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Work Table of members

 Hoàng Nhật Phong - GCH15325
 Nguyễn Khánh Dương - GCH17235
 Nguyễn Khánh Phong - GDH18209

2.Work table
Member Works

Hoang Nhat Phong (Leader) -Design

Nguyen Khanh Duong -Compile information
-Look up information
- Interview
Nguyen Khanh Phong -In charge of software AI, PS

We are going to interview Artist Pham Quoc Anh

Teacher/Artist Pham Quoc Anh

Interview the artist about issues around them and the work they do. Ask questions about the artist's
products along with a magazine, develop an interview according to the group's own style. After
gathering all the information, the team will edit and select specific details to include.

4. Question

- How many genres did you do?

I’m interested in painting, sculpture and pottery.

- What are the biggest difficult things you have met in your work?

- The biggest failure of you in your work?

- The greatest success of you in your work?

- Who / What inspires you the most in creative work?

- How do you maintain inspiration for creative work?

- What do you have to do to maintain and update your knowledge every day?

- What things design student need to change?

- How often do you go to exhibition? Do you have favorite genre of exhibition or artist?

- How long does it take to create your exhibition?

- How do you feel and act if receive criticism from people to your artwork at the exhibition?

- Can you introduce some works and analyze it? Kind of work? What message to audience?

- What is your hardest or most effortless work? How long you do this? How do you do? Meaning and
message of your artwork?

- What is the most satisfying work of you? How long you do this? Kind of work? Meaning and message of
your artwork?

- What work do you like most in the areas you have done? in which genre do you like and the most style
that you like of this genre?

- What is your plan about exhibition in future?

- Words that describe your style (about 3 words)?

- Your favorite quotes?

- Your advice for design students?

5. Direction
Regarding the development of the magazine, the group wants to work on ceramic art, sculpture,
painting, etc. The selected artist is the teacher of a group member. The group wanted to bring
the classic style and opinion from an artist's perspective on artistic issues and suggestions for
young people about art recognition.

 Direction 1: Identify the artist's style through personality and his artwork.
 Direction 2: Identify the artist's style through his habit, favorite things, clothes his wear,
information after interview, favorite food, etc.

This mood board about what genre that interviewees can do, what magazine they choose for an artist,
layout and our photoshoot of our magazine.