav Rahul Kumar Shah Bikash Acharya
Mini Land SS National Creative Little Heaven Everest HSEBS BKVM Vishwa Jyoti Pathibhara HSEBS GSEBS

Bishal Joshi Sandesh Parajuli Mahesh Kumar Yadav Jay Narayan Yadav Sabin Poudel Nabin Shrestha Santosh Khatri Jenny Yonjan Tamang
Sayapatri EHSS Kuleshwar Awas SES Mt. Everest HSEBS Mt. Everest Mt. View HSEBS Shree Bhawani HSS Shree Aajadi Ma Vi Shree Gauri Shankar

Prabhat Bhatta Alisha Kshetri Anusha Pandey Sudarshan Bhatta Adarsha Paudel Aashutosh Kumar Sah Tika Ram BK Abhishek Aryal
Shree Ripumardini Sainik S Shree Greenland SS Shree Shanti Namuna Shree Everest BHS Shree Siddhartha Shree Judha HSS Shree HSS Shree Gyanodaya EBS
Vidya Mandir
20 Intel Bridge Course 2O18
St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2016 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Sundram Mahaseth Suman Adhikari Alisha Thapa Opendra Thapa Dipesh Acharya Prashant Adhikari Rajkishan Kushwaha
SHSS Shree Bal Jagriti Shree Mahalaxmi S Gorkha United Buddha Jyoti Orchid Kadambari Academy

Tania Lamichhane Niraj Adhikari Sampanna Bhatta Roshim Shrestha Utsav Gairhe Sharma Siddhant Karki Manpreet Shrestha Roshan Shah
Triyog Deepshika Saraswati HSS Small Heaven Hill Bird HSEBS Sainik Awasiya Little Flower Peace Point BS

Diwash Baniya
Rohit Panjiyar
School – Fluorescent
School – Monastic HSS
College – St Xavier’s
College – St Xavier’s
(Also selected for SOS)

Education for Excellence Unforgettable Moments!

I think INTEL is an excellent example of a INTEL is the best institute that I’ve ever chosen.
perfect institute for every student post-SEE. It can safely be considered as the Nepal's most
The Institute guides each student towards reputed institution for doing post-SEE Bridge
assured academic success by fostering Courses. This memorable place is a museum of
hidden talent. Within a friendly & homely information & a library of knowledge stored in
environment, its qualified teachers and the minds of its fabulous reaching faculty – the
supportive staff provide phenomenal support educational veterans of Kathmandu!
to students through scholastic supervision &
Their team of teachers comprises the top
personal mentoring.
personnel of reputed colleges or other
So, if you’re confused about choosing the institutions. They teach in a manner that the
right institute & the right course for clearing course contents get embedded in your minds
Entrance Examinations for Grade XI in forever. If one does well, the INTEL Scholarship
top colleges, don’t hesitate: Select INTEL Scheme will award you suitably! Without any
Institute! Just come here, and feel the change hesitation, I’d say that INTEL offers the best
in yourself as you progress academically. Bridge Course for 100% student success!!!

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 21

St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Kunal Kumar Sah Swastik Chaudhary Saurya Aryal Subhra Pradhan Unmik Gyawali Bibhav Adhikari Samman Babu Shrestha Sudhansu Koirala
St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's

Priyanshu Rajbanshi Avigya Dhungel Adit Tripathi Ankit Yadav Satkirti Bista Divesh Shrestha Apurwa D Upreti Suman Supratik
St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's St. Xavier's GEMS GEMS GEMS GEMS

Abhas Niraula Ronit Zoowa Utshah Shrestha Nhyuumila Kasaa Shreetika Pokharel Aditi Gurung Samridhi Shrestha Mimosa Bajracharya

Anushila Rai Yukta Jha Chandrika Adhikari Keshav Pathak Bigyan Pradhan Ashim Karki Aayush Jha Ujwal Yadav

Siju Rana Diwash Baniya Prapti Adhikari Abhimanyu Karki Sneha Shrestha Shree Dikshya Thapa Ashim Sapkota Anmol Pradhan
Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent

