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Catholic Diocese of Youngstown



Administered by the
Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Funded by the
Annual Bishop’s Appeal
Banquet Seating
(Recipients listed alphabetically, seating assigned as response forms were received.
Please see the chart in the hall entry for guest seating assignments.)

Most Reverend George V. Murry, S.J. and Guests Table no. 1

Stephen Babik and Guests Table no. 10
Marley Berczik and Guests Table no. 28
Bridget Bobovnyik and Guests Table no. 14
Patricia Ann Carr and Guests Table no. 26
Brooke Chandler and Guests Table no. 11 Twenty-First Annual
Jarod Evan Day and Guests Table no. 8


Bridget DePascale and Guests Table no. 6
Cullen Faulk and Guests Table no. 16
Katherine Julia Flickinger and Guests Table no. 4
Virginia Katherine Grier and Guests Table no. 2
Matthew Hersher and Guests Table no. 27
Emma Kosicek and Guests Table no. 23
Eucharistic Liturgy
Connor Kovach and Guests Table no. 22 and
Quinn Li Lamp and Guests Table no. 20 Awards Banquet
Jaret Lane and Guests Table no. 24
Ashley Lytle and Guests Table no. 15
Abigail Noel Marchand and Guests Table no. 8
Nicholas Mattiussi and Guests Table no. 7
Scott Andrew Mintus and Guests Table no. 3
Nicholas J. Muscarella and Guests Table no. 12
Edward Odom and Guests Table no. 30
Logan Joseph Ambrose Orlowski. and Guests Table nos. 5,9
Maggie Joy Paul and Guests Table no. 19
Aaron Pepperney and Guests Table no. 25
Sarah Ann Riley and Guests Table no. 18
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Joseph Roth and Guests Table no. 13
Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Asher G. Searles and Guests Table no. 29
Youngstown, Ohio
William John Todd and Guests Table no. 17
6:00 PM
Elizabeth Wheeler Table no. 21

A Reflection on the “Eagle of the Cross” Award WHAT IS THE EAGLE OF THE CROSS?

Both the eagle and the cross are symbols deeply rooted in Scripture and The Eagle of the Cross, created originally by the National
Catholic tradition, and both speak to and about the young people being honored Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM), is the highest
in this ceremony. recognition that our Diocese confers on a young person. It is given to
extraordinary teens who selflessly serve their peers and parishes
The cross…By the sign of the cross traced in Baptism, a person is marked in unwavering commitment and dedication as communicated by the
forever as a follower of Jesus Christ. The cross is the trophy of victory of nominating adult.
Jesus who overcame death and promises life forever. The cross is the unique
Since 1999, The Eagle of the Cross has been given annually in the Diocese of
sacrifice of Christ who calls his disciples to “Take up [their] cross and follow
Youngstown to select high school juniors and seniors who show particular zeal in the
[him],” and who has left us “an example that [we] should follow in his steps.”
improvement of their parish youth ministry program, high school ministry teams or
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, #618)
other ministries within the Diocese. The nominees must be practicing Catholics who
exemplify the qualities of moral integrity, prayer, good works and Christian
The eagle…A symbol of integrity and faithfulness, individuality and majestic
leadership. Awardees can receive only once. You can find the names of previous
beauty. The eagle is a symbol of God’s faithful love and care. Unique among
recipients posted online at:
birds for its clarity of vision the eagle is the only bird that can look directly
into the sun. The Book of Revelation speaks of four living creatures around the http://youngstownoyyam.weebly.com/eagle-of-cross-awards.html
throne of God, symbolizing the writers of the four Gospels. The eagle in
Nominations for the Eagle of the Cross are to be completed by an adult (not the
Christian tradition represents the Gospel of John which begins directly with
nominee), be it a parish staff member, high school personnel, parishioner or friend.
the vision of God: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
Each nominator must answer essay questions addressing the nominee’s participation
and the Word was God…” (John 1:1)
in parish and high school youth ministry programs, providing examples of the
qualities mentioned above. The award is not geared toward quantitative service
The eagle and the cross have a unique association in the person of John. As the
hours but to the integrity of the individual and how well s/he is perceived by the
youngest apostle, John was probably only a teenager and was the only apostle
nominator as an outstanding Catholic Christian.
who stood near the cross of Jesus with Mary, his Mother. Just as he was one
of the first disciples to be called by Jesus, John was the first person who ran
to the tomb on Easter Morning; when he reached the tomb, the Scriptures
record, “He saw and believed.” St. Paul wrote in his letter to Timothy, another
young follower of Jesus, “Let no one disregard you because you are young, but Reprinted with permission under OneLicense.net license no. A-702617:
be an example to all believers in the way you speak and behave, in your love, Gather Your People, Bob Hurd, 1991, OCP Publications; Mass of Renewal, Curtis Stephan, 2009, OCP
your faith and your purity. You have in you a spiritual gift…do not neglect it…” Publications; Here I am, Lord, Dan Scutte, 1981, OCP; Spirit and Grace, Ricky Manolo, CSP, 2006, OCP;
Alleluia! Love is Alive! Steve Angrisano, Sarah Hart and Jesse Manibusan, 2012, Spirit and Song/OCP.
(1 Timothy 4: 12, 14) © 1999, SISTER MARY BRENDON ZAJAC, SND

