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Activity Sheet

Week 3-Day 5

EN6VC-IIc- 3.7
Infer the target audience

Let’s Learn This

In the previous week, you learned about how to infer the target audience.

Today, you will learn more about this lesson.

Let’s Try This

Task 1. Remember Me!

These lines are used in advertising. Can you guess the product/company being
endorsed using these tag lines?

1. “Kids Can Tell!”

2. Complete from A to Z
3. Finger lickin’ good
4. You’re not you when you’re hungry
5. You’re in good hands

What do you think are the reasons why they used these lines?

To whom are they conveying the lines?

Let’s Study This

An audience is a group of people who participate in a show or encounter a work of

art, literature (in which they are called "readers"), theatre, music (in which they are
called "listeners"), video games (in which they are called "players"), or academics in any
medium. Audience members participate in different ways in different kinds of art; some
events invite overt audience participation and others allowing only modest clapping and
criticism and reception.

Media audience studies have become a recognized part of the curriculum.

Audience theory offers scholarly insight into audiences in general. These insights shape
our knowledge of just how audiences affect and are affected by different forms of art.

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The biggest art form is the mass media. Films, video games, radio shows,
software (and hardware), and other formats are affected by the audience and its
reviews and recommendations.

A target audience is the intended audience or readership of a publication,

advertisement, or other message. In marketing and advertising, it is a particular group
of consumers within the predetermined target market, identified as the targets or
recipients for a particular advertisement or message.

Businesses that have a wide target market will focus on a specific target audience
for certain messages to send, such as The Body Shops Mother’s Day advertisements,
which were aimed at the children and spouses of women, rather than the whole market
which would have included the women themselves.

"Audience." Accessed June 13, 2017. . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audience.
"Target audience." Accessed June 13, 2017. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_audience.

Let’s Do This

Task 2. Stop, Look and Identify

Go with your group mates. Study each picture and write down the target viewer of the
following commercials.

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Task 3. Viewing the Movie Clip!

Your teacher will show you short video clips. With your groupmates, study and find out
who could be the target audience of each clip. Be ready to report your findings.

Magic Sarap. Accessed June 17, 207.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5ApWVFMVBo.
I Hate You. Accessed June 17, 2017https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXPpHI0RFJw .

Let’s Enrich Ourselves

Task 4. Commercial Break!

Watch five TV commercials at home. On a whole sheet of paper, write down the
product/ service endorsed by the commercial then infer the target audience of each.

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(For Teachers’ Use Only)

Task 1. Remember Me!

1. Purefoods hotdogs
2. Centrum
3. KFC
4. Snickers
5. Metro Bank

Task 2. Stop, Look and Identify

low-earning public kids/ children and their parents housewives

Task 3. Viewing the Movie Clip!

Answers may vary

Task 4. Commercial Break!

Answers may vary.

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