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Maximize Small Study Sessions

For Big Results
Attention management is an intentional
focus on where we put our efforts and
attention. This has huge implications for you
as a student.

You are balancing a lot with school, work,

families, and friends. To manage all of these
areas of life you have to squeeze every ounce
of productivity out of your study sessions by
avoiding distractions and knowing what you
want to achieve before starting.

Being intentional with small study sessions

means deciding ahead of time what to achieve,
setting a time limit, managing our focus while
studying, and doing a quick recap to adjust
your approach for the next study session.

Before Studying
When you don’t have a plan or goal to to complete it and also helps you work
accomplish you will accomplish very little. efficiently and stay focused. Remember, we
First, decide what you want to accomplish. It aren’t wired to multi-task.
might mean:
When you know what you want to
»» read chapter 2 and take notes accomplish, set a reasonable time limit
»» outline research paper for yourself and prepare everything you
need. If you need to take notes, do you have
»» write the introduction to a paper paper or your computer? Need to watch a
»» watch an assigned video and take notes video? Do you have the link and an internet
»» revise your notes connection? A few seconds of planning
ahead can save you tons of time being stuck
»» complete a comprehensive review without the tools you need.
Choose only one thing to focus on for your
study session. This ensures you are able
Study Smarts CollegeStudySmarts.com

While Studying
Now you know exactly what to do and have Then during your study session stay focused
everything necessary to get started. So start! on your goal and only your goal. This means
avoiding multitasking at all costs and
While studying your goal is to keep ignoring everything not helping you reach
minimizing distractions. If you are used to your goal.
studying in a very distracted manner with
lots of noise and notifications breaking your This singular focus is how you accomplish big
focus, it takes practice. Start out the right results from small study sessions.
way by taking care of these things at the
start of your study session:

»» cut out distractions and turn off the tv,

radio, video games, etc.
»» silence your phone and check out these
tips to boost your phone productivity

After Studying
At the end of your study session (this is why Commit to applying this level of focus to
we have a time limit, so you have a defined your study sessions for one week and see
end), don’t rush immediately to the next thing. phenomenal results.

Stop for one minute and consider how your Use the worksheet on the next page to help
study session went: you walk through this process and watch
yourself accomplish your goals!
»» What did you accomplish?
»» Did you meet your goal?
»» If not, what got in the way?
»» What will you do differently in the next
study session?
Study Smarts CollegeStudySmarts.com

Before You Begin


GOAL What will I accomplish? PREP CHECKLIST

oo I have everything I need

oo Turn off radio, phone, tv, video games, etc.
(cut out distractions)
oo Don’t multi-task
oo Noise-canceling headphones (optional)

After You Finish

RESULT What did I accomplish? DID I HIT MY GOAL?

oo yes oo no