Prayers by Edward Hays, Prayers for the Domestic Church: A Handbook for Worship in the Home,
“Evening Meal Blessing Prayers.” Leavenworth, KS: Forest of Peace Books, Inc., 1979, p. 111.
2 23

WELCOME Katherine Flickinger and Logan Orlowski

A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED IN
In particular…

Most Reverend George V. Murry, S.J.

Bishop of Youngstown

2019 Recipients who assisted with our evening

Mr. Jeff Fricker

Canton St. Michael the Archangel Parish

Fusillo Catering, Sandra Greco Cakes and Briel’s Florist

Bob Zajack and Studio Six Photography

All the nominators who took the time to share stories with us
about these outstanding teens

Families and mentors to the recipients who nurtured faith and encouraged
Christian Leadership

2019 Eagle of the Cross Judges

Dominic Colucy, Marcy Fessler, Peggy Fitch, Maureen Hall,
Janette Koewacich, Tina McCue, Julianne Pertz, Ashley Quinn,
and Cindee Case (Secretary)

Special thanks to our Hosts for their generous hospitality

~~ Our Lady of Mount Carmel Basilica ~~
Reverend Monsignor Michael J. Cariglio, Jr., Pastor

22 3
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Basilica
Established in 1908
Our Lady of Mount Carmel was founded by Catholic immigrants coming to Italy
FIRST READING ACTS 8:1B - 8 in search of a new way of life. Today, the community of over 1,000 families is
committed to the faith and life of the Church with a profound sense of
tradition and with a contemporary voice of Christ and the Church in our world.
The Italian-American heritage is still very much part of the Church’s fiber in a
way that welcomes all. (Excerpted from Parish brochure)

Stained Glass Windows

Left of the altar - front of Church to back: Right of the altar:

Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene St. Aloyisus Gonzaga

St. Paschal Baylon & St. Stephen &

St. Mark the Evangelist St. Vincent Ferrer

St. Lucy St. Francis of Assisi

The Annunciation Sacred Heart of Jesus

with St. Margaret

Christ the Good Shepherd & St. Anthony of Padua

Queen of the Holy Rosary with the Child Jesus

Our Lady of Mount Carmel The Visitation of Mary

Appearing to St. Simon Stock to Elizabeth

4 21
The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry GOSPEL ACCLAMATION ALLELUIA (STEPHAN)

In addition to organizing this awards program on behalf of the diocese, the

Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (OY&YAM) directs the biennial Diocesan
Youth Convention (DYC) in even-numbered years and the diocesan delegation to the
National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) in the odd years (November 21 - 24,
2019, registration now open) in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as other periodic

The OY&YAM provides resources to parishes and Catholic agencies within

the diocese to assist with outreach to high school teens and those in their twenties
and thirties.

