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# All paths in this configuration file are relative to Dynmap's data-folder:


# All map templates are defined in the templates directory

# To use the HDMap very-low-res (2 ppb) map templates as world defaults, set value
to vlowres
# The definitions of these templates are in normal-vlowres.txt, nether-
vlowres.txt, and the_end-vlowres.txt
# To use the HDMap low-res (4 ppb) map templates as world defaults, set value to
# The definitions of these templates are in normal-lowres.txt, nether-lowres.txt,
and the_end-lowres.txt
# To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates (these can take a VERY long time
for initial fullrender), set value to hires
# The definitions of these templates are in normal-hires.txt, nether-hires.txt,
and the_end-hires.txt
# To use the HDMap low-res (4 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting
resolution selectively to hi-res (16 ppb), set value to low_boost_hi
# The definitions of these templates are in normal-low_boost_hi.txt, nether-
low_boost_hi.txt, and the_end-low_boost_hi.txt
# To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting
resolution selectively to vhi-res (32 ppb), set value to hi_boost_vhi
# The definitions of these templates are in normal-hi_boost_vhi.txt, nether-
hi_boost_vhi.txt, and the_end-hi_boost_vhi.txt
# To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting
resolution selectively to xhi-res (64 ppb), set value to hi_boost_xhi
# The definitions of these templates are in normal-hi_boost_xhi.txt, nether-
hi_boost_xhi.txt, and the_end-hi_boost_xhi.txt
deftemplatesuffix: hires

# Map storage scheme: only uncomment one 'type' value

# filetree: classic and default scheme: tree of files, with all map data under the
directory indicated by 'tilespath' setting
# sqlite: single SQLite database file (this can get VERY BIG), located at 'dbfile'
setting (default is file dynmap.db in data directory)
# mysql: MySQL database, at hostname:port in database, accessed via userid with
# Filetree storage (standard tree of image files for maps)
type: filetree
# SQLite db for map storage (uses dbfile as storage location)
#type: sqlite
#dbfile: dynmap.db
# MySQL DB for map storage (at 'hostname':'port' with flags "flags" in database
'database' using user 'userid' password 'password' and table prefix 'prefix')
#type: mysql
#hostname: localhost
#port: 3306
#database: dynmap
#userid: dynmap
#password: dynmap
#prefix: ""
#flags: "?allowReconnect=true"

- class: org.dynmap.ClientConfigurationComponent

- class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent
sendhealth: true
sendposition: true
allowwebchat: true
webchat-interval: 5
hidewebchatip: false
trustclientname: false
includehiddenplayers: false
# (optional) if true, color codes in player display names are used
use-name-colors: false
# (optional) if true, player login IDs will be used for web chat when their IPs
use-player-login-ip: true
# (optional) if use-player-login-ip is true, setting this to true will cause
chat messages not matching a known player IP to be ignored
require-player-login-ip: false
# (optional) block player login IDs that are banned from chatting
block-banned-player-chat: true
# Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
webchat-requires-login: false
# If set to true, users must have dynmap.webchat permission in order to chat
webchat-permissions: false
# Limit length of single chat messages
chatlengthlimit: 256
# # Optional - make players hidden when they are inside/underground/in shadows
(#=light level: 0=full shadow,15=sky)
# hideifshadow: 4
# # Optional - make player hidden when they are under cover (#=sky light
level,0=underground,15=open to sky)
# hideifundercover: 14
# # (Optional) if true, players that are crouching/sneaking will be hidden
hideifsneaking: false
# If true, player positions/status is protected (login with ID with
dynmap.playermarkers.seeall permission required for info other than self)
protected-player-info: false
# If true, hide players with invisibility potion effects active
hide-if-invisiblity-potion: true
# If true, player names are not shown on map, chat, list
hidenames: false
#- class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent
# writeinterval: 1
# sendhealth: true
# sendposition: true
# allowwebchat: true
# webchat-interval: 5
# hidewebchatip: false
# includehiddenplayers: false
# use-name-colors: false
# use-player-login-ip: false
# require-player-login-ip: false
# block-banned-player-chat: true
# hideifshadow: 0
# hideifundercover: 0
# hideifsneaking: false
# # Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
# webchat-requires-login: false
# # If set to true, users must have dynmap.webchat permission in order to chat
# webchat-permissions: false
# # Limit length of single chat messages
# chatlengthlimit: 256
# hide-if-invisiblity-potion: true
# hidenames: false

