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Sheet –A-21,
1 What will be the material in Duster Holder details.
August, 2018
In stair rail side Bit (100mm x100mm) RCC work have
Sheet –A-15,
2 no reinforcement and SS circular plate given in M.S.
August, 2017
Angle box. Is there any tiles work?
We have aluminium section for window for fiting 5mm
In BOQ item no. thick glass. But we need EDF section to fix 10mm thick
C24 tempered glass.

In detail of cattle barrier with railing and section A-A ,

As we have to paint the
Sheet –ST-20, We have 80mm hole for 75mm dia GI pipe insert. But
4 pipe, we can use 63mm
August, 2017 75mm dia GI pipe have outer dia is 88.9mm as per
dia M.S. pipe.
speciafication 3.25.1
Brick work around the column in 1st floor for switch
Sheet –E-03,
5 board is shown. But we have no switch board on column.
April, 2018
Is there need to do the brick work?
There have no inner dia of Bage ring beam for PVC water
tank. The position of water base ring also needed. Guide We already proceed
Sheet –ST-36, ring wall height also needed. keeping clear distance
August, 2017 We have 4 nos PVC water tank in BOQ but in drawing 1.0m from chilekhota wall
we found 6 nos in each shelter. To buy tank we need your and innar dia 48”
Sheet –ST-17, For pregnant women care room, door size is changed dy
August, 2017 FRE from D2 to D1
We use nominal
Sheet –ST-19,
8 In window sil, no reinforcement shown. reinforcement by the
August, 2017
direction of FRE.
In outside window, a plaster bit having 1’’ height and
9 ½’’ thick is done to protect water entering by the
instruction of FRE.
It will be better, if we use
We have drawing for GF-no-6 hand tubewell and for 1st
Sheet –PD-15&15, no-6 hand tube well in
10 & 2nd floor –MN Hand pump.
February, 2018 Ground and 2 nd floor and
But in BOQ we have Dulai hand tubeweii
MN/Dulai in 1st floor