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In order to make an eco friendly house we will need to put many things in
consideration such as, What renewable sources of energy are available? Which sources
could be used to supply a household’s needs? How could each source be used? Where
would the home have to be located to use each source? This house will have about 7
renewable energy sources. The house will use a Wind Turbine, Photovoltaic cells,
Double glazing, insulation, Water butt, and a ground source heat pump.
The House
For electricity I will use Photovoltaic cells and Solar panels. The Photovoltaic cells will
take energy from the solar panels. For heat and cold I will use a ground source heat
pump that will help with the heat or cold. I will also use insulation in the walls to keep
the house warm in case of cold. For water I will use a water butt, that will collect
rainwater. I will use double glazing on the windows to keep out heat and noise. I will
use a wind turbine for energy. All of these things together creates a

Working environmental friendly house.

Thank you