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R03ERt ANTON “Wilson ROZER ANTON WiLSOn ANCE ie T mention, as the most salient characteristics (of the collective unconscious) chaotic multiplicity and order; duality; the opposition of light and dark, upper and lower, right and left; the union of ‘opposites in a third; the quaterity (square, cross); rotation (circle, sphere); and finally the centering process and a radical arrangement that usually followed some quaternity system . CG. Jung, Pachology and Alchemy ‘The mome rath hasn't been born that can outgrabe me. James Thurber, The Thurber Carnival TABLE OF CONTENTS Fore Words Into the Labyrinth « ssreesneesadpeseees 3 Coincidarce, PART ONE: Synchronicity and Iomorphism in Fags Woke sessed Werewolf Bridge coven 8 The Motherfucker Mystique... ar Mammary Metaphysi ososcsesesesee sieesseessvenssee OP Jazz Haka soresseeenveesies How to Read / How to Think How to Read / How to Think Afterwards Shrapnel 7 Why Do You Livein lan De. ikon? The Poet as Defense Early Warning Radar System .. 81 Coincdance, PART TWO: Death and Absence in Joyce - = Introduction to Three Articles from THE REAUST +. 105 The Doctor With the Frightened Eyes sees 109 Thirteen Choruses forthe Divine Marquis... Ww “The Married Catholic Press’ Convention <.s.s+sesesee 9 SelP-Refledve Surrealist Hake sreteesieesseesseee BT ‘The Godfathers and the Goddess f 130 ‘The Physics of Synchronicity seciessieeseetiorss M7 Coincidanee, PART THREE: Semper as Oxhouschumper <...sccssscsseriesseesseessensseee 157 Interview with Sean MacBride coeeeeneeee v8 Religion forthe Hel of I to 131 Comix and Cut-Ups 208, [No Waters in Cherry Valley bythe Testes cesses 208 Shrapnel . 7 22 Goircidance, PART FOUR: “The Hidden Variables... seal 238 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Dor Wk te rigs Fas Tato Chai the Die Mangos ad he ‘Murr Cac Pst Cansei were orginal published in Te Rails nd ace repainted with permission of the publisher [Subscriptions to The Ril are avaible a $23 for 12 issues Box 1230, Venice, CA 90204 | The lets Gos nd Religion th Hall were originally published by Fs Pres, Dublin, Ireland, and are reprinted with their permission. We acknowledge with gratitude, the permision for repeinting addtional smatenal, whose oficial grants were received post press time, These publishers wil be specifically noted in subsequent printings of Cabo FORE—WORDS Into the Labyrinth Like many another wid and anarchistic wanderer of our shattered times, I spend a lot of time asking myself questions that are offically classed as “nonsensical” by the Cambridge custodians of linguistic analysis. Lack, for instance, why are there 12 eggs ina grocers box and 12 citizens in a jury box--or why Nagasaki is mentioned in conjunction with uranium ina book published in 1939—or why attitudes toward the female breast correlate ‘osely with attudes toward war and conquest. Naturally, a the Cambridge ‘group warns, such nonsense questions lead to nonsense answers ‘Some of the nonsense answers that have amused and delighted me are collected in this anthology. If there is a thesis hidden in these ransom ‘explorations, it might be that nonsense has its own meanings and that Lewis Carrel, the fantasst, was just as wise as Charles Dodgson, the logician, who happened to inhabit the same body as Carroll Or it might be that nonsense and poetry ae inescapable parts of human experience aslong as wehave twohemispheresin our brains one logicaland the other intuitive (Or it might be that dialectical Marxism (Groucho variety) can answer ‘questions that sane sober people cant even ask in the first place have added a running commentary, here and there, which sts these Pieces in their istorial context, expands them, adds new thoughts, or just exemplifies the sad fact that, ike most writers, I cannot resist any ‘opportunity to explain my explanations 3