As an Eagle of the Cross recipient, you are now invited to join the Facebook
GOSPEL JOHN 3: 7B - 15
group with other recipients at https://www.facebook.com/groups/41773267352/ .

After you graduate from high school, be sure to check out young adult HOMILY MOST REVEREND GEORGE V. MURRY, S.J.
ministry opportunities at your campus, post/station or parish, as well as those BISHOP OF YOUNGSTOWN
around our diocese. Events are posted at:
Additional information about the programs and services of the OY&YAM are
available on the diocesan website, http://doy.org/index.php/diocesan-offices/
youth-a-young-adult-ministry (or go to www.doy.org and click on Diocesan Offices)
and at http://youngstownoyyam.weebly.com.

OY&YAM also utilizes social media. Like, follow or link to us:

Pinterest: “YoungstownYouth”

Instagram @CindeeNYoungstown

Twitter @YoungInYTown

Facebook: “Youngstown-Youth Young-Adults”


20 5
LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST Sarah Ann Riley Our Lady of Peace, Ashtabula
Senior St. John School
PREPARATION OF THE GIFTS HERE I AM, LORD (SCHUTTE) Sarah served a vital role in getting junior high Youth Ministry started; she was a core team
member in the high school YM. She has served as Eucharistic Minister*, sacristan and member
of Acts 29 (campus ministry club) at her school. She has been active in VBS, has led prayer on
morning announcements at her school and is a member of the Bible journaling group.

Joseph Roth St. Mary, Massillon

Senior Central Catholic High School
Joe is a go-to person for help in setting up for school Masses and prayer services. He has
worked at his parish Fish Fry since grade school and helps with the Aultman Hospital Angel
Auction each year. As a member of his school’s Senior Peer Ministry program he is faithful in
mentoring freshmen; he has gone out of his way to those who hadn’t been assigned to him, too.

Asher G. Searles Our Lady of Peace, Ashtabula

Senior Edgewood Senior High School
Asher was a member of Junior and Senior High Youth Ministry. He has been a VBS, CCD and
Fish Fry volunteer. He served as assistant for Confirmation and First Communion retreats. As
an altar server, he would stay for more than one Mass when no one else showed up. Asher has
posted anti-abortion articles to his Facebook account because he wants to defend life.

William John Todd Holy Trinity, East Liverpool

Senior East Liverpool High School
Billy has been an active member of CCD, Youth Ministry and parish life. He composed and
submitted the prayer that was used to introduce the NCYC Saturday morning sessions. The
school district had Billy attend Camp Fitch as a counselor and role model for younger students.
After serving mass, he can often be found assisting the sacristan. “The right thing to do”
appears to be what shapes his actions.

Elizabeth Wheeler St. Louis, Louisville

Senior St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Elizabeth has been a contributing member of both her parish and school community. She has
served as a Eucharistic Minister*, lector, altar server and RCIA sponsor. She served as a Kairos
leader and gave a talk on holiness at the retreat. She is a student ambassador for her school.
She has taken good advantage of her Catholic education allowing it to form her into a faithful
young adult. ###

6 19
Nicholas J. Muscarella Blessed Sacrament, Warren EUCHARISTIC ACCLAMATIONS MASS OF RENEWAL (STEPHAN)
Junior John F. Kennedy Catholic School
Nicholas values his faith above all. He is involved in his parish EPIC (Every Person in Christ) teen
youth group and in our iPlunge mission trip to Milford, OH. He has also joined WACT (Warren
Area Catholic Teens) where joint events are held with four other churches. He is an advocate
for the unborn through Life Chain. He supported Helping Hands by packaging rice being sent to
Burkina Faso.

Eddie Odom St. Brendan, Youngstown

Senior Austintown Fitch High School
Eddie is a dedicated member of his parish Youth Ministry program and serves at the weekly
Lenten Fish Fry. Besides making nursing home visits, he assisted in organizing religious article
donations that were packaged and sent to Africa. Among his peers, he provides the example of
moral, conscientious and courteous behavior treating others as he would want to be treated.

