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 Company Overview
 About Centum Learning
 Vision and Values
 History and Key Milestones
 Operating Structure
 Network and Reach

 Organization Structure and Hierarchy

 Leadership Structure
 HR Structure
 Bands and Designations

 Policies and Guidelines

 Leave Policy
 Attendance System
 Mobile Connection and Handset Re-imbursement Policy
 Group Medical Insurance and Mediclaim
 Dress Code Policy
 Internal Complaints Committee
 Voluntary Benevolent Fund and Car Hire Policy
 Salary and Investment Declaration
 Know Your HR Team

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Centum Learning : Overview

A leading Training and Development Multinational offering

end-to-end training and skilling solutions
• Enterprise Training Solutions

• Vocational Education and Training

• Skills for Schools and Colleges

• Skills for Global employability

Presence in 15 countries across 21 sectors; 1.5 million+

people skilled and more than 350 global firms impacted

Won 41 National & International Accolades

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Vision and Values

Vision Statement
To be the most admired learning and skill
development partner, enabling sustainable

• Ensure success for the internal and external customer

Customer Focus

Respect and Care for • For colleagues, associates, vendors and business partners

• Meeting promises made without follow up in your official

Meeting Commitments capacity within the framework of company policies,
procedures, authority and applicable laws

• Holding the highest standards of ethical and moral values


• Achieving highest performance standards through proactive

Continuous Improvement engagement in current ways of doing things and finding
new ways of doing things

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History and Key Milestones

2006 2009 2010 2010 2011

Entered into a joint

Centum (originally Formed Centum venture – ‘Centum Raised Rs. 400 Mn. Set up the first
Bharti Comtel) was Learning to reflect WorkSkills India private equity corporate university
founded to provide shift in strategic Limited’ with investment from - Airtel Centum
internal human focus National Skills Mayfield India Fund Sales University in
resource services to Development in mid of FY11 17 countries of
Airtel Corporation to train Africa
11.5 Mn manpower
for different
verticals sectors
2013 2014 2015 2017 2018

Awarded the Contributed to over Centum Learning We received the

In 2017 we were
‘Highest Performing 20% of NSDC’s total invited to share its Award for the Asia’s
awarded as one of
Partner by National skilling target to success story at the most trusted
the top 10 Great
Skills Development become the No. 1 African Training & Skilling
Places To Work
Corporation partner of NSDC Development company 2018 by
Conference at IBC, USA.
Harvard University

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Operating Structure

Centum Learning

Centum Africa
Foundation Operations
In Partnership with
Airtel – Biggest Client NSDC. Works with Philanthropic Arm. Works with
- Sales & Distribution Central and State Corporates and PSUs and takes Airtel
Ministries and PSUs to care of their CSR activities
- Retail
skill rural youth
- Customer Service according to industry
Enterprise Business – All Business Group – All
corporate trainings except businesses except
Airtel like Nokia, Delmonte, NSQF – Works with Airtel
Panasonic, Bajaj Finance, Govts. and Schools on
Bajaj Life Insurance skilling urban youth

British Council Project

We are their partners to
support the delivery of
IELTS, UKVI, Life Skills and
other Exams

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Network and Reach

 Presence in 15 Countries

 1.5 million people skilled so far

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Leadership Structure

Sanjay Bahl

Head EmergingBiz Head Corporate Project Head Lead IT &

& Skills Initiatives Head Africa Head Finance Head Strategic Alliances& Head HR Head Content Head SCM HeadLegal
Training BCP Automation
Solutions/BD Pankaj Sootha Vidya Raman Marketing Samra Rahman Shyamali Chanda Sudeep Saha Fanish Rai
VivekPandit Avtar Tickoo Anupam Dwivedi
Suvendu Dhar Rajneesh Kanotra

