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Warehouse Management

Product Presentation

 About ECFY WebXpress

 Why choose WebXpress WMS

 Implementation Architecture

 Success Stories
About brought to you by

• WebXpress is an IT and Solutions company that

offers services in the domain of Logistics

• Founded in 2004 the company has a customer

presence in India, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and
South Asia

• Our idea is to connect all stakeholders in supply

chain and provide visibility

To get to know us in more detail

Kindly see our Corporate Presentation.
Why to Consider

a solution by
What makes WMS is Special

Gives you Visibility Helps you in Decisions Control Security

There is practically no WMS offers an array of WMS offers a Control

limit on how many highly useful reports Panel that mirrors your
warehouses you can that help not only the company hierarchy and
manage with WMS. top management as well does not need complex
as operators. adaptation.
No matter how big
you are, you can You get full control over
work as if everything who sees your
is at arm's length. information.
What makes WMS is Special

Cycle Count Stock Transfer HHT and Barcoding

WMS helps you to Whether it is from one rack You can integrate
perform Cycle Counts by to another or one practically any portable
blocking the stock and/or warehouse to another, device and enhance you
locations so you can WMS know how to operational efficiency.
complete your audit automatically transfer your
quickly and without stock without any You can barcode your
problems. inconsistency. locations and stock and not
have to enter a single
WebXpress WMS Process Cycle

ASN GRN Put Away Inbound

Even Allows for multiple WMS
accepts stock audits before suggests
without put-away the best
ASN with location
for wait-
time Cycle Count
Blocks access of
goods during the
Delivery process
No need
Dispatch Pick Ticket Outbound
software Multiple orders Only allows to pick SKU type
can be that you pre-decide; among
dispatched at them, any SKU from any
once location
Feature Set
Location Vendor / Customer
Management Contracts
Receipts Special

Count Inbound WMS Outbound Billing

Stock Warehouse-to- Guided Pick
Transfer warehouse

Control Panel / User Rights Data Integration

Inbound Features

• Advance Shipping Notice

• Generate GRN

• Inspection

• Generate Put Away Ticket

• Update Put Away Ticket

Outbound Features

• Order Management

• Generate Pick and Special Pick Ticket

• Update Pick and Special Pick Ticket

• Dispatch

• Delivery Tracker
Utility Features

• Maintenance Module
• Customer Related
• Vendor Related
• Packaging Categories

• Exceptions
• ASN, GRN, Put Away, Pick Ticket
• Partial Order
• Cycle Count

• Upload / Download Data

Reporting Features

• Register Reports
• ASN, GRN, Put-Away, Order, Pick, Dispatch, Inspection, Invoice Tracking

• Stock Reports
• Current Stock, Total Stock, Daily Stock, Stock Summary

• MIS Reports
• GRN Discrepancy, Pending Order, Work Done, Transaction Flow, SKU,
Empty Location, Shipment-in-Transit

• Transaction Documents
• ASN, GRN, Put-Away, Order, Pick-ticket, Dispatch, Cycle Count
Feel the System
Feel the System

Download Utility
Feel the System
Architecture & Implementation
Infrastructure – What you get?

No need for back-ups • WebXpress Applications are entirely

No chance of duplication hosted on the Cloud

• This adds both reliability and speed

to your work and data

• All you data is saved on our servers,

so there is only a single and always
accessible version of everything

• WebXpress offers two cloud options:

WebXpress Applications
are accessible over the
Internet on any machine
Hardware Specification

Hardware • WebXpress analyses your volume of

Details business and does the selection best
suited to your needs

• Your system is created on a Virtual

Machine only accessible to you

• WebXpress offers predefined slots

based on your usage requirements

From XS 1GHz CPU, 768MB RAM

Server Specification
based on To XL 8 x 1.6GHz CPU, 14GB RAM
Hardware Specification

Database • Storage refers to your Documents.

Details Your dockets / transactions are
securely stored in a separate section

• WebXpress analyses your volume of

business and does the selection best
suited to your needs

• For your data, WebXpress offers you

a Cloud Storage ranging:

Server Specification From M 490 GB linked to your VM

based on
To XL 2,040 GB linked to your VM
Architecture – How it works?

On the Cloud Multiple Sites

Hub Centers Branches

Mobile Users Area Offices

Application + Database
End Users

Admin and
Your Head Office
Optional Customer Server
Single / Main Site
Success Stories
Existing WMS Customers

Basem International Sarco Rhenus

Basem has over twenty Sarco is reputed for its In India Rhenus is a
successful years in the prompt, reliable service Joint Venture with the
industry. and strict adherence to “Arya” Family which has
delivery schedules that been in the business of
It offers IT-based SMC facilitate movement of Domestic Transport &
and specialized services Transportation worth logistics services for
in the movement of Rs. 25 crore annually. over 6 decades.
Project Cargo, GCC
based inland transport, It provides services in It provides services in
customs clearance, Transportation, Air Transportation,
exhibition logistics, Cargo, and Logistic. Warehousing and
repair & return Transshipment.
shipments, etc.