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The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/right-and-wrong/the-liberals-fla...

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1 of 7 7/3/2017 12:26 AM
The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/right-and-wrong/the-liberals-fla...



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2 of 7 7/3/2017 12:26 AM
The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/right-and-wrong/the-liberals-fla...

Times of India
दे सी तकनीक से कर ड शु गर पॉइं ट्स

Times of India


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Sudheer Thaakur • 3919 • • Unknown • 7 mins ago

why everyone forgets the changes that have swept the world in last 50 years especially
the islamic world. most non muslims did not have any knowledge of real islam stood for.
we thought sufism was isalm. but today we know and understand isalm much better
thanks to muslims who have educated us. muslims everywhere including india are
adopting 'in your face' attitude towards other religious communities and refusing to
integrate with others and bent upon converting others to their religious ideology. how
many burqas and skull caps did i see on daily basis everywhere? hardly. and today
muslims never stop at reminding us of their increasing numbers and influence holding
out threat that soon non muslims will be either muslims or their slaves. 3 friends like this

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adeshwar raja B • 5690 • • India • 1 hour ago

a well written one. i am no expert to comment on the style but the article really
impressed me simply for the way it was written.

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Jitendra Desai • 1198 • • Location • 1 hour ago

Ps Murthy
outrage will no longer remain an outrage if it is so selective.you are right about many Points: 520
such recent outrages.they are directed at modi,bjp,rss,hindus as part of an agenda.

0 0 • Reply • Flag Nihar Ranjan Pradhan
Points: 513

Rasik Ranjan Hegde • 17 • • Bangalore, India • 2 hours ago ABHINAV AGRAWAL
Points: 512
like road rage this was a unfortunate incident .as per a news report this happened over
a seat in the train.calling it lynching would possibly be taking this to a extreme.sadly
various murders /acid attacks etc keeps happening .
Tejveer Yadav
Points: 512
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Varun K
Points: 500
jaguar ji • 13825 • • India • 3 hours ago

lynching happens , life lost is very sad. but two facts emerge. 1) for a population of 125 Know more about Times Points
crore no statistical conclusions may be drawn unless lynching score reaches a
proportion of more than 2 % of 125 crores. so all the rented protestors should find
another bigger cause like plight of kashmiri pundits . 2) another thing is when 88% are
hindus and we are a majoritarian democracy , isn't it time for minorities to be above
board? why not stand up and take oath not to touch beef, considering every founding
father including m gandhi disapproved of killing cows and wanted them worshipped

3 of 7 7/3/2017 12:26 AM
The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/right-and-wrong/the-liberals-fla...


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Ap G • jaguar ji • 2 hours ago

and what will they eat instead ? goats @ 450 inr per kg? you'll buy for them ?

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Venkateswaran Ramakrishnan • 3 hours ago

swapan dasgupta has written a very well thought out article. the lynching of junaid
needs to be condemned by one and all and the perpetrators deserve the capital
punishment. however, the pseudo liberals who are screaming in hyped up hysteria,
have proved themselves to be hypocrites of the worst order. their double standards are
palpable. one of them had expressed the view that whereas the murder of junaid by a
hindu mob was serious, the lynching and murder of a muslim police officer in kashmir
was a mere law and order incident. sometime back, a muslim rationalist associated with
the dravidian movement in tamilnadu, was hacked to death by a group of islamic
fanatics in coimbatore. not a single dravidian ideologue mustered the guts to publicly
condemn the coimbatore murder. proving themselves to be a bunch of cowards,
opportunists and hypocrites. incidentally, the partially spontaneous and partly hyped up
protests across the country, had practically no echo whatsoever in tamilnadu, gujarat
and punjab. the organisers who have treated muslims as vote banks, did not have
sufficient numbers in these states for creating a fear hysteria. double standards don't
pay. neither does moral cowardice. while perpetrators of hate crimes need to be put
down with a firm hand and severest possible punishment as per law meted out against
them, politicians should steer clear of such selective protests. the so called leftist
pseudo intellectuals are the worst communalists. for example, a cpi(m) government in
kerala under the late ems namboodripad, had literally handed over malapuram district
of kerala to the muslim league. some social scientists pointed out that there were
instances where girls were married off at a tender age, becoming mothers at age 15,
grandmothers at age 30 and even great grand mothers at age 45, around which time
they died. these women were deprived of their childhood and youth and die at a young
age. some of them were also victims of triple talaq. when these facts were pointed out,
the marxist party functionaries were supposed to have dismissed it as an internal issue
of the muslim community. had they felt that muslims of the malabar were their people,
their approach would have been different. it may be of interest to note that despite their
strong presence in kerala, the number of kerala (or other states) christians in cpi and
cpi(m) is less than the number of christians in bjp. and this, despite bjp being a fledgling
party in kerala. christians apparently don't mind joining other leftists parties like forward
bloc or rsp. not cpi or cpi(m), as these parties are associated with vladimir lenin and
joseph stalin, who committed atrocities against christians and christianity in russia and
other states like ukraine. . so much for the secular credentials of the principal leftists
parties of india.

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NSNS Shen • 5911 • • New York • 5 hours ago

the more these idiot liberals march, the more their double standards and hypocrisy
come out. let them dig their own graves. there is a greater awareness among the
people now; the selective outrage of this liberal gang is being exposed. the silent
majority is waking up.