- class: org.dynmap.SimpleWebChatComponent
allowchat: true
# If true, web UI users can supply name for chat using 'playername' URL
parameter. 'trustclientname' must also be set true.
allowurlname: false

# Note: this component is needed for the dmarker commands, and for the Marker API
to be available to other plugins
- class: org.dynmap.MarkersComponent
type: markers
showlabel: false
enablesigns: false
# Default marker set for sign markers
default-sign-set: markers
# (optional) add spawn point markers to standard marker layer
showspawn: true
spawnicon: world
spawnlabel: "Spawn"
# (optional) layer for showing offline player's positions (for 'maxofflinetime'
minutes after logoff)
showofflineplayers: false
offlinelabel: "Offline"
offlineicon: offlineuser
offlinehidebydefault: true
offlineminzoom: 0
maxofflinetime: 30
# (optional) layer for showing player's spawn beds
showspawnbeds: false
spawnbedlabel: "Spawn Beds"
spawnbedicon: bed
spawnbedhidebydefault: true
spawnbedminzoom: 0
spawnbedformat: "%name%'s bed"
# (optional) show world border (vanilla 1.8+)
showworldborder: true

- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
type: chat
allowurlname: false
- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
type: chatballoon
focuschatballoons: false
- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
type: chatbox
showplayerfaces: true
messagettl: 5
# Optional: set number of lines in scrollable message history: if set,
messagettl is not used to age out messages
#scrollback: 100
# Optiona; set maximum number of lines visible for chatbox
#visiblelines: 10
# Optional: send push button
sendbutton: false
- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
type: playermarkers
showplayerfaces: true
showplayerhealth: true
# If true, show player body too (only valid if showplayerfaces=true
showplayerbody: false
# Option to make player faces small - don't use with showplayerhealth
smallplayerfaces: false
# Optional - make player faces layer hidden by default
hidebydefault: false
# Optional - ordering priority in layer menu (low goes before high - default is
layerprio: 0
# Optional - label for player marker layer (default is 'Players')
label: "Players"

#- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
# type: digitalclock
- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
type: link

- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
type: timeofdayclock
showdigitalclock: true
showweather: true
# Mouse pointer world coordinate display
- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
type: coord
label: "Location"
hidey: false
show-mcr: false

# Note: more than one logo component can be defined

#- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
# type: logo
# text: "Dynmap"
# #logourl: "images/block_surface.png"
# linkurl: "http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/dynmap.489/"
# # Valid positions: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right
# position: bottom-right

#- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
# type: inactive
# timeout: 1800 # in seconds (1800 seconds = 30 minutes)
# redirecturl: inactive.html
# #showmessage: 'You were inactive for too long.'

#- class: org.dynmap.TestComponent
# stuff: "This is some configuration-value"

# Treat hiddenplayers.txt as a whitelist for players to be shown on the map?

(Default false)
display-whitelist: false

# How often a tile gets rendered (in seconds).

renderinterval: 1

# How many tiles on update queue before accelerate render interval

renderacceleratethreshold: 60

# How often to render tiles when backlog is above renderacceleratethreshold

renderaccelerateinterval: 0.2
# How many update tiles to work on at once (if not defined, default is 1/2 the
number of cores)
tiles-rendered-at-once: 2

# If true, use normal priority threads for rendering (versus low priority) - this
can keep rendering
# from starving on busy Windows boxes (Linux JVMs pretty much ignore thread
priority), but may result
# in more competition for CPU resources with other processes
usenormalthreadpriority: true

# Save and restore pending tile renders - prevents their loss on server shutdown or
saverestorepending: true

# Save period for pending jobs (in seconds): periodic saving for crash recovery of
save-pending-period: 900

# Zoom-out tile update period - how often to scan for and process tile updates into
zoom-out tiles (in seconds)
zoomoutperiod: 30

