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Ryan Garnett Curriculum Vitae


DATE OF BIRTH: 8 th September 1991 NATIONALITY: British


28 Merker Terrace, Linlithgow West Lothian EH49 6DD

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 01506 209119








I have recently completed a HND in Contemporary Art Practise at the Forth Valley College in Stirling, which I

am awaiting my results with high motivation to pass to allow me continue my studies at College. In my previous studies I completed my first year in Fine Art at London Metropolitan University, which I passed allowing me to progress on to my HND at Forth Valley College. This has since allowed to gain an unconditional offer to continue my studies at the College to gain a B.A in Contemporary Art Practise. I intend to continue my studies with high motivation to pass, as I am very passionate about my chosen career path.

I am a highly motivated, honest and reliable individual who thrives on experiences which allow me to demonstrate my good attitude towards life. I am a very enthusiastic person and seek the positive opportunities to succeed in every task.

During my further education I intend to seek employment to improve my employability skills. During my further education and past work experience in customer service focused roles, I believe this has improved my confidence and communication skills that are transferable and I look forward to developing these even further.


Excellent communication and customer focus Numeracy and literacy skills Information and communication technology skills

Team player

Problem solving ability



Linlithgow Academy

Standard Grade Art & Design


Standard Grade Maths


Standard Grade Graphic Communication


Standard Grade English


Intermediate 1 Biology


Intermediate 1 Hospitality


Higher Art & Design


Higher Graphic Communication


Advanced Higher Art & Design: Expressive



2013-2014 Metropolitan University, London

Level 7 Fine Art Year 1. Achieved Grade B

2016-2017 Forth Valley College, Falkirk

HNC Contemporary Art Practise, Achieved Grade A

2017-Present Forth Valley College, Falkirk

HND Contemporary Art Practise, Awaiting Results

CREATUVE EXPERIENCES Through my creative experiences I have gain employable skill through my different courses and training with jobs aswell within personalised art and photography.


This skill allowed me as an artist to think on my feet with how 8 conducted business and allow myself to be creative at the same time. The short time I did photography taught me that I would be able to hold that responsibility for creativity that I thought my customer would expect. Being able to not over excite the customer with over ambitious idea and retouch packages also help them create an idea in what they wanted realistically. Planning ahead was crucial to how my weekend work would go due to how the camera lighting lens and aperture would operate with weather conditions.

PERSONAL photography was different with how marketing and advertise work went with how I pitched my ideas. The advertising with my own practice or conceptual documentary work taught me that being able to break the creative idea down dose really help in these cases and how practice with lighting techniques show ideas very differently compared to others. Illustrations/illustrator

Self employment with pet or family illustrators help me create personalised artwork quickly and help me show a different kind of talent through proportion and critical thinking. When creating the works I wanted to spend a good amount of time when doing the work for the customer in there chosen style and or what the subject matter was. It taught me to also use a fair level of pricing for the customer depending on the time I took and my material costs.

It also used social media to advertise my works and tag the customer to help promotion

rates with the works I produced.

Sculpture with Jill Hudson handmade Ltd.

I work with Jill for a week cast personal work for my own practice. I met Jill a few years ago

and we became friends that work together as companions for each other if either of us needed help within there own projects. She assisted me in taking alginate molds of myself and help advice me on critical and creative concepts towards my personal projects at the time.

Intern sculptor - Glasgow print studio helix light festival Help with the lantern show and building each work with bamboo really did help me understand working with clients in this aspect and the artists. Building the work involved honouring the

artists vision for the show and how she wanted to make each one. The ideas with the works didn’t involve the lanterns being make exactly the same way but did require similarities in how they looked at a glance. The works I made where accepted by the Head artist in being used next to her further stage in how she wanted to use schoolchildren in the decoration part.

I learned a lot with my eyes being open to how artists can direct a team of workers within their own vision especially it being for a community or government grant to celebrate within an area of residence.