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Ap G • NSNS Shen • 3 hours ago

i'm sure you're enjoying under trump :)

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vaishno devi • 830 • • Arrowville • 5 hours ago

there is no doubt that modi bhakts are crude, neo-illiterate, disconnect from a popular
culture and firmly centered on hindu symbolism. more importantly, they are firmly
centered on north indian symbolism. impression that bjp is creating anti-muslim
environment is false and diversionary tactic. under the cover of "anti-muslim hysteria"
and uniting hindus, hindi will be imposed on south indians and their linguistic and
culture identity is being erased. bjp will not lose the 15% muslim vote. the sooner south
indians realize the political reality, the safer they will be. whether the "liberals" miss the

4 of 7 7/3/2017 12:26 AM
The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/right-and-wrong/the-liberals-fla...

point or in bed with bjp is unclear.

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zakiurlakhvi • 4021 • • vaishno devi • 3 hours ago

ha ha ha, now this hindi bogey to scare the south indians and divide the hindus of india
... ??!! ... you anti-hindu filthy muslim suwar ... why hide behind a hindi name ... ??!! ...

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jaguar ji • 13825 • • vaishno devi • India • 3 hours ago

robber vadra himself with a ghost writer alert.

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Shankar Sambamoorthy • 3785 • • Mumbai • 6 hours ago

while no one will ever support or justify such killings and violence, the candle light
brigade, which is made up of people whose intelligence is on par with the bovine, join
such protests as a fashion statement. the huge hindu population of india is definitely
angry with the killing of cows and the deep feelings in the minds of some misguided
people does erupt in violence in some places. law should and will act in such matters.
have any of these of these misfit marchers ever taken out a protest demanding that the
violence in the name of islam should stop? they should bring out placards saying that
terrorists are not muslims or followers of islam. these literate uneducated convent
products are sad group with out any direction because they have neither guts to act nor
any culture to defend and follow. they are just nomads and dregs of city life who cling to
the coat tail of communists to remain fashionable in coffee table or pub discussions. the
real india always ignores them.

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Devayani Tirthali • Shankar Sambamoorthy • 25 mins ago

a lot of hindus traditionally eat beef. the upper casts that do not eat beef are pretending
that rest of the people do not exist. muslims and christians in india have traditionally had
beef as well for millennium. the problem is of people knowing diversity of indian tradition
instead of pretending that their tradition is everybody's tradition

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Ap G • Shankar Sambamoorthy • 5 hours ago

nobody is saying terrorism shouldn't stop! it should of course. lynching fellow

countrymen in the garb of pseudo religious sentiments is frankly nothing short of
terrorism as well. are you trying to justify the killings saying that there is a deep rooted
anger? this is absolute twisted logic, similar to those who kill in the name of allah! make
india a better place for us and our children, not a pseudo holy land.

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Ap G • 6 hours ago

typical sycophancy on display here, some padma has already been awarded here. by
the same logic: why so much hue and cry on nirbhaya and silence on bilkis case ....
frankly there are no easy answers. whether is selective protests or not is a different
debate, i'm ashamed as an indian that swapan has chosen to sing the political line... no
surprises here though, he needs his 5 min fame of course

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Amit Agrawal • 490 • • Ap G • 6 hours ago

you should ask this to those who are for idiotic display of selective outrage in india,
bjp/rss works got killed in broad day, inside their own home, infront of their family
members.when these pseudo scums choose to silence on malda then why you not feel
ashamed? most of these liberals are doing this drama for 5 minute fame and chooses to
sing opposition line. its upto you which version you want to believe... zee tv (pro modi) &
ndtv (anti modi) available on air.

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5 of 7 7/3/2017 12:26 AM
The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/right-and-wrong/the-liberals-fla...

Nishant • 22 • 7 hours ago

author got mongolian symptoms......take a look at his eyes...

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Nabarun Dey • 219 • • Unknown • 7 hours ago

the writer takes it all..writer takes it all... with... 'emotional treachery'.he rightly said,
'people came with a baggage could prove self defeating'...they indeed were carrying
placards of identity politics. they wanted to condemn hindus in general to send message
across to the culprits in a playing to the gallery style that would hit the ultimate target in
7 race course road.'not in my name' is an identity tag.not everyone who would condemn
the criminals would like to be indirectly accused & identified with the community.a crime
is a crime, a nd religion should not be summoned at the drop of the hat. that such
protest in london and karachi spiced up with beef ban only leaves more distaste
because those places are no paradise either.

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SURYA Kumar • 4653 • • India • 7 hours ago

these leftists and liberals (raga, soga, diggy, pc, ahmed patel, tariq anwar, kejriwal,
hardik, kanhaiya, mamata, salman, shinde, anthony, karath, yechury, brinda, you name
it every one is involved in "operation break india " staged by pakis and chinese, cpi &
cpms are part of chinese agenda & others are part of paki isi's propaganda, knowingly
or unknowingly these people are dancing to their tunes like how kashimri separatists
are doing in kashmir. this looks like a big conspiracy from our neighbours to break the
india using so called liberal indians. they have not left any kind of professions,
journalists, parties, intellectuals etc. beware of these ahs indians, internal enemies are
more dangerous than external enimies with clear agenda, but not these liberals.

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Eric Asm • 183 • • Location • 8 hours ago

can all these so called beef ban be extended to beef export also. it is a big nooooo.
because all these are just a conspiracy to increase the product and production. india
stands neck to neck with brazil in the beef export followed by australia and the us. yet,
they do not dare to call the cow a cow. indeed they prefer to slaughter it at the highest
level and let others to taste it rather than allowing their own country people to fulfill their
cheap vitamin requirements. well, since when animal have become mother of human

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Balakrishna Sharma • 706 • • 8 hours ago

where is my comment???

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6 of 7 7/3/2017 12:26 AM
The liberals flaunting ‘Not In My Name’ placards got it wrong http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/right-and-wrong/the-liberals-fla...

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