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Bea Nicole C.

Rosales Creative Non - Fiction

11 – HUMSS Sr. Catherine

My Autobiography

They say high school is one of the best time of your lives. In high school you get to learn
different things and experience stuff. A lot of firsts happens here. To some, their time here was a
blast. Was this for you also? To me, I can say I am enjoying my time attending high school. As
time goes by I get to know more people and become friends with them. People here were more
nice and approachable. I am thankful that I get to have two more years to spend with these
wonderful people. Was your youth fun because of your friends? Have you found them like I
did? Here I met people who would have the same interests as mine. Friends whom I get to
express my feelings and thoughts and show my true self.

After completing 6 years of primary education and 3 years in early childhood education, I was
about to enter high school. It being a reminder that I’m an adolescent now. Hormonal and
physical change are about to be noticed in boys and girls. And more changes were bound to
happen. The classrooms in the high school department are more advanced. As they have
projectors and speakers built in inside. Having blackboard yet also whiteboards. And water
sprinklers for fire emergency.

With this change in my life as a student and a teenager, I happen to face new challenges and
experiences. That somehow helped in shaping to who I am now. Not just the experiences that
I’ve encountered but also the people I’ve met. I would like to thank my grade 5 friends as some
of them were still with me in high school. They were the ones that are my friends in my first year
in high school. They are still my friends up to this day. But when I’ve reached my second year
that is the time that I can truly tell that I finally have my own kind of friends. The group of
friends I’m really comfortable with. They are also the ones that I’ve let my true self show.
Through them, I get to show that I may get a bit crazy every now and then; sometimes I’m just
really hyper. Sometimes, out of the blue I would say a joke that they will find weird yet amusing.
I’m very frank, so sometimes my remarks could be rude to others. To them it is okay already as
they are used to it. They also said that being straight forward is better as I’m honest with them.
That what I’m feeling is my true opinion and not just showering others with complement even if
it was a contradictory to the truth.

In the Philippines, the K-12 program was being debated to whether be implemented or not in our
education system. As they say that our graduates are not capable workers for their field. Even
though, Filipinos are known to be hardworking and diligent in their tasks. It's because we lack
two years in our number of full education. They highly regard this in the qualification of a
worker. The additional two more years would do us good, as we will learn the basic lessons in
college in high school.

We are the first batch to go through senior high. After it was implemented by DepEd and was
supported by our government. I’m currently attending Dominican School Manila; a private
catholic school under the patronage of St. Dominic De Guzman. Sure I should say that I was
excited for this new chapter in my life. New things to learn, to discover and to experience. I was
looking forward to the development of my alma mater. They were preparing for our admission
long before a year ahead of the time. New building, furniture, facilities, school area, classrooms,
chairs and tables, uniforms. Little do I know that there were a lot to happen. As we are the first
ones to use and experience this things. Everyone was not prepared for the changes. Not just there
were some problems regarding with senior high issues and concerns. But also in us. The students
itself. We we’re not prepared. We didn’t expect so much things to be different. A lot of things
were different. Should I say completely everything. We were informed that the education
curriculum was changed. It happened even before when we entered high school. But not this
much that we would know that we truly don’t know anything. It was really different from the
previous one. It was a sudden shock. We were stressed at first when it hit us. You have to adapt
to the new environment and change your mentality. The attention was on all of us. There was the
great pressure and expectation to meet the standards and to adjust easily is what they we’re
hoping from us.

I thought this a great way for me to escape being a college student too sudden as I’m not yet
ready to enter adulthood. I’m not yet committed to something. That thing, that you’re really
passionate about. That you want to do that for the rest of your life as you enjoy doing it. I haven’t
decided yet on what career should I take. I want to try different things, to find my own. Things
that I’m good at and that I also enjoy doing. This passage from the famous poem by Robert Frost
in his work, The Road Not Taken exactly depicts what I want to do: “I took the one less travelled
by”. I do not want to follow others to play it safe. That you get to see the results based from
others, I want to try them on my own. To experience them firsthand.

Indeed it’s easy to say that you want this or that but the truth is I don’t want to disappoint my
parents, myself. Yet I don’t want to forget my hopes and dreams. My aspirations in life. Today in
almost to everyone, “Holding onto our dream is not easy in this world as we get older and
because when faced with reality we tend to set that aside and forget about it until we no longer
remember what for are we doing this”. Such as why this, even if this does not make us happy.
Doesn’t makes us feel fulfilled and contented in life. Would have I changed if I had chosen a
different path? If I had stopped and look back?

I don’t want to waste their money, their hard work in putting me in a good school. We’re not rich
that I can just throw away things. To act impulsively. To waste our resources. You’re up to risks
to be able to do something new and the unpredictable will make you prone to danger. And with
uncertainty there is a high chance of disappointment, regret and pain. Going out of one’s comfort
zone will leave us in a vulnerable state.
I want to be a help to them. I can do that if I am capable of managing my life on my own. Help
them as an adult too. I want to repay all the love and goodness they gave me. The attention when
taking care of me. As they get older, they’re not getting stronger. They’re not as strong as they
are before. There will come a time where they won’t be able to support themselves. They are not
physically capable to take care of themselves anymore. I don’t want to be a burden. I don’t want
to waste such time and opportunity. That’s why I don’t want to make a mistake and let a once in
a lifetime chance slip right before me, of me having a good life independently. And to be able to
care of my loved ones. I want to things for them. That it’s now my time to look after them. I
want to make them proud. I don’t want them to worry about me. That I get to do something for
myself now. That I am a highly capable adult and can adapt well in different situations.

I will always thank them for everything. I might don’t get to express all my feelings now but
later on I might find the courage that I was always looking for. Because I am now more mature
and sensitive of those around me. That I won’t only think about what I want, my desires and
myself but to consider them first. I will make sure they get all of what they deserve. And that we
will all live great lives during our time here.

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