Project Head-North
Service Delivery Head Head AirtelBusiness Lead - F&A Lead Talent TL – Content
Anupama Luthra Lead - Marketing & Acquisition
Disha Rana Rakesh Bhatia Brand Eliza George
Kriti Khosla
Sarabjeet Singh RajendraSingh
Lead – BD & Key
Ministry Relationship Service Delivery Head Lead BPA
TL – Content
Mehwash Siddiqui – West
Amit Gupta TM-Strategic Alliance Lead – Talent Mgt Indu Ahuja
Ankur Batra
Pooja Choudhury & Operations
Project Lead NSQF RiyazAhmed
Irfana Bakht Service Delivery Head
TL- Content
- North
Delivery Lead - VibhorVyas
Shivani Rai
Digital Solutions Lead Payroll
Rohit Sharma Ashutosh Pandey
Centum Foundation
Aarti Chandna
BD Managers

Soumya Chandra
Master Trainer

Project Lead-
Vinod Nair

Project Head–
Saubhagya Samal

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HR Structure

Samra Rahman
HR Head

Riyaz Ahmed Ashutosh Pandey Rajendra Singh

(Lead Talent Management & (Lead Payroll) (Lead Talent Acquisition)

Amit Mehta Harmeet Singh

Rupa Kumari
Team Member - Talent (Executive Payroll)
Management & Operations (Talent Acquisition)

Pooja Baid
Manisha Gupta
Team Member - Talent
Management & Operations (Talent Acquisition)

Pooja Wadhwa
Team Member - Employee Neha Agarwal
Engagement & (Talent Acquisition)

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Bands and Designations

M5 - COO
M4 - Vice - Sr. VP
M3 - Associate President

M2 GM - Associate VP
M1 Deputy
Manager - Divisional - Group GM
Manager Manager
S2 - Executive
Sr. Officer - Sr. Executive

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Leave Policy

Entitlement – 30 leaves as per calendar year-Jan to

Dec (i.e. 2.5 leaves per month). This includes sick, Out of the 30 days of leave eligibility, maximum of
casual leaves and privileged leaves. Leaves will be 15 days leave can be carried forward to the next
creditedin the first month if the date of joining is year depending upon the date ofjoining.
between 1st and 15th of the month

Any holiday preceding / succeeding or falling in

An employee intending to proceed on leave for5
between the leave period will NOT be included for
days and above should apply for the same at
the purpose of calculation of any kind of leave
least 15 days in advance.
(Only when sufficient leave balance is available)

Leave accumulation - 60 days maximum.Leaves Encashment applicable only at the time of

accumulated over and above 60 days would separation. Encashment is not applicable if
employee leaves Centum before completing a
automatically get lapsed.

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Leave Policy Continued

Leave Without Pay

ALL LWPs (Leave Without Pay) have to be All LWPs need to be applied in HRIS at
approved by respective Business Heads least two days in advance

Any employee who wants to avail LWP

(Leave Without Pay) for more than 15 days
needs to take approval for the same from HR
Head in advance in addition to BH approval

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Other Types of Leaves

Maternity Paternity Short Leave It’s My Day National &

Leave Leave Festival

Duration as Duration – 5 Employees 10 holidays

Twice in a can take their depending on
per the days for male month 2 hours
Maternity employees, ‘Its My Day’ region/circle
early leaving leave either (Including
Benefit covering 2 and 2 hours
(Amendment) children (Child on their one or two
late coming. Birthday or on discretionary
Act 2017 birth or Not carry
which is 26 adoption) their holidays) are
forwarded uploaded in
weeks for up within 30 days Anniversary.
the ‘Holiday
to 2 children of childbirth

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Attendance System

• For Neelagagan employees - Swipe

through System • In – out is mandatory to avail full day
• For Off Location employees - Mark- In attendance
Mark – Out
• 9 Hours shift in a day • Mark ‘On Duty’ whenever travelling for
• Access to office premise on Sundays official reason
needs Business Head’s approval

Attendance Captured
through HRIS

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Mobile Connection Policy and Handset Re-imbursement
Mobile Connection Policy
Employee Band CFA Limit (INR Per month)
M6/ LC 6000
M5 5000
M4 3000
M1 – M3 2500

All regular on-roll employees are eligible for COCP connection & all on roll – FT will get reimbursement against
their phone bill.
Handset Reimbursement
All eligible employees are required to purchase a handset of their choice, subject to the maximum
limits indicated below. Handset can be replaced once in every two years.