# Control whether zoom out tiles are validated on startup (can be needed if zoomout
processing is interrupted, but can be expensive on large maps)
initial-zoomout-validate: true

# Default delay on processing of updated tiles, in seconds. This can reduce

potentially expensive re-rendering
# of frequently updated tiles (such as due to machines, pistons, quarries or other
automation). Values can
# also be set on individual worlds and individual maps.
tileupdatedelay: 30

# Tile hashing is used to minimize tile file updates when no changes have occurred
- set to false to disable
enabletilehash: true

# Optional - hide ores: render as normal stone (so that they aren't revealed by
#hideores: true

# Optional - enabled BetterGrass style rendering of grass and snow block sides
#better-grass: true

# Optional - enable smooth lighting by default on all maps supporting it (can be

set per map as lighting option)
smooth-lighting: true

# Optional - use world provider lighting table (good for custom worlds with custom
lighting curves, like nether)
# false=classic Dynmap lighting curve
use-brightness-table: true

# Optional - render specific block IDs using the texures and models of another
block ID: can be used to hide/disguise specific
# blocks (e.g. make ores look like stone, hide chests) or to provide simple
support for rendering unsupported custom blocks
# "14": 1
# "15": 1
# "16": 1

# Default image format for HDMaps (png, jpg, jpg-q75, jpg-q80, jpg-q85, jpg-q90,
jpg-q95, jpg-q100)
# Has no effect on maps with explicit format settings
image-format: png

# use-generated-textures: if true, use generated textures (same as client); false

is static water/lava textures
# correct-water-lighting: if true, use corrected water lighting (same as client);
false is legacy water (darker)
# transparent-leaves: if true, leaves are transparent (lighting-wise): false is
needed for some Spout versions that break lighting on leaf blocks
use-generated-textures: true
correct-water-lighting: true
transparent-leaves: true

# ctm-support: if true, Connected Texture Mod (CTM) in texture packs is enabled

ctm-support: true
# custom-colors-support: if true, Custom Colors in texture packs is enabled
custom-colors-support: true

# Control loading of player faces (if set to false, skins are never fetched)
#fetchskins: false

# Control updating of player faces, once loaded (if faces are being managed by
other apps or manually)
#refreshskins: false

# Customize URL used for fetching player skins (%player% is macro for name)
skin-url: "http://skins.minecraft.net/MinecraftSkins/%player%.png"

#- playermove
#- playerjoin
- blockplaced
- blockbreak
- leavesdecay
- blockburn
- chunkgenerated
- blockformed
- blockfaded
- blockspread
- pistonmoved
- explosion
#- blockfromto
#- blockphysics
- structuregrow
- blockgrow
#- blockredstone

# Title for the web page - if not specified, defaults to the server's name (unless
it is the default of 'Unknown Server')
#webpage-title: "My Awesome Server Map"
# The path where the tile-files are placed.
tilespath: web/tiles

# The path where the web-files are located.

webpath: web

# The path were the /dynmapexp command exports OBJ ZIP files
exportpath: export

# The network-interface the webserver will bind to ( for all interfaces, for only local access).
# If not set, uses same setting as server in server.properties (or if not

# The TCP-port the webserver will listen on.

webserver-port: 8123

# Maximum concurrent session on internal web server - limits resources used in

Bukkit server
max-sessions: 30

# Disables Webserver portion of Dynmap (Advanced users only)

disable-webserver: false

# Enable/disable having the web server allow symbolic links (true=compatible with
existing code, false=more secure (default))
allow-symlinks: true

# Enable login support

login-enabled: false
# Require login to access website (requires login-enabled: true)
login-required: false

# Period between tile renders for fullrender, in seconds (non-zero to pace

fullrenders, lessen CPU load)
timesliceinterval: 0.0

# Maximum chunk loads per server tick (1/20th of a second) - reducing this below 90
will impact render performance, but also will reduce server thread load
maxchunkspertick: 200