Raman Ranabhat Anushka Karki Himadri Bhandari Zina Bajracharya Chetana Subedi Aakriti Adhikari Aradhana Thapa Sammridhi Karmacharya
Fluorescent St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary's

Soyuj Jung Basnet Bibek Pariyar Adesh Kantha Niraj Kumar Yadav Rounak Jha Shishir Raut Saurabh Yadav Kavyashree Adhikari
Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale Nightingale Sathya Sai

22 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Manisha Yadav Ishan Sarraf Evan Oli Abhisek Shah Dibyanoor Shrestha Ujjwal Kunwar Ronish Banjara Smriti Khanal
Sathya Sai Sathya Sai Sathya Sai Sathya Sai Sathya Sai St. Xavier's, Godavari St. Xavier's, Godavari St. Xavier's, Godavari

Saurav Risal Yogesh Sapkota Imeg Gautam Salon Sharma Sudhir Kayastha Pratik Bhattarai Priyank Raj Acharya Neha Shrestha
St. Xavier's, Godavari St. Xavier's, Godavari Siddhartha Vanasthali Siddhartha Vanasthali Siddhartha Vanasthali Siddhartha Vanasthali Siddhartha Vanasthali Triyog

Angel Gurung Pratistha Bastola Aayush Acharya Merit Kayastha Nilaw Manandhar Dennis Shrestha Ishan Paudel Anil Sah
Triyog Triyog Triyog LRI LRI LRI LRI New English

Abinash Pandey Ashwini Mandal Sagar Kumar Sah Jagrit Upadhyay Prem Karna Ranjeet Kumar Sah Pragyan Neupane Stuti Bhattarai
New English New English New English Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy VS Niketan VS Niketan

Suman Kaushik Mitraranjan Kr Pramani Aman Jaiswal Niyati Shah Sudil Shrestha Liza Shrestha Aayush Shrestha Lincoln Basnet
VS Niketan BKVM BKVM BKVM Daffodil Pubic Daffodil Pubic Daffodil Pubic Udayasi Eng HSS

Asmita Dhungana Sujata Yadav Manish Yadav Sarthak Shrestha Shishir Aryal Khushi Baniya Nirmal Yadav Sashank Neupane
Udayasi Eng HSS Udayasi Eng HSS Nepal Police Nepal Police Nepal Police GS Niketan GS Niketan GS Niketan

Uma Shankar Singh Mahesh Yadav Sudheer Kumar Das Cyrus Sharma Susant Sapkota Anupam Dhakal Aakash Shrestha Aayusha Sapkota
Mt. Everest HSBS Mt. Everest HSBS Mt. Everest HSBS St. Xavier's, Deonia St. Xavier's, Deonia Pushpasadan Pushpasadan Nobel

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 23

St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Saloni Khadka Yawanika Dixit Swarnim Shrivastva Rishav Dev Nishant Bishwakarma Navaraj Gupta Rahul Yadav Binit Dhakal
Nobel DAV DAV Viswa Niketan Viswa Niketan Gautam Sec S Gautam Sec S Gorkha United

Diwash Ratna Pokhrel Rabina Chhantyal Kam Maya Purja Sahal Shrestha Sworatmika Lacoul Nobel Poudel Anish Lamichhane Samyak Shrestha
Gorkha United Angel's Heart Angel's Heart Southwestern Southwestern Gorakhkali Eng. BS Gorakhkali Eng. BS Vidhya Sanskar

Subi Kandel Rohit Panjiyar Anish Kumar Sah Sumant Yadav Rahul Kumar Yadav Sudakshina Dwivedee Pradeep Kr. Upadhyay Kritika Maharjan
Vidhya Sanskar Monastic HSEBS Monastic HSEBS Sagarmatha HSEBS Sagarmatha HSEBS Buddha Jyoti Buddha Jyoti Bal Deeksha Sadan

Pranab Ratna Gubhaju Rasque Jirel Gaurav Lama Anil Achhami Pritam Gurung Shejal Rajbhandari Himani Shrestha Arung Singh Nepali
Bal Deeksha Sadan Tripura Glorious Tripura Glorious Himali Sec BS Himali Sec BS Ideal Model The Excelsior Rosebud

