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ChB - Soil Unit (Designation)

Inceptisol - Soil Order (Sustainability Class)

Description: The canton series
consists of deep, well drained
soils formed in a loamy mantle
underlain by sandy till. They are
on nearly level to very steep
moraines, hills, and ridges.
Typically the Canton soils have a surface
layer of very dark grayish brown fine
sandy loam about 3 inches thick. The
subsoil is dark yellowish brown,
yellowish-brown, and light olive brown fine
sandy loam 19 inches thick. The substratum
is olive gray and light olive gray gravelly
loamy sand to a depth of 60 inches or
Very Typically the Charlton soils have a surface
layer of very dark brown fine sandy loam
Stony about 2 inches thick. The subsoil is 25
fine inches thick. The upper 15 inches is dark
sandy yellowish brown fine sandy loam, and the
loams lower 10 inches is yellowish brown gravelly
sandy loam. The substratum is light
brownish gray gravelly sandy loam to a
depth of 60 inches or more.
O ❖ Canton and Charlton very
stony fine sandy loams, 3
to 8 percent slopes
A O Horizon-Layers dominated by organic material.
Some are saturated with water for long periods,
or were once saturated but are now artificially
drained; others have never been saturated.

B A Horizon- Mostly minerals from parent material

with organic matter incorporated. A good
material for plants and other organisms to live.
BMP/ lf the soils are cultivated, minimum tillage and use of cover B Horizon- Rich in minerals that leached (moved
crops are suitable management practices.
down) from the A or E horizons and accumulated
Recommendations: Some benefits of conservation tillage systems include,
reduced soil erosion, increased availability of water for crop production, here.
improved soil quality. Cover crops further benefit conservation tillage systems by, C Horizon- The deposit at Earth’s surface from
producing crop residues that increase soil organic matter and help control weeds which the soil developed
improving soil structure and increasing infiltration
protecting the soil surface and dissipating raindrop energy
-Although for this experiment, my group was
reducing the velocity of water moving over the soil surface only able to find the top layer of the B Horizon
anchoring soil and adding carbon deep in the soil profile. due to large stems being in the way.