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Time duration – 2 hrs


• Read the problem statement thoroughly

• Apply only external CSS and external JavaScript.
• Create the following pages for the store admin to design the “Online Product
Management System”
• Each page should have header, footer and content area ,defined using div tags
• Ensure that proper concepts of web accessibility are applied in page design/validations
• Need to follow MVC pattern with appropriate package and folder structure.
• Create the dynamic web project with the name Web_EmpName and copy the
completed web project from your workspace ,zip the folder ( eg. Web_Raj.zip),
upload the same in LMS on time.
• If any malpractices found,then will take necessary disciplinary actions immediately.

• Use the following schema (please scroll to the end of the question paper to see the util

1) Create the table in the Testing Schema with the name Product_xxxx(replace xxxx with
your empid)

ProductName VARCHAR2(20 NOT NULL
Quantity NUMBER(10) NOT NULL
Status VARCHAR2(20)

2) Insert Values of your choice into the table. For the Status column use either of the
3 values “Active”, “Inactive”, “New”.
3)Each page should contain the following things
Header :Caption “Online Product Store Management System”
Footer: Copyright message along with designed by:copyright@UREMPID_TCS
Content Page : include the main content area

4) The first page should look like the below. It should have a drop down with 3 values,
Active, Inactive and New.
Validation : If no status is selected and submit button is clicked, need to throw an error
message saying “Please select a status”

5) On clicking each of the status , the below criteria should be taken into consideration.
1. If user clicks New → Navigate to another page which will display the products with new
status and action Delete to delete that product from the database.
2. If user clicks Active/Inactive → Navigate to another page which will display products with
active status and action View to view the details of the product
Illustration for 1 → if user clicks New Status, navigate to below page. On clicking the delete
(link/button), the product should get deleted from the database
Illustration for 2 → if user clicks Active/Inactive Status, navigate to below page. On clicking
the View (link/button), the product details should get displayed on another page.

On clicking View, the following page should be displayed

All pages must have a link to navigate to home page (status page)

CRUD (75% weightage),layout and validations(25% weightage)