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New links will be placed here for a while before adding them to Da Archive.


If you can't understand why you should support your game, go work at Burger King for 2 weeks for no pay and you might get a clue.
Sorry for the incomplete links and L33t gibberish.
This way seems to be a good idea, what with all the matrixbots and cyber crotchspiders out there.

SS, $$, or @SS is sendspace, m3g4 is mega, <d0t> is a period or dot as in dot com, etc.
There is a u$ercl0ud and a u$er$cl0ud, be careful to go to the correct one.
Remember, links are cAsE sEnSeTiVe

Anon Has Pointed Out That A Few Sites Used Have Unwanted Clutter That Can Be Annoying.
“Be warned the site it's on is rife with malware traps.
When you figure it out make sure the file you're saving is a .PDF and not the same thing with .EXE
stuck on the end. The second one is a million bad programs that eat your compooter like I eat

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Like Anons say:

Thanks to all the anons here that provide us with their files and/or help!!!
This thread is awesomesauce3, and you're the reason!
Fun and Educational!
What methods do people prefer to add OCR to a PDF? smallpdf.com does a pretty good job of lossless compression
OCR shouldn't be affecting the compression of the image in the PDF by default. Unless you are setting the OCR to
downsample a 300dpi page to 150dpi while performing the OCR. In which case you should set the OCR downsample to
match the actual page dpi.

But honestly if the PDF consists pages that are just images, you should extract them in Photoshop, and reduce the
resolution to 150dpi with the bicubic sharper option (Does a better job of downsampling than Acrobat), save to PNG, and
recreate the PDF, then OCR @ 150dpi.

A Hard To Find Game
www an onfi les cc/file/3afdbf1484a673a0e5a0c9a2e32c0d3b

Recent Shares Collection

Archive of what gets shared in each of these threads. Hopefully that will give people another chance to grab them. You'll
need Resilio Sync to access them, this link will take you where you need to go.
if you don't have pro, you can't choose individual files but you can try Pro for 2 weeks, so for that time you'll be able to
cherry pick. Otherwise you can have the lot, if you need something that's in there then this will be one more way to get it.

SRXXZ&v=2.5 $nip /Ckht3
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REVOLVING COLLECTIONS! Get 'Em While They're Hot!! (47 hours 59 minutes - or less!)

The Dusty Shelf The Inner Temple The GraveYard

v0la /r/jyyevh2r v0la /r/theinnertemple v0la /r/puwgtp64

Byte This Axe I RULE North Libya Share Bears

v0la /r/kzz1wp2m v0la /r/hr65p9qc v0la /r/jjkbczrm

The Forgotten Utopia RollenspielBücherSchrank Cavern of Carse

v0la /r/mqaec2h4 v0la /r/g7m8zdgc v0la /r/nqacax5m

The Mindflayer's Daydream Grand Triphyle Elegant Zeleia

v0la r/nd23y0bc v0la /r/pdj4f75r v0la /r/dwmx6420

Quiet Nysa Temp Transient Trachis

v0la /r/fwac5ajr v0la /r/fkucwuar v0la /r/fjbmhdnc

Shrouded Ortygia Quiet Pangea The Cultist Lair

v0la /r/hdgc0c8c v0la /r/hdgc0c8c v0la /r/jkm63tyw

Jovial Tilphussa Malignant Narcissism Saturnine Hesperides

v0la /r/gncmzyvm v0la /r/Red_Sector_A v0la /r/ptb4g6w0

Illuminated Thrinacia Lethargic Sirenum

v0la /r/nxtbx83c v0la /r/q6dj700r

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New shares for the month of December (pw = givethanks)

$nip /Nov-Releases
No. 63275501
Noblis: The game of Soverign Powers
SS /filegroup/pJK1vIpo1CA2V%2BcVKIXltyJrzHcxy85M

CoC - Christmas in Kingsport

MF /CoC_Christmas_in_Kingsport.pdf

Judge's Guild: City State of the Invincible Overlord

MF /file/b55af3pr10oliaa/Role_Aids_City-State_of_the_Invincible_Overlord.pdf/file
MF /file/bp580pwi39l4l80/Wilderlands_of_High_Fantasy_City-State_of_the_Invincible_Overlord.pdf/file
MF /file/dr74747zjmwv70x/Judges_Guild_City_State_of_the_Invincible_Overlord_Revised.pdf/file

Avalon Hill - Tales From the Floating Vagabond

ufil3<d0t>i0 /wej2n


No. 63241954
Cavaliers of Mars
SS /file/rkv8fd

Shadow World
m3g4 /#F!4mRljTBQ!VWfmhU1qYneo0JpTn6rUrA

Hallowed Oracle for C&C

SS /filegroup/bwgatWn37TrlWRdzuKpZuQ

Dresden Files Accelerated

SS /file/yhagge

Shadowrun - Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book

rutrckr /forum/viewtopic.php?t=5169565

SS /file/fc2os6

PF - Little Red Goblin Games fills

SS /file/f7caf4

Star Fleet Battles

cl0ud<d0t>m@il<d0t>ru /public/QzPn/ump5yPEPB

No. 63199460
Broken Worlds
SS /filegroup/QSUiu%2B6CUytjYqTifirlvg

Tunnels & Trolls Solo 20 The Amulet of the Salkti

Tunnels & Trolls Solo 24 When the Cat's Away (with 3 adventures)
SS /filegroup/99LALl07o16RPhS9UXFVU96ExAO39JSZPO5EviQDQEU

Pathfinder - the Successor

SS /file/ab5zv0

PF - A Bad Day at Creshman's Cove

SS /file/z0qnqu

Pathfinder- Jaws of the Jhambizaur

SS /file/9usrtb

All kinds of Kult stuff

m3g4 /#F!08c1zAyJ!oh-qmhe5tuLWz5L-_UCVdw
Sleeper Orphans of the Cold War, Trudvang Chronicles, Spire, more
$nip /YAMJ

Aces High and Devil's Gulch for Basic Role Playing, and Down Darker Trails and Pulp Cthulhu for Call Of Cthulhu
SS /filegroup/9fobzOQV%2FBhCJs2wLPL5EeLxeCGKUkILwW7xxJHyxbg

Phoenix Dawn Command - Boxed Set with 460-page Handbook, Quick Reference Guide, Cards, Tokens, Box scans
SS /file/fw5k5l

SS /file/cg5uet

Genesys - Strange Aeons and cyberpunk and zombie apocalypse adaptations

SS /filegroup/v9U0eXLY0Uo7UGcuINXc3L07FyDKTmyY

SS /file/rfd8fa

SS /file/uldyv3

Slaves of the Moon

SS /file/430zjb

No. 63169128
Happy Black Friday!
SS /filegroup/CImmAPU5PRSSEj%2BUoTa4xADTJ%2FL%2F9TkJF4G7IS2X5x9rkCvhSXJ4noev9xwER

Chaosium Runequest Apple Lane 2nd Print [1980]

