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Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 1

Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center


Project: Development of 
International Convention Center 
at Bodh Gaya with PPP 

August 2010 

IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corp Ltd 
2nd Floor, Ambience Corporate Tower, Ambience Mall, 
 Ambience Island, National Highway – 8,  
Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 001 
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 2
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center


This project envisages the setting up of an International Convention Center (ICC) at

Magadh University (MU) in Bodh-Gaya, Bihar, India. The convention center would be
within the precincts of land owned by the Magadh University and would be
operationalised on a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model with the help of private
investors, in accordance with rules and regulations laid down by the Government of
Bihar. Once operational, the convention center would house a convention facility of
international standards. Closely integrated with the convention center would be
accommodation of mid-market and luxury categories, and an arts and craft village.
The ICC at Bodh Gaya is envisaged to be a world class convention facility at a World
Heritage Site which is mostly visited by Buddhist countries such as Japan, China,
Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. With a future oriented development at an
attractive location in Bodh Gaya with allied quality hospitality infrastructure
demands, such a facility would be cherished for a long time by the people and visitors
of this holy city.

MU invites expression of Interest from Developers for Planning, Design, Finance,

Construction, Marketing, Operation and Maintenance of the proposed Project on BOT
basis. The Project would be set up in 25.2 acres of Land at Magadh University, Bodh
Gaya. The land will be provided by Magadh University (MU), to the Preferred
Bidder/Authorisee on lease of 30 (thirty) years (including construction period) with a
provision of one–time renewal for another 30 (thirty) years.

MU Proposes to set up the Project with the intent of exposing its students and
teaching community to an international audience by hosting
conventions/seminars/expos of national and international scale.
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 3
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center


Bihar, the ancient land of Buddha, has witnessed golden period of Indian history. The
state has its capital at Patna, which is situated on the bank of the holy river Ganga.
Bodh Gaya has been a place of supreme importance for Buddhist religion, for more
than 2500 years.

Magadh University, formed in 1961 by the Government of Bihar has been an important
educational center at Bodh Gaya ever since. The university has a strategic location in
Bodh Gaya and is only 3-4 kms from the Mahabodhi temple, a UNESCO-declared World
Heritage Site.
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 4
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center

The Magadh University, Bodh Gaya has a vision of organizing academic Conventions of
global standards on its campus. The University Syndicate and the University Senate,
the Supreme authority of the university, have approved the idea of establishing an
International Convention Center with a Public Private Partnership. Subsequently, the
Magadh University has also got the approval/NOC to the project from His Excellency
Governor-cum-Chancellor of the Universities of Bihar, the State Government and the
local administration,
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 5
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center


Bodh Gaya presents a number of lucrative opportunities to a potential investor. Some

critical success factors that point to the potential of any project in Bodh Gaya include
the following:

a) The Potential Investor Perspective:

• The epicenter of Buddhism- Bodh Gaya: Bodh Gaya is the epicenter of Buddhism
as well as is the strategic locus of the Buddhist circuit consisting of Rajgir,
Nalanda, Vaishali, Patna, Pawapuri, and Kesaria. It acts as a point of entry and
exit for visitors specially Buddhist Tourists from major South East Asian nations.

• UN World Heritage Site: The Mahabodhi temple at Bodh Gaya, India has been
accorded the status of a World Heritage Site, recognition offered to rare sites that
are of ‘outstanding value to humanity’. The declaration has helped this epitome of
Buddhist faith to avail UNESCO funds for conservation, protection and
maintenance on a sustainable basis.

• Potential International tourist hub: Statistics from various sources indicate that
Bodh Gaya has always played host to a large number of international tourists as a
key Buddhist destination. A study undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism on Bihar’s
tourist traffic revealed that foreign tourists who visited Buddhist destinations
more than 60% of tourists visitBodh Gaya. Almost 80% of these foreign tourists
came from Asia, primarily from Buddhist nations like Japan, Korea and rest of
South-East Asia. This number may be safely assumed to have risen since 2005.
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 6
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center

• Accessibility: Bodh Gaya has excellent connectivity within India by road and rail.
It is an important junction between Delhi and Calcutta both by road (Golden
Quadrilateral) and rail (Grand Chord).

But, the USP of any infrastructure project in Bodh Gaya is the connectivity through
the Gaya airport which currently has direct flights from Bangkok (Thailand),
Rangoon (Burma), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Paro (Bhutan), Colombo (SriLanka) as well
as all the major cities of India. The Gaya airport currently operates more than 800
flights annually. It is also increasingly ramping up its airport capacity to cater to a
large international tourist base.

b) The Magadh University Perspective:

The location of Magadh University at Bodh Gaya has always given it, an opportunity to
be a global education hub. But, the existing infrastructure available at the university,
does not match its potential. An International Convention Center at the proposed site
in the Magadh University campus would bring a host of benefits to the University and
Bodh Gaya, as a whole. The proposed ICC has the strengthen of potential to put Bodh
Gaya on the international tourist map, as well as, be an important infrastructure of
the Magadh University, in owning a world-class convention center. Some of the
anticipated benefits to the Magadh University would include the following:

• World-class convention centre at no capital investments

• World-class facility available for operation and maintenance by operators of

repute, on a sustainable basis

• Unproductive asset (land) converted to a productive asset for university

• Lease rental & revenue sharing by operator

• Enhancement of the image of University to international standards

• Access to international audience that would foster greater knowledge sharing

Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 7
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center

c) The Government of Bihar Perspective –

As the state of Bihar surges ahead with development, there is enormous Tourism
potential of the State, which have not been addressed to its strength. The proposed
project will be the first International Convention Centre and potentially among the
largest private investment in Bihar, developed on PPP.

