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Name(s): Buse Altan
Hilal Doğan
Yüsra Kalafat
Unit Title
Astronauts- Activity Name: Let’s discover the discoverers!
Grade Level
60-72 months
One lesson hour
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]

Language Development Domain

Audience: 60-72 months
Behavior: Tells the names of the first astronauts that landed on the Moon.
Condition: Talking about the photos of the astronauts and making a spacesuit
Degree: 99% of the time

Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and
Prezi presentation about the astronauts, plastic bags, tapes, scissors, astronaut photos

Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and


Child centered, discussions and Do It Yourselves, Presentation

Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require
Learner Participation)]
In this activity, firstly, the teacher presents a presentation made in Prezi which contains the
photos of the astronauts, the children first talk about the photos of the astronauts and then
they prepare a spacesuit with the given materials. It’s a child centered activity.
After the lesson to assess the children’s knowledge about the content the teacher assigns a
test on Google forms. This form is completed with the help of the parents at home.

Individual Learning Activities Each child makes a spacesuit for themselves

by using plastic bags.

Group Learning Activities They discuss the features of the astronauts by

looking at the pictures on Prezi.
At the beginning of the class the teacher tells the children that today we will do something
different in our class. We will use our computer and a presentation site instead of using
visual cards. Then, she plays the presentation on Prezi. She says “Do you know these
people? What can be their professions? Why are they dressed like that? Where do you
think they can be?” etc. The pictures on the slides belong to Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong
and Laika. They analyze the pictures deeply and talk about the details about this
profession. He teacher talks about the hardships of this profession and tells the children a
little bit about the qualities of the environment in space. She says they cannot go to the
space with our regular clothes. Because there is no air in the space the children have to
prepare a special clothing for the space. They prepare spacesuits with the materials that
the teacher provides. And they play with these clothes in the classroom while
acknowledging the differences of life conditions in space.

Measurement & Evaluation

Descriptive Questions:
What are the life conditions in space?
What are the qualities of spacesuits?
Questions related to Objectives and Signs:
What does an astronaut do?
What is a spaceship?
Daily Life Questions:
Can you wear the same clothes you wear daily in space?
Have you ever seen an astronaut before?

Measurement & Assessment Activities Teacher shares the link of the Google Forms
for Individual Performance with the parents. At home the parents pose the
questions to the children and write down their
Measurement & Assessment Activities The teacher observes their act while they are
for Group Performance playing with their handmade spacesuits.
Write the points regarding to the measurement and evaluation which you want to explain.
(If any)
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
Due to the internet connection loss or any other problem, the teacher should be prepared.
The teacher should print out the slides to show the images to the children.