The line gallery – Postcard exhibition With the line gallery I worked on a number of photography shoots and used my personal self portraits to bring this submission forward to the owners of the gallery. The works were welcomed by the curator in how they would display my work in the future of the gallery. I was very pleased that my creativity paid off and my submission was displayed proudly on the walls at the line gallery and my confidence would be better in future when applying for high roles within a private or non private art submission. This job entailed me to think within a dimension for the photographs and specifications in dpi and resolution for the works to be entered.

Advertisement work for the new Albert This advertisement work taught me to work within a time frame and listen carefully to the owners wants within the advertisement for there establishment. The work I produced over a period of one year helped me understand how my style would have to stay uniform to how the establishment was run and their target audiences. The work help me understand the differences between the differences in a personal conceptual style to marketing and utilising my own skills of critical thinking and understanding to how graphic design works in ads and what people expect of an advertisement. These work were over a year I worked and connected with the owners of the business and management figures in how we arranged information to be passed to myself for there specific needs that week.

Networking As an artist I have joined independently to the ssa to be continually enformed about works and shows that I may like to visit. Not only dose the ssa put on shows but they post jobs for independent artist may like to enter to gain paid work or popularity through their processes.

WORK EXPERIENCE & Employment in non creative roles

May 2018 – 2019

Star & Garter, Bar & Restaurant Attendant

This job required a high level of customer focus. The responsibilitiez within the job helped me excel in problem solving with multi tasking within different areas of the hotel. The job entailed waiting, hotel attendances and the focus of the bar with customer focus on all areas. The duties within the daily tasks required me to scedual when and what needed attention. I learned a lot from working within catering and how a team role is essential to a business establishment.

worked full time in Tesco between 2008 and 2012 after just leaving higher education and also worked part time between 2015 and 2017 after returning from London, to help fund my further education.


Due to the customer facing nature of my work, and exposure to different situations my confidence and communication skills have greatly improved. I was very flexible during my time at Tesco which allowed me to work different shift patterns and more importantly different departments, which gave me a better understanding of how a business works. My main duties and responsibilities included dealing with customer on a daily basis, complying with health & safety,

During this time I received a number of appreciations awards including; an attendance award, a gold training award on the shop floor and checkout departments. I also received and complied with training on checkouts to ensure I was complying with Tesco’s policies and the law when it came to alcohol licensing and age restricted products. Additional training included Health & Safety training when working within the bakery & food departments to be able to handle food safely and comply with food hygiene policies to a very high standard.

May - September 2015

This sales based job allowed me to use and transfer my employability skills and develop in a marketing point of view. The job consisted of sales based figures to be able to sell packages for family photography based in Debenhams in Glasgow. The skills development consisted of; being able to carry out multidisciplinary roles, customer interaction and confidence.

PixiFoto, Marketing

This job also allowed me to be creative by whilst carrying out my daily tasks of family portraits and allowed me to share the memories of a family photograph. I also carried out the tasks of printing, taking technical orders to be fit to sell on the company site, which I managed. This job has taught me valuable skills was very full on and taught me be confident in a way that I approached stranger in store and sold packages of studio portraits to go in their homes.

May - September 2013

During the summer I worked as a bar tender in the New Albert whilst living in South Lancaster. When working full time at the New Albert Pub my main duties included table and bar work which was very customer focussed. During the ending months of my work I decided to use my skills in Art & design to start designing the advertising which would be displayed around and outside the pub to attract customers. This work helped me keep very strict time management skills as many designs required deadlines for new acts & performances at the pub.

New Albert Pub, Advertising, Bar & Kitchen Work

I also managed the pubs diary where I managed booking the acts in line with the newly designed posters.

Due to the customer facing nature of this role and exposure to different situations I developed some important professional skills, including my confidence and communication skills. The service work with hot food orders allowed my skills to develop in the sense that I kept a strict and professional hygiene

expectation and my own understanding for timekeeping and how the customers should be treated within the establishment.


My main hobbies include practising my art when I am not attending college, as I feel it is important to keep the creative part of my mind active.

I also really enjoy exercising by any means necessary; at my local gym and by walking my pet dog with family and friends.


Available On Request