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For this project, we are instructed to research about sustainable at the site. We use various
way to gather all information needed. Firstly, we asking for permission to enter site project.
The site that have been chosen is site at Taman Universiti. The official letter has been submitted
to the faculty and been approved by the lecturer.

The site visit has covered the site inspection, how the sustainable approach could be
implemented in real situation at site, and how the project is managed. The contractor has also
submitted the work program and then share on how the project have been managed.

We also using interview method to get know how the sustainability of the project. We are
having interview with the site engineers of the project by getting permission. Data from the
interview were collected consist of location observation and inspection of site project.

To sum up, all the method that have been used are all been planned strategically to achieve
a great result and to produce a great recommendation to solve all the problems in site. The
communication skills are very crucial in order to produce great skills and coordinating the
discussion between the contractor and the group project.