SS /file/kx22kq

ICE 1700 Rolemaster 1E Character Law [2nd Print]

SS /file/vn6yuw

Age of Steel
SS /filegroup/hBI19VsCwOOa0mSa%2BIXRmQ

Lost Souls - Cemetery Plots

SS /file/yq32xb

Call Of Catthulhu
SS /filegroup/7VDYTGlos3KDLfzgnCd4oiaxEcdpLCvs

Mutant: Year Zero

SS /filegroup/e%2F8oYLuFPjSx%2BVMQuVE6oA

WEG45003 Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook
SS /file/870lof

Kingdom of Nothing
SS /file/9nhx6x

A Single Moment
$nip /1Iw

Mutant Year Zero

$nip /7kc

Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition

$nip /38iW
Endless Realms
$nip /zFF

Midnight 2nd Edition

4$h@r3d /folder/K62kyZKY/Midnight.html

No. 63137809
Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne
SS /file/lyizsk

Warhammer 40,000 - Index - Imperium 1 (Errata 1.1 updated)

SS /file/1850su

Order Of The Stick comics

SS /filegroup/6h3BryxFDi8JU2GUVebTOH8mOarW5lDM

WarHammer 40K [Rules] 8th ed - Index Imperium 1

43<dot>z!ppy$har3 /v/3kItTv2z/file.html

m3g4 /#!vB91kYzB!Yx5BNctvP9VNCyudjyd6lrMHY8jwyjcoPpJO-LaSsZs

some kind of possibly living city

dr!v3<d0t>g00gl3 /file/d/1oaRM08gPV415gCPIy2yj_FJQyIZdTdp4/view

OEF version of Dragon 301

SS /file/sp0qbo

No. 63116105
Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad Mage
SS /file/6zwhn9

Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica

SS /file/2nr23r

Book of Many Things 2 with the November update

SS /file/7wdl6x

Nine Hundred Villages

SS /file/n5j2ca

Chessboards: The Planes of Possibility

SS /file/sdnmfp

No. 63071349
Cortex Classic
SS /file/k9jall

SS /filegroup/kY%2BtqrYqUKEV3diBKg0Ek8NpZA7DTtzl

7th Sea 2nd Edition Adventures.rar

SS /file/5dqlw4

Kids on Bikes
SS /filegroup/fb3padmzO2Pl9SbHEvy7whNPCuyrUAhb

Gods of the Fall

SS /filegroup/wvroG2QwP6YJ5PBJKmHELiXxdcKerlkWEQUoTcDnrRPsDBV5uuxBFQ

Cypher GM emulator
SS /filegroup/Zj%2BFQvteqsULEy7jrDcgig
With Great Power Classic Edition
SS /filegroup/F3ohD%2BWg3fDVZ%2FCbjgFPkg

Dungeon World - (MM3) A Market in the Woods

SS /file/96rx5a

dr!v3<d0t>g00gl3 /folderview?id=0B9JsF5MnpHj2NDFOTDJOWU1fN2M

Earthdawn: Age Of Legends

SS /file/9wkzfs

SS /filegroup/xuhShsiCvWvBriIACvr%2BI3ZB4sX92F4kQ3o3lN1kHfdTx45HLG6wQ595hfFhyDLbAHoq2EAzhjU

Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands

SS /file/lcfv24

Vampire The Masquerade V5 - Anarch & Camarilla

SS /file/80b24t

No. 63032955
Dangerous Journeys 5004 Necropolis and the Land of Ægypt
SS /file/zwrscb

Art & Arcana - A Visual History (Special Edition, Complete)

SS /file/ympk45

Crucible of the Dragons

SS /file/3bfpz5

SS /file/tcs97i

SS /file/rr0zuf

PATHFINDER AP# 136 - Interactive Maps

SS /file/qfjy9c

PATHFINDER CAMPAIGN - Construct Handbook

SS /file/rty6io

PLAYER COMPANION - Martial Arts Handbook

SS /file/acv9nc

SS /file/46fm5d

FATE Horror Toolkit

Spark to Powder
SS /filegroup/FO%2BYN813OvPmrmGOd6UzuQ

Lost Laboratory of Kwalish

m3g4 /#!AzQ1FI4C!LPI9IHVQZr-ws6fkvn9N1SWFR8l7H9U8LamY8g64nUY

Schoolgirl RPG Complete Edition

SS /file/lvl6s6

Delta Green Agent's Handbook

m3g4 /#!8c5kFbJL!bAYHcyWX_RUbvoAMWI63E7XLUdfU19APQnWIv5tzamk
Darwin's World - The Secrets of the Mind Masters
SS /file/9h4016

PZO1032 War for the Crown Pawn Collection

SS /file/y7i4qx

L5R 5E Beginner's Game (missing the maps)

@n0nfil3 /ycR9dfh0bf

Rangers of Shadow Deep - A Tabletop Adventure Game

SS /file/w1ygpc

Simulating Wars by Phil Sabin

SS /file/ot62e1

W20 Changing Ways

SS /file/pysqqg

M20 Book of Secrets

SS /file/p7eufu

Early Dark
SS /filegroup/NxtWJVWtklgD41UAGVn0gOHxdrWOyJgb

No. 62983670
u$er$cl0ud /rvo6twwhlkwr

SS /file/sgd0nc

PF - Book of Passions
SS /file/9573gt

PF - The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Path Player's Guide

SS /file/tviykx

PF - The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Path Player's Guide (resized cover and pages)
SS /file/5k383k

PF - Forgotten Gods of Everglow

SS /file/p66lec

The Clay that Woke

SS /file/i3ke9y

Mutant: Year Zero

SS /filegroup/1FNULKaiL5YekdNzDdQgasy93fyfK1i6uR9NM

Strands of Fate 2e
SS /file/jvc43g

Tomb of Horrors - Original 1975 Tournament Module & Art & Arcana Bonus Posters
SS /filegroup/lMC%2FUU6cU5otCUtfGXG9zw

SS /file/9b1ve6

Mythic D6
SS /file/hg413y
2nd ed core and eCollapse
SS /filegroup/KR592UkV0fziTUCUfJuldQ

No. 62937092
Yaquinto's 1982 overlooked 'classic', Man, Myth & Magic
m3g4 /#F!7WpSGCQC!k4B-FzEzqHWuSYqQtIdPKw

Star Crossed
SS /filegroup/B1NXlzfNgmBe%2FKn6PC23y3%2BHnkAVRnWk

Baker Street Casebook #3

SS /file/1vpa23

By The Author of Lady Windermere's Fan

SS /filegroup/Lo11tSDdl%2FKhnZrRc1YwNVV7vXx%2FGFcl

Monkey the Roleplaying Game

SS /file/gaw5dp

Panic at the Dojo

SS /file/5j8l14

People of the Zone [Bulldogs FATE]

