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Cyberbullying Prevention

Benefits of a
Why is Cyberbullying Prevention Plan
Important to Address? Decrease or eliminate cyberbullying
completely (Giménez-Gualdo, Arnaiz-
Cyberbullying may not occur at school,
Sánchez, Cerezo-Ramírez, &
but the school's deal with the
Prodócimo, 2018).
repercussions (Notar, Padgett, Roden,
Create awareness and educate
students on cyberbullying (Chisholm,
ISTE-S Standard 2b says students need
to behave in a positive, safe, legal and
ethical way when using technology,
including online interactions (ISTE-S, How to Create a
2018). Prevention Plan
ISTE-E Standard 3a says educator's
Research cyberbullying and how to
need to create experiences for students
prevent it.
to make positive socially responsible
Role-Play on stopping cyberbullying.
decisions and show empathetic behavior Discussions about the topic.
when online (ISTE-E, 2018). Classroom meetings to talk about
It is our job to help teach students how to peer relations.
act appropriately online even when not at Story or skit teaching bystanders how
school. to help (Stopbullying.gov, 2018).

How Can Student's Digital Resources

Get Involved? Here are some helpful online
resources regarding cyberbullying.
Know what to look for.
Click on the links!
Report any cyberbullying to
school authorities immediately. Digizen
Encourage friends to make good Anti-Cyberbullying Toolkit
choices and be kind to one Stop Bullying.gov
another. Kids Against Bullying
Research cyberbullying and its Common Sense Education
effects. NetSmartz
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