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Seyed Arash Sajjadi  No.21821 , 18th F loor, T owerN o.

2 , Atisaz
Residential Complex,Tehran, Iran
Curriculum Vitae 

+98 9128685395
Summary  facebook.com/arash.sajjadi1
 www.linkedin.com/in/arash-sajjadi
Bachelor of Mathematics and Applications from Shahid Beheshti Uni-  @arash.sajjadi
versity [National University of Iran], Tehran/12 years of work experi-  @arash_sajjadi
ence in various fields/Interested in design, photography and art paint-
ing/Work experience and education at the age of 10 years/Collaboration Publications
with Student Selected Publications (Scientific / Layout)/Translator of
several specialized books in mathematics/Experience the establishment Cryptography (2016). This magazine was chosen as the
of the restaurant (Trained by Iranian and Italian food chefs)[Setting up best journalistic journal of the country at that time.[The
a business]/Continuous collaboration with scientific associations dur- layout of this version was for me.] 8th Infinite Student
ing the student period at Shahid Beheshti University Magazine, Page 155-171.
Trance chi-shen Tao , Examples in number theory (2016).
Education I was one of the translators of this book in Farsi for 9th
national math Crows championships Solving mathemati-
Sep 2014 – Current Bachelor’s Degree cal problems, 2012
Mathematics and Applications Allen Hatcher , Topology of Numbers (2018) . I was one
Shahid Beheshti University of the translators of this book in Farsi for 10th national
math Crows championships Solving mathematical problems
2013 Pre University
First Class Honours/GPA:4
Mathematics & Physics
Presentations at SBu
Adab High School Visual Cryptography1:Foundations of VC, Sep,2015
Description: Shahid Beheshti University [or National University of Visual Cryptography2: Personal achievements,Oct,2015
Iran] is one of the most prestige Universities in Iran / I will Graduate Public key cryptography: Wikigoft seminars, Dec,2015
at June 2019- GPA for this moment: 2.52 by US educational system./ Symmetric key cryptography: Wikigoft seminars, Nov,2015
Title of Bachelor’s Project: ”IS PRIME?”/ I was interested in Number IS Prime?: Bachelor project, Apr,2018
Theory, Cryptography (Especially visual Cryptography) , Steganogra-
phy , Programming (C,C++,Matlab,Maple,Java) during my education./ Work Experience
Continuous collaboration with scientific associations during the student Dec 2018 – Jan 2017 (FT)
period. Rabo Restaurant (Fastfood)

2013 Member of the National Elite Foundation Dec 2013 – Dec 2015 (FT)
Ranked 1st in math exam between 600K student Shahid Beheshti University
Teacher Assistant
2015 Top booth at the ”Harekat” festival
Because of writing 212 equation to show logo of Teacher Assistant in mathematical programming courses
shahid beheshty university, visual cryptography, (for example: Maple- Matlab ,etc.) /I worked in this posi-
magazine and published books by me. tion voluntarily without paying any salary.

organization Dec 2005 – Dec 2013 (FT & PT)

Tarasheh Wood Industries
Holding the following ceremonies in Shahid Beheshti University: Production Manager
Student Referral 2015, Decade of mathematics ceremony 2015, 9th and Tarasheh Wood Industries was a company that my father
10th National math Crows championships, 7th seminar on harmonic was one of the three shareholders of this so , along with
analysis and applications, Commemoration of Professor M.Mirzakhani, my education,when I was 10 years old, started to work and
Congress of Representatives and Women’s Association of Iranian Math- learn my skills at the company. During my employment in
ematical Society this company, I have been following the holding positions,
Skills Simple worker- Carpenter- Industrial designer- Sales department-
Advanced Java, C, C++ Conceptual designer of products- Production manager

Expert Photoshop; CorelDraw; LATEX; Calligraphy; Microsoft Win-

dows; Maple; Matlab,Layout; Microsoft Office; Typography; Languages
IOS devices; Poster design; Video editing; Mathematics; Cook-
ing; Carpentry; Management; Wolfram; Driving; Painting; Persian: Native 
Graphic; Social networks English: Proficient 