SS /file/i2hy04

Beautiful Anomalies - The Prisoner of Eternity

SS /file/badwut

Noctum - The Vivisection

m3g4 /#!3TYnGYYT!6VtWroHsYQI2rcrM-FNXKYtOKQjLp6-HvZKwYEaYdV8

Baker Street collection

SS /filegroup/Oa3uvEiPClKjBomBp%2Bo1goBVBchpie6lN56sUa2EqcUuU9g1ioz8Gw

u$er$cl0ud /zd2je1ggfx2t

Talislanta: The Savage Land

SS /file/wrk8vh

Protocol Fantasy Omnibus

SS /filegroup/WmpcNwVKYOHefq8eQJP9%2By%2Bns6gHdSMh

Purgatory House
SS /file/89g6rv

Spirit of 77 - Double Feature 5 - Nightmare at 77000 Feet and All the Anti-Christs Men
SS /file/5j2tea

Stories From Euro City - Up to No Good

SS /file/qlj7v8

Through the Breach - Above the Law

SS /file/8qfvv7

Kids on Bikes
SS /file/ooyg2q

Earthdawn 3e - Shards Vol. 1

SS /file/14noib
The Witcher
file-upload<d0t>net /download-13263344/The_Witcher_Pen__Paper_RPG.pdf.html

amp year four

SS /file/ho3imr

Mechanical Dream - Carte - Core's Domain

m3g4 /#!W5QVlaxA!Rjz5u7a7jHhGis6XC3GV-_7zayXlYPfxuxDWvI9WNeg

Mechanical Dream - Map - Kainas

m3g4 /#!Phxj0CpI!uCtK6YPkHbEwNv6yhOMtjjAEVRGDHNtz131D_ZL3r9E

Mechanical Dream - Core's Crusade - Dream Aspect

m3g4 /#!Sg4BESZI!b1Q2PshZ6vr6LprPR-j2yfMGmsGGKu__ou6-Y2ONW6A

Mechanical Dream - Core's Crusade - Mechanical Aspect

m3g4 /#!PkIVgTxD!PfLw_Eq_tQnXUKRtSrlJsCgZHgW35XIADoSHkwJAOu4

Mechanical Dream - Screen picture

m3g4 /#!z4hUCTTB!0RslvTMUEiP92GHv2NLQCd95tJhURhlBg9c0W9oGao0

Mechanical Dream - Screen

m3g4 /#!Xpw2ECLR!6OjQj8EKatRbltJozcG1Iydg8TkEWmVmTYGc7Kb1-0o

Mechanical Dream - Engrenages

m3g4 /#!HCQ2xCbD!pV6n9HfSA6YbD-FK7u18gPTQWD2aFFLBbGA7dqgfkgY

Mechanical Dream - Pieces detachees

m3g4 /#!rCgmWQKT!Q5ShkZWfjhjYLYF1PMGNPOyXUH9_7iKZFDyWo3n-4HY

Mechanical Dream - Rouage

m3g4 /#!6H4WSAjD!gXhPIGqJXJJjAl8XI6BlwQ_J6Zn365gFMIYfGipSsRI

Mechanical Dream - The Thirteens Wheel

m3g4 /#!z1gHASwI!LBbjqZ4OwgRfd3a-GRHtzcIHnf2_7F7r7M-Iv11_fnQ

Mechanical Dream - Wilderness Bestiary

m3g4 /#!XKwClIBR!LmfqC4kai3fRIOH3H-j4SmuTw5I2t1rATXCoS2kaQno

Pantin Nocturne
m3g4 /#!LbQ2HCCB!nG-cimEnuxYSeHuGmvJCtvFfTPNlkidJJ-jHLXSYF7g

No. 62894372
PF - Player Paraphernalia (expires soon!)
m3g4 /#F!BoURTK4B!Rij1Il3YzEiB8s0LrkkEwQ

The Morrow Project Travel Guide


Ork! 2nd edition

SS /file/f5slwa

All things Elemental

SS /filegroup/PMbCxqqYSTpBmkzEHpDarfoi%2BfCn1IDXClb2wd4g2%2F0

Adventures in Middle-earth Rivendell Region Guide

SS /file/sdh0m0

Skin Deep for Monsterhearts 2 (Also the 2e version of Second Skins)

SS /filegroup/sLNRotpvXlQcUw%2FKXKY4oy8uMK1mZ9in

Ghouls of Illiam

Pendragon - Paladins: Warriors of Charlemagne

SS /file/y038o4

Age of Cthulhu 9
SS /file/6y90kz

GODLIKE - Core book & Black devils brigade

SS /filegroup/BZHa%2F18%2FiIV0Arelr2F9IA

GODLIKE - Core (clean)

SS /file/poto69

Hot War
SS /file/i1j1sa

PF - Astonishing Races: Aasimar (fixed bookmarks)

SS /file/48ys4b

Hunter's Amory 1-4

SS /filegroup/zhxKxUmk9DJr0%2FGXm8AK5S1sk6uq9ERC

4e - Deck of Many Things (scans; 100MB - 600DPI)

SS /filegroup/X3Rnn%2FzSR24XBxmr3N2OEZX4E%2Bm7B5h2

Deck of Many Things (color; as included in Dragon 148)


There is still an online bit on the Wizards site where you can digitally draw cards as well as a few other links for the same.

Sleeper Orphans of the Cold War

m3g4 /#!eS4EGahA!iO6KL6Cx-8ggAlvqzUny_vgHel1jL6HEL2dnQ_lzFv4

Call of Cthulhu - IHP - 1920s - Campaign - Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion

SS /file/1f8ja6

No. 62863264
DragonMech (Free account gives you 50mb download weekly)
chomikuj<d0t>pl /darmonek/Podreczniki+RPG/Dragonmech

Valley of Eternity
SS /file/a9ad8f

Armageddon - Armed Force and Enemies Archived

SS /filegroup/mV5iIXTwWoNiMhMiIP4h1oOQk3HnNM34

C&C - Codex of Erde

SS /file/n0d5wy

Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mongo (Yes, really!)

SS /file/ionxwp

A Song of Ice and Fire - Dragon's Hoard

SS /file/0pr9uw

Obsidian: the Age of Judgement

Obsidian: Inside the Zone
Shadow Nations
Wasteland: Beyond the Outposts

Ars Magica 5e - Dies Irae

SS /file/a4ql8b

Part-Time Gods 1e - Theology Pack #1: The New & The Old
SS /file/i7kazo

Unknown Armies 3e collection

SS /filegroup/0AZNhHvmEcGYVlD0BCcmkOQvertbAH%2FqwwOwnC06sOMh5CukZNeicU8h%2F

STA - Operaions Divison

SS /file/y7kvs4

Star Trek Adventures: Core

u$er$cl0ud /jutwxjlykyfa

Star Trek Adventures: Core (updated)

u$er$cl0ud /kot5pmgdz5zr

13th Age - Book of Ages

SS /file/wve6qv

Fallout RPG stuff (fan made)

SS /file/obsay9

The Lazy DM (various ebooks)

The Lazy DM Workbook
Return of the Lazy DM (various ebooks)
Lazy Lair Maps for Virtual Tabletops
SS /file/42rouk

