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Admission and visa process for Italy

Dear Applicant /Associates

Please find the information about Admission and visa process to Italy
under Government & Private universities and Colleges:

Step 1. (For Admission & to Generate Offer Letter from the University)

• Original Passport along with Photographs

• 10th mark sheet and Certificates
• 12th mark sheet and certificate
• Diploma/ Degree mark sheet and Certificate
• IELTS Scorecard (if any)
• Experience Certificate (if any)
• Previous visas copy (if any)
• Registration Fee of 600 Euro to issue offer letter from

After received above documents, Universities will assess your academic

profile and if your profile comes under their required eligibility criteria
of course then they will issue Conditional/Final Acceptance letter. It will
take 30-60 working days(usually) to issue an Offer letter from
Government/Private Universities in Italy.
Step 2. (Documents attestation from concerning HRD Department
according to the area from Degree/Diploma/Certificate is being issued
and after that document should be apostle by MEA of home country)
• • HRD attestation from Department (Highest Qualification) &
Translation in Italian from
• Authorized Translator.

• Student should Apostle his highest qualification

Step 4. (Appointment to apply Pre-enrollment & DOV – Declaration of
Value from Embassy)
Pre-enrollment: - A process to register in particular University/College
for a particular intake is known as Pre-enrollment
Declaration of Value (DOV): An assessment of education credentials
according to Italian Education System is known as DOV
After issuance of Acceptance letter from University/College, we will
take appointment to apply Pre-enrollment & DOV from the embassy
through student personal email. Student should personally visit
embassy on given date and time along with following documents to
Italy Embassy. Embassy will also take a brief interview in English
regarding purpose of our study, previous education etc:

a) Photograph
b) Acceptance Letter
c) HRD Documents along with Italian Translation
d) Pre-enrollment & DOV Form duly filled
e) IELTS/Student Bonafide Certificate
f) Passport Copy
After apply for Pre-enrollment & DOV in Embassy, it will take minimum
20-30 days to collect DOV from the Italian embassy to apply student

Step 5.(Preparation of File & submission for Visa)

We will prepare student visa file along with all required documents of
the student and take appointment from VFS to submit the file along
with following supporting documents as mentioned under:
• Original Passport
• Photograph
• Acceptance Letter
• Covering Letter or Statement of Purpose
• Photocopy of Academics & IELTS Score card
• DOV & Pre-enrollment
• Travel Insurance for period of one year
• Bank Statement for last 6 months & Balance Certificate of Rs.5-7
Lakhs (Euro 8,000-10,000)
• Air ticket Itinerary (one-way)
• Experience Letter (if any)

Step 6. (Decision)
After submission, Embassy will take 30-45 working days to make a
decision on your visa application.
Step 7. (Post-landing Services)
After your Visa approval and your arrival in Italy, our team will provide
you post landing services as follows

• • Airport Pickup
• • Accommodation for 10-15 days

TOTAL PACKAGE COST: INR 6,00,000 (Euro 7728) in Case of Free Study
If student opt Paid Study Programme with any Private Institution in
Italy then package cost will be Rs. 7,00,000 (Euro 9016)

1. On Registration - Rs. 46579 (Euro 600)

(Note: HRD process & Italian Translation will be done by the student
itself. We can also provide services for the same to the student with
extra charges apart from this package cost.)
2. On Successful receiving of Acceptance Letter – Rs. 50,000 (Euro
644 )
3. On File Submission – Rs. 30,000 (Euro 386) (Travel Insurance,
Embassy Fee & Apostle Charges)

4. On Visa Approval –
In case of Free Study - Rs. 4,73,421 (Euro 6098) (Balance payment from
In case of Paid Study – Rs. 5,73,421 (Euro 7386)


• • Application Fee
• • Tuition Fee 1 year
• • Embassy Fee
• • Document Apostle Charges
• • Travel Insurance
• • Air Ticket
• • Airport pickup
• • Accommodation for 10-15 days
• • Service Charges of Company


• We don’t commit any kind of Job placement/employment to our

students in Italy.
• If client withdraw the case after registration then amount will be
• If client withdraw the case after visa approval then client is liable to
pay total amount of the Tuition Fee cost & Visa cost to company.
• All Tickets issued are non-refundable in any case.
• If client got absconding after arrival in Italy and does not report at
University then all paid amount will be forfeit and University\Police
authority can cancel the visa and leads to Criminal proceedings.
• After getting above mentioned services, company will not be
responsible for any kind of service to the client or nor client can claim
any kind of refund from the same.
• If student will face any kind of boarding problem at Airport in
India/Italy then student will handle the situation at its own and
company will not be responsible in any manner.
• All other Services which are not mentioned in our agreement will be
charged extra apart from the package price.