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Prepositions: to + verb
I object to doing this!
The particle to is either a preposition, followed by a noun or
pronoun (to the end, to them) or an infinitive particle with a
verb (to eat, to smile, to dance). However, there are a few
occasions when to is used as a preposition, but is followed by a
verb. In these cases we have to use the gerund - the 'noun' form
of the verb ending in -ing. Here are the most common

Hey, I object to doing this!

be averse to -ing I am averse to getting up
early on Sunday mornings.
be different to -ing Surfing is very different to skiing.
be close to -ing They are close to signing the agreement.
be opposed to -ing The government is opposed to supporting the railways.
get/be/grow accustomed to -ing We are not accustomed to dealing with such large amounts.
get round to -ing He hopes to get round to finishing the work next week.
ge�used to -ing I could get used to eating Indonesian food.
look forward to -ing Mary is really looking forward to meeting your son.
object to -ing The Council has objected to games being played on Sundays.
prefer -ing to -ing These days I prefer watching football to playing it.
take to -ing Ahmed has taken to calling late at night.

Use each phrase from the list above in one of the following sentences, together with one of the verbs from
the set below. Put it in the most suitable tense.

dance / visit I write / wear / collect / eat / work I take / smoke / agree / measure

1 Charlie has a brand new hobby - he ___________ matchboxes in a big way.

2 I'm sorry, but you can't have a cigarette in here. I _____ most strongly _____ in public.
3 He's really lazy: he always _____ sleeping _____
4 The two delegations have been arguing all day, but I think they ____________ at last.
5 I was brought up with Fahrenheit and I'll never ____________ the temperature in
6 Jane hasn't had a holiday this year so she's ___________ Disneyland in October.
7 I know you're very busy, but I hope you can those letters this week.
8 She's not ___________ but she just can't stand the waltz.
9 Some people claim that drinking alcohol is ___________ drugs, but they are both bad
for you.
10 Since we've been living in Spain, we ______ dinner much later, although I haven't really got
used to it.
11 Most British people ___________ fur coats these days because it means killing wild
Prepositions and link words: with gerunds
Please pay before leaving.
PREPOSITIONS are normally followed by nouns.
Example: Monkeys live in trees.

The gerund (the -ing form of the verb) is a noun formed from the verb. We can use this form after
Example: I'm not very keen on living in trees.

LINK WORDS such as after, when, while join two sentences to make one. If the subject is the same, we
can often reduce one of the sentences by using the gerund.

Example: He often whistles while he is working. � He often whistles while working.


,, � u

� __7,,,

�: -


You shouldn't use the phone while driving.

Choose a suitable preposition or link word from the list in the box and complete the sentences using the
verb given at the end of each one.

without I when / since I after I by I in spite of / after I instead of / for

1 It's dangerous to swim immediately (eat)

2 You should save some of your money all of it. (spend)
3 Low ceiling. Mind your head your seat. (leave)
4 This knob here is the volume. (change)
5 She never went skiing again her leg. (break)
6 He's very rude. He just left the party good-bye to the hostess. (say)
7 She didn't get the job a high mark in all the tests. (_get)
8 They've travelled a great deal (retire)
9 Mary found the answer the word in an encyclopedia. (look up)