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Jalin Griffin

The book Feed is about America into the future with new and advanced technology. The
most popular technology being the Feed which is a chip implanted in our brain that gives you
information. Titus is the main character who has group of friends who all have the Feed. Titus
meets this girl named Violet on the Moon. A hack at some point of time changes their lives.The
uses of technology in the book Feed has not been used correctly. Us humans have to change the
way we use technology to prevent any further corruption of humanity by technology.

The dangers of technology is the reason why humanity is corrupted. In the text it states,
“The technician called us to attention and went through this whole thing, he was sorry for the
delay, but they wanted to be absolutely sure there was no permanent hack.” (p. 68) This evidence
shows that Titus and his friends went to the hospital because of someone else doing. Titus and
his friends could have got permanently damaged. In the story Titus and his friends get hacked
which damages them, Violet having the worst of damages. These teenagers were targeted by the
Coalition of Pity for no reason, like people in the real world, which shows the corruption of

Corruption of humanity is caused by the way we use technology which In the text it
states, “I didn’t send a message back to Violet. I didn’t even listen to her list all the way through
the first time.” (p.234) This evidence shows that Titus was ignoring Violet and not really caring
about her on purpose.In the story Titus ignored Violet and she was trying to talk to him before
she died and this shows that humanity is corrupted because Titus would not read the messages of
the person he loved, that was dying. It seems as though he turned his back on her which relates
back to the corruption of humanity because Titus did not even think about sending a message
back to Violet because she was dying. She was dying because technology.

Some might argue that we can use technology such as social media like Facebook,
Snapchat, Instagram, etc to bring people together. The problem with this logic, however is that
social media may bring people together but that not the case all the time. Social media can
separate people apart and break friendships and romantic relationships. The fact that social media
can ruin people's friendships further proves that technology has corrupted humanity.

We need to think before what we do with our technology. The hack that the Coalition of
Pity done against Titus and his friends changed a lot in the book. It showed why having the Feed
was a risk. People use technology in the real world to put other people down. This would be
cyberbullying, which is everywhere. Cyberbullying is very bad and it has terrible effects on the
victim. The victim can goes through all types of pain and sometimes does not want to live
anymore. A huge hack happened by one group but two years ago against gamer and that made
the gaming community go crazy. To sum up the use of technology by humans is not correct
because of the many reasons why we corrupt each other by using it. We need to change the way
we use technology to end corruption.