Employee Band Maximum Cost of Handset (INR)

LC 20000
Band M5 /M6 15000
Band M4 10000

Resignation: In case an employee resigns before two years, pro-rata recovery against the handset shall be made
from the employee’s full and final settlement dues.

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Group Term Life Insurance Policy

Financial assistance to
the family of an All the employees of
employee on his / her Centum Learning are
death during covered for a life cover as
employment (Vendor is per the limits given
Future Generali) below:

Band-Wise Life Cover Limits

S.No. Bands Amount

1 S 5 Lacs
2 M1 and M2 10 lacs
3 M3 15 lacs
4 M4 20 lacs
5 M5 and above 50 lacs

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Mediclaim Policy
Applicability – All employees (Star Health Insurance Co. Ltd.)
Coverage – Employee + 5 Dependents; Dependents - Spouse, 2 dependent legitimate children and either
set of dependent parents.
 Age of the parents should not exceed 90 yrs.
 Pre-existing diseases are included. Congenital diseases (diseases present at birth) are not covered.
 Instant Maternity Coverage up to Rs.50000/- within overall floater sum insured.
 Employees can opt for an extended mediclaim up to a limit of Rs.5 lac. by mentioning it in the mediclaim
nomination form which is a part of the joining docket

To download your medical cards, view the list of hospitals empanelled with star insurance, how to avail
cashless facility and to know more details about the Mediclaim Policy please refer to our company portal:-
Login to Centumlearning.com >> Library >> HR Policies >> Group Medical Policy

Please Note – Self Insurance of INR 100,000 is mandatory

Age Band Wise - Premium Slab (With Service Tax)

Sum Insured 0-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-90
100,000 1480 1679 1955 2328 2353 2998 4755 8420

200,000 1879 2350 2631 3093 3405 4494 5623 17749

300,000 2108 2711 3242 3677 4066 5054 5802 18762

400,000 2472 3430 4114 4702 5256 6704 8449 24022

500,000 2250 3453 4216 4715 5357 6726 8782 25262

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Benefits under ESI policy

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Benefits under ESI policy

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Benefits under the PF

Eligibility: Form 11 & Form 2 duly filled, to be submitted to HR within 5 days of joining.

• Employer and employee contributes to members PF Fund @ 12% of Basic

Provident Benefits

• Pension to Member
Pension Benefits • Pension to Family (on death of the member)
• Pension Scheme Certificate

• PF amount to Family (or to nominee)

Death Benefits • Pension to Family/Nominee
• EDLI to Family/Nominee

• Loan from your PF Fund on below mentioned grounds:

Loan from Fund Marriage/Education/Medical Treatment/Purchase or construction of
Dwelling house/ Repayment of House/ Purchase of Plot/Repair of
House/Withdrawal Prior to retirement (5 years of continuous service)

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Dress Code Policy

The corporate attire or Uniform includes shirts with company logo (Centum
shirt) which should be worn with dark color trousers

It is preferred to wear Centum Shirts by all Employees/Associates in

customer facing roles on all working days irrespective of their work location

Employees/Associates in Business roles will wear suits when they go for

client meetings

Employees/Associates in non customer facing roles to wear Centum shirt

once a week on Wednesdays

The approximate cost of the shirt is Rs.450 which would be deducted from
the salary

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Recommended Attire

Business suits, Trousers, Blazers, Collared

Monday to Thursday Men Shirts, Closed Shoes and preferably a Tie

Business Suits, Trousers, Knee length or longer

Skirts, Formal Shirts, Indian Formals and
Women Formal Shoes
Fridays/extra days/holidays Men Jeans, Collared T-shirts, Sport Shoes
Women Jeans, Collared T-shirts, Sport Shoes

Torn or faded Jeans, Kurta – Pyjama , Slippers,

Sandals, Shorts, Collarless T-shirts,
All Days Men Tracksuits

Torn or faded Jeans, Slippers, Shorts, Collarless

Women T-shirts, Capris, Short Tops and Tracksuits

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Internal Complaints Committee

As per the requirement of ‘The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention,

Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, the Bharti Group has constituted an Internal
Complaints Committee (ICC) consisting of members from various Bharti Group Companies

The objective of ICC is to provide protection against sexual harassment of women at

work place and for the prevention and redressal of complaints of matters connected
with sexual harassment.

