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Practo - ASE - Job Description

Company website: https://www.practo.com/

About Practo:
Practo is the world’s leading healthcare platform that connects millions of patients with hundreds of
thousands of healthcare providers around the world and helps people make better healthcare decisions.
Practo provides a singular platform that helps consumers with all their healthcare requirements - from
finding the healthcare provider to booking an appointment, getting their tests done and even ordering
medicines. Practo also makes software products to help healthcare providers like clinics and hospitals
digitize and deliver a more efficient and higher quality healthcare to millions of patients around the world,
every day. We continue to be dedicated to centering healthcare around the consumer and helping
billions of people live healthier, longer lives.

Do you get a kick out of watching software unfold before your eyes? Do you dream about code every
night? If so, we’d love to talk to you. We’re looking for top-notch Software Engineers who always sweat
the small stuff and care about impeccable code. If you see glitches as an enjoyable challenge rather
than a hardship and if you are willing to put in long hours to see a project come to fruition, get in touch
with us today.

Salary offered: INR 8,00,000 per annum.

• 2019 Batch - B.E/ B.Tech (Computer Science/ IT related branches)
• Good academics

The selection process is of 2 stages:

(1) Online Assessment (Coding) – Remotely held/ Take-from-home
(2) Interview rounds for online test cleared students at Practo Bangalore office on a later date.

Positions offered: “Associate Software Engineer / Intern”

Job Requirement:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or 4 years of similar work
experience to replace the same.
• Few projects of software development or programming experience under your belt
• Good understanding of OOPs concepts
• Great at solving problems at hand with required data structures.
• Understand concepts of REST, HTTP Protocols and methods.
• Basic knowledge of Computer Networking for the purpose of optimisation of services that you are
going to work on.
• Extensive experience with either Java, PHP, Python, Javascript or other programming languages
• In depth understanding of at least one programming language.
• Working knowledge of either Elasticsearch, Lucene or Solar
• Good understanding of HTML5, CSS3
• Team player attitude with an attitude to help out one another in a team
• Devotion to continuing education on an annual basis
• In depth knowledge of SQL and Database design.
• Working understanding of CDN, Caching, AWS Infra
• Agile management experience, primarily Scrum
• Good understanding of databases and SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL) and caching technologies (Redis,
Memcached etc.)
Job Responsibilities:
• Expand existing software to meet the changing needs of our key demographics all while staying true
to our company’s core values and needs while lending your own creativity to the mix
• Focus on creating fault-tolerant programming
• Create scalable, automated solutions for our customer base
• Respond to production issues on short notice and able to put a hotfix asap
• Write tests for existing and created code to ensure compatibility and stability
• Make sure that the services that you are working on are working at optimal performance and if not
then tune it to make it happen.
• Maintain the best coding standards and make sure in Code review process your team members also
follow the same.
• Take a product handover and understand it’s importance. Also you are supposed to measure it’s
metrics to check for success of that feature.

Next steps: Contact your college Placement Cell.

GLIDER.ai Team