Logan Joseph Ambrose Orlowski St. Ambrose, Garrettsville

Senior Home Schooled
Logan is an extremely active young person in our parish. He has been an altar server for many
years and is now one of our Youth Ministry student leaders. He facilitates outreach projects
with our YM group through the March for Life, food pantries, and Youngstown Community MEMORIAL ACCLAMATION
Kitchen project. Our YM program can attribute much of its success to Logan’s influence and

Maggie Joy Paul St. Joseph, Massillon

Senior Central Catholic High School
Maggie is a Eucharistic Minister* and altar server at her parish. She is a commissioner for a
service organization at her school (Crusaders for Community) and has done work for nursing
homes, the humane society and a Kentucky mission trip with the Ignite Youth Group. She is a
mentor for her school’s Peer Ministry program and exemplifies Christian virtues in everyday

Aaron Pepperney Holy Family, Poland AMEN

Senior Cardinal Mooney High School
Aaron is an altar server, Eucharistic Minister* and member of the Youth Ministry and Celebrate
teams. During Advent and Lent he is a leader for a prayer experience for children K-4. Aaron
has been part of three mission trips to Cumberland, KY. Whether it’s mentoring a new student
or serving as a team leader for Link Crew, Aaron always says “yes!”

18 7
COMMUNION RITE Jaret Lane St. John the Evangelist, Summitville
Senior Carrollton High School
THE LORD’S PRAYER Jaret has attended both NCYC and DYC two times; to raise the necessary funds for these
conferences - he helped make meals, washed cars and worked at service projects for the elderly
in the community. He is an altar server, Eucharistic Minister* and Lector. He attends Prayer
SIGN OF PEACE Warriors at his school – a student-led group that meets weekly to pray.

Ashley Lytle Blessed Sacrament, Warren

Junior John F. Kennedy Catholic School
Ashley is a faithful altar server and mentors the younger servers. She has assisted in Vacation
Bible School and volunteered with Social justice organizations in Cincinnati through the iPlunge
Summer Mission Retreat. She and a friend initiated the Beautification of St. Vincent DePaul
Dining Hall; this is an ongoing project that she hopes will come to fruition by graduation time.

Abigail Noel Marchand St. Anthony/All Saints, Canton

Senior Perry High School
Abby can always be counted on to be at YM formation sessions, service opportunities, socials and
larger events like the DYC and NCYC. She shows enthusiasm for parish programs and is an
example for her peers. She has been an altar server since she was very young. Leadership is
natural for Abby; she does not try to upstage anyone but works toward being a role model to

Nicholas Mattiussi St. Joseph, Austintown

Senior Austintown Fitch High School
Nicholas has followed family tradition becoming a second degree Knight of Columbus. He has
earned two Catholic Scouting Religious awards – Ad Altare Dei and the Pope Pius XII. He is
prepared his witness talk on leadership for the Celebrate weekend. His enthusiasm for his music
ministry and continuing willingness for altar serving is an inspiration. His faith is the driving
force in his life.

Scott Andrew Mintus St. William, Warren

Junior John F. Kennedy Catholic School
Scott is an altar server and a regular volunteer for church fundraisers and at the St. Vincent
DePaul Soup Kitchen helping to prepare food and set up. He is very involved in JFK’s Relay for
Life team. Scott attended the Kairos retreat last year and has returned as a leader. He has
received the Rotary Youth Leadership Award. He attended the iPlunge mission retreat spending
time in Cincinnati and Kentucky.

8 17
Virginia Katherine Grier St. Joseph Calasanctius, Jefferson COMMUNION SPIRIT AND GRACE (MANAOLO)
Senior Jefferson Area High School
Ginny is a Core Team leader and liaison to Parish Council for her Youth Group; she is also a lector,
catechist, and server. She was a convert to Catholicism on her own initiative in middle school.
Her entire family either came to or returned to the Church by the example she set. Ginny is a
doer of the Word – not just a hearer. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are at work in her.