Fighting Fantasy - Demons of Doom

SS /file/hbuhvb

Clockwork & Cthulhu - Clockwork & Chivalry Setting

SS /file/cyck1x

Mothership: Player's Survival Guide and Dead Planet

SS /filegroup/5DMyay6sv5QxFgcP6e94QQ

All things Shadows Over Sol

SS /filegroup/junh9BtbJFi0p5pFPyeFKU8HoLOG06DfJb58uPEy7KSNQkI3o5p3TSGajaIutA6X

All things Crime Network

SS /filegroup/h30r8flhaUKbOhKdpK2JnVg8YjXhXZ%2Bt

d100 dungeon v3
SS /file/uet1vs

Mutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha

u$er$cl0ud /v9xsjc0uip5p

No. 62822132
Blades in the Dark, Scum and Villainy, and a little something extra
SS /filegroup/Kxoo%2FR%2BlzwoTOhrpNM139nnzuMjS4nD5EjVeMw7zmBNelUWpLa1afirenmOvaqw8

Colonial Gothic collection

SS /filegroup/zqnGz1joXOMfnhi8HQJvFVXS3Hltuo%2BuHcUsjH8MFwFU2hxq8iiaDPp2FNvI

Warriors: A Comprehensive OGL Sourcebook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games (3.5e)

SS /file/hnd0an

Updated Animal Familiars (3.5e)

SS /file/cnc96h
SS /file/befrmv

Strontium Dog miniature rules

m3g4 /#F!Gq52nCYY!kVK4WX5EfGvmBWYviu7K-g

SaWo - Pirates of the Spanish Main

m3g4 /#!X81hCarQ!B1EVAkDCq3M0F5-radv_VelvtBGxVrm78gmUCf7KzQo

Pathfinder RPG PDFs - Pretty Complete Collection

m3g4 /#F!X5UwSKKa!rF-Fb5wv_tWxwuHoMW8EvA

SS /file/2d1rna

Tiny Wastelands (v2)

u$er$cl0ud /o0g34rn59o1r

Tiny Wastelands Character Sheet

u$er$cl0ud /hlkjakiq9v3t

Tiny Wastelands Vehicle Sheet

u$er$cl0ud /7qb25flzhgts

Tiny Wastelands Enclave Sheet

u$er$cl0ud /6c2u8rws5ccn

The Lazy Dungeon Master

u$er$cl0ud /jwjfherng2cg

Tiny Wastelands - Enclave Deck adn GM Screen

SS /filegroup/i21cCY7aKA6%2BhckrAtpdEg

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

u$er$cl0ud /h2ss5alouoxi

m3g4 /#F!HZEQ2AZL!F1asY2YmYM8d74vTZHayDw

Shadowrun archive
rutrckr<d0t>com /forum/viewtopic.php?t=5169565

Honor + Intrigue - Escape from Castel Island and The Sorcerer of Volupa
SS /filegroup/mIbFi3OWqRHKWQAO7Kth5A

Battle Century G and Z

SS /filegroup/RtlyWbwrUaa30XvhwGn2ww

SS /filegroup/%2Bv9HJCH4NfQP34Jlmt%2FGrg

So, S. John Ross (the Risus guy) recently shut down his old website, where he had a pretty popular article/worldbuilding
tool for vaguely medieval demographics. Rather than reposting it at his new blog, he announced the next incarnation was
going to be a massively trimmed-down fancy PDF. Further, it was going to be shareware. He would give it to people via e-
mail and see where it landed. Here's a sendspace link
SS /file/0mvz12
I've converted the Enclave Deck to TTS format along with the Tiny Dungeons Treasure Deck. These are the image files.
Just set up a custom deck and you're golden.
SS /file/ka0o6s
SS /file/q44dki

The Creature Crafter and The Location Crafter

SS /filegroup/XPs75gfPf%2B58m%2FYxr6%2BarA

No. 62793722
After the Vampie Wars
SS /file/o8rn21

Sins the RPG

SS /file/4yty0k

Between Sun & Shadow

Beach Patrol
Southern Cross Trading Company - Catalog Vol 1
SS /filegroup/wLZTG7vu9Ii6xKInOBPAN2UaEN%2Bdd8zs

Grimtooth's Trapsylvania [2018]

SS /file/jiv078

Splicers: I am Legion with other things

$nip /8vw

Three-Dimensional Combat Solutions

SS /file/d7vtmm

No. 62711114
Scion Origin and Hero 2e
SS /filegroup/6bOJ7nrbFYhzhFtO7k53hA

D&D: Waterdeep Dragon Heist

n0fil3<dot>io /f/99b15ZxKUYf/Waterdeep+Dragon+Heist.pdf

u$er$cl0ud /xeok26xxklkv

Malifaux - Above the Law

SS /file/muag7a

Heirs to the Lost World

SS /file/zrx0bb

World Tree
SS /file/dw8uw6

No. 62716706
GURPS Transhuman Space core OEF
SS /file/t41xg2

Throught the Breach - Above the Law, A Stitch in Time,

Fire in the Sky, and Northern Sedation
SS /filegroup/127F%2FdVi%2FLh8ZFu4hYyHgeaTPNax06Hh

Deluxe Revised Recon

MF /file/7715dc2vmqjb1w1/Deluxe+Revised+Recon.pdf

The Revised Recon, PAL610 (This is the 2nd Print from 1987; Deluxe Revised Recon combines this and Advanced
SS /file/1t66g0

Pathfinder Season 10
10-06 Treason's Chains
10-07 Mysteries Under Moonlight Part 2: The Howling Dance

Starfinder Season 1
01-24 Siege of Enlightenment
01-25 The Beacon Code Dilemma
SS /filegroup/XONBHIpucdEfZsDHpke8c76bxq39m6O9

2018 Torg Eternity core rulebook

SS /file/e3hwrh

Spaceship specs from 0-Hr.

Arikara Marauder
SS /file/is1m63

Indiana Jones and the Rising Sun

SS /file/zaarm2

Pendragon 5e Book of Records, Vol 1 and 2

SS /filegroup/hB6BURSSSSTkZlWvUx93MA

Blades in the Dark with bookmarks

SS /filegroup/qkHiXR9smjSDj987YBn8rQ

Stars Without Number core

u$er$cl0ud /k2zq5kiicffi

Tiny Dungeon 2e
u$er$cl0ud /0kj7mjb68i8a

Tiny Dungeon 2e - Player's Guide

u$er$cl0ud /ibn949g0yj0s

Tiny Dungeon 2e - Treasure Deck

u$er$cl0ud /xi8g8ytl2f6d

No. 62705465
Arkham Horror - Dance of the Damned (Lord of Nightmares 1/3) epub
u$er$cloud /65n42uh9gluh