# Progress report interval for fullrender/radiusrender, in tiles. Must be 100 or

progressloginterval: 100

# Parallel fullrender: if defined, number of concurrent threads used for fullrender

or radiusrender
# Note: setting this will result in much more intensive CPU use, some additional
memory use. Caution should be used when
# setting this to equal or exceed the number of physical cores on the system.
#parallelrendercnt: 4

# Interval the browser should poll for updates.

updaterate: 2000

# If nonzero, server will pause fullrender/radiusrender processing when

'fullrenderplayerlimit' or more users are logged in
fullrenderplayerlimit: 0
# If nonzero, server will pause update render processing when 'updateplayerlimit'
or more users are logged in
updateplayerlimit: 0
# Target limit on server thread use - msec per tick
per-tick-time-limit: 50
# If TPS of server is below this setting, update renders processing is paused
update-min-tps: 18.0
# If TPS of server is below this setting, full/radius renders processing is paused
fullrender-min-tps: 18.0
# If TPS of server is below this setting, zoom out processing is paused
zoomout-min-tps: 18.0

showplayerfacesinmenu: true

# Control whether players that are hidden or not on current map are grayed out
grayplayerswhenhidden: true

# Use player permissions to order player list: first to last, players are ordered
by first permission listed that they have
# That is, anyone with first listed permission goes before anyone with second, etc,
with users with none of the nodes going last
- bukkit.command.op

# Set sidebaropened: 'true' to pin menu sidebar opened permanently, 'pinned' to

default the sidebar to pinned, but allow it to unpin
#sidebaropened: true

# Customized HTTP response headers - add 'id: value' pairs to all HTTP response
headers (internal web server only)
# Access-Control-Allow-Origin: "my-domain.com"
# X-Custom-Header-Of-Mine: "MyHeaderValue"

# Trusted proxies for web server - which proxy addresses are trusted to supply
valid X-Forwarded-For fields
- ""
- "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1"

# Join/quit message format for web chat: set to "" to disable notice on web UI
joinmessage: "%playername% joined"
quitmessage: "%playername% quit"

spammessage: "You may only chat once every %interval% seconds."

# format for messages from web: %playername% substitutes sender ID (typically IP),
%message% includes text
webmsgformat: "&color;2[WEB] %playername%: &color;f%message%"

# Control whether layer control is presented on the UI (default is true)

showlayercontrol: true

# Enable checking for banned IPs via banned-ips.txt (internal web server only)
check-banned-ips: true

# Default selection when map page is loaded

defaultzoom: 0
defaultworld: world
defaultmap: flat
# (optional) Zoom level and map to switch to when following a player, if possible
#followzoom: 3
#followmap: surface

# If true, make persistent record of IP addresses used by player logins, to support

web IP to player matching
persist-ids-by-ip: true

# If true, map text to cyrillic

cyrillic-support: false

# If true, coordinates will be rounded

round-coordinates: true

# Messages to customize
maptypes: "Map Types"
players: "Players"
chatrequireslogin: "Chat Requires Login"
chatnotallowed: "You are not permitted to send chat messages"
hiddennamejoin: "Player joined"
hiddennamequit: "Player quit"

# URL for client configuration (only need to be tailored for proxies or other non-
standard configurations)
# configuration URL
#configuration: "up/configuration"
# update URL
#update: "up/world/{world}/{timestamp}"
# sendmessage URL
#sendmessage: "up/sendmessage"
# login URL
#login: "up/login"
# register URL
#register: "up/register"
# tiles base URL
#tiles: "tiles/"
# markers base URL
#markers: "tiles/"

# Customization commands - allows scripts to be run before/after certain events

# Command run just before any image file is written or updated: run with
single parameter with fully qualified file name
preupdatecommand: ""
# Command run just after any image file is written or updated: run with
single parameter with fully qualified file name
postupdatecommand: ""

# Snapshot cache size, in chunks

snapshotcachesize: 500
# Snapshot cache uses soft references (true), else weak references (false)
soft-ref-cache: true

# Set to true to enable verbose startup messages - can help with debugging map
configuration problems
# Set to false for a much quieter startup log
verbose: false

# Enables debugging.
# - class: org.dynmap.debug.LogDebugger
# Debug: dump blocks missing render data
dump-missing-blocks: false