Vidya Raman from Centum Learning is a part of the ICC. If you have any complaints
regarding Sexual Harassment, kindly write to Samra.Rahman@centumlearning.com

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Voluntary Benevolent Fund and Car Hire Policy

Voluntary Benevolent Fund

1% of Basic salary gets deducted every month. Deduction will fall in the range of INR 20 - INR 250.

Incase of permanent disability or demise of employee, Lump sum fund of Rs.25 lakhs, to deceased employee’s
nominees and scholarship for the children of deceased employees, until they reach 18 years of age

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Bharti Foundation

- Launched in the year 2000 as the development

arm of Bharti Enterprises. Provides free of cost
education including mid-day meals, uniform,
stationary to lesser privileged children

- EDUCATION – Impacting over 85,000 students;

engaging 3,000 teachers at more than 500
schools in 2,000+ villages and 9 states

- SANITATION - 12,000+ toilets handed over;

63,000+ direct beneficiaries in more than 500

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Bharti Foundation – Employee Philanthropy Program

ACT – A CaringTouch
is payroll-giving initiative by Bharti Foundation that aims to involve employees of Bharti Group
companies in their journey of transforming rural India through Education. ACT gives you the option to
contribute on a monthly basis to the Bharti Foundation (min : INR 50)

50% tax exemption under 80G

Over 80 CEOs, HR Heads and ACT Ambassadors work towards encouraging employees to
make a difference

ACT Today!
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Salary and Investment Declaration

• Salary is credited on the last day of each month • Window open from 5th to 18th only for
in the bank account of the employee one month within Date of Joining
• All bank accounts are accepted for salary
processing. The account should be an
individual account and not be a joint account. • One time Updation on epay
Zero Balance salary account is available only
with HDFC Bank • Investment Proof Submission in January
• Bank Account details and Pan Card Details to every year.
be uploaded on e pay within 5 working days
of your joining
• Salary Re-imbursements (medical, petrol
and chauffeur) credited by the 7th of next
month in reimbursement accounts.
• Window opens for Updation in current
month from 5th – 15th
• Details to be updated in epay link on HRIS
and hardcopy of bills to be couriered by
18th of the month to HR for reimbursement.
• Bills can be submitted at the end of the
Car Hire Policy
financial year also.
• Last date to update all leave/short leave for Applicability – All employees of band M3
the current month in HRIS is 20th of current and above
• Last date to regularize attendance for For details, please reach out to
previous month is 5th of current month ashutosh.pandey@centumlearning.com
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HR Support
 Ashutosh Pandey : Payroll Specialist for India & Africa.
- Payroll queries
- Income Tax declaration
- Form-16 disbursal
- Queries on Car Hire Policy
(Available at Ashutosh.Pandey@centumlearning.com (M) 9871003118)

 Harmeet Singh : Single point of contact forAll Compliance documents related queries – PF Form
2, Form 11, ESI Form.
- ESI card related queries
- Handset reimbursement bills(Only for band M4 and above)
(Available at Centum.Operations@centumlearning.com (M) 8860903289)

 Pooja Baid: Single point of contact for –

- HRIS queries
- Attendance issues
- Letters - Experience letters and NOCs
(Available at a_pooja.baid@centumlearning.com (M) 9886748382)

 Amit Mehta: Single point of contact for –

- CFA reimbursements
- GTLI/GPA/GHI related queries
(Available at Amit.Mehta@centumlearning.com (M) 9910059576)

 Pooja Wadhwa: Single point of contact for –

- Employee Engagement
- Employee/Organization Communications
(Available at Pooja.Wadhwa@centumlearning.com (M) 9899445805)

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