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ISO 68

Food Grade Lubricant


NSF Registration No. 155604
Category Code H1
Nonfood Compounds Program Listed

Liquifix ISO 68 is the safest, longest-lasting food grade lubricant oil. Specially formulated where there is risk of incidental food con-
tact. It lubricates and protects all surfaces including aluminum, nylon and rubber, creating a corrosion resistant barrier and forming
an ultra-thin, non-drying anti-static film. Liquifix ISO 68 also provides superior resistance to wear and protection at higher loads
prolonging the life of your valuable equipment and products.


• Certified food grade H1 • Sugar mills and refineries
• Meat, poultry and egg processing plants
• Superior protection from rust and corrosion • Canneries
• Will not attract dust out the air • Dairies and juice plants
• Breweries and wineries
• Lubricates longer, does not evaporate • Carton and packaging equipment
• Food processing and handling equipment
• Displaces moisture
• Bottling plants
• Colorless and odorless • Many others where incidental food contact is a possibility


Property Test Method Typical Values

Oil Viscosity, cSt ASTM D 445
@ 100°C 9,0
@ 40°C 70
Viscosity Index (VI) ASTM D 2270 104
Flash Point C.O.C. ASTM D 92a 215°C/419°F
Rust Prevention Test: ASTM D 665a
Fresh Water Pass. <5.0%
Salt Water Pass. <5.0%
Oxidation Stability: ASTM D 2440M <1.0 mg/100ml
72 hours Neutralization Value
Corrosion from Petroleum Products, ASTM D 130 1a
Copper Tarnish Test, 2 hrs @ 100°C
Standard Test Method for Rust-Preventing ASTM D 665 Pass
Characteristics of inhibited Mineral Oil in the
Presence of Water

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