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2018-2019 Science Fair

Assess how you conducted your experiment.

● Please move this document to your s​ hared Biology folder.

● To complete this, you will need to refer to your project proposal.
● After you answer all the questions, remember to ​submit the document in Canvas​.

Sample size
1. Below, put what you planned for sample size and/or repeated measures (#9 in experimental proposal).
For the sample size, I planned for 5 people to take one test with three trials.

2. Below, put the actual sample size and/or repeated measures you completed by the deadline (February
What it actually turned out to be was I tested 5 people from highschool and middle school, but instead of
doing one test and three trials for each person, I ended up doing two tests and 6 trials for each person.

3. If there are differences between your initial plan and what you completed by the deadline, explain
a) why they are different, and
In the original plan, the test I had planned out was an obstacle course, but as the experiment progressed I
realized that the obstacle didn’t relate back to exercise efficiency as well as direct exercises like running
and dribbling
b) what you could have done differently to reach your goal on time.
I think I sort of stalled when it came to asking people to conduct my experiment. This caused me to act on
asking late and having to cram all the trials into one week instead of two.
4. Below, paste a copy of your planned steps from your project proposal (#15).
- Ask people if they want to take the test
- Get together basketball and weights
- I ended up not using weights due to the middle schooler’s inexperience in the subject
- Reserve gym for certain times
- I didn’t have to reserve a time in the gym because we did not need to use the whole area
- Get a thermometer
- Get heating pad from trainer’s room
- Trainer would not let me use the heating pad in there so Ms. Sanders let me use hers
- Get buckets of ice
- Tell subjects what they will be doing and explain to them that they can quit whenever
- Have subjects exercise with hot cold and normal temperature applied
- Record data
- Review video of experiment
- Make observations
- Ask subjects questions on how they felt
- Come up with a conclusion
5. Carefully look over your initial plans. In a numbered or bullet-pointed list below,
a) identify in detail things you actually did differently, and

b) explain why you made each change.

6. In your proposal, find your standardized (#8) and extraneous variables (#10) and list them in the table
Standardized variables

Everyone’s physical ability is not Conduct all the trials for each Standardized variable
the same person, then physical ability will
not affect the experiment

Everyone has a different body Get the average of all the body Standardized variable
temperature temperatures for hot, normal, and

7. Standardized variable review:

Did you successfully standardize all the variables you planned to?
If not, explain why not.
Yes I did

8. Extraneous variable review:

Were there other factors (that you did not originally list) that you think could have affected your results?
Identify them and explain your answer.
I think mentally when the subjects felt compelled by their friends to do better, they improved their
timings and dribbles

Impact on Results
9. Think about all the ways the implementation of your experiment differed from your initial plans (your
answers to questions above).
Discuss how these changes may make your project stronger and/or make it weaker (i.e. make your
results more reliable or less reliable).
I think since I had to cram all the testing into one week, that the subjects could’ve been potentially tired
from the day before, which negatively affects the test results, making it less reliable.
At my house I also found a infrared heat thermometer which really helped me get an accurate
descripition of the subjects’ temperature in the experiment

Reflection on learning
In August, y’all shared your thoughts on what the point of school is. Many of your responses involved
building skills. You may recognize some of them in this list below, which has a few of my top priorities for
skills to build in this class.

10. Read over the skills and indicate with a comment where you feel you are with each, at this point in the

I think I have I’m making progress. I’m struggling: I see This is a very weak
very strong I feel pretty good some improvement area for me. I don’t feel
skills in this about it. but it’s really hard. I’ve improved at all.

Design I think my
experiments ability to
create a
based on the
information I
need has
majorly since
begginning of
the year andI
can now do it

Manage​ time & I still struggle with

long term work managing my time.
The worst part of
it, is spreading all
the experiments
and work out into
more short periods
instead of longer
less periods closer
to the deadline

Work​ ​well I stayed focused

independently: throughout the
with focus, whole project. I
self-reliance, & don’t usually do well
initiative in this, but one thing
I did this time was
listen to music to
help me not be
tempted to talk to
other people

Own ​your own I think I struggled

learning: take with this because I
responsibility for had so much
your work; trouble finding
know when you people to do my
need help and experiment but
ask for it. then again, I had
only asked 7
people and I
could’ve tried
harder to