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The Expropriating authority files a COMPLAINT for Expropriation

1.state with certainty the right and the purpose of expropriation

2. describe the real or personal property sought to be expropriated

3. join as defendants all persons owning or claiming to own or occupy any part
thereof or any interest therein.

4.show as far as practicable the separate interest of each defendant

The expropriating authority may enter the rea property upon filing of
complaint and due notice to defendant and defendant refuses.
The condition is a deposit of the amount equivalent to the assessed value of
the property in an authorized government depositary must be in money or
authorized certificate of deposit of a govt bank of the philippines

The court determines the authority to expropriate:

Inquire to the propriety or purpose and necessity of


Court issues an order of expropriation if the

Court Denies
defendant objection is overruled, when no
party appears to object to or defend against
the expropriator

Determination of just compensation by

appointment of 3 commissioner and
submission of report within 60 days

Court action upon commissioner report

1. Accept the report

2. Recommit the same to commissioner for furtherreport of facts
3. Set aside report and re appoint newcommissioner
4. Accept in part or reject in part