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Victor Zhiyu Lee
Strategist, Data Scientist & App Developer 3-in-1
Top Skills Victor is a management/analytics consultant with a niche in
Management Consulting navigating between strategy, analytics and full stack application
Python development. He is driven by an innate, never-ending desire to learn
Data Analysis and excel.

Languages If you are looking for an all-rounder who can strategize, design,
English (Full Professional) develop and sell an analytics/software solution, he is your go-to guy.
Chinese (Native or Bilingual)
Malay (Full Professional) He uncovers actionable insights from data and creates technology
that drives actions. Underlying his career story is a strong passion in
Certifications pursuing "Aha" moments and solving real world problems.
Corporate Secretarial Practice
He has a knack for for learning a topic quickly and connect ideas
IBM Watson Explorer Content
Analytics Product Fundamentals from disparate domains into an integrated solution.
Technical Mastery
Applied Analytics Using SAS® His consulting and implementation career is deeply rooted in ASEAN
Enterprise Miner(TM) (EM 7.1)
with multiple projects in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and
Create Visualizations and Data
Modeling for Qlik Sense Fast-Track Vietnam.

Honors-Awards Inside and outside of work, he listens intently and cares deeply
Federal Scholarship
for people around him, be them partners, clients, teammates or
Advanced Analytics in Talent
He writes about nation building, entrepreneurship, investment and
Management Strategy and Operation analytics on VictorEvolution.com

Azendian Solutions
Senior Analytics Consultant
April 2018 - Present 

► Technical Pre-sales & Marketing - Supports pre-sales efforts with framing

high-level analytics solutions.

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Use cases covered includes:

- port cargo throughput forecasting
- public transport asset predictive maintenance
- campus analytics (from student, graduate, faculty to library, donor and legal)
- co-working space business case dashboards
- anti money laundering (AML) text mining
- patient volume forecasting etc.
Clients helped range from government agencies and higher learning institutes
to MNCs
► Analytics Visioning - Advocates the values of analytics for businesses in
ASEAN region and crafted analytics road-map through interactive co-creation
workshops with the top and middle management. List of clients include a
Vietnamese apparel manufacturer

Evoquant Solutions Sdn Bhd

Analytics Consultant, Data Scientist and App Developer
May 2017 - Present 

► Strategy & Management Consulting for Café (Pahang) – Conceptualized the

“Encircling Cities from Rural Areas” strategy for the young halal Asian Fusion
café startup (including site selection, market positioning, pricing etc.), devised
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), developed VBA-based simulator to
assist with strategic decisions and managed company accounts
► F&B Production Scheduler & Inventory Tracker (Petaling Jaya) – Developed
in-house scheduling and inventory tracking system and associated analytic
dashboards for an ice cream parlor chain. Deployed Generalized Sequential
Pattern (GSP) algorithm on Python to learn optimal sequencing of flavors to
minimize machine wash time.
► Polytechnic Student, Graduate & Corporate Procurement Analytics
(Singapore) – On a resource augmentation basis, led the analytics practice in
predicting on-time graduation, final semester performance, employability, job
market leakage, further study leakage and field of study leakage and finally
automating the scoring process every semester. Performed text clustering on
invoice/order line items to distill commonly-bought item categories and ran
various statistical analysis to detect potential frauds in procurement and raise
► Beauty & Cosmetics E-Commerce Store (Singapore) – Designed and
developed an end-to-end e-commerce website for a cosmetics OEM producer
and retailer

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► Personal Finance Loan Tracking & Analysis System (Johor Bahru) –

Designed and developed an Excel-VBA-based (as Phase 1) and web-based
(as Phase 2) loan portfolio administration, monitoring, analysis and reporting
system for a personal finance company based in Johor

Blogger and Copywriter
May 2019 - Present 

► Blogs about strategy, nation building, entrepreneurship, investment, analytics

and application development
► Crafts sales copies for clients in technology industry

BIIT Consulting
3 years 2 months

Senior Analytics Consultant

December 2015 - August 2017 (1 year 9 months)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

► Energy Sector Churn Modelling – Mentored a team of four through the

whole process of constructing logistic regression and decision tree loyalty
card churn models from business case development down to deployment in
campaign management system.
► Telco Human Resource Analytics – Projected workforce dynamics (hiring,
attrition and promotion) and analyzed its impact on staff cost and performance;
Designed VBA-based workforce dynamics and organizational change
simulators to facilitate HR strategy and policy making for CHrO
► E-commerce Name-based Ethnicity Classification – Built a support vector
machine and term-frequency-based text mining program in R and Python to
tag ethnicity and gender of users based on names/nicknames alone with a
blind-test accuracy of 97%. Armed with previously unavailable demographic
information, clients can now run highly specific targeted campaign and more
effective predictive models.
► Telco Cross-sell/Upsell Modelling Automation – Supervised the building of
predictive models for postpaid products which become the analytics backbone
of client's automated cross-sell/upsell recommendation engine.

Associate Management Consultant

July 2014 - November 2015 (1 year 5 months)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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► Sports Retail Sales Forecasting - Forecasted sales of about 3000 SKUs for
10 months ahead with back test accuracy above 70% using a combination of R
and Python.
► Electoral Constituency Re-delineation - Developed a Python optimization
program (tabu search) which generates alternative electoral maps for
Selangor and Penang that minimizes population inequality satisfying various
administrative constraints.

Farseer Analytics
Summer Analyst (Internship)
June 2013 - September 2013 (4 months)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

► Electoral Analytics - Built statistical models for voting behavior (support,

turnout, swing and split voting) based on demographic factors and established
standard operating procedure for digitizing election results.

Summer Analyst (Internship)
May 2012 - July 2012 (3 months)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

► Telco Campaign Diagnostics – Devised an analytical method to prove a

mismatch of offers in retention campaigns.
► Telco Retention Strategy- Performed high level analysis on re-contracting
high ARPU customers.

Worthy Book
Marketing Analyst (Internship)
July 2011 - August 2011 (2 months)
Kuala Lumpur

► Marketing Strategy & Operations – Compiled database of >600 merchants,

crafted comprehensive marketing strategy and boosted Facebook fan count by
70% to 2400 in one week

Product Management Analyst (Internship)
November 2010 - December 2010 (2 months)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

► Product Usage Analytics- Analyzed user data capture mechanism and job
application trend and benchmarked JobStreet.com Salary Report

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Smartly Institute
Master of Business Administration - MBA, Business Administration and
Management, General · (2019 - 2020)

Lehigh University
Bachelor of Science - BS, Chemical Engineering · (2011 - 2014)

INTEC (Formerly KPP, PPP)

American Credit Transfer Program, Chemical Engineering · (2009 - 2011)

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