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Nayelli Santana

Per 2

Public Health Honors

May 16, 2019

​ 5 Year Plan

The next five years beyond high school graduation, I plan to attend school at merced

college for a medical assisting program for about a year starting in September. I chose this

school because it’s convenient for me to get to and the program I’m interested in was

recommended by family. During this time I will be working at my current job to keep up with

car payments and any other necessities I might need. I work in customer service because I

believe it has improved my skills on interacting with others. I plan to stay here in Merced until I

finish school which is about 9 months long. After this time I would like to find a job in the

medical field here. My goal would be in a clinic for women. My parents are willing to help me

financially but I would also like to make my own money because I can’t rely on them for

everything and a big step in adulting is to be financially stable on your own. I currently have a

savings account and I plan to keep adding to it.

My future career goal is to become an oncology nurse or a nurse in a women's clinic.

Becoming a medical assistant is a step in the right direction to achieve either of these careers. I

believe the next five years might be the toughest I will have to face because your early twenties

is really when you begin starting the process of the rest of your life. Within the next five years I
will have to get more education, training, and experience to see what it is that I want to pursue a

career in. I will definitely choose a career in the medical field because I enjoy helping people and

I think a job in this field would challenge me but also be enjoyable and the same time.

If I ever do end up changing my mind about the career I want to pursue, I would want to build

a career around cosmetology.

If this were to happen I would also want to learn how to apply and acrylic nails on other people. I

would join a program here in Merced and I would probably need to work a job even more in

order to save money up for everything in the future that I might need.

I always have had a general idea of what it was that I wanted to do in the future but my mind

seems to change a lot. I feel like you figure out what the rest of your life will be while youŕe in

your twenties or even earlier. By the time 5 years have passed I will have hoped to figure out

exactly what type of career I will have mostly completed by this time. I want to be able to say

I’m financially stable with myself or with any significant other I might have. By the time this

five years is up I also want to have my own car, and live in my own house or apartment. I plan to

live with my parents as long as it takes for me to get a steady job and a way of transportation.

Overall, the course of the next five years of my life I plan to be working towards my overall

career goal and going to medical school. I want to go to school and work at the same time

because I don’t want to rely on my parents for money when it comes to gas money and small

things I might need. Once I become stable financially I plan to move into an apartment of my

own. I hope to become successful in the future and actually enjoy what my daily life consists of.