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How to Download a Mark* VIe IP Address and Controller

To download a Mark VIe controller IP address and perform an initial controller download, you will need the
For USC controllers

Standard 4 pair UTP cable Controller connector

(Ethernet Cable) (Part #: 342A4944P1)
For UCC and VCCC controllers

Serial Cable Mini-Serial Cable Adapter

(Part #: 336A3582P1) (Part #: 336A4929G1)

This document is distributed for informational purposes only. It is furnished to its customer solely to assist in the installation, testing,
operation, and/or maintenance of the equipment described. This document shall not be reproduced nor shall its contents be
disclosed to any third party without the written approval of GE Energy.
The Controller Setup wizard prepares a controller for use by configuring its IP address and redundancy information.
A controller cannot communicate on a network until these setup tasks are complete.
To set up a controller
1 Connect a serial cable from the COM1 port on the R controller to a free serial port on your computer.

2 From the ToolboxST* System Editor, open the Mark VIe Component Editor for the controller to be configured.
(See GEH-6700, ToolboxST for Mark VIe Control, Creation Wizard for information on creating a Mark VIe controller in
the ToolboxST application.)

3 From the Device menu, select Download, and then Controller Setup. When the Welcome window displays, click
Next to continue.

Select Configure
Network Address,
and then click

2 GHT-200003
Select the desired
Channel and click

Click Finish.

4 After setup is complete, restart the controller.

5 Repeat this procedure for controllers S and T if necessary.

GHT-200003 3
The Download Wizard is the primary method of transferring software to a Mark VIe component and its distributed I/O
modules over an Ethernet connection. The wizard can automatically examine the configuration of the system to locate out-of-
date software, or you can manually select individual items to download.

Boot loader, base load, firmware, and offline application code downloads all require
the target device to be restarted. Before downloading new software to a controller,
take necessary steps to secure the controlled equipment to prevent equipment
damage and/or personal injury.

To perform an initial Mark VIe controller download

1 Double-click the tcw (ToolboxST) file (typically found in M:/Site_name). The System Editor displays.

From either the Tree View or Summary

View, double-click the controller to be
downloaded. The Component Editor

4 GHT-200003
From the Component
Editor, select the
General tab.

From the Tree

View, select the
General item.

From the Property

Editor, verify the
Platform and
Redundancy items
are set correctly.

2 From the Tree View, under Network Adapters, select Network Adapter 0. The Property Editor for Network
Adapter 0 displays.

From the Property

Editor, verify that the
IP Address is set

3 From the Device menu, select Download, and then Download Wizard to display the Download Mark VIe
Controller wizard.

4 Since this is a new controller, a dialog box will display if the configuration is out of date and a build is required. Click
Yes to build the current configuration. The Download Mark VIe Controller wizard displays.

GHT-200003 5
5 Click the Next button to advance past the wizard’s introductory page.

6 Items requiring a download will display as unequal, with the check box selected. Items that display as equal have already
been downloaded, but can be downloaded again if the checkbox is selected.

If the Scan I/O

checkbox is selected,
the scan command
determines whether I/O
module software needs
to be downloaded.

Click Next.

Click Next.

6 GHT-200003
Click Next. A confirmation message box
displays; Are you sure you want to
download? Click Yes. The Mark VIe
Download Status dialog box displays.

Shows status of individual

Displays overall progress. download operations.

GHT-200003 7
7 When the download is complete, click Close to close the wizard. In the Component InfoView, click the Log tab and
review the status messages to check for potential warnings or errors that may have occurred during the download.

8 Correct any identified errors and perform this procedure again.

9 Once the download is complete without error, restart the controller.

For further assistance or technical information, contact the nearest
GE Sales or Service Office, or an authorized GE Sales Representative.

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* Trademark of General Electric Company.
CIMPLICITY is a registered trademark of GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc.

2 GHT-200003
Issued: 090323