Pratik Timilsina Radhika Shrestha Ravi Shah Aashutosh Raut Prabin Poudel Yukta Tandukar Saurav Rai Bijay Sijapati Magar
Morning Star SBS Pathshala Nepal St. Joseph's The Chandbagh Eureka Occidental Meridian Int'l Swarnim

Pradip Kafle Shubham Shrestha Sangya Yogi Ashish Kaphle Sandesh Khadka Sweta Shrestha Stela Shrestha Prava Shrestha
Rehdon Paragon Hindu Vidyapeeth NK SIngh Memorial Valley Public Paramount EMBS Daffodil BS Bright Future BS

Rikesh Kumar Mandal Isha Kumari Das Rajyashree Shahi Bikalpa Khachhibhoya Saina Khati Arohi Adhikari Rashmi Sharma Nabin Bhandari
Creative Academy Happyland HSS West Zone EMHS Vidhya Sagar ESBS Prabhat Vidhya Niketan Budhanilkantha Gyankunj Ideal EBS

24 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Manoj Shrestha Nikhil Pradhan Gobinda Mainali Abiral Adhikari Saumya Sharma Suyoj Shrestha Manish Kr Jha Rahul Kr Yadav
Nilkantha Kathmandu Valley Solidarity Int'l West Point Pinnacle Scholar's Pushpakunja Prabhat SEBS Orchid Public

Anup Pokhrel Kabita Ghimire Nikita Dangol Bibek Sunar Manish Kr Jha Ashutosh Adhikari Oshan Shrestha Sushant Regmi
Deepshikha KU Orchid Academy Brihaspati Vidhyasadan Don Bosco S AVM Nava Jyoti Sainik Awasiya Ma. Vi.

Sarwagya Panthee Om Prakash Sharma Alisha Tiwari Amrit Gupta Sujan Bhattarai Anish Shrestha Aayushi Mishra Bishesh Malla
Prabhat HSS Gyanodaya Sec. S Brihaspati Durga Sec. S Ananda Niketan Malla Rani EBS Bhadrakali SBS Golden ABC Academy

Monika Shrestha Smriti Karki Shubham Karn Biplab Shrestha Shiv N. Yadav Sarbagnya Bhattarai Shishir Bhusal Sandip Sarraf
Sunshine National Shrejanshil Academy Mascot Academy Gaindokot Namuna The Everest EBS Junior Citizens ASBS SMRPMHS

Karan Sah Arun K. Bhomi Sophia Rana Ritesh Kr. Gupta Prabin Thapa Aastha Risal Tribhuwan Bhatta Sanskari Subedi
Jalupa SS Bagiswori KES Delhi Public Public SEBS New Arunodaya Blooming Scholar's Balmiki Edu

Ugen Pema Tamang Astha Pun Sameer Bohara Sunil Mahato Hansel Chand Pratikshya Puri Anuska Kiran Basnet Niraaz Pokhrel
Green Valley Academy Children Life EBS Prithwi SBS Swastik Pathshala Little Budha Academy Ashwarya Vdhya Niketan Reader's BHS Little Angle's HSS

Namuna Ghimire Sabina Neupane Samit Maharjan Amit Kr. Jaiswal Kriti Chaudhary Elina Shrestha Kasam Pokhrel Shreeshant Prajapati
Nava Jeewan Reed Model Holy Vision Int'l Sunrise HSEBS Sahid Smarak Academy Karkaladevi Eng BS Janata Model Everest ES
Shishu Niketan

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 25

St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Abinash Kushwaha Roshan Mahat Bibek Chaudhary Biplav Acharya Vipaswi Bajracharya Sagar Jha Sarthak Bhattarai Utsav Bhusal
OM National Academy Jeev Juna Memorial Bir Bhakti SS Gauri Shankar EBS Malpi City Little Angel's OPS Bhaktapur, NIST

