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Kahoot Mentimeter TopHat Socrative iClicker/ Reef Turning

Poll Types 7+ 4 13 7 3 4 12 (According to Turning, 18-Feb)

Clicker devices, native iOS and
Participants can respond via text, browser Android apps, web browser
(desktop and mobile), iOS and Android apps, Any device with internet responding option (according to
Response Methods or web widget. connection; Android and iOS apps. Internet Text, web Internet Internet, app; iClicker Turning Technologies, June 2018).
One report type that is exportable
5 Report Types, all exportable to CSV. Report to CSV. A key difference is that you
types: Executive summary, survey results, can only report on one "Game" at a
Reporting & response pivot table, participant response time. Whereas PE can report on any
Gradebook history, gradebook, segmentation. selection of activities Data Exportable in one CSV format Yes Yes Yes Yes
PowerPoint Add-in for Windows, overlay
application for Mac (both PowerPoint and
Keynote), Chrome extension for Google Slides, PowerPoint Office 365 App PowerPoint Add-in for Windows
Slideware Apps and Office 365 App Integration. No Integration Floating toolbar No Floating toolbar and Mac
Direct integrations with Blackboard,
Sakai, Moodle, D2L, and Canvas;
Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace D2L, Moodle, other integrations using a CSV
Sakai; exportable spreadsheets can be Results exported into Google D2L, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle, D2L, (according to Turning Technologies,
LMS Integrations imported into other LMS of choice Sheets or Excel Results are exportable in Excel Sakai Mastery Connect Canvas, Angel, Sapling June 2018)
Phone, email, online chat, a support
ticketing system, Twitter, a blog,
Dedicated Account Manager, Priority Phone Twitter, Facebook; Support for Facebook and LinkedIn (according
and Email Support for Presenters and account owners. Note: only ages Email, phone, contact form, fax; to Turning Technologies, February
Contact Methods Participants, Expert Onboarding Training. 17+ Email, twitter, phone Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Twitter, Facebook Contact form, Email, Phone 2018)
Custom Branding including templates and
Branding usernames No custom branding. Mentimeter logo on all free plans. TopHat logo on all plans. N/A iClicker/Reef logo on all plans. Turning logo on all plans.
Yes (according to Turning
SSO Yes (SAML, LMS, OAuth 2.0) Contact Company Contact Company Contact Company Contact Company Contact Company Technologies, June 2018)
Anti-Cheating Yes (according to Turning
Features Yes, Hide Title. Participant registration. None Listed None Listed None Listed None Listed None Listed Technologies, June 2018)
Multiple users: Paid plans only;
Multiple users: Set number of users on each multiple users can share one paid
paid plan; can share one paid account. account. Subusers can be marked Multiple users: Yes (under one
Permissions & Subusers can be marked as administrators to as administrators to help other license); subusers can share one Yes (according to Turning
Sharing help other users with their polls N/A (All paid plans are per user) users with their polls No paid account. Not available. Technologies, June 2018)
Mobile Apps Android and iOS apps Android and iOS apps. Android and iOS apps. Android and iOS apps. Android and iOS apps. Android and iOS apps. Android and iOS apps.