Arkham Horror - Dance of the Damned (Lord of Nightmares 2/3) epub

u$er$cloud /nvbmr8tbkpzk

Arkham Horror - Dance of the Damned (Lord of Nightmares 3/3) epub

u$er$cloud /5kykc6gzdc9r

Arkham Horror - Dance of the Damned (Lord of Nightmares 3/3) mobi

u$er$cloud /ocxau4u82m1j

Arkham Horror - Ghouls of the Miskatonic (Dark Waters 1/3) epub

u$er$cloud /pzdf3e9sfvzh

Arkham Horror - Bones of the Yopasi (Dark Waters 2/3) epub

u$er$cloud /9kibl7829z27

Arkham Horror - Bones of the Yopasi (Dark Waters 2/3) mobi

u$er$cloud /vxrcf78mrx4c

Arkham Horror - Dweller in the Deep (Dark Waters 3/3) epub

u$er$cloud /o6sdbqxgo5a2

Arkham Horror - Dweller in the Deep (Dark Waters 3/3) mobi

u$er$cloud /b6bqq6jfr643

Arkham Horror - Feeders from Within epub

u$er$cloud /2szu6wk6y9j8

Arkham Horror - Ire of the Void epub

u$er$cloud /svpa3b5itkre

Arkham Horror - The Deep Gate epub

u$er$cloud /viq2qp6o4vud

Arkham Horror - The Dirge of Reason epub

u$er$cloud /b8zw16dle7t9

Arkham Horror - To Fight the Black Wind epub

u$er$cloud /np3xujrw1v9x

Victoriana - The Concert in Flames

SS /file/vcyx46

No. 233
gone but not forgotten

No. 232
Wraith 20th Core Rulebook and Handbook for the Recently Deceased
SS /filegroup/GQ0rqsGWD9ZpE%2BFRWJM72w

PF - Path of the Mystic

SS /file/xntxcd

Outbreak Undead 2nd Edition - Survivor's Guide

SS /file/e2kr7s

Ground Zero - Gruntz 15mm

SS /file/7uiyyb

Metamorphosis Alpha 3e - 25th Anniversary Edition

u$er$cl0ud /rtufi6fvxwwt

Metamorphosis Alpha 4e
u$er$cl0ud /vtbcewsfs1f1

AFMBE! Argh! Thar be Zombies

u$er$cl0ud /xdmjr705em8m

AFMBE! Dungeons and Zombies

u$er$cl0ud /jchru09jd9m2

AFMBE! Enter the Zombie

u$er$cl0ud /e48pbmdzf9zi

AFMBE! Fistful O' Zombies

u$er$cl0ud /il0p220xh2g4
The Shivering Circle RPG
SS /file/iexbvu

Gamemaster's Apprentic Cards - Age of Sail, Demon Hunters, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Steampunk

Guide to everythign british early mediterannean ww2 camo

MF /file/yp6r44mlp9t1xha/The+Caunter+Scheme.pdf

WreckAge - Shangri LA - Post-Collapse Los Angeles (Updated)

SS /file/rqwhxh

All things Chuubo's

SS /filegroup/xZdLbX6DtTm4%2FbiD9tlSOrEZs5meMCJhsHnkLPTfykyWxmg%2BSsTFhw

Infinity KS Previews
m3g4 /#F!8pRURayK!Kj16fd7nQhEcaId8hKD4oA

No. 231
Alien Archive plus the Aethera campaign setting (PF/SF)
dr!v3<dot>g00gl3 /open?id=1KxlbNFOT1jhfp2dMDeep1hlH5DL0JtNC

Starfinder Alien Archive 2

SS /file/9b0d7n

Gamma World - 4th edition Rulebook, character sheet, and Treasures of the Ancients
SS /filegroup/v1veZWWkK9l%2FZs438%2BfLJk8GGt6lkXMe

Return to Freeport - Part 1-6

SS /filegroup/iOq6wQqhNbDs7roFTJI3HB4hmL9OXaN2J59M0MiKAo7wMuufXrVXYw

L5R new edition core book

$nip /OQQ

Car Wars - Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell

SS /file/8vxk20

Black Hack 2e - Class Hack + No Class Hack + character sheets

SS /filegroup/xoZrqn8G5lei5Pv3lmsUO7p4Cte1nMjb

One-Roll Engine collection

SS /filegroup/uSzz4qTcMab%2BBlMRJIkQRuK70wt0sP2eSuSZ1QewoRQ

No. 230
Flip Mat - Bigger Sewer
SS /file/z5cn2y

Flip Tiles - Forest Perils Expansion

SS /file/x94shi

Pathfinder Campaign - Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast

SS /file/ayi7i5

Pathfinder Campaign - Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast Poster Map

SS /file/sqiwko

Pathfinder AP #135 - Interactive Maps

SS /file/e0ynm9
Pathfinder AP #135 - Rune Plague (Return of the Runelords 3 of 6)
SS /file/2nxak5

Starfinder AP #9 - The Rune Drive Gambit (Against the Iron Throne 3 of 3)

SS /file/70x0sf

Mantids - Skortched Urf' Studios

SS /file/ble5un

Fantasy Heartbreakers.zip
SS /file/2w4qju

Outbreak Undead 2e - Core and House on the Hill and

SS /filegroup/h9UK2gKNqh40ga3A8vpEQNwgndU4Y05Y

C&C Player's Handbook, 7th printing

SS /file/k3k3g8

No. 229
DCC - Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying - GenCon 2018 Program Guide
u$er$cl0ud /g62lov3jvbhl

The Black Hack Second Edition

The Complete Vigilante Hack
SS /filegroup/N2hDicvDrEwYbYTPXg8hXg

Black Hack 2E (bookmarked)

SS /file/mor201

Brown Bag Adventures - BB1 - The Cave of the Spider Queen

SS /file/gwryyg

Numenera - Building Tomorrow

SS /file/hy6s4i

A.E.G.I.S. Vigilante Team Resource Guide

SS /file/nwy9wq

The Zombie Squad - Death Row Edition

SS /filegroup/Ynv0CHhVlQ33wmqI3zLlCQ

The Sprawl: Mission Files

SS /file/hebwpx

Uncanny Echo Issues

SS /filegroup/I3hb%2BWRwY59YVgQWdogiBTLtElPfc7VlWGLhxJIowFK8W8LF0BCLqNUSY632s%2BNV

Kult Tarot Deck

SS /filegroup/xvvnig1nQVYWV51J4VtBFw

Shotguns & Sorcery

SS /file/ki18sm

SS /file/wn3034

MASKS - Unbound
SS /filegroup/i1yMnzYSnBjeu2MgIXQqEQ

Boromar Ball
SS /file/rosakk
The Cannith Code
SS /file/5wy14x

No. 228
The Dread House
SS /file/dpacs2

AAW Games Mini-Dungeon Tome for 5e

SS /file/qt3ml7

Looking for Tables of Doom (solo, 5e)