Ravi Kr. Thakur Anil Paudel Sawin Shah Bigul Sapkota Ranjit Kr. Sah Badal Koirala Pragig Bharati Sudip Seth
Aster Academy Araniko EMS Tri-Padma Vidyashram Pearl's Academy Little Star Kth Vidya Mandir Green Peace Sec Viya Divya Jyoti

Diwakar Khatiwada Paras Budha Magar Ashish Upreti Abdur Raut Shreejan Khanal Manish Dhungana Madhav Dural Nirajan Angel Adhikari
Babylon National Gorkha Public Sudarban School Times Hope Int'l Global Vision SBS Modern BHS Jana Jyoti SS

Subas Adhikari Manas Jha Jyotsna Paudel Shishir Babu Tiwari Ayush Shrestha Anurag Chunara Tarun Chaudhary Subash Kr. Shah
Bhanubhakta SBS Kadambari Academy Motherland SS Biddyasjyoti SS Little Star Academy International Public Bardiya Academy Hetauda Academy

Prajwol Neupane Santosh Sah Bikki Gupta Rauniyar Rohan Shrestha Dikshya Gharti Magar Ashika Aryal Shivesh Sharma Diwas Baral
Janajyoti Vidya Mandir Kalaiya Bright Land Laligurans Shishu Milan Eng Emerald Academy New Vision Academy Bal Deeksha Sadan Newton's Edu

Anish Shrestha Niwesh Karki Apekshya Regmi Sudipa Shrestha Frank Brano Gomes Aadhar Wasti Sampurna Rayamajhi Shweta Laxmi Sharma
Sacred Heart Gundu ESS Bagmati BHS Gyandeep SBS Prithvi SBS Tulasi Mehar Memorial St. Capitanio New Oasis

Anurag Adhikari Dipti Khaniya Sandeep Pantha Sushank Sapkota Rabin Shrestha Ranjit Kr. Sah Nirajan Shahi Bibek Bariyar
Sunrise SBS Janajagriti Barahi Awasiya Sunrise ES Shuvakamana EBS Laxmi EBS Kalika Shree Janata SS

26 Intel Bridge Course 2O18

St. Xavier's College Entrance Exam 2017 (+2) - INTEL Student Achievers !

Ranjan Kr. Mandal Prasidha Thapa Rajiv Kr. Shahi Binita Laudari Akash Suyal Deepak Yadav Sumit Yadav Nishan Paudel
Shree Shankar S Nawalpur SBS Shree Ram Janaki Shree Satyawati Shree Siddarth Public Shree Adhunik Rastriya Shree Ganga Parsad Shree Namuna

Santosh Kr. Sah Saroj Adhikari Liza Shrestha Shishir Gaire Sujal Koirala Amit Yadav Kritika Shah Abhinash Jha
Shree PSS Kankata Shree Bhagyodaya Shree Souviner BS Shree Kalika SS Shree Armadi SEBS Shree Mid Regional Police Sri Sarswati SS Shree Madhyamik

Rupesh Patel Sahil Chaudhary Alaka Bhantana Rupesh Shah Rishav Babu Shrestha Binita Bhujel Suyog Bhandari Mridul Panthi
Shree Nepal Shree Nara Bah. Shree Sheetala Devi Happyland GBS Pokhara United Diamond Model Bhanubhakta

Sanchit Bhandari Neeshant Pradhan Aadesh Kr. Shivam

Him Rashim Pragya English Bright Land

Satkirti Bista
School – GEMS Bigyan Pradhan
College – St Xavier’s School – LA
(Also selected for SOS) College – St Xavier’s

Our Finest Days Hearty Thanks!

