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Personal Philosophy of Special Education; A Path I Have Chosen

Jasmine Vazquez

College of Southern Nevada


In this paper, I will state my personal belief when it comes to the profession of teaching. I will

state my own teaching beliefs, and instructional styles that I feel are important when teaching

exceptional students. Overall, I want to showcase what I want my future beliefs to be once I

become a teacher.
Personal Philosophy of Special Education; A Path I Have Chosen

I do not wish to become a teacher for the money. I did not choose this career based on the

income, no one who wants to earn a lot of money becomes a teacher. You become a teacher

because you want to make a difference and help those who can also make a difference. After a

year I am still told to change career paths from my parents who do not wish to see me struggle,

as they put it, with income. My sole purpose for choosing to become a teacher, especially for

young children (pre-K – third grade), is to encourage them to enjoy learning and realize they are

important and can achieve what they wish.

I am a firm believer in existentialism and progressivism teaching. I do know that

existentialism is not an ideal belief when teaching young children since it focuses on individual

freedom and choice of the student. Although, it can be used with specific task and activities to

help children choose their path at times. I do believe that progressivism and even existentialism

is essential when teaching exceptional students. Existentialism and progressivism teaching can

go hand-to-hand with each other, they both focus on student learning rather than teacher content

which is an essential factor when teaching exceptional students. With the help of an IEP, it is

even possible to apply these teaching beliefs and make learning fun for the student.

Unfortunately, I understand that as a future teacher I have to teach what is on the

curriculum, and sometimes my beliefs and the curriculum will not coincide. However, that will

not discourage me from instructing in my style. I will find a way to teach in an existentialism and

progressivism way with different subjects in multiple ways from verbal-kinetic learning; this will

encourage students to choose a learning style that will help them further their learning. In my

classroom I will teach; different cultures, and people who are essential to that culture that no one
mentions. I wish for my class to be diverse so we can all learn from each other and encourage

each other, never to discriminate against people who are different.

To make all my beliefs and dreams a reality I will need to finish my associate’s degree at

College of Southern Nevada (CSN). During my courses at CSN, I will be doing field observations

where I can increase my knowledge of teaching. I will need to pass my Praxis Core exam, then

transfer to a four-year institution like the Utah Valley University and get my Bachelor's degree.

Once I can, I will become a substitute teacher to gain more in-class experience. Hopefully, I will

be able to get a job as a full-time teacher.