SS /filegroup/8I3HOMJi1UM%2B41jROv7V%2BG4sOIRQaAL1

A crap-ton of Bundle goodness, including lots of Halloween themed files

$nip /OctBundles

Fate horror toolkit

SS /file/hq8mkz

Warlock Lair #18-#22

SS /filegroup/eOd6as96iq%2FJSk1ozLUS59wzEcfzaAu94BtaDDIuM5U

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

u$er$cl0ud /h2ss5alouoxi

The Lazy Dungeon Master

u$er$cl0ud /jwjfherng2cg

u$er$cl0ud /wy6bo8hmmev7

u$er$cl0ud /jcfhu41f5ia2

u$er$cl0ud /5t8v16ij844g

No. 227
Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter
SS /file/28eckj

Dark Imperium Plague Wars (40k novel)

SS /file/dtv8l9

W40k 1e/2e collection

MF /folder/eyuk5pndgb4n0/Warhammer_40K

VtM 5e with better cover

SS /file/9qmhv1

Misc collection torrent

torrentz2<dot>eu /7f71fb8bef0180a5ce6c0d7d7f3c9d81c6f9f23b

Coriolis: Third Horizon, Emissary Lost (beta)

SS /file/tgzc6c

Cavaliers of Mars
SS /file/w1b4iv

The Perilous Wilds (and some other stuff)

SS /filegroup/jFC7gidAyUXCYL4rGnihZCbrzCMX43zQ%2BV7MaAma3yVMrLaQpu23KA
Bluebeard's Bride Book of Lore
SS /file/8gqft1

Dragon Brigade (all adventures, novellas, and novels)

SS /filegroup/UEmzZ57lpA5vAulw7ahjOtE66zlgkfjmh8eqqZTQ1NTAlGTAxH1LX%2FCZi9ZV7LV1

All things Deadball

SS /filegroup/9zy%2FUNbM%2FbX9QtSNVkQJvipesSM0AQvq2Nid68Tc8xFEV05jEXYGqA

OneDice Supers
SS /file/mdde69

No. 226
DMs Guild - A Shadow Over Pinewood
SS /file/823u2t

DMs Guild - The Gleaming Cloud Citadel

SS /file/lptgl1

7th Sea Adventures - The Grand Design 01 - The Caliberi Letters.pdf

SS /file/6q9x9r

7th Sea Adventures - The Grand Design 02 - Montaigne Blood.pdf

SS /file/p6cz3w

7th Sea Adventures - The Grand Design 03 - The Changeling Queen.pdf

SS /file/glh4l2

Numenera Discovery and/or Destiny

SS /file/j254gv

Drakonheim - City of Bones
Heroes of Drakonheim (5e)
SS /filegroup/EXRmJZrfwmkaAL5qX%2F8mKA

TSR Strategic Preview #5 and #6

SS /filegroup/UvjYJI3UfDWelHmbRVDZVA

FATE - Guide to Superhumans and Tachyon Squadron

SS /filegroup/lrxX7hzWelCF7A%2FzDA9k%2Bg

Espadas Afiadas & Feiticos Sinistros - Addendum

SS /file/bnhlut

Iron Kingdoms - Monsternomicon Vol. I - Privateer Press

78<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/DG12N5Nm/file.html

Iron Kingdoms - Monsternomicon Vol. II - Privateer Press

78<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/8Hf7CP1Y/file.html

Metamorphosis Alpha - Chronicles from the Warden Vol 1 and Vol 2

SS /filegroup/k6HxaiG3eG%2BJGzR3EgXiGw

Good link for a lot of the MERP and LotR Adv Game in Spanish

Greyhawk folio maps

SS /filegroup/SMfDJiUA6NyT5qWMflPqcQ

Greyhawk boxed set maps

SS /filegroup/lcoxV%2FQWBp%2BrIMfhTSz1Lg

Atlantis the Second Age (exp. 11/11/18)

ufil3<dot>i0 /jmxte

DIY book scanning tutorials


No. 225
N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game v1.2
SS /file/3wqx7z

SaWo - Titan Effect

SS /file/9l6fws

Savage Worlds - Guild of Shadows - Campaign Guide

SS /file/bmar2s

Tech Unleashed for Pathfinder

SS /file/1dzncz

Sword of the Bastard Elf (800 page choose-your-own-adventure)

SS /filegroup/O5erUfeFwzBHGloCDiMUt51HXikMlRWgZa1x9gM%2FtSjYeE3XslMGGw

The Korranberg Chronicle - Adventurer's Almanac

SS /file/9nvv63

The Korranberg Chronicle - Threat Dispatch

SS /file/5kogb5

The Korranberg Chronicle - Xen'Drik Advisory

SS /file/xdhgkt

Barrel Rider Games - BRG93 - Class Compendium (LL)

SS /file/ypp14m

Tolkien Quest - Night of the Nazgûl, The Legend of Weathertop,

A Spy in Isengard, and Helms Deep
m3g4 /#!KlZSCYKb!s0BCY1VeT7Z4lCCD4bWtJHpeuRkhUDK8a4uYYqMo1Xs

Rescan of Golden Heroes

SS /file/s2d854

oWoD - Nuwisha (OEF with color cover)

SS /file/6e0afs

Hex Kit: Fantasyland

SS /filegroup/93cpdUh4%2BrcgtRhhacvh1A

PF - Alien Codex
SS /file/571b1q

All things Tianxia

SS /filegroup/k5%2FX5KABFSsLQkaLxISlRQURkMNyaDbf7g1WwAc7DmSl%2BObXVVZvQoOPo0olETHQ

Book of the Fantastical

b1t<dot>ly /2QAeaGQ

Book of the Light

Book of the Spirits
b1t<dot>ly /2y9xZxV

Book of the Unliving (Revised)

b1t<dot>ly /2zYSheS

Codex of the Immortals

b1t<dot>ly /2IHnshr

Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk.rar
u$er$cl0ud /bcpwbracj3je

Unmerciful Frontier: the CCA Sourcebook

SS /file/wqd829

Eternal Contenders
SS /file/hvanju

Star Trek Adventures - Deep Space Nine Player Characters

Star Trek Adventures - Remnants
SS /filegroup/JECpqk5aTZc1QmABmoHRgQ

Cepheus Engine - Outcast

SS /file/1co03i

Chaos - Cypher System NPC and Creature Generator

SS /file/w3ys9g

Spell - The RPG - Corebook Digital

Spell - The RPG - Character Sheet
SS /filegroup/K6Qc7D%2BZlgAIeOUPtLrj%2BA

JG0016 Installment J
JG0152 City State of the World Emperor Map
SS /filegroup/b9CoLrIUCbdXi4IbUhAb%2FA