INTEL Institute is a boon for post-SEE A word about my ordinary background: I’m from a
students because of its Bridge Courses. Most developing district – Kapilvastu – average schooling,
approachable, this institute is located in the average family. After my SEE, I didn’t know where to
heartland of Kathmandu Valley – Bagbazar. It study for the hard entrance examinations. Luckily, I got
has super facilities – ranging from the provision to know about INTEL Institute, famed for its peerless
of clean, unlimited drinking water to playgroup Bridge Course and for creating future opportunities
activities after classes – alongside spacious, seen or unseen.
well-ventilated classrooms.
Above all, I thank this institute heartily for building my
Its Science Bridge Course prepares us for educational foundation so thoroughly that I managed
entrance examinations assisting in getting to compete confidently with complete success! Many
admission and scholarships in top colleges. The thanks go to its teachers who are most understanding,
Institute also fosters academic skills vital for conscientious human beings. Hopefully, this will not
our higher studies. Daily monitoring and regular be the last word about my future success that started
assessment hones the abilities of its students at INTEL!
who are often the toppers of schools all over
Kathmandu and even Nepal.

Intel Bridge Course 2O18 27

Aakriti Pandey Dristi Giri
SLC Board Topper 2068 SLC Board Girls Topper 2070
School – Om Secondary School School – Occidental Public School

A Great Experience! The Best Institute of Nepal

Well, I’m absolutely sure that INTEL has been For me, the Bridge Course has been a huge
support for my college studies. INTEL Institute is one of the best
most beneficial to me. At first, when I’d thought of doing a Bridge
institutes of Nepal; it certainly helps students awaiting Grade 10
Course, many of my relatives and peers told me about this
(SEE) results to boost their academic capability. I found that this
institute….INTEL was truly a great experience! Institute provides a stage for post-school students to explore
And I must express my heartfelt thanks for all that INTEL did for me. themselves greatly. It uplifts their self-confidence and helps them to
The teachers, staff, and all other members of this institute were a come to grips with the courses of Grade XI. No wonder I have done

great support for my further studies. And I hope that in the days to so well in my college studies! Overall, I can say without any doubt,
that INTEL is clearly the best institute in Nepal for the Bridge
come this institute will be even more successful.
Course. Hope it will prosper all the more and continue to change the
All the very best for the new students joining INTEL where success
lives of many other post-SEE students just as it has changed my life
will certainly be their award! so admirably . . . So, keep it up INTEL!! I’ll never forget you.

Sanjog Karki Deechit Poudel

SLC Board Boys Topper 2070 SLC Board Topper 2071
Reliance International Valley View English School

A Very Special Place

INTEL occupies a very special place in my memory.
Why? The institute run by a top educational group
Fabulous Moments offers a well-maintained educative environment that yields top results.
The three months that I spent at INTEL were the most fabulous Intellians alone crowd the entrance exam lists in the country and
moments of my life post-SLC. Along with widening the horizon of have literally been doing so since decades. The teachers are
unimaginably well-trained and the MCQs they provide are the best in
my knowledge, I also gathered many valuable memories for the
Nepal. Regularly-held, thorough Saturday tests help us discover our
rest of my life. This Institute provided me with the right platform strengths and weaknesses for building our scholastic abilities outside
to showcase my talents. Along with getting to know many formal schooling in this important break between high school and
well-reputed and experienced teachers, I also tied knots of college.
friendship with many brilliant youngsters of my age. Overall, the three months that I spent most productively at this leading
Importantly, I got a true glimpse of what is possible in my life institute after SLC were completely beneficial from all perspectives –
ahead through what I learned at INTEL. academic or non-academic, personal or social. Thank you INTEL for
making my post-SLC time specially rewarding!

The Topper Twins Tell Us That . . .

Guys, most honestly, joining INTEL is a step you MUST take
without thinking twice!

Significantly, I got to study, and collaborate, with an incredibly

talented community at INTEL, a completely different edu-world in
itself. This did help me to thrive academically apart from getting
to know myself. Further, I made many friends here and also
learned many things – curricular, extracurricular, and
co-curricular – which wouldn't have been possible in another

So, I urge you to join the Bridge Course here as it’s the best place
for you and the Course is perfectly designed and conducted for
near-certain success as you compete in pretty problematic college
entrance tests. You’ll have nothing to regret by joining this
unrivaled institute and utilizing every opportunity it offers so Sakar & Savar Balampaki
plentifully . . . . Success is an inevitable fact at INTEL! School: Vinayak English HSS

28 Intel Bridge Course 2O18