Matthew Hersher St. Joseph, Massillon

Senior Massillon Washington High School
Matt serves as a lector, Eucharist Minister*, CCD aide and youth Representative on Parish
Council. He is a four-year member of Ignite – the YM leadership team. His participation in the
city’s Kindness Campaign planning committee exemplified his commitment to good moral decision
making. He has received the Mayor’s Student of the Year award.

Emma Kosicek Our Lady of Peace, Ashtabula

Senior St. John School
Emma is president of her school’s Philanthropy Club and an active member of Acts 29 – a ministry
group; she was also the student leader and head sacristan for 40 Days of Kindness. Emma has
been a lector and leads other students through Lectio Divina and art prayer in order to do bible
journaling. During Catholic Schools Week, Emma helped set up the Service Village and led
morning prayer every day.

Connor Kovach St. Joseph Calasanctius, Jefferson

Senior St. John School
Conner is a member of Acts 29 Ministry Club. He is a Eucharistic Minister* and student leader
for the National Week of Student Prayer serving as an example of what it means to be
dedicated to your faith and the spiritual growth of others. He has participated in Project Grow
for the past 6 years. Connor has assisted in Thanksgiving food drives and Lenten service
projects to serve the community.

Quinn Li Lamp St. Louis, Louisville

Senior St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Quinn is an officer in her school’s Right to Life Club attending the March for Life in DC and
participating in school activities promoting Pro-Life. She volunteers as an ambassador for tours,
reading to younger students and setting up for conferences. She attended the Kairos retreat
and was invited to be a retreat leader this year. She has been an altar server and Eucharistic
Minister* at her parish.
16 9
Concluding Rite Brooke Chandler Holy Family, Poland
BLESSING Senior Cardinal Mooney High School
DISMISSAL ALLELUIA! LOVE IS ALIVE! (ANGRISANO, HART, MANIBUSAN) Brooke participated in a Celebrate weekend and then became a member of the team. As part of
an elective Theology course she did community service in nursing homes, schools and with the
poor. At Villa Maria Farms she participated in a local mission trip. She has also served at St.
Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen and as an altar server and Eucharistic Minister* at her parish.

Jarod Evan Day Immaculate Heart of Mary, Austintown

Senior Ursuline High School
Jarod has been an active member of his school’s Stewardship Club for four years. He has helped
out at the Purple Cat and St. Vincent de Paul. He has done mission work in Nicaragua helping to
build a house. His spirituality comes in the form of service to others. Jarod is an altar server
and has been commissioned as a Eucharistic Minister*.

Bridget DePascale St. William, Warren

Senior Champion High School
Bridget often attends more than one Mass per weekend as she fulfills her roles as cantor, choir
member and altar server. She has gone on three mission trips and worked as a volunteer at St.
Vincent DePaul. She gives of her time at the parish and school level and reaches out to the
community through her service work. Bridget has a heart for children and those in need.

Cullen Faulk Blessed Sacrament, Warren

Junior Warren G. Harding High School
Cullen is a role model to his younger sisters and Boy Scouts in his troop. He has been a
Eucharistic Minister* and altar server. As a Kairos participant one year, he went on to be the
group leader the next year and now serves as co-leader. He is very thoughtful, kind, spiritual
and loving towards his friends and family. He hopes to be a CYO camp counselor to help children
enjoy the experience as he has.

Katherine Julia Flickinger SS. Philip and James, Canal Fulton

Junior Canton Central High School
Katie is a lector at her parish and will go on her fourth Kentucky mission trip with her youth
group this year. She is a volunteer at the House of Loreto assisting both staff and residents.
She also helps in caring for her grandparents. She started doing service projects when she had
her 5th birthday by asking her friends to bring pet supplies to donate to the Stark County
Humane Society.
THE 2019 EAGLE OF THE CROSS Ministers of the Celebration
The following are excerpts from the essay questions written about each Eagle of the Cross Recipient.
Most Reverend George V. Murry, S.J. Bishop of Youngstown
(Nominators, please excuse any liberties taken with your work.)
Master of Ceremonies
*Please note that due to space constraints, the shorter term “Eucharistic Minister” was used for
“Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion” throughout the biographies. Rev. Michael Balash Office of Worship, St. William Parish

