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Critical Incident Journal

Amber Chrischilles

Global Citizenship:

During parent’s weekend at MSU, I was able to attend the Pow Wow with my parents. Our

family had never really experienced much of that culture before, so I know that both my parents and

I got a lot out of this cultural experience. From what I understand, it was a series of competitions in

different categories such as traditional dancing, drums, women’s dancing, and much more. I was

able to talk to people who grew up attending Pow Wows, and it was so interesting to learn about

something I had never knew existed before.

In high school, one of my favorite teachers went in depth about the history, struggles, and

culture of Native Americans. Ever since then, I was always curious as to what Native American

culture was really like. Reading from textbooks about culture does not give you as much knowledge or

understanding as you would get if you experienced it first-hand. Even though it was a cultural

celebration and gathering, I was not expecting there to be a competition involved or stands selling food

and jewelry.