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27 February 2019, 8:00 am

Conference Room, Environmental Management Bureau, Air Quality
Management Training Center, Visayas Ave., Diliman, Quezon City

I. Project Overview

Title: Formulation of Climate Change Responsive Integrated River Basin Management and
Development Master Plan
River Basins: 4 Cluster River Basins in Regions VIII, IX, X
Service Provider: University of the Philippines Los Baños
Over-all Team Leader: Dr. Rex Victor Cruz
Agenda: Deliberation and Approval of Phase 1 Reports Re: Formulation of Climate Change
Responsive Integrated River Basin Management and Development Master Plan for Cluster
5-8 River Basins

II. Attendees/Participants

Office Name
Assistant Secretary for Staff
Bureaus Ricardo Calderon
2. RBCO Antonio M. Daño
3. DA-BSWM Eduardo Alberto
4. NWRB Joey Castro
5. NEDA Carygino Isaac
6. DILG Kristine Carmen Diones
Jeric Angeles
Angelito Bisquera
7. FMB
Alicia Castilo
Teresa Joy Giureo
8. PAGASA Oskar Cruz
Glenn Garciano
9. DENR 8
Crizaldy Barcelo
10. DENR 9 German Romano
11. BMB Rej Winlove Bungabong
12. NIA-CO Abecaedo Angador
13. MGB Marnette Puthenpuruled
14. FASPS John Carlo Aguado
Letty Abella
15. DOE
Arturo Torralba
Hans Artillero
16. CCC
Ma. Raysolyn Natividad
17. NCIP Frederick Crespillo, Jr.
18. DPWH Jesse Folizare
19. DND – OCD Marvin Kristian Arus
20. AFMD Domingo Arman
21. DOST – PHIVOLCS Margarita Dizon
Aldrin Bayangos
Steven Laranjo
Eds Lopez
Moises Dorado
Vicente Balloran
Annie Mae Inson
Victor Ticzon
22. UPLB Freddie Palermo
Jerica Rivero
Rex Cruz
Nico Almarines
Antonio Sobremisana
Roger Luyunon
Roberto Mendoza
Joel Sarmiento

III. Proceedings of the Meeting

a. Opening

The meeting was called to order around 8:30am by the presiding officer, River Basin
Control Office, Executive Director, Dr. Antonio M. Daño in behalf of Undersecretary
for Policy, Planning and International Affairs, the National Steering Committee
Chairperson. Participants were requested to introduce themselves and their office
they represented. 22 out of 26 offices were represented in the meeting with 85%
attendance of all the National Steering Committee members. RBCO Executive
Director Antonio M. Daño presented the project overview including the scheduled
review of the Regional Technical Working Group and the submission of the next

b. Presentation
 Cluster 7
For. Nico Almarines presented Cluster 7 which covers the 6 Principal
Watersheds: Ayala, Bolong, Curuan, Manicahan, Tumaga and Vitali-Taguite,
located in the provinces of Zamboanga Del Sur and Zamboanga Del Norte.
The report includes the main issues and concerns per thematic areas
including the findings on their data gathering and studies and initial
strategies that came up from the Focus Group Discussions.

The issues and concerns raised on the presentation and response of UPLB
were as follows:
Issues and Concerns Response
- A clarification if ARMM is - It is not part of the
part of the cluster cluster/watershed/river
- Data on Coastal Wetlands - We used Remote Sensing
or Inland Wetlands? and there were no
identified Inland Wetlands
only the Mangroves.
- Recently the Ateneo De - During the RTWG meeting,
Manila University (ADMU) Ateneo De Zamboanga
and in partnership with offered to give the LIDAR
NWRB conducted the maps as one of the
Groundwater Management resources.
and maybe the data will be
useful to the Master Plan
- Update the data regarding - Noted.
the location of the
groundwater as well as the
water rights
- Existing strategies in - There are existing
monitoring and evaluation strategies between
as well as in assessment interagencies and LGU’s
and the validation is
ongoing. The strategies will
be validated by the
- Take into consideration the - Noted.
NGP sites when building a
dam/small water
development in the area
- Consideration of the - It was not considered
Abandoned and Unused because there is no
fishpond in the fishpond available data.
- In the Economic Analysis in - Noted. The Poverty
which the main issue is Incidence and Threshold
poverty, consider the will be considered.
percentage population,
families/household level
and what kind of
employment of the
- The strength of the RIX is - Noted.
its Coastal Resources. Look
into the Coastal Resources
with the possible
intervention which can
help in the sustainability of
the River Basin
- Consider also the - Noted. And we will also
availability of water of the consider the data from
other river basins. Ateneo de Zamboanga.

c. Agreements and adjournment

 RBCO shall furnish the members copy of the presentation and proceedings
of the meeting.
 Executive Director Daño adjourned the meeting by 2:05pm.

Prepared by:

Kate Lorraine Arenga Noted by:

Apple Marie Vitug

Edward Valencia Antonio M. Daño

Aldous Jhun Abayari Executive Director, RBCO
Iris Nicole Lamboon
Ashley Caitlien Arguelles

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