Concelebrants/Participating Priests
Stephen Babik Our Lady of Sorrows, Youngstown
Rev. Christopher Cicero Rev. Msgr. William J. Connell
Senior Ursuline High School Rev. John Ettinger Rev. Donald Feicht
Stephen has served more yearly hours for Students of Stewardship than anyone else. His quiet
Rev. Edward Gretchko Rev. Peter Haladej
humility and consistent service to his neighbor is inspiring. He is a role model for his friends and
younger students at Ursuline through his example. He is committed to his liturgical ministry
Rev. John Jerek Rev. John Keehner, JCL
roles as altar server and Eucharistic Minister*. Rev. Donald King Rev. Msgr. James Kolp
Rev. Scott Kopp Very Rev. Thomas Kreszewski, VF
Marley Berczik St. Joan of Arc, Streetsboro Rev. John-Michael Lavelle Rev. William Loveless
Senior Streetsboro High School Rev. Keven McCaffrey Rev. Robert Miller
Marley serves as a Lector, Eucharistic Minister* and altar server often volunteering if someone Rev. Richard Murphy Rev. Raymond Paul
is absent. She is a teen leader at the parish Vacation Bible School program. She has Rev. Msgr. Robert Siffrin, VG Very Rev. Raymond Thomas, VF
participated in the last two mission trip experiences to Kentucky. She shares her faith often Rev. Stephen Wassie
bringing friends to her parish to say ‘hello’ to the staff. Marley is active in providing
Word/Communion services to local nursing homes. Deacon
Deacon Michael Gardner
Bridget Bobovnyik St. Christine, Youngstown
Altar Servers
Senior Canfield High School
Bridget has been an altar server and Eucharist Minister*. As a member of a community service
Stephen Babik Marley Berczik
club, she has volunteered at the St. John’s Soup kitchen. Participating in a Celebrate weekend Patricia Ann Carr Nicholas Mattiussi
helped make her the person she is today. She is the Youth Rep on Parish Council giving reports Nicholas Muscarelli
on the YM program. She also developed and maintains the website for the program.
Patricia Ann Carr St. Jude, Columbiana Virginia Grier
Senior Columbiana High School Gift Bearers
Patricia assists with her parish Vacation Bible School and is an altar server. She has been a Quinn Lamp Abigail Marchand
youth leader for younger children at Summer Drama Camp at the Crown Theater. She has
Scott Mintus Maggie Paul
participated in the NCYC and represented her parish at the Diocesan 75th Anniversary Mass for
teens. Last year she was named Rotary Outstanding Interact Student. Music Minister
Mr. Jeff Fricker Canton St. Michael the Archangel Parish


MEAL BLESSING EMMA KOSICEK Eagle of the Cross Recipients each receive a framed Awards Certificate, a corsage
or boutonniere, and a copy of the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults
which we hope will help to continue nurturing faith throughout life.

The day is coming to a close, A picture will be taken of each recipient as s/he receives the award in the banquet
and like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, hall. A copy of the picture will be mailed to each recipient in the weeks following
we pause to break bread together. this ceremony. Family and friends are permitted to take pictures but are asked to
avoid interfering with our professional photographer, Mr. Robert Zajack.
May our eyes be opened,
and in this act of common sharing, CLOSING PRAYER
may we see the risen Lord in one another.

May we see the Lord of Life in our food,

Lord, the resurrection of Your Son
our conversation and lives shared in common.
has given us new life and renewed hope.
May the blessing of God, Help us to live as new people
His peace and love, in pursuit of the Christian ideal.
rest upon our table. Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,
the will to want to do it,
(Together, let us pray:) the courage to undertake it,
Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts, the perseverance to continue to do it,
which we are about to receive from thy bounty and the strength to complete it.
through Christ our Lord. Amen. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
(New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book)

All Eagle of the Cross Recipients are asked to remain in the Banquet Hall
MUSIC JEFF FRICKER, ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL PARISH, CANTON after the awards for a group photo with Bishop Murry.
Thank you for joining us.
Goodnight and safe travels!