No. 224
Mike Schley Age of Worms maps
SS /file/yj1pb9

Mike Schley Chult maps

SS /file/a2cv7k

Kult collection (includes 2e)

m3g4 /#F!08c1zAyJ!oh-qmhe5tuLWz5L-_UCVdw

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate (updated)

u$er$cl0ud /g6wuv6s9l7w9

World of Greyhawk Folio Maps

SS /filegroup/sWsAcqKb7PRkzieRlsYi1A

2008 First edition Carcosa

y@di<dot>$k /d/5ziybJoLMWSqAw

ISS 1603 HeroWars - Gloranthan Visions

102<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/wW8mUdyy/file.html

Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition - TinyZine - Issue 6

SS /file/gihi3t

The Ruins of Ramat (LL)

u$er$cl0ud /yfj81t2zr4wh

The Armory RPG Data Con - Data & Stat Conversion Chart Book
SS /file/4t9o5v

T&T Japan Adventures

SS /file/ieymkz

White Dwarf October 2018

14<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/moM7OWvf/file.html

Car Warriors comic

SS /filegroup/ApIPAl%2B9yjXtbn4pLm3UjwU4lbBpLIyD

Kill Six Billion Demons

SS /filegroup/wZ3jH9%2B%2FTl8aqMm15FngIA

Numenera Player’s Guide

SS /file/xm2pza

No. 223
El Raja Key Archive
m3g4 /#F!qC5kjQLC!-ZSWK8zonI4t-NOcYIHcPg

SotDL - In Pursuit of Power v2 and Nessus, City of Decay

SS /filegroup/Bzaj%2Biq59c4Nyz3chHXdfA

Interface Zero for Pathfinder

Gatekeeper Chronicles - Kaylethon [PF]
Races of Neoexodus - Android [5e]
SS /filegroup/6j01n45o1%2BTKTNyJnK%2B5%2FOYAtOaHfWXL

d20 - Cry Havoc

SS /file/ib9xk1
SS /file/4omc0n

Wiedzmin: gra wyobrazni (The Witcher - Polish)

$nip /aXDy

Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition - TinyZine (Issues 1-5)

SS /file/9209yu

Different Worlds #46 (James Bond mini module)

SS /file/syqbyv

Book of Exalted Darkness [5e]

SS /file/5fqi5x

DMs Guild - Faiths of the Forgotten Realms

SS /filegroup/lUdmAiaXPo65URw7bBVIvQ

Lots of recent donations

Enascentia for Savage Worlds, Hobomancer, Hope & Glory, Iron Kingdoms, lots of miscellaneous items, Manastorm
World of Shin'ar for PF, some other PF material, Raiders of Ry'leh, River of Heaven, Smoke and Glass, Sufficiently
Advanced, Leagues of Gothic Horror & Adventure Appendices
$nip /83F

Pulp Alley
madponies<dot>net /game/Pulp_Alley_-_Quick_Start_PDF.pdf

Star Trek Adventures: Beta Quadrant

u$er$cl0ud /uxouk4d02vmn
Star Trek Adventures: Command Division
u$er$cl0ud /2bxd12t1h7bx

Star Trek Adventures: Command Division (updated)

u$er$cl0ud /w94v0bimbd0w

CoC 6e & 7e: Secrets of Tibet

u$er$cl0ud /5fhpf0rv3nqx

RuneQuest - Roleolaying in Glorantha

u$er$cl0ud /7via6hrl8gn3

No. 222
All the Pathfinder 2 Playtest material & updates so far (09/29/18)
$nip /kDk

Epic Characters for 5e

m3g4 /#F!kW5RxAgZ!dUVqmPupyoIEAXDELJk-OA

Wicked Pacts
SS /file/vgctrk

Age of Cthulhu 9: The Lost Expedition

SS /file/ipf6fz

All things Dresden Files

SS /filegroup/MhM%2Bf8UsmjK3EuPIdWt%2FEPjTIIl131BGoYVPnUmM9HrjFY2O3zEQP%2BwjeOnbYA3x

Lost Sphere: Bloodborn (PF)

SS /file/3oi6p4

Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition Monsters One

SS /file/fjkd56

Waterdeep - Dragon Heist v2

DM/Player Poster Maps now without the dash fold lines
SS /file/jfguiq

C&C - Heart of Glass

SS /file/nk2kd9

Ponyfinder To Found An Empire

SS /file/iaqfc4

Return to Freeport (RtF) AP Parts 1-3 (4-6 will be forthcoming soon)
RtF Part 1: Curse of the Brine Witch
RtF Part 2: The Abyssinial Chain
RtF Part 3: Storming the Razor Caves
SS /filegroup/r9BoFDc9seUGFpyRgRTWPT%2BlWom5E%2FfN

Lost Champions (new PF Classes) from Lost Spheres Publishing

Dragoon, Mountebank, Necros, Reaper
SS /filegroup/T3jDrfj2vvIDCsV9sLiqbuJDCBWGUIe8

Manifest Destiny (D20PFSRD Publishing)

Book 1: Domains & Devotions
Book 2: Cults & Clergy
SS /filegroup/uu4smjb%2FHjFE1E5TaJ5%2FNQ
AFF 2e
SS /filegroup/XIQmUp%2FaEDcRJWyT7bRTwOxeso2liGFCnq06Ns6F

No. 221
Murder Most Foul
SS /file/c4u79l

The Artisan [PF]

SS /file/k88q88

Super Gachapon Fighter Omega Infinity

SS /filegroup/AKfsbb4j8jIK7bwZGd3QLQ

CAV quickstart

PFS Season 10-04: Reavers Roar

PFS Season 10-05: Mysteries Under Moonlight Part 1: Testament of Souls
SFS Season 01-22: The Protectorate Petition
SFS Season 01-23: Return to Sender
SS /filegroup/b2ZeWTOuHVa5ZJPP1Mqj4FEpXAd%2BCv6M

Conan 2d20
m3g4 /#F!D3pE1QZC!KdLn8NvzHvWbD04xnZ7vkw

Original flavor Ghost Ops

SS /filegroup/GGs8zj8VyCrCcQVEA3fQkg

Crime Fighter
SS /file/tgaxml

Book of Exalted Darkness (Shadow of the Demon Lord)

SS /file/vimd7p

New Gods of Mankind collection

SS /filegroup/wmrsa8MmgWBZNBgkF2iO6zyb%2FXwWxlp7Iu31pqc%2FCScTv0o1yt2OA2u0NFYG8100

Barbarians of Lemuria - Dogs of W.A.R.