• Multiplier effect on Tourism in Bodh Gaya and Bihar

• Complimentary support to Bodh Gaya – would foster improved connectivity

levels with the rest of the world

• Sustainable source of income from an international audience primarily from the

south-east Asian nations affiliated to Buddhism

• Much needed thrust & attention to the heritage and urbanity of Gaya district


Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 8
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center



Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 9
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center


The proposed project would consist of the following components:

1. Convention & Exhibition Centre (C&EC): The C&EC would have the
facility to host meetings/conferences for more than 2000 delegates at a
single time. The proposed facilities in the C&EC are summarized in
Clause 7 below.

2. Accommodation: To cater to the accommodation needs of various

delegates (local and international), it is proposed to develop two types
of accommodations: Deluxe accommodation and Budget accommodation
with capacity for 100 and 200 pax respectively.

3. Art & Craft Village: In addition to C&EC and accommodation facilities,

the project proposes an arts and crafts bazaar that would provide a
boost to the local artisans and the characteristic handicrafts of Bodh
Schematic Plan of the proposed ICC Key Results
Project Cost:
2 INR 2435.51

Project Area:
INR 25.2 acres

Concession Period:
60 years (including 3
years of Construction)

Obligation of Developer:-
In addition to the benefits of an ICC within its campus, Magadh University
expects the following long-term financial benefits from the Project:
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 10
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center

a) Upfront Land Payment: An upfront payment of INR 50 million to Magadh

University will be made by the developer before the start of concession.

b) Annual Payments: The annual payments would be made to Magadh

University in the form of lease rent. This would include reserve annual
payment would be calculated and fixed. An additional annual payment to
be quoted by the highest bidder.
c) Complimentary Facilities: Apart from the above payments, the developer
would also be advised to provide the following facilities on annual basis to
Magadh University:
ƒ 5 days of convention / Exhibition space in the 1st year of operations
ƒ 9 days of convention / Exhibition space in the 2nd year of operations
ƒ 14 days of convention / Exhibition space in the subsequent years
ƒ 10 Rooms of Deluxe & 20 Rooms of Budget Accommodation for the
convention days
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 11
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center


SN. Key Information Details

1. Project Title International Convention Centre, Bodh Gaya
2. Location Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Gaya District, Bihar,
3. Grantor of Magadh University
4. Nodal Department Magadh University
for project
5. Project Site Area 25.2 Acres
6. Existing • Permissible FSI – 0.6
Development • Maximum Permissible Ground Coverage – 30%
Guidelines (Note: The Bidder is required to check the applicable
guidelines independently from the concerned
development authority.).
7. Proposed Project I. International Convention Centre Facility:
Components Estimated to be spread over a total area of 11.33
acre (45,870 sq.m), it is proposed to have the
following facilities:
a) Plenary hall with retractable seating for 1000
b) Hitech convention hall with a 500-seater
c) Meeting rooms, numbering six, with a total
capacity of 420 delegates
d) Board rooms, numbering two and seating 45
delegates and VVIP rooms/lounges
e) Exhibition space
f) Public area (reception, public toilets)

II. Accommodation Facility:

a) Mid-Market accommodation: Estimated to be
spread over 6.5 acre (26,316 sq.m), the mid
market accommodation should be able to
house 200 rooms for delegates.
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 12
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center

SN. Key Information Details

b) Deluxe accommodation: Estimated to be
spread over 5 acres (20,243 sq.m), the
deluxe/premium accommodation would
accommodate 100 rooms for delegates.

III. Craft Village: Estimated to be spread over an

area of 2.37 acre (9595 sq m) to provide a boost
to the local artisans and handicrafts. In addition
to the craft bazaar, it would also include a food
court and Car Parking facility. Any other
development as per the applicable byelaws can
also be developed.

8. Minimum ƒ International Convention Centre with minimum

Development facilities as indicated in para 7 (I) above.
Obligations ƒ Accommodation facility with minimum 50 rooms
in either deluxe or mid-market category.
ƒ Support Infrastructure and On Site infrastructure
including development of internal road network,
parking areas, security, air conditioning, Sewage
Treatment Plant (STP), landscaping and other
services required for the Project complying with
the minimum applicable standards / norms.
9. Estimated Project International Convention INR 779.77 Million
Cost Centre &
Exhibition Centre
Hotel INR 1092.99 Million

Craft Village INR 123.40 Million

Preliminary & Pre-Operatives INR 438.85 Million

including IDC
Total Cost INR 2435.51 Million
10. Technical As per applicable BIS Codes and other Indian
Specification Standards and International Standards
11. Institutional Special Purpose Company (SPC) incorporated under
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, India 13
Project Brief of proposed International Convention Center

SN. Key Information Details

Structure for the Companies Act, 1956
Implementation In case of single firm being the ‘Preferred bidder”,
SPC formation would not be mandatory.
12. Authorisation Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)
13. Authorisation 30 (thirty) years (including construction period) from
Period the Compliance Date with provision of a one-time
renewal for another 30 (thirty) years subject to the
non-breach of any condition/obligation of the
developer under the Authorisation Agreement.
14. Construction Maximum 36 (Thirty-six) months from Compliance
Period Date
15. Compliance Date Six (6) months from the date of Authorisation


• Prof. Arvind Kumar, Vice Chancellor,
Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya – 824 234
E-mail – drarvindvbu@gmail.com

• Dr. Bishwa Nath Singh, CCDC,

Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya - 824 234
Mobile: 09430200070

• Mr. Vikash Chandra, Project Manager, IL&FS IDC, Gurgaon

(+91 99115 64000), vikash.chandra@ilfsindia.com
• Mr. Deepten Chatterjee, Asst. Manager, IL&FS IDC, Gurgaon
(+91 98710 57111), deepten.chatterjee@ilfsindia.com

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