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Basic Concepts

"How do we know if it is working?"

"Silent Spring"
4 Major forms of land tenure in Spanish colonial period
Agro-Industrial Development Area
Agropolis / Agropolitan approach
Allocative/Regulatory/Policy Planning
Balanced Agro-Industrial Development
Behavioral Theory of Location
Bid-Rent Theory
Broadacre City
Cabeceras y poblaciones
Carrying Capacity
Cathedral Towns
Central Place System
Central Place Theory
City Beautiful Movement
Coastal Zone
Commercial Fishing
Common of Piscary
Comparative Advantage
Concentric Zone Model
Critical/Radical Planning
Delineation bet. Religious/Secular space
Department of Agriculture
Doctors, epidemiologists, sanitarians public health personn
Ecological Footprint
Environmental Management
Environmental Planning
Equity or Activist or Advocacy Planning
Exclusive economic zone
Gaia Hypothesis
Garden City Movement in the UK
Greater London Plan of 1944
Growth in terms of social development
Growth Pole
Hierarchy of settlements
Integrated Area Development
Inter-generational Equity
Invention of steam engine as power source
Least Cost theory of industrial location
Linear City or 'Ciudad Lineal'
Mercantile Cities of the Renaissance
Multiple Nuclei Model
National Planning Commission
New Towns Movement
New Urbanism
Organizational theory
Physical Planning
Planning process as important as planning output
Plaza in Spanish colonial times
Principle of Subsidiarity
Professional Planning...
Radiant City
Rational Nexus
Rational-Comprehensive Planning
Romans under the dictatorial emperors
Rural area
School of Transactive Planning
Sector model or Hoyt model
Social Engineering
Spaceship Earth
Strategic Planning
Sustainability, 4 aspects of
Sustainable Development
SWOT Analysis
Theory of Industrial Location
Torrens Title system
Transfer of Development Rights
Une Cite Industrielle'
Urban area
Urban Containment
Urban Force Momentum
Urban Primacy
Urban Renewal
World City or Global City

Question which seeks to determine efficacy or success of a chosen option or..

led to creation of US Environmental Protection Agency and EIA system in the 1970's
Friar lands, Encomiendas, Haciendas, Townships

"urban development should promote rural development while rural development…

Herbert Gans, T J Kent: concerned with solving chronic problems of society…
Strategy of national government to promote greater complementarity between agri…

geographical economic theory that refers to how price and demand for real estate…
Environmentalism which centers on respect for all lif-forms in an…
alternative to congestion in the metropolis by way of urban decentralization…
Urban control points designated by the Spanish colonial government in 1565-1896
The maximum population of a given species that can be supported…
Showcased the ascendancy of the Church during Middle Ages (800-1440AD)…
Hamlet, Village, Town, City, Regional Capital
the foundation for the study of cities as a system of cities rather than single…
A significantly-large urban area which has a charter or legal proclamation
Started in the 1890s, stressed design according to principles of "grandeur,…
coined by Patrick Geddes; a metropolitan area and hinterland
a band of dry land and adjacent ocean space in which terrestrial processes…
the taking of fisheries species by passive or active gear for trade, business…
refers to everyone's right to take fish, game, or fowl from communal land
the ability of a party to produce a particular good or service at lower marginal…

coined by Patrick Geddes; a region comprising a number of cities, large towns…

Inveterate optimists who believe that "necessity is the mother of invention"…
David Harvey, Ray Pahl: planning as agent of change and development…
the theory that planning should be cyclical, iterative and self-correcting
Major contribution of classical Greek civilization (700-404BC) to town planning
RA 9174 - has jurisdiction over all declared aquatic critical habitats, aquatic…
Earliest urban planning professionals in 19th century Industrial England
the amount of productive space, measured in terms of global hectare (gha) per…
Refers to the entire system which covers conservation, regulation…
All activities concerned with the management and development of …
School of thought which maintains that planners should abandon their…
an area 200 nautical miles from a state's shore in which a state is given right…
postulates that the biosphere is a self-regulating entity with the capacity to…
Directly addressed the large-scale problems caused by the Industrial Revolution
upscaling of inner-city neighborhoods
designed by Sir Patrick Leslie Abercrombie after World War II
Growth is a pre-condition to development is not enough in itself; it is…
economic development is not uniform over an entire region but takes place…
a few large cities, some medium cities, many small settlements
government approach from mid-1970s to mid-1990s to combine agricultural…
Principle of sustainable development which means responsibility and…
Milestone that marked the start of the Industrial Age in 1769
tries to explain and predict the locational pattern of an industry from a macro-scale
The first Garden City built in the UK (1903-1920) supervised by Raymond Unwin
the idea of constructing linear sections of infrastructure - roads, railways, gas…
extended or super-sized urban area
Venice, Italy; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Lisbon, Portugal
by Chauncey Harris and Edward Ullman
Created through Presidential Letter of Instruction 367 in 1950
towns built after World War II that were purposely planned, developed, and…
seeks to revitalize urban communities by creating centers and by reviving…

Schools of policy planning, advocacy or equity planning, transactive planning…

Quadrangle where church, town hall, school and public market were located
"Think Global, Act Local"
differs from generic planning in its scope and goals which transcend one…
Project by Le Corbusier meant for 3 million people housed in uniform 60-storey…

synoptic','static','normative', and 'Utopian', because it assumes a priori…

Spanish spatial strategy of forming dense spatial settlements from scattered..
Earliest regional planners in history (27BC-410AD) who planned their cities
Areas of less than 500 people per square kilometer whose inhabitants…
Norman Krumholz, John Friedmann: mobilize peopole to change structures…
modification of concentric zone model which allows outward progression of growth
changing values, mindsets, habits, and behaviors of people towards desired societal goals
Earth as a finite entity which we should cherish and respect instead of using to the utmost
Henry Mintzberg: innovative planning which seeks to introduce a novel goal…
among the most serious hotspots in rapid coral reef destruction in PH
Refers to the characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained…
Environmental, Economic, Social, Cultural Diversity
Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising…
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats in Strategic Planning
in which an industry is located where the transportation costs of raw materials and final product are min.
entrenched the concept of absolute private ownership of land during American colonial rule
Planning concept upheld by US Supreme Court in the case of "Penn Central…
a lush green city of 35,000 inhabitants where "man would rule by himself", with…
Areas with density of at least 500 people per square kilometer…
Garden City Movement-influenced British policy which includes greenbelts, …
once a city reaches a resident population of 250,000 it attains permanence…
indicates the largest city in a country; the central place in an urban or city net…
started as US federal program to rehabilitate the outworn and decaying…
common practice of land tenure in pre-colonial society wherein one could…
a relatively large area starting at the roof of mountain rivers and encompassing…