SS /file/h57czz

Psionics: The Next State in Human Evolution

SS /filegroup/ctzgveeqP9cKY%2BFmvK5ARQ

The Sprawl, Technoir, Blue Planet, Eclipse Phase, Kuro, Interface Zero, Nova Praxis, Project Darklight, The Veil,
Neomancer, Psi-Punk
SS /filegroup/JfHjMVepjrnpovEb

M. Altfuldisch's Epic Characters v2.

m3g4 /#F!kW5RxAgZ!dUVqmPupyoIEAXDELJk-OA

Crawl-thulhu - Issue 1
DCC98 - Imprisoned in the God-Skull
SS /filegroup/QD%2FTsbTTwKH4HN9Vy2tmow

No. 220
AEG8513 - Good (scan)
SS /file/wpjx1p

AEG8513 - Good (OEF)

SS /file/egeepd

A Town of Our Own

m3g4 /#!qagwyA6a!6e6VLtb4DBTYrj7lT9Bqcf4RXrResnwsjZiL2ZwwB_c

Supers! Revised
SS /filegroup/9G%2FSJZUTUkHAsuJHqtjHlA

Legengary Fighters
SS /file/q847lj

Warhammer Underworlds - Shadespire Core Set (includes alternate art cards for the leaders)
SS /file/kd8o6r

PZO9492 Plane-Hopper's Handbook

SS /file/3zttfq

Smoke and Glass

SS /file/eqlcep

The Curse of Cortez - RPGS Tournament Module for Boot Hill

SS /filegroup/zqayuK9QIXGm8zb3%2BqOw14sunQWqpd08

Legend Quest
SS /file/kj2t3r

Legend Quest - 25th Anniversary Omnibus Edition

SS /file/51xdzz

Path to the Gnome's Argosy

Path to Darkharrow
Path to Sylvanhome
Path to Oyster Cove
SS /filegroup/emJ8nunRfS0SIC537lWudzr7tintQOG3

Codex Magazine Volume 1, complete


Cavaliers of Mars
SS /file/x2tzv7

Kingdoms of Legend - Knights of France

SS /file/tb0in8

Scion Second Edition

SS /filegroup/LC4D6gOHWZbrY8TtRJpjNnZZgciCqrIr

New White Dwarf magazines

m3g4 /#F!n1ckCSCK!k-O0UpRUEn8-YiXTp14YAA

Circle of Hands, Elfs, and Trollbabe

SS /filegroup/ZLi39RIAIpda8Phw1xn7gRSQuSgto5fQ

Lots of stuff

Overlight: Core Book

SS /file/h07lui
Books from the T&T Bundle that are new and/or different prints and/or revised scans:
Battle School
Solo 13 Sewers of Mystery (newer print, better scan overall)
Deluxe Sewers of Mystery (For Deluxe T&T)
Solo 10 Sorcerer Solitaire (don't think this one was available before)
Japan Adventures
Solo 02 Deathtrap Equalizer (different printing)
SS /filegroup/WwhY7ku%2B7gClji5VAMtZSHyLkMkwypbtAPYWCU21i0AqfffOHNduRA

T&T Solo 03 Labyrinth [10th Print 1982 - better printing overall]

T&T Solo 05 Dargon's Dungeon [2nd Ed 1st Print - better printing overall]
T&T Solo 07 Overkill [2nd Print 1981 - also better printing overall]
T&T Solo 21 Red Circle
T&T Solo 22 Caravan to Tiern
Uncle Ugly's Underground Level 1 [5th Print 1982]
SS /filegroup/yeqbmo1dqsEwNDGaBCNRhzxlAb5N0lRGs0Fx0C9sxjLTb3NqXtwE%2BQ

The Whispering Vault Gamemaster's Screen

SS /file/78tx0j

No. 219
DMs Guild - The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox
SS /file/jiuo0a

The Witcher (error-ridden)

SS /file/fwdpgi

Myriad, City of Tiers

SS /filegroup/exkWrqrORt%2Fy1DKZdTUCjcdhcbNDH%2BRJDmKeymz3O8o

Elfquest collection (no comics)

SS /filegroup/maqvgP8a%2B9%2FTzuVS3wI6XVe%2FiYMIcpF3

C&C Player's Guide (7th Printing)

SS /file/recod1

Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG

SS /file/qo6p0l

Pendragon - Book of Feasts

SS /filegroup/symdLJRXrUKlPnaoSz59sA

Mekton II Empire Sourcebook

24<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/eXVy7OUd/file.html

Shadespire - Rulebook v1.4

114<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/0svIU8fn/file.html

Shadespire - Stormcast Warband - Cards

114<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/XJZzvBjZ/file.html

Shadespire - Extra - Cards

114<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/LXYwVPWp/file.html

Warhammer Underworlds - Shadespire Cards.rar

119<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/4eyubj7n/file.html

Forbidden Lands: Raven's Purge

SS /file/3g4ddf

LANCER is free from the author's Twitter. There's also a community edition being done by fans that integrates errata and
the like. https://twitter.com/Lancer_RPG/status/1034905743022084096
PF - Psionics Augmented - Highlord 2
SS /file/4jioa6

Pathfinder AP #134 - It Came From Hollow Mountain

SS /file/c5lxhw

Pathfinder AP #134 - Interactive Maps

SS /file/l0k62n

Starfinder AP #8 - Escape from the Prison Moon

SS /file/y4ml6t

Flip Mat - Wizards Dungeon

SS /file/vmzi8e

Tales from the Loop

u$er$cl0ud /f8e6j38sslxh

WHFRP 2e Rulebook with bookmarks

dr!v3<dot>g00gl3 /file/d/1xbyks2MYVxWhkAKyWMHTRh2l09-_x0-3/view

Here's To Crime: A Guide to Capers and Heists (5e)

SS /file/dnhmzd

White Dwarf - September 2018

116<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/dbvGhz1r/file.html

SS /file/jtt7j1

No. 218
Coin & Blood
SS /file/bqvyps

Storyteller's Vault - The Darkest Timeline

SS /file/ecjq3q

Shaan Renaissance collection (sans core)

SS /file/x7kkv8

More bits for Shaan Renaissance, including the 'zine and the GM screen
SS /file/bsjcgx

Dallas RPG
SS /file/be3l9d

Maze of the Blue Medusa

SS /file/18oivt

Ultramodern 5 and Neurospasta (5e)

SS /filegroup/Rh8HPb7Chl1lnjp395xVwA

MtG Innistrad art


Teratic Tome
SS /file/ufei0o

FATE - Elysium Flare

SS /file/jnlma0
5 Days to Die
Murder Most Foul
SS /filegroup/gr0PE9VuDzxbKDFthXr47kVoP2PG0FdfTrxhuaHDe%2FL%2Ba6%2BnXq3TAYixRwl51TIO

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Other stuff you might find interesting:

https://www.thingiverse.com is loaded with free files. Search for miniatures or terrain or barstool, or whatever you are
looking for.

Embedding fonts in Acrobat


App for opening links from your clipboard (can also be found on github)
MF /file/9g981b7nb4h8ysx

Medusas from around the web


DIY Book Scanning


Custom RPG soundboards


Garamond Premier Pro fonts


Calibre (Converts PDFs)


Find Medusa Sauce here maybe


Good place for Manga


"My odrive app is kind of ready to use. There are some issues left of course...
If you are afraid to run it, you can find project on github. 'Load all' can take a while because troves are huge, but after that
you can save trove structure in file."

MasterPDF Editor - the linux version is free, and it can save the image files directly from the PDF

Extract images out of PDF as JPG online


App for getting link containers from ODrive

SS /file/tvzp1j
Not a share, nor a game, and on a shitty platform, but...
check out https://plus.google.com/communities/116965157741523529510 for a hell of a lot of good writeups and

Firefox alternatives compatible with downthemall, uBlock, etc.

>Waterfox (56)

>Firefox ESR (52)


Program for finding/deleting duplicate files


Scribd autobot