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House of the Future A house of the future needs to be efficient at maintaining its temperature naturally with very good insulation especially on the cold north side, large south facing windows for passive solar heating. I would supplement the heat with a bubble action geyser pump system that is coupled to my hot water tank and a back-up heat ex-changer on my wood stove. The hot water tank circulates through a radiant floor heat tube under the concrete floor. The bubble geyser system works well in Ontario Canada and should be even more effective in sunny places and will provide the hot water and heat for a whole house. Electricity would be provided by solar panels and supplemented by small scale biomass. I did not include wind power because the small turbines are very loud, and they require more maintenance than solar. Solar panels will last for 50 years or more. I think as alternative energy becomes better we all will have it in our homes. V #00 {LIU