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Question 1

For any business to succeed, marketing is the critical factor to put into consideration. In

service delivery industries, especially that provides luxurious spa and body treatment, use

marketing to evaluate the connection amid the theory and practice of marketing in the setting of

businesses. Moreover, the SWOT analysis will greatly make the business a success. Identifying

strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are likely to face a business is one of the

brilliant idea in marketing. The advantages that a business has, what the chain does better than

any other firm besides the unique selling techniques that other organizations lack is crucial.

Further, what the spa and body treatment firm should improve, what it ought to avoid, the factors

that contribute to its loss of sales and what others see as their weakness should be considered.

The enterprise should also spot opportunities, make use of the trends in existence, changes that

are likely to occur in the government, social technological and lifestyles can affect marketing and

thus should be well-thought-out. To have a good marketing strategy the corporate has to analyze

the kind of obstacle probably to be faced, what other competing firms are doing, threats in bad

debts and cash flow. These threats should be well explored since they can impend the survival of

the business in an international country.

Marketing strategy is made up of various valuable policies that are integrated with its

goals to expand the business internationally. A national chain of UK based hotels that provides

luxurious spa and body treatment services, in its intentions to expand its services to the

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international market, in the Netherlands is affected by several factors pertaining the marketing

strategy in the chain.

Market selection is one of the main factors that influence the marketing strategy of this

chain. To achieve better sells of services, I beauty therapy and spa, the location of the market

matters a lot. In this case, the Netherlands is easily accessible, and thus, the business may thrive

very well in this country since their services will be able to reach as many people as possible.

Market selection can be made through marketing research, whereby necessary information is

collected and used in decision making in marketing. The chain could use such knowledge to

understand productive customer relationship as well as satisfaction in spa and beauty therapy.

The other factor that may influence the expansion of the business in the Netherlands is

consumer analysis. The characteristics of customers who are targeted to benefit from the hotels,

spa, and body treatment services affect the services and product marketing. The client's taste,

preference, and choice may affect the expansion of the business in this country. This because

these consumer characteristics vary from one state to another. The features that the customers

explicit in the united kingdom regarding the spa and body treatment services might be

completely different from the customers in the Netherlands. Therefore, a close assessment of

consumer's needs, taste, and characteristics besides purchase processes is very vital in the

expansion of the business.

In the marketing strategy of the UK chain of beauty therapy and spa services, service

planning is a factor that is likely to influence the business. Service and product planning

comprise of developing popular products and service through altering the arrangement, packing

schemes, merchandise locations, varieties, and omission of the old products. Such can be made

possible through market research whereby information about these services is obtained from

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various resources such as private data that is derived from trade associations and unions, trade,

among others. Moreover, such information can also be purchased online through databank and

study aggregators that attain, collect, reformat, fragment, and resell quality study information.

Besides, chat rooms, Internet discussion groups, and newsgroups could also be crucial.

Distribution planning of the chain's products and services is a factor that may influence

its expansion. The delivery of products and services to various clients and customers is

considered to be a marketing strategy. Many markets that host the consumers of body treatment

and spa services exist in restaurants, shopping malls, among others. The distance from the

manufacturing place to the entire or wholesale seller, transport arrangement, physical

dissemination, distribution of products and services, retailing delegating, catalog administration

and network associations are rational dynamics that influence the marketing strategy for this

business. To flourish in the Netherlands, the UK chain of market ought to factor in the

distribution planning since when well utilized as a marketing strategy, it can ensure maximum

productivity and efficiency in the business.

Price planning is another factor that may influence the chain of business in an

international country. The price of these services and goods ought to be a tolerable range, thus

making them accessible to almost all variety of classes of individuals. As a result, these services

can be quickly paid for since when the pricing of the commodities and services is high such that

they cannot be afforded, the customers will not buy these goods and services. For that reason,

the UK chain of business in beauty therapy and body treatment ought to obtain information on

their competitors in Netherlands markets that will enable them to plan on pricing for their

business to thrive in that country. Lastly, communication planning is another major factor that

influences marketing tactics. The communication organization may take account of advertising

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about the product and services via various mass media, including, radio, magazines, newspapers,

and television. The more this chain of a business publishes, then definitely the more it sells.

Through these adverts, the industry urges customers to buy their products since they focus on

sound quality.


Question 2

Having worked for a small sized local beauty salon for five years, you are considering starting a

beauty salon business in a midsized industrial town. In order to make marketing decisions

effectively, develop marketing mixes and make long term strategic plans, identify and discuss

the stages of the market research process that would help you to collect required information.

For any effective marketing decision, a well-considered and informed marketing strategy

is the backbone. A rational marketing approach is useful in the definition of business, goals,

mission, and vision of an individual since it gives an outline of the steps to take to accomplish

the same. In my marketing decision of establishing a beauty salon business in a midsized

industrial town, I will develop marketing plans in: describing my business products and services,

the position and location of the same, identify the market tactics I will use and lastly plan on my

customer's profiles and my competitors. In the marketing mix, I will ensure effective

advertisement, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing. The

following are the marketing research processes that I will use to gain this information. First, I

will define the problem whereby I will evaluate the business mix and possible future change.

Conducting exploratory research internal data from customer surveys and marketing cost

analysis and sales analysis.

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Question 3

Examine the extent to which marketing mix elements can play role in making new offering of

body treatment services successful.

Marketing mix elements theory can play a role in making a new offering of body

treatment services successful. From the marketing communication mix and promotion mix

schemes will promote the salon business to the market through the price, product, promotion,

and place. I will use these four factors for the business plan since when well-handled and

researched, they can bring success to the business. The marketing mix is crucial in product and

service mix creation in making the services compatible with its delivery that creates a bond of

the chain, which eventually grow out to be a strong chain. The marketing mix is useful in

creating the business portfolio, thus improving the business and creating differentiation. Finally,

marketing mix helps you to be dynamic. In case of any change in the business environment,

marketing mix provides a ready mechanism of adaptation and survival when a disaster strikes.

Question 5

Discuss the impact of service quality on the management and marketing functions of an

organization of your choice that provides spa and body treatment services.

The theory of quality services, proper management, and marketing functions of the Silk

spa and body treatment services have got significant impacts. In the area of public relations, the

organization has ensured the loyalty of customers since they get to understand the customers'

needs and expectations. They go the extra mile to monitoring clients' requests and satisfaction

besides acting on the results. Transparency and integrity play an essential role in ensuring a

glowing productive relationship between the organization and its customers. Quality services that

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meet the customers' needs to the highest degree also have impacted the success of this

organization. As a result of these quality services, the clients become repeat customers and even

refer other potential customers to the organization. Communication flow from the management

through the stakeholders and customers requirement have also brought abundant impact to the


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